Yes, this is short. I'm still getting back into the flow of writing after a pretty much three-month hiatus from it, so just bear with me until then. Hopefully I'll be able to write something longer soon.


Blackout never knew he could run so fast until the day he ran from the middle of the desert to the middle of the city. For such weak and inferior creatures, those humans somehow managed to keep up with him the whole time. Out of all the things he missed about being a robot, the part he missed the most was the ability to fly. Then again, had he still been a robot, he wouldn't have even needed to fly. He could have just squished them all on the spot.

Running out of breath and desperately needing to rest, he looked around the area for a place to hide and noticed a car with the window open. Without a second thought, he bolted for the car and leapt up into the passenger seat, ducking down so he wasn't visible from the outside.

"What the? Where the heck did you come from? Shoo! Bad dog!" Blackout growled at whoever was scolding him and looked over into the driver's seat to find it empty. His spark nearly stopped when he realized whom he was hiding in.

"Oh no... It's not seriously you is it?" Blackout groaned. He chanced looking out the window and towards the door where he noticed the Decepticon insignia right next to the word "POLICE" in big, bold letters. "How the frag could I have missed that?!"

"Wait... I know that voice... Blackout?" Barricade replied. He paused a moment. "You look different. Did you get a bulk reduction?"

"I'm a dog, you moron!" Blackout growled. His ears pricked up when he heard the humans approaching. "Eh... Can you hold that thought a moment please?! And don't give me away, I beg of you!" he said in a panic before jumping into the back seat.

Barricade remained silent, watching the humans looking for Blackout with interest. He decided to ask questions later as they came closer. One of them glanced into the passenger seat, but fortunately they missed Blackout cowering on the floor in the back. Finally, the last one ran past and soon they were long gone, looking elsewhere for him.

"Finally! I thought they'd never leave!" Blackout sighed, jumping back onto the seat.

"That's good. Now get out," Barricade replied.

"I'm sorry, what?" Blackout leaned his head into the driver's side and glared at the dashboard.

"What do you think I am? The freaking K-9 Unit? Get out of my interior!" Barricade snapped.

"Come on Cade, I thought you were my friend!" Blackout pleaded.

Barricade's engine began to make a growling sound. "I thought Frenzy was my friend. Then he went and got himself killed and left me all alone. Out!" The door flew open to emphasize his demand.

Blackout whined softly as he jumped into the passenger seat and down onto the pavement. He looked back at Barricade as the door slammed. "Come on, Barricade! Don't do this to me! It's not like I'm out of place or anything. Many police officers work with dogs!"

"Have you forgotten that I'm the farthest thing from a police officer?" Barricade replied. "I'm not an animal person. Go away!" He rolled up the window and started to pull away before Blackout could try to get back in.

"Oh, come on Barricade!" Blackout called after him. "At least you wouldn't be all alone!" Barricade pulled to a halt. That seemed to work. Either that, or he was contemplating running him over...

Blackout stepped out of the street and back onto the sidewalk while Barricade backed up beside him and opened the door for him again. "Alright. Come on," he gave in. Blackout silently cheered and jumped back inside. "But only under the condition that you tell me what that was all about," he added.

Blackout climbed into the back seat and curled up for a nap. "I'm not sure you even want to know, Barricade..."