The First Bite

Chapter One

His Secret..


Yes I know I haven't finished my story " When you were mine" yet but I just had to start this one!! Okay so here.


Amu is a transfer student to the Seiyo academy, she soon has a cool and spicy character and is the "cool and spicy" girl. Its been like.. I don't know.. Well lets just say Amu is in 9th grade and we begin our story!!

Amu wakes up and looks at her clock its 8:57 Amu: I'm going to be late!! Amu gets dressed, brushes her teeth, gets her bag, and runs out of the house saying bye before shutting the door. Amus mom: bye.. Sheesh Amu is always waking up late.. Amu arrives at school she takes her seat next to her crush Tadase and in front of that perverted ikuto. She looks out the window as class goes on then.. Teacher: so what's the answer…Amu? Amu: !! Ehh?!.. Ikuto whispers in amus ear: whats the answer to x plus 12? Amu: oh -looks at board- board- x 9.. Y5.. Z 7- Amu: oh the answer is 108. Teacher: good job okay now… Amu whispers to ikuto: thanks ikuto, ikuto: no problem. At the end of the day amu walked out of school then she suddenly tripped she got a cut and began to bleed ikuto came over and saw her, he went over to see if she was okay he knelt down and said : Amu are you oka-- -sniff, sniff- he thinks "OH NO! BLOOD!!" ikuto runs off closing his eyes Amu: ?? What was that all about?

Ikutos POV

Ikuto I had to run away -eyes turn red- I can't tell her that I'm a vampire.. Not yet.. Her blood.. Smells so rich.. So pure.. So.. Delicious!!


Ikuto: -eyes slowly turn back to his cute blue eyes- O.O whoa.. Thanks yoru..

Yoru: No problem Nya

Ikuto: but her blood.. It sm-- NO! whats with me?! I have to get this out of my mind..

Amus POV

Ikuto suddenly ran away after he saw me bleeding..

Is he scared of blood?

I wonder.. He could have at least helped me up..

-wipes blood with a napkin-

Uhhg.. I have to clean it and get a band aid..

-after doing that- ow.. That stung.. -limps home-

-falls on bed- ah.. So tired..


Ikuto stops by amus house and lands on her balcony he opens the door and sniffs the air, nope no blood, good he thinks. Ikuto walked in, it seemed amu was taking a short nap, ikuto saw her leg that she scraped he thought "just one lick.. I-NO! stop ikuto stop.." ikuto decided to walk out so he did closing the door behind him. That night amu decided to take a walk, she suddenly saw something moving around in an alley way, tempted as she was she went to take a look she saw a blue headed boy bite someone on the neck, the person fell to the ground unconscious, the blue haired boy ran away. Amu thought "was that ikuto?? He was fast like ikuto.. He had blue hair like ikuto.. Is ikuto.. A vampire??.. It does fit.. When he smelled my blood he ran away so he wouldn't bite me.. And so I wouldn't find out.." amu walked back home and fell asleep.. Thinking about what she just found out.