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Millie stepped out of the limo taking her and her friends from the airport to her luxurious homes. New ones. Bigger and better ones. And better than ever, they were all on the same block.

Millie inhaled a deep breath of air to keep herself from reminiscing at the word: Block. The only person who even came close to ousting her. She respected Massie Block, she really did, she knew how hard it was to lead a Clique. And how hard it was to fight for the top position. But Millie hoped she would never meet any one like Massie again. Especially since it was her birthright to be the Queen Bee.

Millie was now sweating bullets, and pulled a loose bobby pin out from her Prada bag, and pinned her now stringy bangs back. It definitely was hotter in Beverly Hills.

Millie's parents stepped out of their car that had been chauffeuring them and the rest of the girls parents back to their houses, while five huge U-HAUL trucks followed them.

Millie was beyond glad to be home, and she couldn't wait to see every one's reaction. The EPC and the boys had made a truce on the flight, and Millie smirked. As always, they got the hottest guys. And the hottest clothes. And hey, let's face it, they were the hottest girls. Millie pursed her lips, trying to fight the smile that was appearing. She couldn't wait for school. Especially since they would be welcomed back as Alpha's in the blink of an eye.

"Ok ladies, outfit check." Millie clapped her hands together in an annoying ritual she'd learned from Massie.

"Chloe, you first." Millie ordered, and the petite blonde stepped up. She was wearing a summery pink Juicy Couture dress, with high pink Michael Kors wedges, and a little white purse with a chain that dangled from her wrist. Her hair was in a side pony, with a little lilac tucked inside. "8.5." Millie cleared her throat.

"Definitely." Every one else agreed. Except Charlie. "8."

"Me next!" Felicia stepped forward, and twirled around, giggling. She was wearing a blood red Ralph Lauren polo, a fitted denim True Religion mini skirt, and black stilettos, and was carrying an oversize Dolce and Gabbana bag, with matching sunglasses perched on top of her dark waves.

"9." Millie announced, and every one else nodded silently. Felicia was beautiful. Felicia giggled, and stepped back into line.

Krista stepped forward, her head down. She had her glasses perched on top of her perfect nose, and her hair was up in a messy bun. She was wearing a Prada white cami with navy blue dots, matching flip flops, and beige brand less shorts. She was carrying an oversized Prada bag, which Millie had bullied her into using instead of her backpack.

"Hmm…" Millie tapped her chin. "8."

Krista looked up, grinning, and Millie grinned back, while the other girls agreed. "I'm improving!" Kristen squealed.

"Ok, now me." Charlie stepped forward, her long red hair straightened to perfection, her side bangs falling purposely in her eyes. She was still petite, and the fact wasn't helped that she was wearing purple sneakers she'd bought at West 49. Combined with her purple hat, black Fox hoodie, and white fleece Fox short shorts, and stubby black nails, she looked too laid back to care.

Millie said, "Uh…7.5." The other girls agreed. Charlie was hot, but she wasn't exactly the example of high fashion at its finest. "Now me." Millie said bossily.

She was wearing black Gucci shorts, and a matching quarter sleeved, belly button reaching blazer, over an American Apparel royal purple beater. She had matching purple Michael Kors booties. Her hair had been newly cut so spiky layers AND blunt bangs framed her piercing blue eyes.

"9.5." Chloe spoke up first. Millie smiled. And it widened when the other girls nodded. "All right then." Let's go.

The girls had been waiting outside the school. They had missed first period, but that was ok as it was only Sex Ed.

On the way inside, they met up with the boys. They all grinned awkwardly at each other, and entered the big brick building.

The girls reached the exact hallway where their lockers would be just as the bell rang, and the classes filed out. Jaws dropped, and so many people were whispering to each other it sounded like some thing was deflating.

"Felicia, I think that might be you're boobs deflating." Charlie joked, and Felicia whacked her.

"Oi!" Charlie rubbed her hair and straightened her cap.

Suddenly, the whispering stopped, and the crowd parted like the Red Sea for Moses. "Uh oh…" Krista breathed on the other side of Chloe. Millie gulped.

Four pretty brunette girls stalked up to them. The first one had the lightest hair, and it curled around her face in pretty waves. She had pretty green eyes, and a delicate face. She was super tall, and model thin. The girl on her left (Millie's right) has her dark brown hair in low pigtails, and she had hazel eyes. She was tall, and thin as well.

The other two girls looked exactly the same to Millie, petite, with the darkest hair of the group. Their hair was both board straight, although one girl had side bangs, and the other didn't, and one had grayish eyes, and the other had a light blue. Millie noticed that the girl with gray eyes had crooked teeth. The girls were all pretty, but normal pretty. Definitely not as pretty and Millie and her friends.

"Uh…you are?" Millie licked her lips, trying to think of something, any thing to say.

"The leading ladies of this school." The main girl stuck out her perfectly polished hand. Her nail polish was navy blue and glittery.

"What is this, a school play?" Felicia snarled at the girl, who giggled, and said, "I'm Jessi. You are?"

"The Extremely Pretty Committee." Millie glared at Jessi, who didn't shrink back, even when she put emphasis on extremely.

"Well, we run the school now. So deal." Said one of Jessi's minions, and they all stalked away, walking over to what used to be The EPC's lockers. The best one's in the school, right in the middle so they could be every where when they needed to be. Millie noted that Jessi's had purple glitter on it. Glitter that MILLIE had put on.

And then, Charlie voiced what was on all the girls minds. "Fuck. Not again."

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