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Chapter 16: My Angel, My Savior

Wammy's turned out to be an orphanage for genius children.

Huh. Who knew?

We weren't instantly sent there though. L let us stay in the hotel room for the night and told us we would be given tests to see if we were intelligent enough to get in. Mello had been a little wary, but he was so tired he gave in rather easily.

He had seemed rather embarrassed when the detective had revealed his name. "L Matt! The L! And I was so rude to him!" he'd said.

I'd just been surprised he realized what being rude was. It had never bothered him before after all.

That night was the first time I've ever seen Mello clean. L had Watari retrieve clean clothes for us, and we were allowed to use the shower. When Mello had come out of the bathroom, my heart had stopped. He looked even more girly when clean. I hadn't had much time to stare before I was shown in. I never thought getting clean could feel so amazing.

That night L retreated into the living area and let us share the bed. I don't think he slept at all. Maybe he was making sure we didn't run off or something. I'm not sure, but with a warm bed and Mello beside me, I felt safe; especially since I was off the streets and not running from anything anymore. I was still a little wary, but thought I could trust the man.

The tests were more challenging than any test I had ever taken, but Mello and I were both accepted, and were quickly flown to England. Everything seemed to happen so fast, and before I knew it we were there.

Mello and I were given the option of sharing a room or having our own. I was relieved when Mello said he wanted to share. I thought he might have wanted his own space.

And just like that we were spending our first day at Wammy's unpacking. L had bought us clothes, chocolate, and video games. We had both tossed our clothes into drawers carelessly in order to sooner nurse our own obsessions.

Classes didn't start until Monday for us, giving us a full two days to settle in. So far I had spent the day playing my new Gameboy. The one Mello had bought me was filthy and scratched, but I still had it safely in my drawer. I would never get rid of it. Mello was reading a new book, sprawled across his bed.

It was all so unreal. It was like being in a dream. Just a few days ago we'd been on the streets, and just months before that I had been home. I never had to call that place home again though. Wammy house was my home now.

Home really was wherever Mello was.

"Hey Matt?"

I paused my game. "Yeah?" I asked.

He was still looking at his book, but he wasn't reading it. He didn't say anything for a moment, and then his eyes finally rose and met mine from across the room. "This is an amazing opportunity," he said finally. "We're really lucky, you know?" I nodded and he continued. "We could have been separated or stuck with our parents. We could still be on the streets right now. But L…" he paused for a moment. "L saved us. He really helped us out, because he believed in us. So I'm not going to let him down." I've never seen him look so determined before. "I'm going to be the best here. I'm going to be number one. I'm going to prove I deserve this."

I couldn't help but smile. Mello really was an amazing person. "I'm sure you will Mel."

He smiled lightly, looking back to his book. "I know you'll do great too Matt," he said, not looking at me. "You'll be right beside me the entire way, I'm sure of it. We're the greatest team there could ever be."

I smiled at the compliment. "The best team huh? No matter what?"

He looked at me again and nodded. "Yes Matt. No matter what."

Dinner was in the cafeteria with the other children…and really some of them were children. Ranging in ages from three to around sixteen…and to think all of them were considered geniuses. It was rather amazing.

People stared. It wasn't surprising. We were the new kids, and really how often could they find another genius, let alone two at once? Mello and I sat alone and ate our meal quickly before retreating to our room.

We had our class schedules already (I shared most of my classes with Mello) and had our textbooks, so really we could have studied. Mello might have, if I hadn't convinced him to play video games with me. I had gotten a console and a small TV in my room. Honestly getting so much at once was rather overwhelming. Regardless it was fun, especially watching Mello try to work the controls. Needless to say he got frustrated very quickly.

Soon night had fallen and we both got ready for bed. I snuggled into my bed, wrapping the comforter securely around me. It was warm of course, but I couldn't help but look at Mello across the room. He seemed so far away…

"Night Matt," he said, watching me too.

"Night Mello."

It was late, so falling asleep shouldn't have been a problem. I was having a problem though. I had grown used to being pressed against Mello, sharing my body heat with him. I had gotten used to his hair falling in my face, to his smell (as weird as that sounds), and to the sound of his heartbeat. I'm used to his soft breathing against my chest, cheek, or neck. More than anything though, I'm used to holding him or him holding me in his arms. With all this distance between us, in the darkness of the room, I suddenly didn't feel safe.

It was ridiculous though. We were more protected here than anywhere we could have gone. We were warm, and fed, and in no danger. Despite this it felt like I was going to suffocate on my side of the room alone.

Mello's breathing didn't sound as quiet and even as it does in sleep, so I figured he was still awake too. I glanced at the clock on my bedside table to see we'd already been laying here for an hour without any results. I shifted, moving to the edge of the bed and looking at Mello. Maybe if I just watched him I'd eventually fall asleep.

That didn't work either, and finally half an hour later I decided to see if he was awake.



"Can you sleep?"


"…Can I sleep with you?"


I didn't hesitate to rise from the bed, clambering across the room to reach Mello's bed. He scooted over and lifted the blankets, making room for me. He turned on his side to face me and I curled up against his chest. In my new bed with my new clothes I may be warm, but next to Mello like this I felt safe.

We laid in comfortable silence for a few minutes. I can't speak for Mello, but I was thinking of where I've been and what I've become. I'd never imagined I could ever end up in a place like this. Barely half a year ago I'd been living with my parents; miserable and afraid. Then I'd met Mello, and he'd helped me. He'd showed me a new way of life, as terrifying as it sometimes was. I'd come very far in that short amount of time. "Mihael?"

I felt Mello stiffen slightly against me. After several seconds he relaxed again and he answered. "Yes?"

I threaded my fingers into the material of his shirt and pushed closer, suddenly desperate for reasons I couldn't comprehend or find a reason for. "Thank you." For protecting me, for watching out for me, and for caring for me. For giving me a chance and sticking by me through everything. How could I ever express how grateful I was?

His arms slowly wrapped around me in response and he held me closer. I was surprised, but not disappointed. He usually only held me like this if I needed to be comforted. It didn't seem like he was going to say anything, but that was okay; we didn't need placeholders.

I think in a way Mello had needed me too. He'd been lonely, and he hadn't had any help. I don't know how he managed alone, but what if I hadn't been there? Thinking back on it, there were some terrible moments where Mello could have lost whatever he had managed to gain, moments where he could have actually died. It seems strange to think about it, but I think I kind of saved him too.

"Mail," he said softly at last. "You too…I mean…thank you." He grew silent again. My grip only tightened as we lay together…two runaways who had found hope in each other. "Would you like to hear how I ended up on the streets?" he asked.

Words seemed inappropriate at the moment, so I simply nodded, sitting up and watching him. He looked nervous, and he took a deep breath before he looked up at me. "My dad…he was the abusive one. My mom never laid a hand on me, but she never tried to stop him. She never cared what he did to me," he said bitterly. "He hit her too, but not nearly as often as he hit me. She was in her own world all the time, always drinking or using whatever drug she could get a hold of." Mello stopped and took a shuddering breath. "But one day…my dad lost it. He snapped." His voice had gotten shakier and weaker now, eyes focused into a past I could not see. "He beat both of us. It was terrible. He had never hurt either of us that bad. In his rage he ended up…" he stopped there, taking another deep breath. "He ended up killing my mom. I remember him realizing it and panicking. I think he would have killed me, because I was a witness, but I ran. I got out of there as fast as I could."

My eyes were burning as I imagined the scene. Why did someone as perfect as Mello have to go through something so terrible? He finally looked at me and his eyes widened when he saw the tears lingering in them.

"Don't do that," he said desperately. "Don't you dare cry over me! Don't…" he trailed off as I felt a tear slowly fall down my cheek. "Why are you crying?!"

"It isn't fair," I said quietly. "It isn't fair. You didn't deserve it. Something so terrible shouldn't have happened to someone as wonderful as you."

Mello looked away, hiding his face from me. His hands were clenched tightly around the sheets, shoulders tense as he kept his face angled away from me. "Matt," he whispered, voice weak. He turned towards me then, and I could just make out a tear falling from his eye before he had launched himself forward and into my arms.

I gently wrapped my arms around him, holding him to my chest as the tears escaped him. Tears he may have never allowed to escape before. "It's okay. Everything will be okay now," I assured him, one hand stroking his hair lightly. His hands were clasped around me, desperate in a way I had only expressed, never felt from another person. "You're okay now."

"It wasn't fair for you either," he said finally, voice weak and still filled with tears. He said nothing for a moment, just holding me tightly. "You've helped me so much," he murmured, as if he didn't want me to hear. I never stopped stroking his hair, his back, hoping I could provide the comfort he desperately needed. He turned his head, so his words were no longer muffled against my shirt. "I love you too."

My heart nearly stopped, a warm feeling flooding through me as a smile graced my lips. So he had heard me. Not only had he heard me, but he loved me.

Maybe it wasn't so shocking though. We'd gone through a lot after all.

We stayed up a while after that, exchanging stories and talking about our past. There were more tears from both of us, and I had never seen Mello this open. I was glad that he could be so open with me. Despite the painful recollections, it was all okay now.

I had Wammy's, I had protection, but most of all…I had Mello.

My angel, my savior.

The End


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I originally got the idea for Savior from a book. I can't remember the title now, but it was about a girl who ran away to live on the streets because her foster parents were abusive. After reading it the idea of Matt being in a similar position stuck in my mind. That was the only similarity though. I was skeptical about writing an AU, since I don't read them often myself, but finally I just started. And it turned out so much better than I thought it ever could be. Along the way a huge plot developed, and I mapped it out, and I got a ton of readers.

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Which is what the sequel will be based on. One night I was throwing around possible sequel ideas, and this is what happened. I actually have began the planning stages of it…I started doing that almost two weeks ago. It will be nothing like Savior, since it takes place at Wammy's…but because it is still in the AU universe, they are fifteen at the time, and therefore the Kira storyline cannot exist. So see? They live, yay! I hope everyone will be excited about it, and here is the summary.

Guardian Angel: It has been two years since Matt and Mello were rescued from the streets and brought to Wammy's, but Matt's feelings have moved beyond friendship and family. Will he ever have the courage to tell Mello? And what will Mello say if he does?

What do you guys think? Sound good? Bad? I don't see it being as long as Savior, but it will be ongoing, and it will not be a simple "they get together after two chapters" story. I've established through Savior how dependant Matt is on Mello, and he is going to be very reluctant to say anything since it puts their relationship at risk. But how is the idea? I won't be starting for a bit, I need a break first haha.

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