The First Bite

Chapter……….. 7!

Ikuto: you haven't worked on this for so long you forgot…

Aznpride: YEP! So I'm guessing you guys are happy that I FINALLY updated =)

Amu: yeah…

Aznpride: yeah so… I'm thinking about making this the last chapter…


Aznpride: I know I know! But… I don't want to keep the readers waiting…

Ikuto: I understand what she means.

Amu: O.O you do?

Ikuto: yeah! She just doesn't want to get the readers hopes up then she doesn't update for a looonnnnngggg time and then make them disappointed.

Aznpride: EXACTLY!! Thank you ikuto!

Ikuto: No problem!

Aznpride: so yeah… this MIGHT be the last chapter. If it isn't then there's probably 1 more after this.

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I think you're the brightest star in the sky

I think you're the prettiest flower in the garden…

I think you're the hottest flame of the fire…

And I think you're perfect.

Don't think of yourself like that… because what you said was the complete opposite of what you are.

Amu blushed a deep shade of red…

Amu: I…I love you ikuto…

Ikuto: I love you too amu.

End of Recap

The next day…

Amus POV

I woke up around 8:30... I walked over to my closet and picket out black jeans and a white T-shirt, nothing special but still stylish. I decided to take a walk in the park for some fresh air. I said my goodbyes and told my mom I'd be back by 10.

At the Park…

It was a warm day, a light gentle breeze that was perfect with the warm air. In my mind I was thinking about all the things that have happened… especially ikuto. I looked down at the choker and let out a small giggle. I walked around some more with my arms down by my sides. My thoughts then drifted off to the thought of becoming a vampire… that discussion between me and ikuto. He'd save me… without hesitation… sigh… what if he wasn't here to save me? No. he'd be there… right? I was walking across a street when I heard a disgusting sound of bones cracking and everything went dark. The last thing I heard was someone screaming my name… ikuto…

Ikutos POV

I was sitting on a tree in the park when I noticed Amu walking around. She seemed dazed… lost in her thoughts. I decided to follow her around for a bit. Her face expression looked confused… like she wasn't sure of something. Then all of a sudden I saw her walk across when a car was headed straight towards her! I started to run towards her as I saw the car hit her and her fall to the ground. When I got to her body she had lost a lot of blood already. I dropped to my knees and picked up her cold body. I had no choice… I told her I'd save her… without hesitation! With that I bit her neck and inserted what she needed to become a vampire (I have no clue what happens… -sweat drop-) I picked up her body and started to run towards my place… I didn't want people to see my bite her and just leave her there to wake up! I looked down at her face as I ran… she looked lifeless… her once crème skin was now pale… her once pink soft lips were now a purplish blue color. I arrived at my place soon enough and walked inside and towards my bed. I placed her down crawled in beside her, I held her close to me as I waited for her to come back… if she does… (aznpride: WHAT?! IF!? Ikuto: its not my fault!) I tried to fall asleep but I was just so anxious to see if Amu would awake soon. The latest they should wake up in is about 3 hours… lets just hope Amu wakes up before then…

2 hours later…

SHES STILL NOT AWAKE! I'M FREAKING OUT! SHE ONLY HAS 1 HOUR LEFT! Please let her be alive! Please!!!!!! I held her closer and tighter to me… I couldn't lose her… no… I can't.

50 minutes later…

"Amu… Amu please! Please! I can't lose you!" tears started to escape from my eyes… never had I cried before… but I can't lose Amu. "please…" I said as I cried against her body.

10 minutes later…

"AMU! YOU'RE STILL THERE RIGHT!?! RIGHT!? DON'T LEAVE ME! PLEASE AMU DON'T LEAVE ME!" its been three hours and she still hasn't waken up yet… she can't leave me… not yet… I need her. I'll wait longer… maybe she'll pull through later… No. She WILL pull through! I stared at her lips… they were still purplish blue… I made my way over to her lips and kissed her… her lips were icy cold. If this was going to be the last time… then I might as well leave her a kiss. I continued to hug her and rock her back and forth as I prayed for her to wake up. I continued to cry on her shoulder… why won't she come back to me?! Why?! I grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her "WHY WON'T YOU COME BACK!?" I screamed at her… I hoped she'd hear me and come back… I'd hoped she'd come back and hold me… tell me everything was okay. I cried and a few tears landed on her shirt… on her heart… (WARNING! PREPARE FOR CHEESY CORNINESS!!) then I noticed that her skin began to have more color… and her lips came back to a pink. And I saw her eyes flutter open. "AMU! YOU'RE BACK!" I screamed and hugged her tightly.

"Ikuto?… what's wrong?" she said while hugging me back

"I thought you were gone… I thought you left me…" I said quietly

"… was I about to die ikuto…?" she asked

"…yes… I bit you… but you didn't wake up… for 3 hours I waited… 3 hours is the longest a vampire hasn't woken up… when you didn't wake up I was scared…" I said while looking down

"well I'm here… so stop crying okay?" she said while lifting my head and giving me a smile

Then all of a sudden a girl with long black hair and shimmering ruby red eyes appeared. She was a vampire… I could smell it. "Congratulations Ikuto." she said

"Who are you?" I asked

"it doesn't matter… do you know how Amu woke up?" she asked with a smile

"No…" I said while looking away

"it is alright Ikuto, I shall tell you." she said while looking at Amu and giving her a smile

I turned my head back to her and waited for her to explain how.

"is it true that you have never cried?" she asked

"yes." I said bluntly

"and is it true that you have captured her heart and she has captured yours?" she asked

I looked at Amu and gave me a smile "…yes." I said with a slight smile

"If you noticed… as you embraced her… you cried… a few tears landing on her heart. That is what brought her back. Your love for her… and something that you have never done before… brought her back." (I know its corny and cheesy and I apologize) she said smiling sweetly

"is that so…" I said

"My Name is Mirage. That is all you need to know. I bid you ado…" she said and faded away

"Amu…" I said while looking back into Amus eyes

"Ikuto…" she said while staring back at me

I leaned down and gave her a kiss… her lips were back to soft and warm unlike before.

"I love you." I said with a smile

"I love you too." she said with a smile

We shared another passionate kiss and we lived on together… both vampires… and both in love with each other.

The End!


Ikuto: shes high…

Aznpride: AM NOT!

Amu: … that was so cheesy

Aznpride: I KNOW THAT!

Ikuto: …Amu…

Amu: Hm?


Amu: Nani!?

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