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Fear of Vampires


I woke with a start as my alarm echoed through my nightmares. I crawled out of my bed and stretched. 'Ugh another day. I hope the schools ok.' I thought I grabbed my bag of toiletries from my bedroom side and ran into the bathroom. After showering and brushing my teeth I inspected the scar on my neck. Bareley visable but strange. I shivered at the memory and left the bathroom. I grabbed a pair of black skinny jeans, red converse and an Evanescence top. I looked at my reflection in the mirror. Long brown locks, milky skin and big brown eyes. Plain. Nothing special. I brushed my hair quickly and applied some back eye-liner and mascara. I ran downstairs and grabbed by skateboard and left the house. It took me 10 minutes to get to Forks High school

As I came to the schools office, everybody was looking at me and whispering ' that's the new girl.' I went to the kind looking lady at the front desk

" hi, I'm Isabella Swan. I've just started."

the lady looked up at her and smiled warmly.

"hi its great to finally have you here. Here is you map, timetable and you need to get this slip signed by each teacher and then bring it back here by the end of the day. OK?"

I just nodded. My nerves were getting the best of me. As I went to my first class, English, something white flashed past me. I almost screamed.

' calm down Bella. Calm down, breathe' I said to myself. Memories of that dark night kept me from walking. The bell rang, knocking me out of my trance. The day went slow. I made some friends. Angela was probably my favourite. She was quiet and didn't ask many questions. Jessica and Lauren, on the other hand, were loud, annoying and bitchy. Not the usual type I hanged about with but beggars cant be choosers. Lunch time finally came. Angela led me to the cafeteria were I got my lunch (ham sandwich and a soda)when Mike, one of the most annoying boys I ever met, waved at me. I nodded my head and sat down with Angela, Lauren, Jessica, Mike, Ben and Tyler. All of them was talking about one thing or another when I noticed a group of kids in the far corner, far away from the rest of us. Each one of them had death pale skin, black eyes and purple shadows under their eyes. Only one of them had gold eyes.Fear suddenly took over me. I knew those looks. I knew the familiarities. My breath was caught in my throat. My heart beat sped up, the noise almost hurting my ears. The bronze haired boy looked at me. No. He glared. I froze my heart thumping. I couldn't breath. He held my gaze. Every cell in my body was screaming for me to get up and run. To leave Forks. When he looked away, I got up and ran out of the hall, ignoring what people were saying about my speedy exit, and got my skateboard from my locker. I hid behind one of the school buildings. I leaned against the wall and let the tears roll. I slid down the wall, bringing my knees up to my chest and cried.


Another day of school. My siblings and were bored, as usual, when I heard that bitch Lauren think ' why is she looking over at the Cullens. They would never talk to her she's so plain. Edward would rather go out with me then her' . I looked over at the new girl. She was beautiful in every way. Her long brown hair down her back, her big brown soulful eyes and her pale skin. It wasn't as pale as mine or my family's but it was beautiful as her hair and eyes stood out more. I tried to listen to her mind but I kept hitting a wall. Then her scent hit home. It was mouthwatering, Floral. The scent burned at my throat, tempting and calling. I caught her eyes. She was terrified. I could hear her heart speeding up. It was to fast. Her breathing was irregular, like she couldn't breath. I knew she would be tuck with my gaze so I looked away. I looked back quickly to see her get up and run out of the cafeteria. Outside I could her start to cry. 'Edward? What's wrong?' Alice asked. I shook my head at her. She looked over my shoulder to where the new girl had been. She stood up and walked gracefully out of the room.


" why do you cry?"

A girls voice came from in front of me. I looked up and to my horror it was one of them. The ones I feared and hated. I jumped to my feet , skateboard in one hand and the other out in front of me in warning. I stepped sideways away from the girl. Her small pixie like figure stepped towards me slightly. He short, black spiky hair was pointing in all directions and her golden eyes were concerned. My heart picked up speed again. Fear clutched at my throat. I backed away again.

"stay away from me. I don't want anymore trouble from your kind."

the pixie looked shocked at what I had said. She opened her mouth to say something when the rest of her group walked up beside her. I tried to swallow. 'run! I have to run' I screamed in my head. I stepped backwards again, trying to keep as much distance as I could between me and them. The pixie stepped forward again.

"I wont hurt you! Why do you think we would?"

I took another step back

" I know what you are."

shock took over their faces. I turned round and ran. After I left the school, I threw my board to the floor and went home as soon as I could.