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Emmett: 27 and 10 months

Rosalie: 26 and 7 months

Edward: 16 and 9 months

Isabella: 16 and 7 months old

Jasper: 12 years and 2 months old

Alice: 12 and 1 month old

Jacob: 17 and 5 months old

Clarissa: 9 and 11 months old

Tanya: 16 years and 2 months old

William: 2 months old

Anthony: 4 weeks old


This time I going to take control, just like Father did and from now on…No one is going to insult my family and friends and especially not my wife and son.

Chapter 12


Alice's POV

My little cousin was so cute and I was glad that Isabella let me spend a lot of time with him unlike some Queens did in far away countries. They kept their children away from the world and sometimes even the mother and child would hardly ever see each other! But luckily our family didn't believe in this and thought that a child would be happier and care free if they spent more time with their mother and family. He looked like a miniature version of my brother, Edward, but also had a lot of Isabella in him too.

I played with the small purple flower in my hands and leaned deeper into the tree, looking up at the sky. I heard a twig snap in the distance and I stay completely still, in case it might be an animal. I figure soon comes into view and is then revealed as my best-friend Jasper.

I raise my eyebrow, "Jasper, what are you doing here? Aren't your parents and guards going to be worried about you?"

He shakes his head and brushes off all the dead leaves and spider webs off his linen shirt. "Well my parents are attending a family get together and I snuck away from my guards."

"Why would you do that?"

He smiles and sits down next to with his legs crossed. He didn't answer so instead he takes my hand and stares at the small purple flower I had been admiring a while ago. With his other hand he pulls back my hair over my ear and tucks the flower on top. His smile widens, "Perfect" he mutters. "I came here because I simply missed you, is that such a crime?" he grins.

I blush and look down at my feet, "I guess it isn't t-that b-bad" I mutter. He turns so his body was facing mine and lifts me chin up so I was looking at him. "What are you so embarrassed about Alice?" he asks. The mere mention of my name created fresh butterflies in my stomach. The way he said my name was like he was an angel himself. He chuckles, breaking my trance and daily daydreaming.

What I didn't notice was that we were both looking at each other, staring deep into each other's eyes like it was sparkling diamonds. Our noses where almost touching and I could feel his warm breath hitting the surface of my skin. Without warning his lips capture mine in a quick state. Heat burst through my whole body as I kissed back with the same passion and sweetness. My left hand explores through his blonde hair while my other was tightly holding onto the back of his shirt. Both of his arms were facing down into the earth to steady himself as he was leaning in closer. We both break away slowly and smile widely at each other.

My head sits on the top of his chest as I hear the thumping sound of his heart, beating like raging, loud drums in war. I had always had strong feelings for Jasper as we have meant to get married when at the appropriate age but I only thought that Jasper liked me as a friend not something more…

"Alice?" he asks.

I look up at him and see the nervous but yet excited look on his face. "Yes Jasper?" He takes a deep breath before he continues, "I…I love you." My eyes widen with shock but it was over taken by joy and happiness. I move a little higher so we were face to face and peck him on the lips, "I love you too."

Rosalie's POV

"Mama, can I see William?" Clare asks as she holds my hand as we walk down the stone corridors. I nod as I lead her to a small room next to Emmett and my bedchamber. The door creaks open and reveals a small white room with a large window opened, showing a view to the west, a large bedding area for my son, and wooden changing desks and tables. Three of my Ladies were feeding and rocking William as he giggled and fed on the fresh goat milk. "Excuse us Ladies."

They curtsied and walk out of the room, leaving William on his large bed. I sit on the edge of the bed and cradle him in my arms as Clare stared curiously at her little brother. William giggles and kicks back and forth with his small, chubby legs. I kiss him on his red nose and tuck his head under my neck.

William was a large boy for only being two months old and was very active and cheeky, just like his father I sigh. Emmett had to have a morning ride with Edward in the fields, leaving me alone to run the castle for a while. "Prince Emmett and Prince Edward have arrived, prepare for the feast!" yelled someone. I smiled and grabbed Clare's hand while holding William in my other as I ran down the corridor's stairs to meet my husband.

"Papa!" Clare smiles as she runs into Emmett's arms when he hops off the horse. He smiles and picks her up, twirling her around making everyone else smile and look at the father-daughter moment. He puts her down and walks toward me, passionately kissing me in front of everyone. He notices William in my arms and holds him. The look on his face as he stares into his own son's eyes was breathtaking and hugs him, "My son is getting bigger everyday" he laughs.

"He's already started to look and act like you also" I smile.

Later on that day…

Bella's POV

My Ladies followed behind me as I walked throw the castle's large halls, decorated with falling vines and flowerbeds on the side. Anthony was cradled in my arms as he reached up with his small hands to my face. He reminded me so much of his father that it made my eyes become moist. I came near the stairs leading to my secret garden and stopped at the top. I handed Anthony to my Ladies and told them to have him fed and then sent to my bedchamber to get some rest. They curtsied and headed down the empty corridors.

Taking a heavy breath, I descended down the staircase, at the bottom opened up to an archway to luxurious flowers and many breeds of butterflies. The colours made it lighter and more, how do you say it? Open. It made me fell like I was six years old again playing a game of tip with Edward. Edward. Just thinking his name made my body shiver with pleasure. I walked deeper into the garden, sketching multi-coloured flowers and butterflies fluttering past. I head to one of Edward's and my most secret spots we found a long time ago, a meadow. It was like a large patch of grass with small flowers coming out. Edward and I used to come here and look at the stars every night before Anthony was conceived.

A twig snapped behind me and I immediately turned to the sound, but finding nothing. Maybe it was just an animal, I thought. But only seconds later my eyes widen from conclusion, Wait a minute there's no animals – Someone grabs me and ties a rag around my mouth. I scream for help but nothing comes out. I was also blindfolded and my arms were tied behind my back. It felt like hours as my kidnapper dragged me further and further away. I soon become tired and fall unconscious.

I awake still feeling tired and sore as my eyes fluttered open to my surroundings. I noticed I was on a red silk bed with wax candles on wooden tables and benches. It was still dark, maybe four or three in the morning. I turned my head slightly feeling someone playing with my hair. My eyes widen with shock as I look into the eyes of my kidnapper…

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