Error's Rival

Error's Rival

Chapter 1: A New Day, a New Life

A/N: This story will make absolutely no sense unless you have read the first story: Error's Love.

By the way-this story will have quite a bit more cursing than the previous one, sorry about that. So just be warned. Plus, some depressing moments.

Summary: With Danny gone, Sam's life has been complete hell. She refuses to accept that her love has passed on, with what little hope she keeps in her heart for him to come back, Sam keeps herself alive. There are still many things that have yet to be answered; What has happened to Danny's enemies Rafael, and Venom? What about the spirits that are trapped at 'Hell's Dungeon?' And also, what really happened to Danny's mother? Read to find out!

Danny…the word rang through my head like a knife, it cut through my thoughts like butter, the pain I felt when I even thought of his name was unbearable. Where are you, Danny? Sam had her hand clamped shut, holding tightly onto a small, pitch black orb. It was nearly as small as a pearl, and inside was a swirling mass of darkness. Sam could feel the ice cold orb against her skin, numbing her palm. It was as heavy as lead, and Sam felt as though it got heavier and heavier every day. Danny… Why? Why did you do it? Why was my life so important that you had to sacrifice yours so save me?

Sam was curled up into a tight ball in the corner of her room; next to her head was a large, door sized window. She stared out into the night sky, Danny, are you out there? Can you hear me? She shook her head to herself, knowing that no one could hear her thoughts but her. Is this what you wanted!? I know you say that you saved me, but you don't realize that I can't be 'alive' without you here! She didn't know whether to be angry or not. Please! Come back! She closed her eyes, water filled up and began to spill from her eyes, I can't do this…

It had been six months since the incident. Six whole months, but to Sam, six months felt like a millennia. Day after day, fresh tears wrung from her delicate amethyst eyes, and day after day, she slowly felt herself fading into insanity. Rings hung deep around her eyes, because the nightmares always woke her in the middle of night. The terrors that replayed in her head from that dreadful week in hells dungeon, it was enough to keep her from sleeping. Her skin was gradually closing in on her bones, giving her a skeletal look from the lack of food.

It had been six months since Sam had spoken. The last word she had said was Danny's name. Sam didn't know if she could even bring herself to speak! The only sound that escaped from her lips were the sobs and cries for the boy that she loved, nothing more. As much as she hated to say this, she would rather be back at, as she liked to call it, Hell's Dungeon. At least when she was there, Danny was there with her. Sam knew that she was being selfish to think thoughts like that. Danny suffered both mentally and physically in that horrible place, and Sam still couldn't believe what had happened.

He can't be dead. It's too unreal. She pressed her face into her knees; I thought that we could…live together. When we were old enough, we could have a life together! Her body tensed with fury and pain, why did it have to be this way!?

The memory that haunted her more than the rest was the way Danny had said to her that he was going to die: "Sam…please listen to me…you're going to be going home, I won't be." His body started trembling as he attempted to contain his crying, "Sam…I'm going to get you home, and then…I have to go back…"

If I hadn't been so helpless, none of this would have happened! He felt the need to protect me so strongly! If I could have showed him that I didn't need to be protected, he wouldn't have felt the need to get away from me. Sam thought, but she also knew that she just wanted an excuse. I think I know why Danny went to let himself die though. When he decided that he couldn't be near me, he, like me, wouldn't be able to do it. The only way Danny thought he could permanently stay away from me was to make sure that he 'couldn't' come back.

Sam looked at the scars along her arms. Cutting herself was one way to distract her from Danny, but even that didn't last for long. Was there no way to continue without him? Sam didn't know what to do. She felt like there was nothing to live for. But, she knew that she couldn't kill herself. She had made a promise, and she knew that she had to fulfill it. That ghost named Allison that had helped me and Danny escape, I promised her that we would free them. Those children that were trapped in that place, Sam felt her stomach twist painfully as she thought of how much they suffered. They were murdered in that building! And they are also trapped in there! And what's worse, some of them probably saw as more and more of the kids imprisoned there got killed.

She knew that it had been a long time, but Sam couldn't convince herself to return to that place…not yet. It was too much to think about. She knew that eventually, she would find a way to save the spirits of Hells' Dungeon. All she had to do was destroy the place, as easy as it sounded, it was much more complicated. For now, Sam could only weep in sorrow for both the past, the present, and what was yet to come.

-Six Months Ago-

Pamela hung up the phone, and a moment later, she heard a heart-wrenched scream tear through the household. Her hand came up over her heart and she gasped, what is that!? Pamela ran over to the kitchen where her husband, Jeremy, was reading the newspaper at the table. "Darling? What is that!?" She cried. It was a female voice; that much she was sure of. It was…coming from upstairs? "Could it be!?"

Jeremy was up on his feet in a second and started running toward the staircase, "Sam!?" he called, but was hardly heard over the horrible cries. Could it really be her!? In one part of his heart, he was eager to know if it was Sam, but another part of his heart knew for a fact that the scream erupting throughout the house was not good. Pamela followed behind him as he ran down the hallway toward Sam's room. It took a few seconds to get there because their house was so large!

They knew immediately that the scream was coming from in there. It got louder as they got closer. Jeremy twisted the door handle and threw the door open, "Sam?"

"DANNY!!" The name tore through the air like lightning. Sam was on the floor, her appearance was quite less than presentable on so many levels, but they didn't care. Pamela and Jeremy were shocked by the fact that their daughter was home! But even more shocked and concerned at how she was acting. Sam's eyes rolled back, and she collapsed into that of a limp doll. Her screams ceased.

"Sam!" Jeremy cried, running to his daughter, and dropping next to her, "Sam!" he screamed again and lifted her head into his lap. "Sam, speak to me! Sam!" He put a hand on her forehead; she was burning up, "Pam! Call an ambulance! Hurry!" Once Pamela had run out of the room, Jeremy put his hand over Sam's heart, making sure that she had a heartbeat, then watched her chest move up and down, checking to make sure she was breathing as well. "Sam," he spoke slowly to her unmoving form, "if you can hear me, just relax. It'll be alright, stay strong, baby." He caressed her cheek gently, trying to somehow let her know that he was there.

Jeremy looked up and turned his head to see if Pamela was back yet, but she wasn't. Come on! Where the hell is she!? He turned back to Sam and looked at her outfit. She was wearing her prom dress…or at least, what was left of it. He didn't know if he could even still call it a dress, it was torn up and shredded terribly. What happened to you?

Pamela rushed back into the room, "they're on their way!" she quickly assured Jeremy, then ran up alongside him, "what's happened to her?" she asked, putting her hand over her mouth in horror at the condition Sam was in. Well, Sam herself was perfectly fine, no bruises or cuts of any kind, but her outfit was a whole different story.

"I don't know…" Jeremy replied, "But that doesn't matter right now! She needs to get to a hospital! She's in shock; her temperature is through the roof!"

"Why is she in shock?"

"How the hell should I know!?"

Pamela flinched, and then replied quietly, "I'm sorry."

"No, don't be. I'm sorry I yelled." Jeremy looked at their daughter, "I just don't know what to do."

When the ambulance showed up, Pamela quickly brought the medics upstairs to Sam's room. She had been told by the medics on the phone to not move Sam. Pamela didn't know why, but she didn't ask questions. She figured that these men knew what they were doing; at least, she truly hoped that they did.

A stretcher was brought into Sam's room and placed next to her; the men carefully put her on it before lifting it again and rushing her to the ambulance. Pamela and Jeremy came in the back of the vehicle with her, and the medics took off right away.

While the men went to work checking her blood pressure, pulse, and other such things, questions were being thrown at Jeremy and Pamela nonstop; Questions about her medical history, and just questions about what happened. Jeremy answered, but when it came to answering about what happened, he simply answered, "I don't know." He didn't want to bring up the fact that she was gone, but decided that it might be of some help to them, "she's been gone for about a week. We don't know exactly where she went, but we found her in her room like this."

Jeremy held his wife in his arms when they arrived at the hospital and Sam was rolled into the hospital away from them. He didn't want to get in the way of the doctors, so he figured that it was best for them to sit down in the waiting room. As much as he wanted to be by his daughter's side, this was better for both of them.

"Darling," Pamela said softly, wiping away a tear from her eye with a nearby Kleenex, "I'm…afraid."

"I know." Jeremy held her tighter, "I am too."


The doctor walked out into the waiting room to meet Sam's parents. Both Jeremy and Pamela stood up the minute they saw him walking to them, "is Sammykin's alright!?" Pamela frantically inquired, "what's wrong!? Did anything bad happen!?"

The doctor had light brown hair that reached to his ears, and hazel eyes, probably in his mid thirties. He held up a hand to silence Pamela, "Your daughter is fine; we managed to bring her temperature down. It was nearly at a hundred and five, but she's fine now. She went into severe shock. We will want to keep her overnight at the least to make sure she doesn't spike a fever again. She is asleep right now, but you can go see her."

Jeremy nodded, "thank you sir."

The doctor showed them where Sam was being kept. The room was made for patients, obviously, but it was pretty basic. White walls, a little equipment near the white bed, but not the heavy duty stuff. Sam lie on the bed, a blanket was placed on top of her. To her parent's great relief, she wasn't hooked up to any machines. Two chairs were brought up next to Sam's bed, and the doctor whispered to Sam's parents, "If you need anything, you can click the red button there to page the front desk." He pointed to a red button next to the bed, and then with a small smile, he left the room.

"Sammy," Pamela sat down in one of the chairs and put her hand on top of Sam's hand, squeezing it slightly, "Honey, we're here for you, baby. Alright? Just rest for now, you're going to be alright."

Pamela and Jeremy both looked at each other when they heard a small groan from their daughter. They both leaned in to listen to her, and could distinctly make out what she said: "Danny…"

-Present Time-

Sam hardly showed up for school, but she did show up a few times. She was now in her senior year; however, already she was off to a bad start. School had ended shortly after the prom, but Sam didn't attend school for the rest of her junior year. The summer vacation had just as slowly gone by. But Sam figured that she ought to go to school at one point. Danny didn't die for her so that she could mope around at home all day; she knew that Danny wouldn't want her to skip school. But, even though she attended, that didn't mean she had to put effort into her work.

The school counselors had tried to get Sam to talk to them about her recent problems. But she still refused to talk. They tried to cut her some slack, but that could only go so far. They couldn't give her an A for a grade when she was clearly failing, so they had no choice. Her teachers easily picked up on the fact that she didn't want to learn anything there, but they could tell by her past grades that something must have happened. She was a straight A student up till the past half year.

Sam got Lancer as her English teacher again, and even he had her stay after class one day to talk to her, but didn't succeed. He figured that Sam would come around eventually.

Now, Sam was sitting in her seat that was located in the back corner of the room, just moments before school was to start. She had a hood pulled over her head to mask her face from everyone, and pulled out a sketch pad and started to draw. She was pretty good at sketching, and this entire sketch pad was full of drawing of Danny and just everything she could possibly get onto paper from their adventures; Except for the events six months ago. Sam had sketches of Danny holding her in his arms, flying her high above the city in the night. She had a sketch of the two of them sitting on the top of a building, staring at the sun rise. She had sketches of Venom, both the good and the bad side of him. And so on.

She didn't even notice that class had started. Lancer started talking to the class about Romeo and Juliet, everyone in the class was supposed to read the first thirty pages and write a summary about it. Sam, of course, didn't bother. But, something caught her attention at one point in the class. The door to the classroom opened and a person stepped inside.

"Uh…is this Lancer's classroom?" It was a male voice, Sam could tell that by not even looking.

"Yes it is. Are you new here?"

"Yeah. My schedule says that I have your class."

"Ah, well, great then! Why don't you introduce yourself?" Lancer gave the invitation.

Sam looked up at this point. It reminded her of when Danny was the new kid, and had to introduce himself. The memory made her heart sink with sadness. When she saw the kid, the first thing she noticed was the outfit he had on. The new kid was African American; he was wearing large glasses, a long sleeve tan shirt, and green shorts, along with a red beret on his head.

The new kid looked at everyone in the classroom and gave a nervous smile, "my name is Tucker. Tucker Foley. T.F, as in Too Fine." He confidently said those last words, as if he had rehearsed them all the time. (A/N: Sorry, I couldn't resist adding Tucker's T.F line! )

Sam raised an eyebrow, he was a weird kid, but there was something about him that caught her interest. She returned to her doodling and sketches, ignoring the rest of the class period.


Sam spent her lunch time outside, even today when it was cloudy, wet, and cold. She hated to eat lunch in the lunchroom, for several reasons. But, of course, she never really ate lunch. She hardly ate at all. But at the moment, she was leaning against a tree, staring at the nearby park. There were several parks in this city, and this was one of the smaller ones, just a clutter of trees and a playground, nothing special.

Her backpack was resting beside her, she had a few things in there that came in handy every once in a while. Sam was looking at the trees when she noticed something. She squinted her eyes in attempt to get a better look, and then she clearly saw movement. Someone was hiding behind the trees. A kid maybe? No, they had school today as well. Who was it?

Most people would just shrug it off and pay attention to something else. But for Sam, she was much more cautious and never shrugged off anything. She casually acted like she was looking around her while also reaching into her backpack. In a flash, Sam whipped her arm out of her pack with a gun now in her hand, aimed and fired, faster than eyes could follow. A green beam came out of the barrel of the gun and went exactly where she wanted it to.

Sam heard a scream. She now knew that it was a ghost. The gun she fired was an ecto gun that only ghosts could feel; it did absolutely nothing to humans. She got up on her feet, continuing to hold the gun up, and began to walk over to the trees cautiously.

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