Warning: Orochimaru x Naruto, Teacher/student

"...stupid... tendon..."

Naruto picked helplessly at the dismembered frog with the scalpel knife.

Sasuke rolled his eyes, plucking the knife away from the idiot blonde and proceeding to slice away the muscle tissue. It only took a minute to delicately maneuver around the frail sticky body of the experiment.

"Hey!" The blonde protested, but paled at the sight of blood squelching out of the rubbery flesh.

"Dobe..." Sasuke muttered. "I'll never pass biology with you."

Slice. Pink white bones jutted from the frog legs.

Naruto slid into his chair, resting his chin against his hands.

Stupid Sasuke.

Suddenly he shivered uneasily.

"Sasuke-kun," a slithering voice. Orochimaru sensei.

Jerking slightly, Naruto spun around to face the biology teacher. Sasuke turned around too, clutching the scalpel knife in his hand. Even though he didn't look afraid as afraid as Naruto, an uneasy air hung between them.

"Yes, Orochimaru sensei?" He swallowed.

"I'm sure you're very capable at dissection," Orochimaru's voice seemed to slide like oil in the air. "But Naruto must learn how to dissect as well."

Sasuke's mouth opened in protest, before swallowing again.

"Right," he said dryly, holding the knife to Naruto.

Naruto took the blood stained tool nervously, turning to the frog. "I-I don't know-"

He almost jumped when he felt something touch his hand.

A pale, white hand slid over his.

The slightly damp feeling of skin against skin.

He breathed nervously as he felt a sickly warm breath on his shoulder, and the feel of silky black hair gliding over his neck.

"Relax..." the voice hissed.

Licking his lips and staring concentrated at the frog, Naruto's hand trembled as it was guided to slice through a tendon.

He could swear his heart was beating too loud.

Orochimaru's body was pressing gently against his back now, hand guiding his hand, breath tickling his ear. The awkward feeling of body against body. The feeling of a knee lightly pushing against his apart...

Finally, his teacher let go.

His hand was almost shaking as Orochimaru gave a slow smile, moving on to help the next pair of students.

Naruto almost couldn't bring himself to look at Sasuke.

The Uchiha was gripping the table, hard.

He bit his lip quietly, hoping Sasuke would say something. But he didn't.


He had been dreading this lesson to turn up again.

Even Sasuke, who was sitting next to him, looked a little more on edge.

When Orochimaru entered the class, Naruto could feel shivers running up and down his body. The feeling of sick breath against his neck. A clammy hand. He shook the memory off, trying to pass it as paranoia. Yes, that was it.

He was just being paranoid. Nothing happened. Yes.

Naruto opened his biology book.

Orochimaru hadn't looked at him once. He was only teaching. Teaching biology.

He felt Sasuke nudge his elbow.

Freaky huh, was scribbled on a note.

Naruto bit his lip, scribbling a note back. Yeah.

Sasuke gave a small snort, and gave a small smile at him. Naruto blinked, then slowly smiled back.

"You don't think..." Sasuke whispered, motioning towards Orochimaru.

Naruto shrugged helplessly, then scrunched up his nose. "What a sicko," he muttered under his breath.

He stared as he felt Sasuke touch his hand, giving it a small squeeze.

"Sorry for being such a bastard yesterday," he whispered, before dropping the hand and placing back his usual face on. "Next time I'll give you some lessons, dobe. I don't want to fail biology because of you."

Naruto grinned. Almost stupidly. "Ass," he whispered back, still smiling.


His eyes widened. "Yes, Orochimaru?" He choked, looking at the teacher.

Yellow eyes narrowed, examining him.

"What was I just saying about stem cells?"

Chewing his lip, Naruto clutched his pencil. "Uh... you said..."

"From the fetus... baka," Sasuke hissed.

"... they're from the fetus, yes!" Naruto blurted quickly, turning red.

Orochimaru cast them a cold eery look.

"Detention, stay after class."


"Unless you want your friend in detention too," Orochimaru snapped.

Naruto swallowed, looking down at his book quietly.

"So-Sorry... ok..."

Sasuke only touched the edge of his hand again, a strange look on his face.

They stayed quiet the rest of the lesson.

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