Fear of Vampires

Days passed and we were finally realised from our cage. We were taken to the throne room again, where most of the Volturi now sat. I looked for Bella, hoping she would be here but she wasn't. We stood as a family, face to face with Aro,Caius,Marcus, Jane, Alec and Demitri. They looked down at us, their thoughts guarded from me. Aro stood before speaking.

"Carlisle, you will take your coven and go back to America. You will not return back here without invitation. Do you understand?"

Carlisle nodded, knowing that he couldn't defy his orders. Aro sighed in...relief? He smiled slightly

"You were a friend, Carlisle. I hope, in few years we can recreate that bond."

Again, Carlisle nodded, not knowing what to say. I, however, needed to say something.

"Where is Bella? I want to speak with her!"

I demanded it from them, knowing that mentioning her name, they would think of her. However, they were expecting my demand and did not reply, either mentally or verbally.

Emmett and Jasper grabbed hold of me as I took a step forward, anger coursing through my body till Jasper calmed me. I felt defeated. No one was going to tell me where she was, not even to tell me she's fine. My head fell but my brothers kept hold of me. Aro smiled and nodded.

"Goodbye, Carlisle."

He looked at me and spoke mentally.

Isabella is no longer of your concern. It is best if you forgot your time with her.

Hatred burst through me like liquid fire. How could I forget my time with Bella. I love her! I wanted to scream it at him. I wanted to rip him apart. But before I could even take a step towards him, Emmett and Jasper dragged me away as we were escorted to the nearest airport and put on the soonest plane to the US.

I watched as they were taken away from the Castle, my heart breaking. Why? I don't know, but the need to run after them and stop them from leaving was so strong, I had to cling to wall of the tower in which I stood watching. The compulsion ebbed away slowly the further they got away, but the further they did, the heavier my heart felt.

I slid down the wall and sobbed. I wanted to scream and rip something apart. But why did I feel this for someone I don't know? Someone I couldn't remember. When I went to ask in the cell, how I knew them, I remembered the night of my death. The night the wolves ripped me apart because my family hunted their tribe. I was yet to confront my siblings about their past doings. I have been to busy, sitting in my room trying to remember what I had forgotten. However, I kept coming up blank.

The door to the tower opened and my brother stepped in looking contrite. He sat next to me and pulled me into his embrace. I cried into his shoulder, my body shaking uncontrollably. He made hushing sounds as he rubbed my back. Time creeped passed before I was able to stop crying.

"Why can't I remember? I know I'm missing something important. I know I am! To see them....him go, it hurts! It hurts so much, I feel like I cant breathe. My heart is breaking! I want to remember!"

He rocked me like I was a little girl again. The was small noise on the doorway and I looked up to see my other brother standing there looking sad and almost ashamed. Aro knelt in front of me. Marcus hissed at him as he glared

"Are you happy now, brother? We have our sister back but with a broken heart."

Aro's face darkened in pain. He stared intently at me before standing and leaving the tower room. Before disappearing, he said to Marcus.

"Please take Isabella back to her room."

Marcus held me to his chest as carried me to my room. He laid me gently on my bed, brushing my air out of my face. I curled away from him, facing the wall. He apologised to me, his voice so sad I wanted to hug him, but I couldn't bring myself t move.

Time seemed to stop for me. The Castle was busy with movement and sound, but there nothing happening in my room. I just stared at the wall, my arms wrapped around me as I tried to keep myself together. My heart is like lead. Fragile and black.

Days turned into weeks. Weeks turned into months. Time held nothing for me. The burning at the back of my throat was strong but I didn't pay attention to it. My family tried to get me to leave, to hunt but I couldn't. So the force fed me, pouring animal blood down my throat. I swallowed, enjoying the taste and the relief it out on my limbs. This continued for 7 months, staring at the wall, being force fed, my siblings trying hard to talk with me and bring me out of my pit of misery. Their efforts had no effect on me.

That was until my brother Aro came in with a guest. What was his name, Anthony? I think that's was what Aro introduced him as. I didn't look at the newcomer or my brother. I suddenly felt a hand on my shoulder pushing me down onto my back so that I stared up at his face.

He had blondish hair which was slightly long and his fringe was just above his eyes, and his pale skin was freckled along his nose and cheeks. His blood red eyes stared into mine and I felt like I was being sucked into a whirl pool.

Images flashed through my mind. A never ending stream of faces, voices, smells and sounds. My mind absorbed them like a sponge. And each time the bronze haired vampire was there, my heart filled with emotion for him. Everything was spinning faster and faster until I could tell what was going on. The images were just a blur. Then there was blackness.

I layed there, staring up at the ceiling, my hands like claws on the mattress. My family sat around my bed, waiting. Blinking, I turned my head to look at my family. My voice was soft but laced with pain.

"Why? You broke your promise, killed my mom and Phil. You haunted me. Why?"

I felt like crying again, to curl up again and hope eternity ended soon.

"We thought we were doing what was right. We would have done anything to have you back in our arms. We wanted our family back together. Is that so wrong?"

"But you took both of my other families from me! I was terrified of you!"

Aro moved and sat on my bed, clasping my hand in one of his, while his other hand moved my hair away from my face. I didn't have the strength to take my hand from his. I just stared up at him. " We love you Isabella. We were blinded by our need and love for you. We were selfish. There's nothing I can do to turn back time and change our choices. I'm sorry, Isabella. We all are."

I wanted to hate them for what they had done, but memories from the past burned their way forward. Flinging myself forward, I wrapped my arms around Aro. He was stunned for only a moment before he wrapped his arms around me and held me tightly.

I could hear him praying for forgiveness, for me to stay with them. He was speaking to me and I knew at that moment that he was truly sorry. I couldn't help but start to cry. The others came forward and I hugged each of them. They all said their own versions of what Aro had said. Jane was crying, while the others were trying hard to keep from breaking down.

And even though they killed my mom and step-father, they were family who had protected me and loved me centuries before. The pain was fresh, witnessing their deaths but I would have to live with it.

Hours passed and I had stopped crying. I was sitting comfortably in the castle library beside the fireplace, surrounded by my family. We were talking of my future, the plans to complete my family 100%. The plans to mend my heart.


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