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Chapter Eleven- Shirley Takes a Stand

Walking into the market, Matthews examined his surroundings so oddly, it attracted the attention of a cashier. "Excuse me, sir?" he asked "Is there something I can help you with?"
"Detective Matthews," answered the young man, showing his badge. "I'd like to ask you a few questions."
"Ask away," insisted the cashier.
"I was wondering if anything strange had occured within the last forty-eight hours." The cashier thought for a moment as he handed a woman her groceries and waved her a goodbye. "No," he answered. "Nothing out of place Mr. Matthews, sir."
"Nothing at all?" Matthews arched an eyebrow.
"Not that I can recall," the cashier said. "Sorry."
Matthews gave a small sigh and shook his head, smiling. "No, no, it's okay." he said. "Thank you for your time."

The cashier nodded. "You're welcome, sir." Matthews had turned and began to walk towards the exit. He was a little disappointed. His conversation with Lilia was not only confusing, it was a dead end. Go to the market, Mr. Matthews, he thought, very aggravated at the fact he didn't get any information at all. He was a good ten feet from the exit when something sparked in the cashier's head. "Wait!" he called to the detective, leaving his post. "I remember something."
"Go on," Matthews urged, as he took out a notepad and approached the young man. "I'm listening."
"Two days ago," the cashier began, "I had a customer. He and I had a small conversation."
"About what?"
"The weather. I told him that the snow was going to be alot longer than last year's."
"Is that all?" Matthews asked. The cashier started to rummage in his head for more information. "Well..." he said. "No. It isn't...I don't mean to insult, but I think he was insane in the brain."
"Why is that?"

The cashier leaned in towards Matthews and whispered. "After he purchased his things, he fell to the floor and said that a girl barked at him."
"A girl?" Matthews reiterated.
"Yessir." the cashier answered. "He said that she barked at him right over where the dolls are." He pointed towards the shelf of dolls by the entrance of the store. Matthews looked at the dolls and back at the cashier. "By any chance," he said. "Did he tell you his name?" The cashier gave a slight nod. "He said his name was Henry." was his response. "He wanted me to call him that because it made him feel old when I called him sir."

A name! After so many days of investigating this case, Matthews has finally gotten a name. "Thank you so much for your help." he told the cashier as he walked away. The cashier tilted his head in confusion. He didn't understand what was going on. "He seem like a pretty good fella," he said to the detective, "...has he done something wrong?"
In a small, seriously, but audible tone, Matthews answered; "You have no idea."

Like the cashier told Henry, it began to snow.
Alot earlier than expected. "Hey," Keith said. "It's snowing. No one said anything about it snowing t'day."
"The weather changes, Keith," Shirley explained. "Everyone knows that." Keith pouted as he sat back down in his chair. "Everyone but me..." was his response. "Sooooooooo...who's gonna go out to get the wood?"
"Why do we need wood?" Florene asked. "We have radiators-"
"That don't work," Griff cut her off as he placed his hands over one. That was strange. When they first arrived to the cabin, it was very warm and cozy, the radiators were working fine. Now they're broken. All that was left that could work was the fireplace...and blankets. "Since you mentioned the wood," Griff directed to Keith, "you should get it."

Keith shook his head. "No, I'm not!" he protested. "I'm sitting my ass right here."
Griff chuckled. "I don't think you heard me correctly." he said. "Y'see, I wasn't asking, I was tellin'. Get your lazy ass up and get the wood!"
"And who the fuck died and made you leader?" Keith demanded. Henry looked at the two men and shook his head. Why now...? he thought. "Look, you two," Henry said. "I'll get it. Just sit down and calm yourselves. Especially you Griff." Griff flipped Henry the middle finger. "Asshole," Henry murmured. "Shirley, can you come help me?"
"She's staying here." Griff said.
Shirley looked at Griff then her brother. "He can't carry it all by himself." she replied. Griff shrugged. "So what?" was his response. "Not my problem. But you're not going anywhere."
Henry walked over to Shirley and pulled her out of her seat and walked out the door with her. Once they were away from the cabin, Henry let out his anger.
"Why the hell are you afraid of him?" he asked.
"He has a gun." Shirley stammered.
"Fuck the gun!" Henry snarled. "He's nothing! All he does is boss people around. You can stand up to him."
"How?" Shirley wanted to know.
"Figure it out," Henry told her. "I can't help you with that. You're the one who needs to take a stand against him."

Shirley nodded but then remembered what her fate was if she were to stand up to Griff. "Henry," she said in a calm but quivering tone. "When I die, don't hurt Griff."
"What?" he asked though he heard her the first time. "What are you talking about?"
"Cain told me..." she said. "That Griff's going to kill me with that gun." Henry's eyes widened. "And you belive him?" he asked her. "You believe a child that has no idea what you've been through?"
"No, it's not like that!" Shirley answered. "Cain...he knows me...I don't know how, but he knew everything I've done up until this point. He showed me my death."
"Cain's just a little boy that has a wild imagination," Henry tried to reason. "H-he could be making it up."
"What child his age knows what a miscarriage is?" Shirley asked. "How could he make up the loss of my unborn daughter? Hmm? Obviously he didn't. Henry, you have to understand that there is something different about this boy than any other child who has ever been kidnapped."
"And what's that?" Henry yelled. "So he's calm and not afraid of us, big deal. Most kids his age shouldn't have anything to worry about."
"But then there's Griff," Shirley pointed out. "Griff doesn't care how old you are! He'll kill anything and anyone, regardless if it were an infant or a child."
"I'm not going to allow him to kill you Shirley," Henry said. "I didn't go along with this kidnapping for the money. I came to get you away from him."

Shirley smiled. "I guess I'm learning a bit too late how grateful I am to have had a brother like you." she laughed, "But still, Henry. I don't want you to hurt Griff, I don't want you to get emotional. I want you to be cold and heartless towards him."
"Why?" Henry said. "What's the point of being cold and heartless to a monster that doesn't give a shit?"
"Eventually he'll break down and will need your help." Shirley replied. "When that time comes, you won't have to deal with him anymore."
"Even so..." Henry said. "I don't think I can do that. I'm not that kind of person. I can't leave a man to die regardless of what he's done."
"That's why I'm telling you to lose that and become the way I want you to be towards him and him alone. Either way, you have to promise me that you won't doing anything to put yourself in danger."

Henry said nothing.
"Do you promise?" Shirley asked.
He still said nothing. How could he? Would he really make a promise to her to not harm Griff when he kills her?
"Henry!" Shirley raised her voice, "Do you promise?" After a long thought and locking away his grief he will soon feel, Henry answered.
"...Yes. I promise." He looked at the window where Cain's room was located and saw the little boy looking at Henry with a grin, which wasn't evil nor was it kind. It didn't make Henry any better, but it did make him upset. Shirley gave Henry a hug that was very kind and sweet. This was the first, and last, time she would do such a thing. She bid Henry a farewell and walked back into the cabin to accept her fate. When she got back into the cabin the cabin, she saw Griff glaring at her.

"Didn't I tell you to stay in here?" he demanded.
"I came back." she said.
"Doesn't matter, you still went out there anyway."
"Don't be such a fucking asshole, Griff," Keith said. "She's back in the house, so drop it."
"You need to mind your business." Griff said. "Women like her need to follow instructions."
"Will you two stop it." Florene said. "Ever since that wolf incident, you two have done nothing but argue. You both need to calm down and give it a rest."
"And you need to shut the fuck up, bitch." Griff said.
"I'm not your bitch, Griff." said Florene "It was my idea to bring your broke ass along on this kidnapping in the first place."
"And since I'm the one pulling the strings," Griff said. "It's my decision whether or not to kill you."
"Oh yeah," taunted Florene, "I'm real scared of you because you got a gun. I doubt you ever used it on someone." A shot went into the air, silencing Florene. But she still remained firm. "I don't need to use a gun to kill someone, you slut," Griff grinned. "I can take a person's life whenever I want. Like I said, I'm the one pulling the strings."

"Enough," Shirley said. "Stop it."
Griff and the others looked at Shirley with surprise. She didn't stammer nor was she looking down. She looked straight at Griff with anger. "You aren't the one who's pulling the strings here, Griff."
"Then who is if you wanna be so smart." Griff chuckled. Shirley grinned. "As if I'd tell you." Griff, hearing this, turned red, approached her, and raised his hand to slap her. "Go ahead!" she dared. "Hit me! That's all you're good at doing!" He laughed and gripped her hair with the same hand he was going to hit her with.

"Since when did you get so tough?" he asked, "Must I remind you that I'm the only here that gives a shit about you. I can easily throw you away like all the other trash I had before."
"So why am I still here, then huh?" she wanted to know. "Why haven't you thrown me away yet."
"Because you listen to everything I say." Griff explained. "You're like a dog, Shirley. Whatever I say, you do. You'll do tricks like a dog, whenever the owner says to do them. Besides, you have to do whatever I say because I'm the one who's keeping you alive and I can take this life you have away in an instant."
"You took my family away from me," Shirley growled at the smiling man. "You took away my friends, my home, my job! My daughter and my freedom." She pulled away from Griff's grasped and slapped him across the face. "You took everything away from me!" she yelled. "Up until now."
"You must've lost your mind." Griff said, fixing himself. "You're nothing without me."
"You're wrong, Griff." Shirley smiled at her bravery. "You thought I was nothing without you. I thought I was nothing without you. But then I realized something, you're nothing without me. For so long, I believed that you were the one who was going to protect me, that you were going to love me and take care of me...I was dead wrong. You've humiliated me, beaten me, and treated me like nothing!"
"You are nothing!" Griff told her.
"Shut the fuck up!" she demanded, catching him, as well as the others off guard. "It's my turn to talk. You're pathetic Griff. You're nothing without me. I was the one who gave you power over me, I was the one who made you think so highly of yourself. And it is me who is keeping you alive. Without me, Griff, you're nothing but a man with a gun."

Satisfied that she finally took a stand against her abuser, Shirley decided to end the conversation there and leave. Despite the fact she knew she wouldn't reach the door alive. "Where the fuck do you think you're going?" Griff demanded.
"I'm moving on," she informed him. "I'm taking my power and my life back."
"Or so you think," said Griff, aiming the gun at her.
"What're you doing?" Keith shouted.
"Shirley!" Florene cried.
"Look out!" Shelly screamed.

But the gun went off and killed her instantly. When Shirley hit the ground, the cabin errupted with screams and hollers.
"Holy fucking shit!" Keith yelled. "You killed her! You fucking killed her!"
"Why'd you do it Griff?" cried Florene as she tried to console Shelly who was screaming and crying. "Why?"
"I had to kill her!" Griff shouted. "She was going to go to the police."
"She didn't say shit like that!" Keith yelled at the crazy man.
"If I hadn't killed her, she would've taken the car and-"
"Go where?" Florene screamed. "The snow storm will be here in anyday or minute! She would get stuck out there! Face it Griff, you killed her for nothing!"

"DO YOU WANNA BE NEXT!" he boomed. His voice overpowered them and Shelly's crying. "I got enough bullets to kill all you motherfuckers and that boy! I don't give a shit about the money. Killing all of you would be enough for me."
"I didn't sign up for this shit!" Florene said. "This was suppose to be a simple kidnapping, take the boy and wait for the money! We weren't suppose to kill anyone! You crossed the line, Griff, you really crossed the line..."
"So what if I did?" Griff asked. "None of you can do anything about it. Now listen and listen good. From here on out, you all will listen to me and do as I say. Otherwise, you're all fucking dead."
"What'll we do now?" Keith said in a small voice.
"First," Griff informed the group. "We hide the body. Then, since you dumbasses forgot to dispose of a location for the drop off point, we tell the boy's mother to deliver the money where ever we want her to deliver it at."
"What'll we tell Henry...?" whimpered Shelly. "You killed his sister..."

"I'll tell him that he'll be next." Griff said. He pointed to Keith. "Take her body to the basement. I'll chop her up and feed her to the 'wolves'."
"Fuck you," Keith said as he picked up Shirley's lifeless body and procceeded to the basement. Walking by Cain's room, he felt a cold wind hit his spine and it freaked him out. He walked downstairs into the basement and placed her on a table the was near some tools. When he looked down at Shirley he noticed that she was smiling. Keith never saw a smiling dead person before in his entire life. It made him sad.
"Wish it were me instead of you." He told her. "But for some reason, I get the feeling that you'll get the last laugh in all of this..." He then headed upstairs and shut the basement door.
Meanwhile, Cain was looking out the window, observing Henry, who was kicking at the ground, cursing and beating on some trees. The door to his room opened and he turned around. It was Griff staring at him with an evil grin. "Not so fun when the rabbit got the gun, now is it?" he asked the boy, who only stared at him. "Your little friend ain't here to protect you now, boy. You best be on your good behavior, else my strangling method isn't the only thing I'll do to you."

Griff started laughing hard at his own joke. He didn't see Cain lower his head and give this evil stare at him until he stopped. Griff's eye twitched as he saw the boy's eyes flash a fast bright red. Suddenly the door automatically slammed shut in Griff's face. It would have taken his fingers off had he not moved them! Shocked at this, Griff went angrily stormed into the living room.