Disclaimer: I do not think I can ever stress enough that I don't own the copyrights to any Dragon Ball Z character or DBZ affi

Disclaimer: I do not think I can ever stress enough that I don't own the copyrights to any Dragon Ball Z character or DBZ affiliated topics, ideas and things, EVER.

Hullo, I have decided to go into uncharted territory for me on two levels. One, this will be a romance between Piccolo and an original character Oo, I would like to say before anyone rolls their eyes that I am not into the typical romance you find in such works as The Notebook, actually my favorite romance movie is Roman Holiday with Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn. Second, I do not like perfect characters so this will not be a Mary Sue. I will also be writing this in first person from Piccolo's point of view, my second experiment, to be honest I feel it's necessary to adequately capture the romance. So it should be interesting.

Chapter 1: Who Am I?

Two years, two years the world has been at peace since the reign of terror Cell brought upon the Earth. Two years since Gohan shocked us all with his power and destroyed that insidious android. Two years since Son Goku decided to remain dead in the hopes it would cease the threats upon the Earth. Two years there has been peace, perhaps Son was correct, to be honest I didn't really believe that, but the effects of his death seem to prove otherwise. Two years there has been peace… at least for the Earthlings, for Gohan, and for the other warriors. I have not found peace. I'll never admit it though, never show it. Mostly because I despise "talking through" my problems, and acknowledging the fact I have emotions, but also because it is expected of me. Everyone expects me to be the stoic Namek, the silent and unemotional green man, and to be honest I have no desire nor reason to be anything different, so I'm not, at least on the outside.

On the inside is a different story, I maybe able to fool the world, but I have yet to discover a way to fool myself, especially with as much meditation is required for me to keep my sanity, to prevent my more… violent and hateful tendencies spawned by my dark origins to take control of me. That is the past though, my present is what plagues me. Ha, I still can't lie to myself; I know damn well the past is what makes my present unbearable. Not my origins though, not the unmet desires of my sire nagging at me, not Kami's regrets, not the fear and pain I endured as a child, well, what little period I was a child. None of those, not even internally do such things have merit, what does is my current feeling of uselessness. I always believed I could hold my own no matter the circumstances; my strength could always get me through whatever opponent threatened me. Yet, time and time again that is proven wrong, ever since that day at the twenty-third Tenka'ichi-Budo'kai when I lost to Son. No not then, I've never been like Piccolo Daimao. I didn't thirst for World Domination or the death of Son, I only strived for it in the hopes it would shut Daimao the hell up once I achieved it. I was naïve and with a voice like Daimao's constantly harassing me in my head, I started to truly yearn for things that had no appeal to me before. I suppose a part of me blamed Son and the humans for my suffering too. That's not important though, only sentimental rubbish and inconsequential nostalgia. It really started when Radditz was dying before me and spoke of the coming of Vegeta and Nappa, for the first time in my life I felt… I'm not sure, I don't really care either, just that it was not normal.

Then to be overwhelmed by Nappa the way I was, then Frieza, the Androids, Cell, yes it all went downhill from the day I killed Radditz. Even during that fight, I was beginning to feel that my strength was… inadequate. The Cell Games is when it really effected me though, to watch Gohan and Goku fighting Cell, to hold their own against that monster and know that with a mere gesture that thing could snuff me out was very… unsettling. I am a warrior, my one true love is the fight: the adrenaline, the strategy, to look my opponent in the eye and see their passion, to meet it with my own as we exchange blows. It's hard to do that when your opponent could kill you with a flick of his finger or with little more effort than that. Yes, my last battles have not been fights at all but beat-downs, torture. I never stood a chance; my pride didn't allow me to except it at the time, well, until I had a hole blasted through me, (or dozens of holes in the case of Frieza). Or when my insides turned into failing organs and my bones shatter with a single punch, or worst of all to be smacked around by the most annoying, shrimpy little pests and not be able to do a damn thing. I suppose for most of them I simply bought time for Son to get there, not really my idea of useful though.

I was irritated, with myself, with my life, and with the fact that my future appeared monotonous at best; there certainly weren't any fights to look forward to. Kami's influence screamed at me that I should be happy that the Earth was safe and not crave a disaster to strike so I can beat it up, or get beaten up as it seemed I was only capable of doing. Damn, I was aggravated, and very uncharacteristically self-critical. Perhaps I was thinking too much. I did feel useless though; I needed something, anything to come up so I could have focus in my life again. Bah, what idiocy, clinging to such foolish and superfluous things. Someone, either Nail or Kami gave me the impression that those things were important and I was being a coward by running from them, but I ignored the notion. I had enough emotional reflection for the day, anymore and I think I'd gag from the sheer annoyance of it.

I sensed Gohan accompanied by his brother heading to the Lookout as I pulled myself out from my meditations.

"Hey Piccolo!" Gohan greeted cheerfully, his huge smile beaming.

"Hi Picc-oo-loo," Goten struggled to pronounce then giggled with delight at his success.

Inwardly I scowled, what on earth was so difficult about my name that he had to butcher it the way he did?

I just grinned slightly, "Hey kid, and Goten."

"I Goten!" The miniature Goku shouted with glee.

"That's right, you're Goten," Gohan said enthusiastically as he crouched down to his brother's level, then tickled his stomach until the child started rolling on the floor with a pot-bellied laugh that stung my ears.

Why the kid encouraged such an obvious and rudimentary observation was beyond me, but I never was good with kids.

"What brings you up here Gohan?" I asked when Goten finally stopped laughing and instead begun exploring the area.

"Well, I just wanted to visit you, it's been a while after all, I meant to come earlier but in between catching up with homework and helping Mom with Goten it just slipped my mind, so when my Mom announced we were going to do some traveling it occurred to me I hadn't traveled here since after the Cell Games."

"Traveling?" I raised one of my eye ridges.

"Yeah, Mom said it would do us good to go into different cities and look at future schools for me and to see how normal kids act."

I couldn't help but wince as Goten squealed in the background and cooed as Mr. Popo entertained him with strange faces.

Again something I never understood, what possessed anyone to think making absurd faces at a baby was cute never dawned on me.

That wasn't important though, an idea that suddenly came to me was, I would meditate on it later though.

The two half-Saiyan boys remained on the Lookout until the sun began setting, then left with the thought of dinner motivating them.

Travel… what if I traveled? Not on Earth, there wasn't anything here for me after all. But to other planets… how would I get there though? I was not borrowing a ship from Capsule Corps. ,the inconvenience of such an arrangement was infinite at best. Son's teleportation (a.k.a. Instant Transmission) technique only worked if you knew someone so you could lock onto their chi as a point of reference and focus, so that was out of the question… unless I could modify it. It was worth a shot. Night had fallen quite some time ago and Dende had retired to the inner most chambers of the palace, Mr. Popo was, well, wherever he went at this time so no one was around as I used Kami's knowledge to transport myself to the Check-In Station. Needless to say, King Enma (a.k.a. King Yemma) was shocked to see me.

"Piccolo," he boomed, "What brings you here?"

"I need to talk to Son Goku."

"What for?"

"I just need to talk to him, now will you summon him, or should I find him myself?"

"Piccolo! You know well I can't let you just come here barking orders at me and wandering around-"

I was about to cut him off when Son teleported a few feet from me, "It is you?!" He exclaimed, "You didn't die did you?"


"Oh good, when I sensed your chi suddenly appear here I was worried. But… if you're not dead then why are you here?"

"I want you to teach me your teleportation technique."

"Huh? What for?"

"That is not your concern, will you teach it to me?"

He shrugged and grinned, "Sure, I have a while before I was going to train with some aliens here anyways."

King Enma yelled something at us but I ignored him, which was not an easy feat.


I finally returned to Earth a week later, the technique had been much more complicated than I had thought but I certainly learned it faster than Son had. Now, I needed to work on modifying it, if possible. I went to my favorite spot on Earth, the waterfall in the wasteland where I had trained Gohan. My modification was… painful at first. My initial attempts failed all together and I ended up in exactly the same spot I had started in. After a while though, I actually managed to transport myself from one side of the waterfall to the other, unfortunately my left arm and leg did not accompany me on the journey. To be honest, I don't know where they went. Losing them hurt, a lot, I quickly regenerated them, but to my annoyance, pain still plagued me. I cursed and tried again, focusing on not only moving but also on keeping my body whole. It took a while to perfect that. Each time I was missing something, a foot, a hand, an arm, an ear, an antenna. Once, I thought I was actually successful, and that the pain was just leftovers from my previous attempts, my breath shallow from exertion. Then I realized that the there was something truly wrong, my breathing was getting even more strained, the pain increasing tenfold. I was barely able to regenerate one of my lungs before I passed out from lack of oxygen. Not a pleasant experience, I don't suggest it. I took a break after that, rested to regain my energy again, and meditated to try to focus on what I was doing wrong.

A month and more near-death mishaps then I'd like to admit, I succeeded. I could lock onto to the smallest amount of chi, whether it is from a flower, an animal or a human, and teleport myself there. A familiar chi was much easier to lock onto for whatever reason and I still had occasional flubs in where I would find myself missing some body part when I locked onto foreign chis, but for the most part, it worked. I wasn't about to teleport to the first chi outside of the planet Earth though, there was no way of knowing I could breath there, or if the temperature would freeze or incinerate me in an instant, or if I would end up in solid rock. Therefore, my next step was to create a force field strong enough to withstand and protect me from any environment and keep a bubble of atmosphere I could breathe, although I planned on mapping out planets I could breath on through Kaio-Sama ( a.k.a. King Kai), but it would be a useful backup.

It took massive amounts of energy; I had to build my stamina up more in order to strengthen it properly. On one of my later test I teleported myself into the middle of the Earth's sun. I found my energy reacted oddly with the sun's, causing the force field to be canceled out. I barely managed to teleport myself back to Earth and to Dende. He healed me, actually not completely; my injuries were too extensive to do that. He started mumbling in Namek something along the lines of "What the Hell were you doing?" before he passed out from exhaustion. I returned to the waterfall, several burns reminding me of the task I still had to complete.

I learned how to compensate for the weird energy clash I had experienced early and discovered that when you're in the center of the Sun for more than the second, you go blind. I had to go to Dende to fix that too. He asked me what I was doing again. "Experimenting," I replied as my eyesight returned, then teleported away. He tried to contact me mentally but I ignored him. He gave up eventually.

My next step was not one I looked forward to. I inwardly sighed and visited Kaio-Sama in the afterlife; relieved when he said Son wasn't there. The last thing I wanted was that fool to bombard me with a thousand questions, Kaio-Sama was bad enough. However, using the data he collected I mapped out every major planet in the quadrant and constellations of which I could refer to once I was on the planet. I made a special mark on the ones the atmosphere was suitable for me to breathe. It was a long tedious process, but it would be worth it. Armed with these techniques and supplies I teleported to the nearest chi signature I could find.


I looked at the barrel of a gun in my face. Not a normal gun either, this one I couldn't actually dodge, endure or anything of the sort as if I was on Earth. I felt another barrel pressed on the back of my head.

"Hica vosh nunder farl."

Crap, they spoke a different language then the normal population. The translator I had received on one of my first off-planet excursions needed more of a sample before I could speak and understand the language. Hopefully, it hadn't been damaged in the fight I had just come out of. Out of a fight into the face of a gun, humans had several expressions to describe this situation, none of which were inspiring me on how to evade the situation with my head intact. I had all ready tried teleporting, they teleported with me. It was not a technique I wanted to find I shared with them.

"Hanv tuora!?"

"I have no idea what you're saying."

"Ix freyi glutouiun!"

The person behind me jabbed the butt of his weapon into my back, cracking a rib bone.

"Ix freyi glutouiun!"

He repeated.

"Ix freyi glutouiun yourself," I hissed, wishing the translator didn't need such a large amount of a language before it worked.

He slammed the gun into my leg making me fall to my knees, the other one still locked onto my forehead with his gun.

Inspiration struck. Perhaps clichés were useful after all; I was going to take myself out of the frying pan and back into the fire.

I focused on a star that was called Huustin Fleem, meaning "Little Sun" that orbited the planet adjacent to the one I was on, and one I had just visited. I raised my force field and teleported there. They followed. I kept my eyes closed so I wouldn't be blinded, but I felt their chis disappear. A different chi appeared followed with a crackling noise and heat. Reflexively I opened my eyes and saw a being of energy that resembled something of a cross between a dragon and a lion breaking my force field. I cursed myself for my stupidity as I lost my eyesight. The creature was about to destabilize my force field; I didn't have time to focus on a familiar chi on the planet below, so I focused on the largest one nearby. Silence encased me.

Someone behind me groaned, "Oh? When did you get here?," a feminine voice whispered in a language the translator had all ready mastered (at least I knew it still worked).

"I mean you no harm, I'm simple passing through."

"Passing through? Can't you see where you are?"

"Not particularly", I turned to her general direction.

"Oh, you're blind. So what where you doing that you ended up in here without realizing it?"

"I needed to get away from someone, so I teleported to Huustin Fleem, I was attacked by a creature and made a hasty retreat here. I apologize for the intrusion."

"Wait, you're not a prisoner?"


"Oh gosh, you must leave quickly before they neutralize you."

"Why, what half of the planet did I land on?"

"The Greyjia Regime side, you're in a prison cell!"

I cursed and quickly searched for a chi I could lock onto. It was too late. A shock ran through my body, knocking me unconscious.

So yeah, possibly a little boring. No romance yet. I hope I stayed as true to Piccolo's character, there are a few rough spots I think, but critique gracefully and help me out.