As much fun as TDK is – it's more fun to draw from the comics & other media. The henches be from B:TAS & Robin: Year One.

Scarecrow: Anthony (red-head) & Nigel (brown hair) Proof they exist (dont' forget to remove spaces): dcanimated . wikia . com /wiki/Anthony & dcanimated . wikia . com /wiki/Nigel

Two-face: Louis & Louis – Based on the pin-stripe suited twins in Robin: Year One.

Oh, and it's been brought up more than once if this is going to be a pairing fic – its doubtful. Unless there's a unanimous approval for the idea, it shall remain Gen-fic. In the meantime, thanks for your patience (as I avoid mentioning it's been a year since this thing updated) aaaannndddd….Enjoy!

Chapter 23

"Twins." Jonathan adjusted his glasses in near disbelief at the sight before him. Flanking either side of Harvey Two-Face Dent were identical looking, slightly bookish, men with slicked back hair, both donning identical pin-stripe suits. They even each had the same pair of rounded glasses on their noses. Scarecrow blinked again hoping that maybe his vision was merely playing tricks on him. The image remained only now they were sharing mirrored smirks. "You found twin henchmen."

"Louis and Louis." Harvey smirked and flicked his coin in the air to catch it. Scarecrow could gape all he wanted, but none of the other people he looked into seemed to work for him. Having two henchmen under his command just didn't seem good enough. He needed the next level. If one fit all of his qualifications than it only stood to reason only someone identical to the first could be of equal value. It had to be twins of the identical variety. Shared DNA, skills and looks. The coin agreed. "They're quite capable despite the gimmick you seem to be making up."

"I'm sure." Jonathan sneered, crossing his arms over his chest (still covered in tacky, brightly colored stage clothing). He wondered if those two knew what they were getting into. Or what sort of mental state Harvey had to be sinking into to become so dependent on the number two. The man was back in that ridiculous black and white split suit the Joker gave him as well. Scarecrow started to weight the odds of getting out of his affair in one-piece. "And next you'll tell me they even split their sentences."

"That would be," One Louis started.

"Absolutely correct." The second finished.

"Brilliant." Scarecrow spoke through his teeth. He collapsed into the nearest chair and removed his glasses to rub at his eyes. He sat his arms on the table before him and glared at the decorative candle holder covered in dust and tarnish from years of disuse. "I shouldn't be surprised. I really shouldn't."

"Complain all you want, Princess." Harvey smirked and walked his way over to sit at the table opposite his partner. The two Louis' stood obediently behind him, backs straight and at attention. He had made it very clear when they were hired what Harvey "Two-Face" Dent expected of them. "But I don't see your two guys any place." Two-Face flipped his coin. "Couldn't find any?"

"They're on a brief errand." Jonathan admitted before discreetly shifting his vision to the side. It had taken him far longer than Scarecrow was willing to admit, but he had indeed found two henchmen suitable for his needs. They were pliable and scared to death of the Scarecrow. "I wanted something decent for lunch and a new set of clothing."

"Oh?" Harvey hummed. Apparently Scarecrow went more for the 'they do it so I don't have to' type of henchmen instead of the 'skilled' henchmen. Harvey shrugged. If Princess wanted someone to order around that was a-okay with him. Harvey shrugged and looked over the flashy clothing currently hugging Crane's frame. Personally, he didn't think it looked all that bad. "I guess you did mention not being able to stand wearing so many bright colors."

"At least I still have some sense of fashion." Scarecrow threw out a hand and waved it up and down to showcase Dent's mismatched ensemble. "I still can't believe you're wearing that."

"What? It's grown on me." Harvey smirked and after a moment snapped his finger in sort of a 'oh-yeah!' sort of moment. "That reminds me."

The slighter man frowned as one of the Louis' handed him a small bag from behind his back. The name of a prominent department store was listed across the plastic. "I take it you, and by you I meant sent your henchmen, went shopping?"

Two-Face pulled a tie from the bag, black and white split straight down the middle. The colors were opposite of his suit. The plain black tie just wasn't cutting it anymore. And only his Louis' could have the skill to find what he wanted so quickly without being caught. "What are the odds?"

"Striking it out alone is becoming more appealing by the second, you know You are clearly suffering from some sort of delusion or coping mechanism that I am far too tired to even try to diagnose." Scarecrow groaned and left his head on the desk. "At least my gas mask served a function."

"What? Looking good is a function."

"Half of your face is burnt off." Jonathan glared at Dent, the twins and his entire situation. He was being gang up upon. That's what this was. Where the hell were his own henchmen when he needed them to even the odds! "I don't think looking good is going to be a concern for you."

"All the more reason my suit should look good."

"I'm starting to hate you."

"Shut up, Princess."

"Batsy, I uh, don't normally want to say things like this because it, hurts me, too." The Joker started with his hand in the air in a placating fashion towards Batman. The poor guy was standing there looking hurt for being brushed aside. Joker hated doing it to him. He really did. But he couldn't be with him right now. He had plans to put into action and machines to turn on and pets to hunt down and re-leash. "But I'll have to play with you later. Daddy Joker's a little busy right now."

Batman frowned. The Joker had been particularly difficult to locate this time around but he couldn't afford to allow the man to team back up with the other two. Crane's laughing gas and toxins were far more dangerous than the Joker's schemes alone. So therefore, he had spent the past three nights hunting down the Joker sacrificing sleep and sanity. And now he had the nerve to say he wasn't in the mood? Bruce growled. "You're going back to Arkham."

"And do what?" Joker threw his hands out frustration with his favorite person in the world clearly written all over his face. Why did someone so wonderful have to be such an idiot? Couldn't he take a hint? Or maybe he was just a masochist or something. "Break out again? Seriously, Bats. Go take a nap or something and then we can play all you want."

Harley stepped from foot to foot in the background next to 'The Device' as Joker so aptly named it. She wasn't sure what it was supposed to do. In fact, Harley wasn't sure Mr. J knew what it did either. The guy was a little crazy with rage lately concerning being left behind in Arkham. Lots of mumbling to himself in the dark and throwing random deadly things at her and the wall. Harley didn't think he was processing things all that clearly in his noggin. She thought it looked like the machine was supposed to be some sort of tickle machine-thing. Or a torture chamber. Like she had thought- Harley wasn't sure what it did. All she knew was it was for Dent and Crane.

Harley huffed and crossed her arms again. Why was there so much competition for Mr. J's favor? If it would get his attention Harley would even be happy if the guy was mad at his cute little Harley Quinn. Drawn from her thoughts, Harley flinched when Batman made a running tackle at her Puddin' and Harley squeaked. "Now that's just uncalled for!"

"Shut up, Harley-girl!" Joker mumbled as his back hit the pavement. Idiot girl didn't understand just how good it felt to have a certain Batman lose his temper and tackle Joker. This was just the kind of pick-me-up he needed after his pets flew the coop but sadly his future good times rolling around with the Bat had to be put on hold. "My only regret is I don't have more time to play, Batsy." Joker twisted and squirmed until he was out of Batman's grip and flailing.

Bruce reached out to grab the clown's ankle and was tempted to just twist and break the thing. Maybe Joker would stay in prison if he was incapable of crawling away. The justice-oriented part of his brain said he was better than that and shouldn't reduce himself to excessive force. The mental fear and mind games were more than enough. Joker kicked Bruce in the jaw and did that annoying giggle of his. The Bruce-part of his brain turned over the rational portions of his brain that Batman occupied. Justice be damned for the moment. Bruce had two more villains to catch, a meeting with the commissioner at the GCPD he was late for and Alfred had soup waiting at home.

Batman was going to break Joker and go the hell home.

Joker had been prepared for a scuffle ending in him running away so he could live to fight another day and the like (and hunt down the traitorous pets who lefthim) but he hadn't quite been expecting Batman to be in a bad mood. When the Dark Knight (Joker giggled at the title in his own mind) snarled and twisted so he could Jam his foot into the back of Joker's knee effectively shattering something, before proceeding to send another two kicks to his tender gut, Joker had one thought of which he vocalized: "What the hell crawled up your cowl and died?"

"My patience."

Somewhere between the second punch to his face and Harley screaming in the background for the bully to put her puddin' down – Joker realized that Batman just told a joke.

Shame he was too unconscious to appreciate it.

"Those are it?" Harvey stared, good eyebrow raised in confusion at the two very large men flanking Crane. They both had rather dulled expressions in their eyes behind the frowning, 'tough-looking' faces. They looked like low-level of the rung thugs. The kind that didn't even get interviewed to finger the boss because they were so far down the chain and out of the loop. Everyday idiot thugs. Harvey sent these types to jail by the barrelful. Scarecrow was supposed to be the smart one. "Those are your guys?"

Crane drew himself up straighter and smoothed out the lines of the sweater vest he now found himself in. It was a classic plaid and fit snuggly over the crisp white shirt. The two behind him were poor at thinking for themselves, but at least they could follow direction. That's all Crane could ask – henchmen weren't supposed to think. Scarecrow ignored Harvey's aghast face and jabs to hold a hand out to introduce the newest members of this little team-up. "This is Anthony and Nigel, professional thugs."

The two goons nodded happily like puppies and Harvey rolled his eye. Professional thugs. Way to say 'idiots for hire.' "Are they even capable of higher thought or did you just pick out the ones who resembled the bullies who used to pick on you as a child?"

Crane bristled and felt the anger seething. How dare he. How dare he! Scarecrow felt spittle gather in his mouth as he replied viciously. "Excuse me? I'm not the one who picked two guys out simply because they were twins!"

"Who cares if they're twins!" Two-Face shouted back with equal fervor. "Mine may be twins but they also happen to be highly qualified, professional mafia members! I prosecuted them myself knowing they were guilty and they still got off thanks to their skills and quick thinking.!" Harvey pointed back to the twins who were currently playing cards at the table. "They're more than capable of the work and whatever else I throw at them."

Crane froze momentarily. "You tried to put them in jail? Why the hell are they working for you!"

"The money's…"


"Not to mention…"

"…the notoriety."

"That's really creepy professor." Nigel muttered shuffling a little as he tried to stand closer to Anthony and the Boss. He knew workin' for a costumed guy would be different but that Two-Face guy and his twins were just plain out there. "We really gotta' work with those guys?"

"Shut it Nig! Boss ain't told us we can talks yet!" Anthony scolded. Nigel wasn't too bright. The Professor clearly stated they weren't to talk unless the told them they could. "Even if they are creepy!"

Scarecrow felt the blush rising on his cheeks. He wouldn't deny that looking for someone with a few higher IQ points wouldn't have hurt him. But these two were just so convenient. And obedient. "Both of you shut up."

"Yes, sir." They both snapped looking down at their feet like children who were caught with their hand under the lid of a cookie jar.

Harvey had a feeling Princess only picked these two idiots because they seemed scared of him. Two-Face snorted. Those two were idiots but they were big and muscular. They could snap Crane like a twig and yet they were cowering. Almost made him wonder just what Princess did to achieve that. Then again, he didn't really care as long as they stayed out of his and Princess' way. "Either way, we both got a couple guys who can help out with our future business and revenge.."

"Yes, and now our numbers have gone from two to six." Crane smiled. "Now we're definitely ready to take on the hundreds of police officers occupying the GCPD."

"I'm working on it." Harvey huffed and flattened his suit out. Crane had so little faith in him. Harvey hadn't gotten to where he had in life by being unprepare- or maybe he had. Damn that Joker. Two-Face hid his self-doubt well however and smirked at Princess. "It'll be a piece of cake."

Crane licked his lips and just couldn't help himself. "Don't you mean two pieces of cake?"

Anthony proved his worth when he got in the way of the candle Harvey had thrown at Scarecrow from off the dinner table. The man didn't even flinch when it smacked into his chest. The bumbling giant looked down at the smaller man behind him and tilted his head. "You okay, Boss?"

Crane smiled and crossed his arms over his not-bruised chest. "Yes, Thank-you, Anthony." He could learn to like henchmen.