Chapter One- Trust Me I Know

The year was 1994 when a group of people wanted to commit a crime that was going on everywhere; kidnapping children. They had scammed, stolen, and one time killed for money. But it wasn't enough for them. They wanted more.

Their names were Sharron Beagles, Griff Mooren, Florene White, Henry Davidson, Keith Rivers, and Shirley Kemps. They were the most greediest people alive who joined together to make money. It was pathetic.

With winter closing in they had to act fast.

They wanted to strike the richest person they could find. "I found the perfect target!" Florene annouced. The group leaned in to hear her. "The Steiner Family," she explained "they have three children, a daughter and twin boys. Their names are Lilia, Cain, and Rion. Their mother and father are famous scientists and make over ONE MILLION dollars a year, each!"

"That's two million dollars a year," Shirley gasped "That's alot money!"

"Being wasted on bratty children," Griff scoffed "I'd say we kidnap the older twin. The boy Cain."

"Why not Lilia?" asked Sharron "Girls can't fight back that well. Besides, we'll scare the hell out of her anyway, she won't do anything stupid to get her killed."

"How old are the children?" Keith asked.

"Lilia is thirteen and her brothers are seven." Florene answered "Their birthdays will be tomorrow. The paper says it all here. It'll be a huge birthday party."

"The perfect opportunity to snag one of them," Henry smirked. "But the boys look 100 alike. How can we tell the difference?"

"That's already taken care of m'friends," Florene laughed "I went around saying I was the boys' teacher and was going to get them birthday gifts. I asked how I could tell them apart so that I could give them their presents from me personally. They said Cain doesn't like to smile, in fact he never smiles, whereas Rion does like to smile. See I did all the work for ya in a matter of minutes! This'll be a sitch."

The group laughed and began to plan how they were going to kidnap the soon-to-be eight year old boy.

The next day, Florene dressed as a teacher and gave herself the alias Ms. Linberg. The plan was for her to give Rion his gift and lead Cain outside to get a big gift from her. When the boy takes the bait, Keith will grab him and put him in the van, with Florene leaving the ransom note in a noticable spot, then they wait for there on end. "A simple plan," Florene smiled as she tucked in her shirt and made herself look presentable. "What are you four gonna do while I do all the work?"

"Wait here in the van, duh." Shirley rolled her eyes.

"Oh wow," Florene response was "the dumb-blonde wants to lose her damn teeth."

"Girls!" Henry interrupted "Kill each other after we get the money."

Florene got out of the van and went up to the house with her gifts for Rion. She knocked on the door and was welcomed in by Mrs. Steiner. "Hello Ms. Linberg!" she happily greeted "Do come in. Sorry for the mess in the hallway, the children are having a grand time."

"I don't expect to be here long," Florene said "I'm here to give the boys their presents."

"Oh..." Mrs. Steiner said sadly. "I was hoping you could stay awhile. An hour or two." Florene froze and thought, Damnit! Think quickly! "Could I call some of my friends, please? And my brother?" she asked.

"Why of course." answered Mrs. Steiner. "There's a phone in the living room, the children aren't there so there won't be any problems. Here, let me show you the way."

Mrs. Steiner led Florene to the living room and pointed to the phone. But she and Florene weren't the only two in the room. Standing by the entry from the hallway, looking blankly at the two women was a little boy. He had short brownish-blonde hair that looked well mixed in together and had ocean green eyes. He wore presentable clothes; a white collared shirt, navy blue vest, black pants, and black dress shoes. "Cain..." his mother said "why aren't you with the other kids?"

"Ready or not, here I come!" a little girl yelled.

Cain ran throught the living room, past the women, into the other hallway and disappeared from their sight. The little girl ran into the room and looked underneath the furniture and the curtains. She laughed and whooped out; "I see Kenny outside!" then ran out the room.

Mrs. Steiner laughed. "No wonder why they were all so quiet," she said. "Well, Ms. Linberg, the room's all yours." When she left, Florene used her cellphone and called Griff. "What?" he asked.

"We're gonna be here awhile," she said.

"Why? Did you screw up?" asked Griff. "You always screw up!"

"We need to respect our target!" Florene hissed. "Don't you get it?! We can't let them see through our plan! Now come over with the others and leave early. And don't be late!" With that she hung then turned around to see Cain once more. "Oh," she smiled "hello Cain. What brings you here?"

Cain said nothing. All he did was look at her cellphone, then her. "Your phone," she said "it didn't work, so I used my cellphone."

Cain still remained silent. He noticed the phone cord was still in tact and there was nothing wrong with it. Florene placed her finger over her mouth and whispered; "Don't tell your mother. Keep it between the two of us, okay?" The child continued to stare at her and slowly grinned. He then left the room with the grin on his face. Florene sighed and placed her phone back in her pocket. "That was close." she said. "At first I thought he was going to figure out that-"

"There was nothing wrong with the phone." punned the mysterious child voice behind Florene. She whirled around and saw a smiling boy standing by the wall of the living room. "Let me guess," she said "Rion Steiner, right?" The boy nodded. He, too, had short brownish-blonde hair that was well mixed together and ocean green eyes. He wore presentable clothes as well; a long sleeved collared shirt, a navy blue vest, black shorts, knee high socks, and black dress shoes. Rion cocked his head to the side and smiled. "Are you my or Cain's teacher?" he asked.

"I'm both," Florene said.

"That's a lie." Rion said as he turned his back towards her. "If you were my teacher, I'd reconize your face."


The door rangged. Rion looked at Florene then walked away while saying; "It's for you." Florene rushed to the door and answered it. Henry, Griff, and Sharron were there. "Where's Keith and Shirley?" she asked.

"In the van." Griff answered "let's get some cake, the boy and the hell out of here ASAP." Florene rolled her eyes. "I saw the twins." she said. "Rion wears black shorts and Cain wears black pants. That should help you."

They went into the party room where there was a group of teenagers talking. One stopped talking to look at the group of fakers. Fourteen year old Lilia. She had brownish-red hair mostly dark red and green eyes. She wore lovely appropriate clothes; a pink dress with a pink sash to go with it, white dress socks, and black Mary-Jane shoes. She stood up and approached the group to greet them. She gave a curtsy to them. "A pleasure to meet all of you, I am Lilia Steiner." she said "How may I help you?"

"When will you all open your presents?" Griff asked rudely.

"At one o'clock." answered Lilia "An hour from now. Will you stay until then?"

"Whatever..." murmured Griff and left to find a place to sit.

Lilia looked at the man and as soon as they left her sight, she shook her head. "How disgusting." was all she could say and got back to her guest, who too, were disgusted in the man.

An hour past, the cake was cut and eaten along with ice cream, the games were played, the conversations ended and now the presents were to be opened. The children opened their gifts and were excited. "A puppy!" Lilia cried "We've longed for one! Thank you mother!"

"That was a gift from your father from his business trip," Mrs. Steiner smiled. "Do give him your thanks later on, children." Henry noticed Cain sitting in a chair, holding a huge box of crayons, markers, colored pencils and paint. He felt a little uneasy looking at the boy. "Now's our chance." Griff whispered to Florene. She nodded and walked over to Rion and gave him his gift, then Lilia, and approached Cain. "I have a special gift for you, Little One," she smiled "want to come with us?"

"We gotta go." said Henry as he forced Sharron and Griff out of the door. "Thank you for coming." Mrs. Steiner called out to them and looked at Cain and Florene. "Cain if she has something for you," she smiled "go ahead and get it. I'll watch."

Cain looked at his coloring set. He got out of his seat and walked outside with the young woman, taking it with him.

Outside, Florene waited for the van and Keith since the others left when she took Cain with her. "It'll be here soon," she said. Cain looked at her hands that were shaking in fear and waited beside her. Mrs. Steiner looked out the window and smiled. "Cain will be fine Lilia," she assured her daughter. "He knows her so well."

Lilia nodded and got back to the party with Rion. Meanwhile, Florene dialed on her cellphone for Shirley. She picked up. "What's taking you so damn long?!" she snarled.

"Keith had to take a whiz and I don't have the keys." Shirley said.

"You two weren't having sex while we were gone were you?"

"Keith's your boyfriend girl, not mine. Why would I want to get my freak on with him?"

"Whatever, hurry your asses up!!"

Florene looked down at Cain who was looking at the trees across the street. "Are you using your photographic memory?" she asked as she smiled. He just nodded.

A van finally came and Florene smiled. "Happy Birthday, kid."

After the party, Mrs. Steiner looked out the window to see Cain and Florene, gone. "Cain!" she gasped and ran outside searching for her child. "Cain!" she called "Cain! Where are you?!" She noticed what appeared to be a piece of paper in the snow and snatched it up.

It was a ransom note.

It said;

To Whom that may concern,

We have taken your child, Cain, if you ever want to see him again you will do exactly as we say.

We want a sum of four million dollars within 2 months.

Take it to a warehouse 10 miles from your house for further instructions.

If you do not comply, we will KILL YOUR SON.

Don't even think about calling the cops either or you will put his life in jeapordy.

You have 2 months, choose wisely.

Mrs. Steiner dropped to her knees and wepted hopelessly, while Lilia and Rion watched from the window.

"They took Cain..." Rion said. "What'll we do?"

"Nothing," Lilia answered and she picked up the puppy and sat down in a chair. "We wait."


"Those kidnappers are new at this, they won't get too far." Rion looked at his sister and quietly back at his weeping mother. "How do you know that?" he asked. Lilia smiled and rubbed the puppy's head.

"Trust me, Rion," she said "I know."