"What Was That?"

By: Icefallstears

Rating: K, better safe than sorry.

Genre: Shounen-ai, a.k.a. boy in love with boy.

Anime: Spriggan

Pairing: Ominae Yu/Jean Jacques Mondo

Disclaimer: All I own is a three legged cat, and I owe nearly 2 million Yen in medical bills. Besides, if I owned "Spriggan," Jean and Yu would be together and not just hinted at. I'm basing this off of movie canon as I have not been lucky enough to read the manga.

Summery: Yu's POV as he reflects upon something Jean said to him during the Noah incident. Sequel to "I Do Not Bluff" which was in Jean's POV.

"What was that?"

I asked this very question after you said something I never thought to hear. I could have misheard you; it would have been easy to get it wrong with the noise of the Ark self-destructing around us. I could have misheard you.

I didn't.

How do I know? I know because of you. Over the years I have become skilled in reading you. The very fact that you told me to be quiet instead of repeating what you said showed me that you had not meant to say what you did. The second half of that statement, "and let me carry you." Carry me? Normally the moment I regained consciousness you would have dumped me on my feet and told me to haul ass. That more than anything showed me that what you had said was not misheard or worse, imagined.

When the Ark fell apart beneath us and we plumeted; all I could think about was reaching you. Even if we hit the ground and were no more, all that mattered was reaching you, to be with, you. I was so happy that I reached you that I barely even felt it when the grappling hook caught on the plane and your entire weight was being carried by my broken arm.

I lay here in this hospital bed, already nearly healed and watch you sleep. You have been here the entire time. Even now, slumped in your chair, with your head on the bed, you still seem to be protecting me. Just as you have all along. You watched my back against our enemies and brought me back to myself when I was lost to rage and painful memories. You have been my rival, my mentor, my friend. You are still all that to me, but now so much more.

I want to reach out and stroke that long hair you are so vain about, but I dare not. You said it yourself, "We can never forget that lives of every man, woman, and child on the planet depend on us." If I were to acknowledge my feelings for you, and you do return them as I begin to suspect you do; I would want nothing more than to spend all my time with you. That can never happen while we must protect this world.

So I will ignore the aching of my heart, pretend that I do not feel the way I do, and should you let slip your feelings again, ask you,

"What was that?"