Warning: Orochimaru x Naruto, Teacher/student

Naruto laid on the table, resting for a bit before moving.

His legs were still shaking slightly from the intense orgasm which left him breathless. His cheeks, flushed pink, and hair sticking to his damp skin. He began to pull on his uniform, first his school shirt, buttoning it up slowly as if to relish the moment.

He slipped back into his trousers, stepped back into his shoes which he had kicked off until...

The door banged open.


He jumped, blue eyes widening. "S-Sasuke..." He stuttered, fingers fumbling to do the zip up before turning around. He grabbed his bag off the table, huffing, then proceeded to walk out without looking at the Uchiha.

"Naruto you didn't get detention did you..."

"No, leave me alone," Naruto blurted, walking quickly ahead. Sasuke followed, frowning.

"What were you doing in there..."

"Nothing," He was making his way down the staircase before Sasuke grabbed his hand.

Black eyes met blue.

"...you're such a dobe," Sasuke sighed finally.

Naruto pulled his hand away roughly.


He ran down the stairs.

Biology lesson again.

Naruto had been uncharacteristically moody lately, but then again, no one had noticed.

Who notices the nobody?

He sighed, twirling his pencil then doodling on the edge of his book absentmindedly. Sasuke, the only person who acknowledged his annoying existence, was sat on the other table chatting away to the stupid pink headed bimbo named Sakura.

Blue eyes almost watered when they wandered over to gaze at the Uchiha, the way he tilted his head ever so slightly and gave a hint of a smile...

That was meant to be his smile.

Naruto forced himself to look away, then felt something brush his shoulder.

He shivered as he felt silky hair brush against the nape of his neck, and a cool breath tickle his ear.


"Sensei," He breathed in, biting his lip. He held back a moan as a tongue flicked against his neck.

With dazed eyes he kept looking at the school book in front of him, one hand secretly moving to Orochimaru's pants and rubbing the bulge. Yellow eyes gleamed, smirking. Orochimaru's own hand had slipped past his shoulder to pinch his nipple.

He held back a gasp, shutting his eyes.

"Bad Naruto..." He heard his teacher whisper, then opened his eyes a bit. A pale finger was pointing at the doodles on the school book. "Stay afterschool," Orochimaru hissed, then moved away.

The warmth left. Naruto shivered a bit, but his heart was pounding.

It felt like eternity until the biology lesson was over.

When everyone was finally packing away, Naruto could feel his heart beating quicker again.

The door closed.

After a few nervous seconds of listening to the footsteps fade away, Naruto grinned childishly.

He began to quickly unbutton his shirt, throwing it onto the table and kicking off his shoes at the same time.

His sensei smirked at the enthusiasm. As soon as his student was naked, he lifted the boy onto the table and began to lick at the softly tanned skin. He guided the boy until Naruto was kneeling on the table, back towards him. Such a cute ass.

"Bend over," he hissed.

Naruto blushed and complied, resting his cheek against the table.

He heard a click, and a flash. He jerked to get up, but felt a firm hand on his shoulder push him down.

"Hold your ass open, that's a good boy... spread it bitch..."

Naruto bit his lip as his hands reached back to spread his ass to the cold air, listening to the clicks and flashes. He was getting hard.

A hand smacked his ass unexpectedly and he moaned.

Precum dripped, as his teacher stroked the ass softly, bringing his face closer.

He could feel the breath on his twitched hole.

"Please..." he begged, whispering.

Then his teacher smirked, licking the hole roughly. Naruto's eyes shot open and he gasped, moaning as his teacher began to lick, lick and lick at his hole. Fingers clenched as he kept his ass spread for Orochimaru to bury his face against his hole, tongue pushing in and out.

He pushed his ass back into the face, desperate, moaning. The sensation felt so good, his teachers saliva, the silky hair on his thighs. A pale hand wrapped around his member and began to jerk it as he licked all around the balls and the hole, sucking it.

Naruto moaned loudly as he came, his entire body convulsing as Orochimaru sucked hard on his hole.

Collapsing on the table, he could hear more clicks and flashes of his cum splattered thighs, his pink ass cheeks... blushing face, damp skin...

Orochimaru shoved one of his knee's aside and flipped him over, taking more snapshots of his dazed childish face, and his limpening soaked member.

Naruto rested as his teacher took photo's, vaguely noticing that Orochimaru had his member in his hands and was jerking furiously.

He fell into a light sleep just as his teacher came, cumming over his body.