Lost Soul

S s S s S

Sept 2008 :A/N: AU (it had better be AU. Kripke!) take on Sam.

NOV 2010 ETA: Ha ha Kripke! Anyway I've added another chapter.

S s S s S

Sam Winchester died when he was six months old. It is a sad indictment of the human condition that no one noticed.

A drop or two of demon blood and his soul was shattered, the fragments spinning of into the ether where they wait to be retrieved. Like that's ever going to happen. At least one tiny sliver must have remained, animating the flesh and bone that grew and thrived and for all their faults John and Dean Winchester loved that empty little fellow like he was one of their own.

To give the kid his due, he worked hard with what he had and although I'm no expert on these things I think he realized at a fairly young age that he was missing something. He did try; his achievement a pale imitation of what he might have been. In retrospect, I shouldn't have traded in my sense of humor, I'm sure his attempts at human empathy were tragically funny.

If his father or his brother had pulled their deluded heads out of their dogmatic asses and bothered to look at what was going on they might have noticed their little Sammy was, shall we say, a little off, not quite as present as the average snotty nosed brat. Carefully watching their every move, aping their actions, emulating their emotions, bad move that one Sam, and striving to be normal, even when he didn't know what that meant. Monkey see, monkey do.

Pity Winchester standards deviated so far from the norm. John Winchester was nothing more than a sociopath wrapped up in a fancy package of revenge and a testosterone fuelled sense of misplaced justice. Saving people? Yeah, right.

He didn't notice that his success rate slumped considerably once he let his youngest join the hunt. Didn't notice those he was supposedly saving from the evil forces of the night dropping like flies or how all those dreadful ghoulies and ghosties were drawn to the kid. Dead moths to an unfeeling flame.

Really, how dumb do you have to be not to notice the trail of bodies and chaotic destruction that followed in the kid's wake? Pretty dumb, right? Humans don't deserve no dominion, if you ask me. And when the kid left for college, in yet another failed attempt to fit in, Winchester Senior still didn't twig. I was almost tempted to step in and point out the obvious, especially as Azazel was floating around and gloating, yanking his sad little marionette this way and that.

I wasn't that interested in the trials and tribulations of the Winchesters, however in my line of work it's prudent to keep an eye on what your rivals and relatives are up to. I'd known that over-ambitious yellow eyed hustler for longer than I cared to remember. Too many fingers in too many pies, served him right in the end.

Surprisingly, Sam remains perversely oblivious to his true nature, as does his brother, mayhem nipping at their heels, corpses piling up left, right and centre. Dean's a smart one, for a human, sharp eyes, good instincts; you'd think he would have put two and two together by now. Immune to demonic viruses, my foot. I'd be willing to cut him some slack, especially since his very recent sojourn to that place, if it wasn't for the fact that being dragged back to the earthly plane by that sanctimonious prick Castiel should have clued the idiot into the hard facts about his dear brother.

I mean, come on. Did he think it was that easy for a crossroads demon, no better than an indentured servant, to raise the dead intact? Dude, as he would say, wake up and smell the gopher dust.

Only angels get to drag souls out of hell or anywhere else, now that I think about it. Getting a soul back into its rotting vessel takes some nifty footwork and those crossroads slackers ain't up to the task. Now patching up a mostly unoccupied meat suit and letting it loose on an unsuspecting world, well within their comfort level. The contents may shift during transit, but who's going to notice the difference?

Dean had his concerns, I know, trouble is when he attempted to articulate them all he saw was those concerns reflected back at him. Sam's a mirror, show him an emotion and it bounces right back at ya. That's what things like him do; I've met enough of them.

I wonder if Dean will ever wise up? Probably not, he's only human after all.