Mother of the Bride

The room was a flurry of activity with dresses, flowers, and women everywhere. With eight bridesmaids and, of course, the bride herself, there was really no room for anyone else. Still, Tsukino Ikuko made her way around the room, the center of calm amongst a tornado of chaos. Here and there she calmed frayed nerves, fixed a stray lock of hair or put a pin in place. For the youngest of the bridesmaids Ikuko made some last minute adjustments to her flowered hair-piece before giving her a bright smile, "There you go Hotaru-chan, you look beautiful."

"Thank you, Tsukino-san. You look beautiful too," Hotaru replied, happiness making her face glow, "but I think Usagi-san looks best today."

Ikuko glanced over to where her daughter was being fussed over by her blonde haired maid of honor. Her smile softened to something a little more wistful, "I believe you're right."

Keen violet eyes turned serious, "Don't worry. We'll always be there to protect her."

Surprised, Ikuko watched as Hotaru wandered away towards her adoptive parents. Not for the first time, she found herself wondering exactly what the relationship between Usagi and these girls really was.

As mother of the bride Ikuko had seen a lot of the eight girls who made up Usagi's retinue. She had wondered at first about some of her daughter's choices, but the more she had seen of these girls, the more she felt their love for Usagi, and Usagi's love for them. There was a bond there, something special that Ikuko accepted, even if she didn't understand it.

Shaking her head a little, Ikuko scanned the room for any other little emergencies that she could fix. Finding none and realizing that she wasn't getting near Usagi for a little while yet, she decided to step outside for a moment to get some air.

Ikuko quietly slipped out her own front door. Soon enough they would have to go to the beautiful little church Usagi and Mamoru had picked out, but for now Ikuko stood on the porch to the Tsukino family home and wondered where the time had gone. It had only been a few years ago that Usagi had been on this very porch, banging on the door and begging to be allowed in after one failed test or another.

The memory made her chuckle, but it also made her very proud. It hadn't been easy, but Usagi had done a lot of growing up in the last few years and had made her way through high school with decent grades. Not spectacular grades, admittedly, but still, the work she had done paid off.

She had grown up in other, harder to define ways as well. Ikuko could see it sometimes when she caught Usagi looking off into the distance. Always her little girl, but perhaps a woman now as well…

And now she was getting married. Ikuko hadn't objected - though goodness knows that there were reasons enough to object given that Usagi had just finished high school - but Mamoru was her daughter's soul mate, and really, that was enough.


Ikuko looked behind her to find Usagi standing in the doorway with her veil in her hands.

"Could you help with my veil? The girls aren't useful at all!"

Laughing, Tsukino Ikuko took the veil from her daughter's hands and ushered the girl back into the chaos inside.

There were some things that only a mother could do.