Naruto is the son of Kakashi Hatake and Yuna which he married once Naruto was four years old. Kakashi sensei used Naruto as the new born baby to seal the nine year demon fox Kyuubi inside of him. At the time Kakashi hated his sensei for doing that to his son but later he realize it had to be done to save the village but he really does wish the village would stop treating him like a demon, because he should be treat like a human no he should be treated like the hero that is the reason this village is still alive.

His wife and him has watched Naruto grow from born to now. Naruto is now 12 years old and about be a genin which he hates because to Naruto, he should be anbu or least a jouin because his father has trained Naruto. He was trained in order to use jutsu and fighting also he trained Naruto in how to use his family white color chakra.

Naruto mother Yuna is not a shinobi because she was a dancer when Kakashi met her in a club inside of the rain village and now she works with Hana Inuzuka at the vet place. She love animals and taking care of them. Yuna has long blonde silk like hair that goes down to her lower back with two beautiful blue eyes. She has a great chest and long sexy legs.

We find Naruto sleeping in class again but today not just a normal day. That was because this is day he is put on a genin team, which he really hates because he thinks he should just skip the rank genin because of his training by his father but the Hokage will not let him skip ranks. Which is making Naruto pissed but because of that he doesn't care about staying up in class and when Iruka sees him sleeping he walks over to him and yells in his ear to wake him up.

Naruto looks at Iruka and looks at the wall also Naruto is wearing a face mask like his father and a crimson shirt and a black pair of pants but on his back is a ninjato that was used by his father and before his father it was use by his grandfather that was known as white fang.

"Team seven Sasuke, Sakura , Shiva and your sensei is Kakashi Hatake" Once Iruka said that Sakura yelled out that she on her lover team but Sasuke just looked and smirk at Shiva which by doing so get a kick right into the gut by Naruto that sent him into the wall just as his father and Kurenai are walking in.

"Why did you do that to Sasuke Naru-kun?" Kurenai asked him using her nickname for him which made him blush.

"He had a smirk on when he found out Shiva was on his team but by the look of the smirk he was thinking doing things to your little sister so I kicked him into the wall." Naruto get done saying as he walked to her and his father.

"Thank you Naruto-kun for doing that." Shiva said to him because she had the same ideas that Naruto did when she seen Sasuke smirking on her and for the main fact is that she hates Sasuke. But she thinks she may like Naruto but the thing is Naruto likes older women so she believes that she has no chance but she's not going to give up not one bit.

"Team 8 is made of Hinata. Shino and Kiba and your sensei is Kurenai Yuuhi" Once he get done talking Naruto said to them "You're lucky to have a beautiful sensei like her." That make Kurenai blush a deep red but was smiling because of how sweet Naruto is to her.

"Naruto meet your team on the roof now and don't be late" The teacher said to him but once he get done Naruto left in a wave of flame to the roof.

Once Naruto get onto the roof he sees two women and four dogs but he knows not to call them just dogs because they are part of Inuzuka clan. He looks at the young women first she had long brown hair and black eyes that look so beautiful he come close to just staring at her, she has nice chest also she has a chuunin vast on also a white t-shirt under her vast.

He was wondering why a chuunin was here but he then notices her long sexy legs that she had a pair black pant on. She has three brown fur dogs with her but then he moved his sights to the older women that was in jouin gear which Naruto guess that she was his sensei and she had the same mark meaning that she was a Inuzuka but she has spiky brown hair like the other woman.

But also she had black eyes and a great chest and long sexy legs to Naruto both of the women would make him happy if he had a chance to date them, yes Naruto looks at all older women but he get turns down every time because two reason one is his age and other Kyuubi.

She only had one dog with her but her dog was bigger than the three others but also the fur of the dog was black and had a one eye because other one was gone but the eye area is cover by black leather.

"Yo." Naruto said to them once he walked up to them.

"Don't tell me that you act like your father Naruto Hatake." The older woman asked him.

"Let's see, am I a pervert? No and am I late for everything? No but I do wear this face mask and use a ninjato but beside that only things that I do the same as him is jutsu that mostly all." He replied back to the older woman.

"It's good to hear that you're not a pervert." The younger woman said to him causing Naruto to wonder what she would of done if he did say he was one.

"How come this team has a chuunin, genin and a jouin also we short one teammate?" He asked the two women.

"It looks like you're a smart one after all." Young women said to him but he just looks at her.

"First let's get know each other then I will tell you two why." They both nodded to her and she started to talk about. "My name is Tsume Inuzuka and my likes are Kuromaru that right beside me and my clan that I love. My dislikes are perverts and people that hurt women and my hobby is taking care of my clan. My dream is to find myself a new mate one da.y" She then looked over at the other woman.

"My name is Hana Inuzuka and my likes are my three friends here and my clan. My dislikes are perverts and people who hurt women and animals and my hobby is taking care of animal at the vet place that clan owns and I like working with Yuna Hatake. My dreams one day find a mate for myself."

"My name is Naruto Hatake and my likes are my summoning because Pakkun is fun to talk with and my family but my most thing I like I talking to beautiful older women and my dislikes are most of this village for hating me because of what inside of me and think of me as a demon and my hobby is training and training and talking to beautiful woman but also talking to beautiful older women wait did I just said that? Anyway my dream is well I don't have one right now." Once he got done talking he was looking at the women who had wired faces on.

"What wrong?" He asked them.

"You most really like talking to older women and is it because of their bodies?" Hana asked him wanting to know if he really was a pervert after all.

"Not just their bodies it's because they're not fan girls and they're smart but also kind and not being like fan girls that look after one person just because he has a bloodline because to me bloodlines mean shit."

"I think we both glad that you don't just go after older women because of their bodies right Hana-chan?" After Hana mother said that she nodded to her but Naruto just shakes his head.

"Can you tell us why this team is set up like this now Tsume-sama?" That made her blush a shades few of red because of the Sama at end of her name because only ones do that are in her clan, she wasn't used to it by someone outside of her clan.

"Thanks for calling me that but you don't have to." She replied back to him, he just nods his head to her. He didn't mind calling her that but if she didn't want him to then it was fine either way.

"Ok Tsume-chan." That made her blush few more shades, this kid was really getting to her in a good way.

"Mother why you blushing?" Her daughter started to tease her but she just looks at her evilly because she didn't want be teased by her daughter like this.

"I don't know why you mother blushing Hana-chan'? That made her blush just likes her mother but her mother has a chance to get pay back on her daughter for few seconds ago.

"Look who is blushing now Hana-chan?" Her mother teased her back but Hana just gives her mother a evil look back.

"Anyway this team is just something their thrown together because of short notice and for the fact that you don't get alone with Sasuke they had change your teams around." Naruto just shakes his shoulders at that because he really hates that ass; nothing was going change his mind ont hat because Sasuke in his mind was just a asshole.

"I don't care if he lives or dies. Anyway how we the chuunin test go for me? Can I just solo it? He replied to back to his new sensei but she just looks at him like he was crazy.

"You think you can solo it? Pup you really think that?' She replied back to him in a teasing tone of voice.

"Yea because Anko-chan told me this year is going be three things first a writing test then free for all and you have go into the woods to get to the tower but first you most get have a heaven scroll and a earth one but you only get one so you have fight a other team to get there, I plan on taking down my father team and see how he trains them but I made him promise me two things. One he not let asshole use his bloodline to copy jutsus that he has to learn them the hard way and other one is no matter what he is not allowed to teach Sasuke the chidori." Naruto said back to the two women.

"Why would you tell your own tou that he can't teach one of his students that move"? Hana said to him because she didn't understand why he would do that or why his tou would agree to being told what to do.

"First if he had that kind of jutsu and vs. a leaf ninja he would kill them in order to just get a win, trust me and if you don't ask your brother because he come close death because Sasuke. He wanted to show everyone that he was strong and so he tried giving him a death blow which I stop him. I kicked him into wall that day and also today I did the same thing because he giving Shiva dirty looks and that earn him a kick from me." He said back to the two women he was looking at but Tsume was thankful that he did save his foolish son's life back then.

"I guess I should thank you for helping my son" Naruto just looks at her because she didn't need to thank him like that.

"You don't need to thank me and I would do it again if a beautiful woman like you would be happy that I did." He said back flirting with her which made her blush little bit more but Naruto was having time of his life making two women blush like this.

"Looks like someone coming here." Once she get done saying that team 8 and Shiva was next to them now.

"Why are you hanging around my sister and mom dope?" Kiba asked Naruto in mad tone of voice.

"Getting ready kick your ass again?" Naruto replied with a smirk as he mocks Kiba but Kiba just getting madder.

"He is on our team little brother so you need to get use to seeing him around us." She told her brother in a sisterly tone of voice.

"Yes you going be seeing me around you beautiful mother and beautiful sister and you better get used to it." Once he said that he get two blushing women looking at him and a really pissed off Kiba.

"I'M GOING TO KISS YOU, WHY YOU!' Kiba yelled at him but Naruto just smirks again the looks at his teammates.

"I guess I take my leave but where are we meeting tomorrow?" He asked his teammates he looks at their eyes again before he sees her lips move to talk.

"Meet the both of us in front of are clan house; you know where it is right?" Naruto nods his head but comes up with an evil idea before he leaves.

"Before I go take this so you have a good day." He said to them as he kissed both of them on the cheek which pissed off a enrage Kiba ever more. Once he get done he left in a wave of fire leaving behind a enrage boy and a Hinata that is sad that she seen the boy she loves kiss someone else cheek and Kurenai and Shiva didn't get shocked by it because well they know how Naruto acts around older women but Shino didn't not give a damn. Both Hana and Tsume had a deep red blush on their faces.

"You'll get use to him and his flirting so you don't worry about that." Kurenai told them before she looks at where Naruto used to be at.

"Like you did Kurenai-chan?" Hana said to her with a smirk on her face but Kurenai had got used to it and sometimes she even flirts back to him, she knows the real reason why he does it.

"Yes like I get use to it but he does it to cover his own pain by flirting with women, that just his way of doing it I don't know why." She told them before closing her eyes and wishing Naruto could let himself heal his pain.

"What do you mean Kurenai-chan?" She asked her friend wondering what she means by that because why would he heal his pain? What kind of pain did he have that he had to hide it like this..

"Why don't you go and find out? He should be at the stone for the people that are killed in battle." She said back to her before leaving them to go back to her home.

"Let's go see." Once she said that they both left leaving everyone behind but their dogs.

"He just became a shinobi why would he go there? It doesn't make any sense at all." She asked her mother.

"We will find out once we get there, don't you think?" She said back to her daughter in a calm voice, she did want to know as well but she didn't to worry her daughter like that.

Once both of them get to the stone both of them see Naruto looking at it. Hana walks up to him and puts a hand on his shoulder but that jus stocked Naruto a lot.

"Why are you two here?" He said with a worried tone in his voice but Tsume was wondering why there was worried in his tone of voice.

"We get little worried about you and but tell us why are you here?" She asked to him in a caring voice.

"Just am, is it wrong of me to be here?" Once he gets done saying that he jumped into a tree then start going to the training grounds.

"He thinks he can get away just like that?" She told her mother.

"You just want to fallow little Naruto don't you?" Her mother teased her.

"No more than you do" She teased her mother back.

"Why would I care? I'm how much older than him?" She said back trying to hide the fact that she is little worried about Naruto.

"Let's just fallow him before his trail get cold." She said back to her mother but she knows that her mother is trying to hide it.

Once they get up to Naruto they see a lot of burned trees and ground marks. But also one big fucking ass holes in the ground and into rocks and stone. The see Naruto on the ground passed out because of how hard he was training himself.

"It looks like he over did it little don't you think so?' Hana asked/said to her mother.

"YOU THINK THIS IS A LITTLE! LOOK AROUND YOU IT LOOKS LIKE A WAR JUST HAPPEBED!" She yelled at her daughter because she can't believe her daughter thinks this is a little bit.

"So you are worried about him, I was right wasn't i?" She replied with a smirk on her face.

"Damn you." She replied back to her.

"Let's get him back to clan so he doesn't get a cold." Once she said that her mother nodded to her and picked him up.

Few hours later at the clan house Naruto wake up but before he opens his eyes he tries remembering what happened.

Flash back at the training grounds.

Naruto just get to the training grounds and was thinking about his lost love.

"I can't stop getting stronger because I have to be stronger in order kept everyone I care about safe." He said to himself.

"I failed to save you because I wasn't a shinobi and couldn't be by your side on missions and I going made that snake fear pay one of these days." He kept talking to himself.

Naruto starts making shadow clones which he made 20 of them. Once he gets done making his shadow clones he told half of them to do tree walking and other half to do water walking. Once they starting doing the things he told them to do he started to make a chidori which he put into the ground and start too moved as he burning the ground.

As he training he remembers times that he had with his love and he couldn't take it anymore because his flirting with women is just a way to block the pain he is in. More he remembers her the harder he trains to the point where he makes 100 shadow clones to fight against. The clones that he just made do a hanger on them to look like the snake asshole that killed her. He started to fight the clones. Once he gets done beating the clones with jutsus and hand to hand he then falls to the ground.

"Damn, is this really all that I have? Dammit I need to get stronger." As he yelled out tears come down his face.

"I won't let him live! He took you away from me!" As he slows passes out tears coming down his face faster.

Flash back end.

He opens to his eye see that one he inside a room that as blue colored walls but the thing that shock he more was there his head was it was onto of Tsume chest.

"What in the hell going on!" He yelled and she opened her eyes.

"About time you woke up, you took forever." She said to him with a smile on her face.

"Why am I like this? On you? How come?" He asked her as fast as he could.

"I thought I would get you back for making me blush and I think it just did." Once she get done saying that she started to giggle.

"Ok but why am I here?" Naruto asked as he gets up from the bed.

"Because we found you passed out in the training grounds and so we carried you here so you won't catch a cold." Tsume said back to him.

"Thank you Tsume-kun." He said as he start going to the door of the room.

"You're welcome and why don't you stay for dinner?" She asked him which he just looks back because he would like to eat something right now.

"Sure if you don't mind about me staying for dinner?" He asked back to her because he didn't know if it was really ok for him to stay like this.

"Don't worry and Hana-chan is a great cook." She said back to him in a calm voice.

"Maybe I'll go help her made food then." He said back in a cheerful voice then walked outside the door and headed to what looks like the kitchen

"Hana-chan can I help you?' He asked her.

"Sure if you really want to, but you don't have to." She replied back to her. "So he cooks to? Bad Hana bad Hana."

"Yea I really do." He said back to her in a calm voice.

After about hour of talking and cooking dinner was done and everyone was sitting eating but they stop when Hana asked Naruto something.

"Who was she?" Hana asked him in a caring voice.

"Her name was Motoko Mitarashi and she was Anko sister, the Snake asshole killed her. I blame myself for her death because I couldn't save her because one I wasn't there because I just become a shinobi so that why I wasn't with her when it happen but the other reason is if I was stronger then maybe just maybe I would be on her team and could have save her." Naruto said has he lower his head.

"Ever if you did get on her team you couldn't save her because she was attack by one of the three strongest shinobis in the world that came from this village." Tsume said to him trying to cheer him up.

"Thanks but I just need get stronger before I can stop blaming myself. I will not let anyone die when I with them." He said back to them with eyes that mean he not joking around.

"I guess Naruto-kun going made sure I don't get hurt?" Hana asked as she rubbed her head against his neck which made him blush a deep red.

"I got a good idea, Naruto-kun why don't you stay over tonight?" Hana asked him.

"Why do you want me to do that?" He asked her back.

"Yea why do you Hana?" Her mother added her words into it. "Mhm maybe no bad Tsume he is too young for me."

"Because it's getting late and I don't want to find out that he get hurt on the way home and also this way he can't be late for the team meeting tomorrow". Hana replied with a blush on her face. "Also I want spent more time with him."

"Ok then I'll stay if it stops you from worrying Hana-chan." He said back to her but she just looks at him and comes up with a good idea.

"Thank you and let's go to my room to talk for a little while." Once she get done talking Naruto nodded to her and fallowed Hana to her room.

Once they get inside of her room she closed the door behind them and sat down on her bed.

"How are you feeling Naruto-kun?" She asked him in a caring tone of voice.

"I feel better and thank you for asking." He replied back with a true smile on his face.

"Tomorrow your first mission and don't worry it's not going be a dumb d rank mission it most likely be at least a rank c at most." She said to him as she walked next to him.

"That good to hear and I hope we can pull it off." He replied back to her.

They talked about tons of things into the night but Hana fall asleep on the ground and Naruto picked her up and put her on her bed then put her covers on her but he didn't notice that Tsume was watching him with a smile. ".He really is a kind person"

Naruto walked out and notice Tsume was close by so he walked to her.

"Hello Tsume-chan." Naruto said to her.

"Hello Naruto-kun and I hate to say this but you have to share a room with me because other rooms are being used right now." Once she get done saying that Naruto blushed but nodded to her.

"Then come this way." She lead him to her room and their walked in. Tsume start getting undressed which Naruto couldn't stop himself from watching but when Tsume notice him looking she smirk then though. "He does have a little side of being a pervert after all."

"Are you going to watch me get changed Naruto-kun?" She asked him which he blushed then turned around. When Tsume get done she was just in a see-thrown shirt with no bra and a black pair of panties.

Once they get into the bed Naruto was a deep shade of red. Her thoughts were "Ahah it funny teasing him like this." But Naruto thoughts were a lot different than hers. "Dammit why does she have to wear that dammit don't look don't look." Naruto just kept on looking but little bit later he fall asleep next to her. "

Naruto woke up when he start to feel something jumping on him. When he opens his eyes he sees Hana three dogs onto of him and licking his face. He puts his hand on their head and rubs them.

"Hello there." He said to the three dogs.

"They most really like you Naru-kun." Hana said to him as she sits down on the bed.

"What time is it Hana-chan?" He asked back to the woman that sitting next to him.

"It's time for Breakfast." She said back to him with a smile on her face.

"Thanks for helping me Hana-chan." He said as he gets up from the bed then hugs her which makes her blush a little.

"You don't need to thank me Naru-kun". She said back to him as their start to walk to the dinner room to eat their breakfast.

Once everyone gets done eating Kiba left to meet his team and Tsume was looking at Naruto.

"It's time for your first mission." Tsume said to him with a smile.

"That good to hear." He replied back in a calm voice.

"Let's get going to the Hokage Tower then." Hana said with her three dogs behind her.

At the Hokage office team 11 was waiting for a mission.

"I am going to give you a rank c mission. The mission is taking out some bandies that are attacking a nearby village." Hokage said to them.

"Yes, Hokage-sama and where this village at?" Tsume asked him.

"Here the map that you find them out and you should go to village first to found out info on the bandies." the Hokage said to them as he gave Tsume the map.

"Goodbye Hokage-sama." She said to him as Tsume and her team left the office.

"Good luck Naruto." He said after their left the office.

About ten hours later their close to the village but their had to stop for the night because moving at dark when you know their bandies that maybe some shinobis with them that it's best to rest first.

"Naruto-kun how are you feeling?" Tsume asked him with a little bit of worrying about him in her voice.

"I fine and you don't need to worry about me." He said back to her that made her blush because he notice that she was little worried about him.

"Hana-chan and Tsume-chan what's the plan once we get inside the village?" He asked his two women teammates.

"We gather info on the bandies and see if they have any shinobis with them." Hana said to him.

"If they have Shinobis with them we should find out what rank of missing shinobi there are." Naruto said back to them which he gets a nod from them.

"You're a smart little pup." Tsume said back to him.

"Can I ask something Naru-kun?" Hana said to him with little bit of shyness in her tone of voice.

"Sure Hana-chan." He replied back with his normal calm voice.

"You said that you like talking to Pakkun who is he?" She asked him in the same Shyness tone of voice.

"Pakkun is the summon that my father gave me" He said to her.

"You mean Little Pakkun the shinobi dog summoning that your father uses?" Tsume asked to him which he just nodded to her trying not to remember last night.

"Let's turn in because it's getting late." He said to his teammates as he sets up the tent that they're going to share. Once he get done he goes inside and lays down but when he see Hana and Tsume go inside the tent he blushes a deep crimson color because Tsume only in a pair of blue panties with no bra and Hana in black bra and pink panties.

"Why you dressed like that?" Naruto asked with little blood coming from his nose which made both women giggle at him.

"Because this is how we sleep and don't you like the sight?" Tsume teased him. "I love doing this to him."

"Let's just go to sleep" He replied back to the close of being nude women. "Damn women."

When Naruto finally get to sleep after all the looks he was giving them. The morning come and Naruto get up but he notices both of them still sleeping so he made a note for them and put it on middle of Tsume breast. He started to head for the village to get info.

Once he gets to the village after a hour of walking he see that the village is a normal size one and look like it been attack few times. The gate was burned and the walls around it. He starts to walk to the person house that hires him to kill the bandies for the village.

He knocks on the house and when it opened it was a man that around his late 50s with short gray hair and behind him was a woman around 21 and two little kids that around five or six.

"You hired shinobis?" He asked him and he nodded.

"Where is your team little kid?" The man said to him wondering why he was alone.

"I come here early before them to get info on the bandies." He said to them.

"I see and I tell you what I know." The man said back to Naruto in a calm voice.

After about hour of listening to him talk Naruto found that where he can find them and that there is some shinobis with him. Naruto thanked the them for the info and headed to the spot where they should be but on the way their he bumps into a person that was little bit older than him he had a mask on his face that covered his full face but it look like anbu mask which was wired but he had short red hair.

"Sorry about tha.t" Naruto said to him in a calm voice

"It's ok and what your name?" He asked Naruto.

"Naruto Uzumaki and what yours?" Naruto asked back to the person.

"My name is Emanyeru Kouseitan and it nice to meet you but I have to go now" He said back to Naruto. ( Emanyeru Kouseitan its my friend chara and I Hope he likes how I use him after all he wanted me to put him in)

"Me too" he replied back.

Naruto started to head out of the village to the area he was told that the people he had to kill are at. When he gets closer to the area two men jump down from the tress. Their both are in black clothes and have chains and claws.

"Who are you?" Naruto yelled at them as he pulled his ninjato from his back.

"We are the demon brothers and your not going to leave here alive" One of the demon brother said to him.

"Your right one of us is going to die but I'm the one that going to live this and walk away" Naruto said as he charged the demon brothers head on. "I can't let myself die not before I kill that snake asshole!"

The demon brother on the right come at him first with his claw Naruto dodge to the right of him and did a side step around the 2nd demon brother after doing so he made a chidori and aim it right at the demon brother heart but Naruto missed his heart and get his right arm that he cut off by hitting it with the chidori. The demon brother then start to yell in pain but his brother tried to cut Naruto neck with his claw but Naruto dodge it but it cut his neck little bit that was which bleeding now.

"I'm going to kill you! Die little blonde brat!" The demon brother with one arm yelled out as he charge Naruto from the east and his brother charge at him from the north. Naruto start doing hand sighs when he get done he yelled out Body of flames. Naruto whole body start to have fire on it that stop demon brothers attack but then Naruto did few more "I can't die here!"

"Flame Ring!" After Naruto yelled that out a ring of flame come out of his body and burned the demon brother that had one arm to the point that he was now on his legs yelling in pain because of the burns on his body, Naruto that was about half way out of charka because that two jutsu are high rank and took lot out of him. Naruto charge at the demon brother on that ground and took his head off with his blade when it hit his neck.

But because of him doing that he did not notice the other demon brother behind him that stabbed his claw hand into Naruto back on the right side. Naruto looked around as the claw start to dig into him harder but one he get out of the hold he was in he stabbed the demon brother in the arm then leg. Naruto was bleeding badly at this point but as his vision starts to fade he sees the demon brother charging at him in rage then.

Naruto thoughts right now are "I will not die! I can't I won't I will not! Naruto run at him he stabbed the demon brother in the chest just as the demon brother stabs him in the chest. Naruto puts fuuto into his blade then moves it to the right which the blades go through his body because of the fuuto chakra. Once his body hits the ground Naruto started to walk back to the village but fall down and as he falling he notice two people coming his way and he was hoping that it was not more shinobis. But once the two people come into view he found out that it was Tsume and Hana with their dogs. "I guess this maybe the end? I was too weak I guess"

Hana looks down at her and remember how their found out that he left on his own.


Hana slowly opens her see to found out that her mother still asleep but no Naruto in sight. When she starts looking Hana sees a note on her mother chest and then picked it up.

She starts to read it.

Dear Hana and Tsume.

I am going to the village to find out info and to let you sleep in because you two look to peaceful to wake up. I meet up with you later at the village and make should you don't run into any shinobis.

From Naruto.

Once she gets done reading the note she started to shake her mother awake because she had to get her up fast.

"What is it Hana?" She asked her daughter.

"Naruto left to find info in the village." She said back to her mother.

"Let's get moving then and fast we can't let that foolish gaki die now can we?" Hana looks at her mother and hopes they will find him in time.

After hour of walking they get to the village and find the man that hired back which he tells them that he told Naruto where to find them so their just fallowed his trail but when they finally do find him he on the ground next to two die bodies.

End flash back

Naruto slowly starts to close his eyes as he thinks that they found him and maybe just in time to save him.

"Please Naruto-kun please hang in there!' Hana yelled at she run to him scared that he maybe died like this.

"He is one foolish pup, that what he is." Tsume said to her teammate dog which just nodded to her.