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Westeria Academy, Westchester

The Front Lawn

September 1st

8:02 AM

Massie Block stepped out of the Range Rover, and inhaled deeply. Her first day of High School. What would have been a frightening idea to some one else, Massie was thrilled by it. It was just another school that she could take rule of.

The School Board had been building a High School that was meant for kids who went to BOCD (or, BOCD high) but they hadn't finished BOCD High in time for her to go to it, so they had sent the Pretty Committee, some of the LBRS, and the Briarwood boys to the school they sent most of their students off to. Westeria Academy. Still private, exclusive, and non-uniform. New teachers, more students to interact with, and of course, harder work, but Massie wasn't upset by the change. She thrived on it.

She had driven alone for once, the rest of the Pretty Committees parents had wanted to take their own kids to their first day of High School. Which was completely lame – hello, they were 14 and in grade nine!

Massie supposed she should be nervous about being on the top, but really, there was going to be most people from BOCD, and a few random extras who moved, got rich, or just decided to switch schools.

Massie quickly whipped out her purple iPhone. She checked the time – her friends should be there soon. She told every one to meet out side the school at 8:10, and had gotten there early. They needed to do outfit checks, and Massie wanted to make SURE that they walked in together.

The summer had been pretty uneventful. The Pretty Committee had all gone off in their different directions, much like the summer before, and Massie was yearning for her friends. She hadn't even seen Claire (who still lived in her Guesthouse. The Lyons COULD afford a house of their own, but the Blocks didn't want them to move out.)

"Massie!" She suddenly heard some one call. Massie whipped her head around to see Claire Lyons, Kristen Gregory, and Alicia Rivera, and they were all running towards her.

Massie opened her arms for a group hug, and they all embraced each other screaming. After a few minutes, Massie felt a new pair of arms wrap around her back, and was turning around to tell some one to buzz the hell off, when she was hit by a mass of fiery red hair.

"Dylan!" Massie screeched, facing her other best friend Dylan Marvil, and the screaming, hugging, and jumping continued.

After a bit, they sat down in the grass, right beside a big tree that much resembled Massie's favourite tree at BOCD. "So, how was every one's summer?" Claire asked finally.

"Ah-mazing!" Alicia said.

"Phenomenal!" Kristen gushed.

"Awesome!" Dylan giggled.

Massie raised her eyebrows, and nodded, letting the rest of them know that she had a good summer too.

They all looked at each other, at a loss of words. But not the bad kind, the kind of loss of words that no one needed to say any thing, the silence was enough.

Suddenly, Claire snapped her head up, and asked, "Is any one nervous?"

"No", Massie said, although no one else said any thing.

Claire bit her lip and looked down. Massie wasn't quite sure if she was worried, or smiling.

"Kuh-Laire!" Massie said sharply. "You have nothing to worry about. YOU have a boyfriend."

"So do you." Claire pointed out.

Massie and Claire did, in fact, have boyfriends. Claire was still going strong with Cam (they had even met up over the summer), and Massie was dating Dempsey, much to Derrington's dismay. Of course, Massie and Derrington were still friends, but he hadn't dated any one else after Massie, and tended to get a little bit possessive.

"And Dylan, you look so hot!" Massie said, looking at her friend. Dylan had lost a lot of weight over the summer, due to the fact that she had sprouted up. She now looked like a model, complete with the red, fiery, curly hair.

Dylan smiled, and started finger combing her locks.

"And Alicia, you are Josh are still dating, right?" Massie asked Alicia, who nodded, and smiled so wide, it looked like it should have hurt. "And, you're totally going to get that modeling contract. You look hotter than Jessica Alba!" Alicia's mother had been asking around at modeling agencies, telling them that she had a 14 year old daughter who was interested in modeling. Alicia had made up a portfolio over the summer, and already had three go see booked for the next couple of months. Needless to say, she had sent out an emergency text to her friends the minute she found out.

"And Kristen…" Massie paused. Nothing about Kristen had really changed. Her parents were still poor and uptight. Her hair was the same, her face was the same (although she was totally pretty before, so it didn't really matter.) She had a crush on Griffin Hastings that had lasted all through the last bit of Grade Eight (when they were Lab Partners) through the summer, and Kristen's crush (although she hadn't seen him yet) was still going strong.

"Eh ma gawd, Kristen I forgot to tell you!" Alicia suddenly exclaimed, whacking herself in the head. "It's worth about ten gossip points."

Massie whirled her head around to face Alicia. "Ten? About Kristen? Spill!"

The girls all looked anxiously at Alicia, who cleared her throat, and said, "Kemp Hurley likes you."

"What?!" The rest of the Pretty Committee screamed at once.

"Yea, Josh told me. I wasn't ACTUALLY supposed to tell you guys, but apparently he's crazed."

"Did you even SEE him over the summer, K?" Dylan asked, whiled Claire giggled into her palm.

"Well…yea actually, I did." Kristen admitted. "I didn't think any thing of it though…we walked our dogs together in the afternoon some times. He's a big perv, but he's funny, and nice when he's not being degrading. I didn't think any thing of it."

"EH MA GAWD!" Dylan, Massie, and Alicia screamed. Claire was only laughing harder.

"But seriously, date him? Been there done that. Remember the dance in grade seven?" Kristen smiled.

"Yea, with Nina the Obscene-a!" Claire burst out laughing.

Massie giggled, but then sighed. Grade Seven had seemed like a life time away. "Ok guys, look, now after that confidence boost, I think we need to do an outfit check. Then we should probably go sign in. The grade nine assembly starts at 9:00."

"When have you ever wanted to be on time?" Alicia asked, in mock surprise.

Massie shrugged, a slight smile on her lips. "Ok, I want to see Demspey", she admitted.

"Awww!" Her friends cooed. Massie, still smiling clapped her hands together. "Ok girls. Outfit check."

Dylan stood up first, brushing invisible grass off her outfit. She spun around a few times, then stood with her hands planted on her hips, waiting for the verdict. She was wearing high-rise short grey Miss Sixty shorts (complete with suspenders) over top of a lime green spaghetti strap Splendid tank top. She was wearing chunky green Prada flip flops, and was carrying a Miss Sixty quarter-sleeve jacket that matched her shorts. Her hair was bouncy and full, and she was wearing a slim green headband, pushing back her 'non bangs'. She also had oversized Chanel sunglasses sitting on top of her head, and was carrying a matching Chanel tote.

Massie air clapped, surprised. She hadn't even looked at her friends outfits, which was strange for her. "9.8. Dylan you look SO hot!"

"Ah-greed", Claire and Kristen said, obviously shocked.

"I give you a 9.8, too." Alicia said, nodding.

Dylan smirked and sat back down on her tote, just to make sure she didn't get any grass stains.

"Me next!" Kristen said, jumping up. She too, spun around a few times, then struck a silly pose, making her friends smile. She was wearing gold Dior short shorts, with a red Juicy Couture halter top, and matching red Louis Vuitton flip-flop heels (all bought by, and sent to her by Massie, of course.) She had her hair in her signature side pony, with a tiny red flower tucked into the elastic. She was carrying an oversized Gold Dolce and Gabbana tote (one of Massie's hand-me-downs), and was holding Dolce and Gabbana gold sunglasses.

"9.7" Massie said finally. "You look good K, really, you're legs look so long!"

"9.8" Claire said, and Dylan agreed. "Yea, 9.8."

"I think I have to go with a 9.7." Alicia said. "Although I heart the fact that you're wearing all designer."

Kristen smiled, and sat down, looking pleased with herself.

"Leesh, you next?" Massie asked Alicia, who nodded, and slowly stood up. She looked like a goddess, as always. She was wearing a fitted red Ralph Lauren polo (of course) with black Gucci knee length shorts. She was wearing black Prada peep-toed pumps, and carrying a big BCBG tote bag, with big Calvin Klein sunglasses covering her eyes (and half of her face.) Her hair was in loose waves, with the front pieces pulled back and clipped with crystal covered bobby-pins.

"9.8", Claire said first.

"9.8", Dylan agreed.

"9.8", Kristen nodded after a few minutes.

"I say 9.7", Massie said, thoughtfully.

Alicia nodded, and sat down. "What could I do to get higher?" She asked Massie.

Massie bit her bottom lip. "Try putting on more gloss." She said, and Alicia whacked her zitless forehead again. "GLOSS!" I KNEW I was forgetting some thing!"

"I knew some thing was missing." Massie observed, and then pulled out a tube of Glossip Girl, and handed it to Alicia, what was considered to be a big honor.

"Claire, you next?" Massie asked, also handing Alicia a compact mirror.

Claire stood up nervously. She spun once, then landed back on her heels. It was clear that she wasn't comfortable in her outfit, although she had been the one to pick it out. She was wearing bright pink Diesel jean shorts, with a white Splendid beater, and a matching pink Diesel jean fitted vest. She was also wearing white Keds, and had a white Prada tote (another of Massie's hand-me-downs), and also had pink heart sunglasses sitting on her head. She was sporting her newly cut, and highlighted hair, and even had side bangs. She had clipped the hair behind her bangs to her head with a pink bow clip.

"Cam said he likes me in pink." Claire admitted, blushing, then sat down.

Massie laughed. "I think you look really good Claire, I like all the Diesel in there. The Keds, however…" She cocked her head to the side, and then said, "9.7."

Claire clapped, and Alicia said, "9.6. Sorry Claire, you look cute, but it's those Keds…"

"I give you a 9.8" Kristen announced loudly, and Claire shot her a thank you look.

"9.7" Dylan burped, and Alicia smacked her in the arm.

"Still the same old Dylan." Massie rolled her eyes and muttered under her breath.

"Me next!" Massie shouted, and stood up, twirling a few times. She was wearing a Chip and Pepper denim mini skirt, a dark pink BCBG tank top, and light pink Marc by Marc Jacobs strappy sandals. She had her hair in cute pig-tails, tied with pink ribbons to match her shirt. Her side bangs were perfect, and she was carrying a black Dolce and Gabbana tote, with matching sunglasses that were already on her face.

"9.9", Alicia said. "You look so good!"

"9.9," Dylan and Claire agreed.

"9.9" Kristen said finally, and Massie smiled, sitting back down.

Suddenly, she wondered what time it was, and pulled out her Sidekick. "Crap guys, it's 8:47!" She exclaimed. "We have to go sign in, and I want a good seat! Besides, we need to see who all walks in, we can decide who the LBR's are. We're going to RULE the ninth grade."

"Totally!" Her friends agreed, and they all stood up, and linked arms.

"We're walking to 'When I grow up", by the Pussycat Dolls, got it? Lets start at the chorus, in three, two, one." Massie said, and they all started walking, with blank runways stares (except Claire, she was a smile on her face), and entered the big, mahogany doors of the new school. The school they'd be at for the next four years of their lives.

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