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The three of them walk back to the clan house but Naruto doesn't know what he going to do if he's told that he has to have more than two girlfriends. He looks at both Hana and Tsume with a smile on his face because he can be with both of them without hurting one of them; He truly just hopes that he will always keep them safe and happy.

He doesn't want to let down them because if he did that he doesn't think he can forgive himself for failing to keep anyone that he truly cares about safe. When three of them get back Tsume and Hana pull him towards Tsume room and inside but once they get inside they move him on the bed and take a spot on each side of him.

"If this how I'm going to sleep from now on then I really could get used to this." He smirks to both of them causing them to blush but lay their heads on each of his shoulders. Tsume whispers into his ear. "You better because soon I'm going to mark you as my mate soon." Naruto blushes a deep shade of red causing Hana to wonder what her kaa just did.

Once they had fallen asleep Anko had looked in and smiled because Naruto was finding love again and maybe someone who can heal his broken heart. She's shocked that he had got two women but she's little hurt that she didn't tell him how she felt about him, She smiles and closes the door because she will always be the closest person to him even if it just a friend but she still hopes she can be with him somehow.

When morning come the three of them are waking up to the sound of someone yelling but once Tsume opens her eyes she sees her son yelling then passing out. She had forgotten that her son didn't know what happened but she had a smirk on her face because this was going be funny to watch.

Naruto opens his eyes and looks to see what happened then kisses both Hana and Tsume on the lips but Tsume doesn't let him pull away. She grabs his head and kisses him back with force slipping her tongue inside his mouth.

"It's a good thing you two have clothes on this time or he may have been scarred for life." This just causes both of them to giggle then looks at him. 'Let's get out of bed and get something to eat before Kiba wakes up." Tsume told them but she just gets out of the bed and waits for her Naruto to join her.

Hana and Naruto fallow her out of bed and into the kitchen where both Hana and Naruto start making breakfast for them. When they hear someone coming in they thought it was Kiba but it was Anko who had a smirk on her face. Naruto was glad that she wasn't crying anymore because it hurts him when he sees her like that.

"Looks like you had a nice sleep Naruto-kun or was it to good that you wish you didn't have to get out of bed?" Naruto was blushing because he had thought about what she would have done if she had found out about him being with Hana and Tsume.

"We all wished that but my son had to come in and ruin the good morning." Naruto just stares at Tsume because that wasn't what he wanted to say to Anko.

"I see I guess that Naruto-kun did good work on you two last night." That causes all three of them to blush but they yell at the same time. "We didn't do that yet!" They yelled at the same time and then looked at each other and blush harder.

"But I kind of wished he did that to me." Tsume said with a smirk causing Naruto to drop his mouth. If he had known that he may of have went for it and not just laid there next to her but Tsume looks at him with a smirk showing that she was joking.

"I was just joking but it looks like you wanted me that much Naru-kun." He just looks away but he moves over to Tsume and puts his hand on her ass giving it a good grab causing her to jump a little.

"What are we eating today Hana?" Hana looks at her kaa then looks around to see what they have to make. "That will be eggs and bacon for breakfast today kaa." Naruto looks at Hana and smiles because he loved today.

But little bit later he sees Tsume bending over to pick something up and he couldn't pass this chance up.

He moves his hand and slaps her ass causing her to jump but the thing was he did see Kiba just walk in as he slaps Tsume ass. Kiba just grows more pissed because he had thought he was seeing things but now he wants to kill Naruto.

"What in hell is going on here?" Tsume looks at her son but then looks at Naruto who she gives a smirk to, Naruto was wondering why she was smirking at him like that and hopes she doesn't do anything to cause Kiba to grow more pissed at him.

"You see Kiba Naruto here is dating me and your sister." Kiba was about to blow up but when he looks at his kaa he couldn't believe what was going on. Why in hell did he have to pick to date his kaa and sister but he doesn't know why two people would want to date one person.

Kiba does one thing he always does in this kind of thing and attacks Naruto but Naruto just freezes him to the ground making him unable to move. He looks at Naruto and couldn't believe that he had this kind of power because he had never seen him use it before.

"You need to learn when you should fight and when you shouldn't fight Kiba; you will end up not only hurting yourself or getting yourself killed but the ones around you as well." Anko looks at him because she knows he's thinking about her sister when he says this. "You're still blaming yourself for not saving her aren't you Naruto?"

"Time for breakfast so stop all this fighting till after we get done eating the food that I made or else." Kiba and Naruto both pale when she said or else to them because they know never to piss of a woman or at least Naruto knows that.

"Ok Hana-chan." Naruto sits down but Tsume sits on his lap causing Kiba to give him an evil look and Hana to pout. "Hana-chan don't pout because next time my lap is free you can sit on it." That makes Hana smiles at him and Anko and Kiba roll their eyes because this not what they want to see when they're eating.

Naruto did enjoy feeling Tsume ass on his lap but his little friend was starting to wake up and hopes she doesn't feel it going against her nice sharp rounded ass cheeks.

"Can we please stop all this lovely things because some of us are trying to eat our food?" Anko nods her head to agree but the three of them just smirk at these two. Naruto knows Anko isn't someone who likes to watch it but she does love to be someone who is doing these so called lovely things.

"I guess we can stop doing it and leave the so called lovely things off in till we are done eating." Naruto told them but when he starts to eat his food Tsume kisses him and uses her tongue to steal the piece of out of his mouth and takes it inside her mouth. Naruto was smirking because he was going to like doing that with her but he has to wait till she gets some in her mouth.

"I'm going to eat in the living room." Anko gets up and Kiba does the same causing the three left in the room to laugh. Tsume takes a piece of bacon inside her mouth only for it to be taken out by Naruto tongue just like she did to him.

"When do I get my turn Naru-kun?" Hana looks at him with a pout on her face but Naruto moves Tsume off his lap causing her to look at him then smirk. He moves over to Hana but as she was about to put a piece of food inside her mouth it drops on her chest, Naruto smirks because he was now glad that her shirt showed some of her chest.

He moves his head to her chest and licks the food up causing her to shiver from his tongue moving across her bare chest. Hana looks at him but she now notices the food is still in his mouth as he moves his lips to hers. She takes the food out of his mouth and into her but she can feel his hands run down her back and stop on her ass giving each cheek a good squeeze causing her to jump a little.

"That was so mean Naruto-kun." He smirks and goes back to where his plate was and starts to eat but his eyes were still looking into Hana's eyes. "But you know you loved every second of it."

Once he gets done with his food he brings the plate to the sink and looks at his two girlfriends and hopes everything will work out good. "I have to go and get clothes but I'll meet you two here when I'm ready ok?" They nod their heads to him and he starts to walk out of the house. Once he's out he heads to his family but he hopes he doesn't get killed for what happened because he knows how his kaa overreacts to things.

When he gets inside his house he sees right away both his kaa and tou waiting for him as they stare at him. He knows he has to come up with something fast or he's going to be doomed for ever or may not even leave this house alive.

"What happened young man?" His kaa didn't sound happy at all and he was starting to sweat up a storm at this point. "I went on a mission with my team and got hurt." Kakashi starts to talk now."We know that but we want to know where you have been since then." Now he hated his luck right now.

"I been at Tsume-hime and Hana-hime place, I also made a deal with Kyuubi that he's going to train me. We both want to kill that asshole but also I unlocked a bloodline from kaa side of the family, I can control ice." Both of them were taken back but this wasn't over yet and they know it.

"I also have the kitsune summon and two cool weapons!" They look at each other then back to their son and wonder what the hell was going on, they also want know why he calling the two of them himes.

"Why are you calling them himes? Did something happen with you three and you better tell me son?" He rubs the back of his head as he looks at them and nods his head; they couldn't believe he did something with not one older woman but two.

"Young man you better tell us all of what happened!" His kaa may not be a shinobi but she was scary as hell when she's pissed, so Naruto tells them the whole story once he gets done he goes to his room get clothes then to the bathroom in order take a shower.

Kakashi looks at his wife. "What in hell has our kid been doing all this time, I don't know if the world going end but at this rate I not be shocked." Yuna just looks at her husband but she looks back at her son, she knows he has to make his mistakes and learn from them. She can't always be the one to tell him what to do with his life but she can be there when he needs her.

When he was ready he leaves but he looks at his family and smiles because even if they don't see eye to eye on things they are his family, his one and only family that he has. He slowly leaves the house and heads to his himes for a mission.

He may not know what future will bring but he does know that he wants to spent it with people he cares about, he doesn't want end up losing out on chances that may bring happiness to not only him but ones he cares about as well.

When he gets back to the Inuzuka clan house he notices both of them are ready. "What kind of mission will we get this time and I hope it's not a boring one." When he gets up to them he gives each a kiss on the lips before the three of them start to walk to the Hokage tower.

"What are we doing today?" Tsume just looks at him because right now he needs to tell the Hokage what has just happened to him. She knows it may cause hell but right now hiding something like this wasn't a good idea.

"You need to tell the Hokage-sama about your new bloodline, no trying to get out of telling him." He watches Tsume look at him but he knows he had to tell him sooner or later but he was partly hoping for later.

They slowly walk to the tower but Naruto couldn't keep from staring at their asses but Tsume catches him in the act but she just shakes it for him. He was shocked but liked what she was doing but he moves his hand to her ass feeling it shake against his hand.

When the three of them get inside they see Zabuza and Haku talking to the Hokage but his eyes go to Haku because he wonders how she was doing. "Hokage-sama we have something to tell you about what Naruto-chan just did."

The Hokage looks over to Tsume but he wondering what could wrong and why she calling him Kun. "So now it's Naruto-kun? What did he do this time?" Tsume's fighting a blush that coming to her cheeks.

"Naruto-kun awaked a bloodline that was from his kaa side, he can now control ice but unlike Haku here, he doesn't make mirror he makes pure ice but I only seen him turn his skin into ice so far." Naruto turns his skin into ice causing Zabuza, Haku and the Hokage to be shocked but wonder what else he could do with it.

"You keep surprising people my boy." Hokage looks at him but he wonders what kind of mission he should give them but also what the council going to do once they find out about his bloodline.

"Can we have a mission already?" Everyone in the room laughs because Naruto asked in a childish tone of voice but the Hokage look to see what missions he has right now to give out. There were only two rank c missions and one was to go to land of waves to guard a bridge builder.

"Can you send in Tazuna?" Hokage asked which an old drunk man walks in a little bit later, he looks over at the people in the room. "Zabuza and Haku you will be going with them to keep Tazuna safe till he gets done building the bridge in land of Waves."

"So kids are going to keep me stay plus two adults?" Naruto looks at him as he starts to make a fist but the old man sees Naruto's eyes showing a promise of pain to him and with that he backs up. "What I mean to say was ok let's ok and keep me safe."

"We will meet you at the north gate in two hours do you understand Tazuna-san?" He nods his head to Tsume before walking out of the room, Naruto looks at Haku and Zabuza and smiles to them.

"Before you go there is a reason why I'm asking Zabuza to go with you. You real mission isn't to guard him but to kill Gato." Naruto looks at him because this wasn't a joking matter. "Who is this person that we have to kill?"

"Gato is destroying land of waves by taking all the money and other things, the real reason he has be killed is because he's been dealing with other shinobi villages I don't know who or why." Naruto nods his head before he looks at the old man because he has two reasons to kill this asshole, one for ruining land of waves and dealing with other shinobis like this.

"We understand Hokage-sama; we will make sure that this fool Gato breaths his last breath." Zabuza said to his new leader, he maybe a cold blooded killer but he hated people like Gato. Naruto just nods his head but he looks at his two angels before a smirk comes across his lips.

"I'll meet you in two hours." Zabuza and Haku leave the office but Naruto with his team does the same leaving an old man to hope that they can handle this mission without anyone dying. He knows Naruto has lost to much as it is and doesn't want him to have to go through anymore pain right now.

Naruto just looks at his himes before moving his hands on them causing both women to look back at him. "Let's hope this mission goes well and nothing goes wrong ok?" They can see that he's worrying about this mission but they just give him a smile back to him.

"Don't worry so much it's only a rank c mission, plus we are here to keep you safe no matter what." Hana kisses his lips before just look at him with a warm caring smile on her face; he can't help but smile back when he sees that.

"Let's go back to your house and I'll going to train for a bit before we have to meet up with everyone." Tsume nods before leading the three of them home but she looks back at Naruto and hopes he's done being worried about this mission.

When they get inside Naruto heads to the back where the training ground is at, he starts by making hand leave his hand and hitting a tree. 'I don't know what I can fully do with this new power but I'm going to try finding out.'

He turns his skin into ice and notices that even through its ice it is harder than ice, he hits his hand again a tree leaving a mark but his hand didn't get hurt at all. He smirks before he hits the ground with his fist making ice spikes head forward from him in a path.

Naruto just smiles because this new power could help him keep the ones he loves safe from harm, he keeps trying new things for about a hour then ends back inside the house leaving training ground frozen in ice.

He notices Hana changing causing him to stop and watch her, once she was naked and looks for pair of panties to wear she see him and gives him a dirty look before he walks up to her. "I didn't say you could see me naked." He hides her hands with her hands but Naruto moves her hands away and gives her a passion kiss on the lips.

"I can't see you naked? You are my beautiful hime aren't you?" She nods before moving her body against his causing him to move his hand down her back. "You truly are beautiful Hana-hime." She blushes causing her to move her head against his neck to hide her face.

"You like my body?" He kisses her neck before moving to her soft lips. "Yes I do but I like you more than your body." He moves his hands to her butt grabbing each cheek but he stops when he feels a tap on his back causing him to look behind to see Tsume with a smirk on her face.

"How about you like her get dressed and ready before we end up being late." He nods his head but he gives Hana a nice slap on the ass before leaving her room. "He really does like slapping your ass Hana-chan." Tsume leaves the room leaving behind a naked blushing Hana.

"You got to see little Hana-chan naked?" She teased him but he just looks back smirks before moving his lips to ear. "I just can't wait see you naked again." He walks way with a big smirk on his face but Tsume is the one blushing now but she just stares at him.

Naruto waiting outside for about half an hour but he can finally see the two of them walking out. "It's about time himes." Both of them just smile to him before they start to walk to the meeting point for this mission.

He doesn't know what this mission going be like because they have Haku and Zabuza working with them on this one. He didn't think that these two would really join the village but he is glad that they did.

They see Haku standing next to both Zabuza and Tazuna but he notices Tazuna is drinking again causing him to shake his head. "Old man you drink too much." Tazuna glares at him but he just looks away causing Naruto to walk past him.

"Zabuza-san what do you think of this person?" Zabuza stares at Naruto because he really didn't know what to think of the blonde hair gaki in front of him, putting his life on the line like that in order to save Tsume was something that shocked him.

"People like Gato only give a damn about money and power; they don't give a damn about anyone that they are hurting. I maybe a missing shinobi or was but I can't stand sick fuckers like Gato at all." In true Zabuza couldn't that was one of reasons he tried to kill his ex leader in Mist.

Naruto couldn't take it but get anger when he hears about people that are like Gato, they are nothing but heartless assholes that should be killed and he wasn't going to let this go no matter what.

They keep getting closer to land of Waves but Naruto slowly notices something that everyone else notices as well, they start to walk slower but he sees someone ahead of them. The next thing they know is a lighting based attack is heading right to them.

Everyone jumps out of the way and Naruto grabs Tazuna to keep him from getting hit by the attack, Naruto looks at where the attack came from but he only sees a man in a cloak with funny looking blade in each hand.

He looks to see Zabuza but his face showed anger and hate toward this new person ahead of them. "Kurosuki Raiga you are working for a man like Gato!" Zabuza voiced was filled with anger and hate for this man in front of the group.

"It has been a long time Zabuza my old friend and teammate." But he looks at him and sees the new headband on Zabuza head. "But it's time for you to die or you can hand over the old man and leave with your life." Zabuza takes his sword in his hands and looks at him because no way in hell he is going to lose this asshole.