Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight/New moon/Eclipse/Breaking Dawn etc

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight/New moon/Eclipse/Breaking Dawn etc. This is my second story, enjoy!

Emmett: 17 years old

Rosalie: 16 years old

Bella: 6 years old

Edward: 6 years old

Jasper: 1 year old

Alice: 6 months old

Chapter 1

Marrying and Princes

Bella's POV

"Papa wake up, you promised to pick flowers with me today" I jump up and down on the large king sized bed. He rolls over and grabs my legs, making me fall over laughing.

"Isabella you shouldn't wake your father up so early, remember he gets cranky," he says.

I nod, "but Papa you promised!" I complain. He laughs and gets up, pushing me out of the room. "Get dressed and meet me down stairs. Also wake up your brother, he has sword practice today." I run into my room and put on a long light blue dress and quickly dash into the room next to mine.

"Emmett wake up, Papa says you have sword practice today!"

Emmett jumps out of bed and looks for his knight clothing. "You only go to practice because you like that girl, don't you?" I ask. He smiles, "Well I'm in love with her and I'm sure father would approve, she is John Hale's daughter and our neighbouring castle."

"Hales?" I ask.

"Just a last name, like how ours is Swan and in the Northern Castle is the Cullen's. Father, John Hale and Carlisle Cullen are the three kings and are trying to marry their children with the other kings children, so I want to marry Rosalie" he blushes when he says her name.

"Does that mean Papa will make me marry someone else? I ask.

"You have to listen to father he knows what's best and I'm sure whoever he chooses for you will be the best and most caring man for you" he pauses, "but it will be either the son from the Hales or the son from the Cullen's you will marry."

I walk out of the room and stand outside the front door. Papa walks down with Mama, holding hands. Papa turns his attention to me and kisses Mama on the cheek, "Lets go Isabella before the morning frost freezes the pedals."

He takes my hand and pulls me into out huge, neatly trimmed garden. Some peasants are trimming the hedges and watering plants. I start to pick different varieties of flowers so I can give them to Mama. I point to a dark red flower with thorns on its stem.

"Papa what's that flower?" I ask, pointing at it. He looks at where I am pointing and smiles, "That my dear is a rose, it represents love."

"Love?" I ask.

He nods, "when someone falls in love with someone else and they feel complete, like they find their other half" he smiles.

"Like you and Mama?" I ask.

"Yes, when I fell in love with her, I gave her a rose saying that I loved her" he says.

"So you got married?"

He laughs, "yes and we had a beautiful wedding with roses everywhere and had two lovely children." I blush.

"Am I really lovely Papa?" I ask. He nods. My hands become sore from picking all the sharp and prickly flowers so I go inside to clean them. Mama comes down the stairs and smiles, "Isabella, have you seen Emmett?" she asks.

"He's outside showing off in front of his new girlfriend" I roll my eyes.

"Rosalie Hale?" she asks.

I nod. "Those two have been in love with each other since they laid eyes on each other, they were about your age when we had our last meeting with the other families" she says.

"Really?" She nods. "Emmett says that he really loves Rosalie and also said that Papa would approve if they got married."

"He would approve because it is tradition to marry a royal son or daughter to another of royal blood." I look back at her, "Emmett said that Papa will make me marry one of the sons of the Hales or Cullen's because I have to" I say. "He probably will because that's how we form alliances with other families. It's all part of tradition and I'm sure whoever you end up with you'll be happy" she says.

"When do we meet the other families?" I ask excitedly. "Soon, your father invited them for another meeting this evening for supper. You can meet new people and make new friends" Mama smiles.

I spent the rest of my day wondering the garden, watching Emmett fight and helping Papa or Mama with decorating for the quests. Mama bought me this pretty white dress, Mama wore a green dress, and Papa wore a black suit as well as Emmett.

The cooks finished the meals and the peasants are setting up the table and lighting candles. Mama sent Emmett and me to out rooms so we wouldn't get untidy and wait until we are called down. I look out my window and spot a black carriage drives across the gravel path. The driver stops the carriage and opens the front door, revealing four very beautiful and handsome people.

One man I recognised as King Carlisle Cullen with Queen Esme Cullen by his side. Queen Esme is holding a small baby named Princess Alice who is about six months old, my Mama said. Next to them is a small boy about their knee height, holding the Queen's hand is someone I've never seen or heard of before. He looked so…perfect, his bright emerald eyes, his pale skin, and his bronze wavy hair. Who is this angel?

Papa and Mama answered the door with a smile on their faces, greeting them. "Emmett and Isabella, our guests have arrived" Mama says. Emmett and I walk down the stairs quickly and silently. Emmett stood next to Papa while I held Mama's hand.

"Isabella, Emmett these are the Cullen's who live in the northern castle, they are great friends and a trusted ally" Papa says. "Likewise" says King Carlisle.

Soon after, the Hales arrive in fancy clothes. The man is King John Hale and his wife, Queen Mary Hale. A girl is standing next to her, the one from Emmett's training named Princess Rosalie. In the Queen's arms is a toddler about one year old named Prince Jasper.

Everyone stood in the room and talked while servants came around with food. I had no one to talk to, Emmett is too busy chatting away with his future wife and the two infants are too little to talk to. I hold Mama's hand while she and Papa are talking to King and Queen Cullen with the bronze-haired boy holding his mothers hand. He notices me looking at him and stares back and points at me.

"Mama, who that girl?" he says, looking up at his mothers face. I quickly hide behind Mama trying to not draw attention to myself and peeking a little of the side of Mama's dress. The Queen looks in the direction he is pointing at and sees me hiding.

"That's Isabella, do you want to meet her?" she asks.

He smiles and nods. Mama pushes me out from behind her, so they can see me. I wave a little and blush. "You look like a tomato" he laughs. I didn't know what is wrong with but I start to cry and run upstairs to my room. I jump on the bed with my face facing into the pillow. I hear light footsteps near the door with a small knock on the door frame.

"I'm sorry for saying that, I didn't mean to I swear" the boy says. I look up from my pillow and see him with a frown on his face. I jump off the bed and wipe my tears.

"It's O.K; you don't have to be sorry for me."

"No I'm really sorry um maybe we could play in the garden for a while, while the others talk" he smiles.

"O.K" I smile weakly.

We walk down the stairs and past everyone to the front door, leading to the garden. We find a wooden seat and sit down. He pulls his legs up and wraps his arms around them. I didn't really know what to talk about so I make it up as I went.

"Did your Mama or Papa tell you that you had to marry someone?" I ask.

"Yes, but I already know who I want to be with when I grow up and both Mama and Papa said I could marry her, but I don't know how she feels about me" he blushes.

"So you really like her?" I ask. He nods. I rest my chin on my palm and think. "Maybe you should start being friends with her then after becoming really good friends, you become more like a crush and you start to get romantic and sweet and I'm sure she will fall in love with you" I smile.

"Thank you, you're a very bright person and I hope our Mama's and Papa's see each other more often so we can talk like this all the time and we won't get bored in our castles with our siblings" he laughs.

I roll my eyes, "You have no idea what it's like when you have an older brother always talking about a girl and his weird sword fighting all day."

He grins, "You have it easy I say, I have a baby sister who screams and cries all the time and I wake up at three a.m. in the morning every day."

We both laugh at our conversation and soon it becomes dark. "Edward, it's time to go home!" his mother calls from the castle. He gets up off the wooden seat and dusts his pants off. "I hope you get that girl someday, your very kind and smart and I'm sure she will like you very much" I smile.

He blushes and grins, "Only if she likes me, but I will remember what you said and I will follow that rule" he says and kisses my hand, making me blush. "I hope I see you again," he whispers behind my ear. I felt a cold shiver run up my back and bumps on my skin. I guess it's just from the cold; I'm not wearing any cloaks at all. He jumps back into the black carriage and waves before disappearing out of sight.

And from then on I knew, I am in love with Prince Edward Cullen.

Author's Note:

How was it? This is my second story and I hope you approve of it.

I was thinking on a new story and at the time I was reading a bit as Edward and Bella as 6 year olds and I found it so cute! Imagine little 6-year-old Edward and Bella holding hands walking through a meadow? CUTE! I wanted like a 3 year old Alice because we all know how cute she would be, but I wanted her to be the baby cute type so I'm making Alice and Jasper the two babies of this story. But don't worry a few years will skip and they will absolutely become the cutest things ever!

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