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Warnings: Slash (male-male and female-female relationships), maybe lemon or lime. HPDM obviously!! RLSB and others!!

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The beginning…

Harry's POV

When I was little, like 4 years… I remember people, young people mostly, dancing, gliding, spinning and jumping in the streets. A while after, dancers all over the country came here to compete. That's how The Streets begun. Everyone started to form their own crews to participate in this event… It became a hobby and I got face to face to history. I wanted to move like they did, but it wasn't as easy as I thought.

To enter this competition every crew has to do a prank or something really crazy, record it and post it on the Internet. No body knows when or where it took place. A text message will be send to your mobile phone with the data. And I wanted so badly to prove everybody that I could do the same they did… to prove that I could do it too. That's how my story begins…

I'm Harry Potter. My parents died when I was a year old. My uncle and aunt were forced to take me in and raise me. At 16 I join a crew: The Red Lions… since then I never went to classes, I skip school almost everyday. And that's how I find my self here, sitting in the subway, waiting for the prank to start…

Author's POV

The subway doors were almost closing and a tall black boy run to stop them. He was using a black hip-hop like clothes. He walked up the alley like he was going to change cars, but stopped at the doors. When he turned around he was wearing a red and gold mask and there were drum sticks in his hands. He started to 'play' something with the sticks on the wall. At that moment another young man appeared from under a rotten blanket wearing the same kind of mask. They started to dance. In a few minutes more young men and women joined these two, all wearing the same masks. They were jumping, spinning and dancing all over the car. After a while a cup appeared on the other car calling reinforcements to catch the 'bandits' they have been pursuing for a while. The sub came at the station. The doors opened and the masked gang went out running away from the cups. They split up to loose the authorities. A red headed in a blue suit told the cups the have split up and that some went up stairs and the others through the same floor.

The gang ran, glide and jump all over the station to avoid the cups. Eventually, they lost them in the crowd of people. Mean while, the same red headed took advantage of the distraction and painted the stair wall with spry: The Red Lions in gold and crimson red.

Author's note:

I've to quote what Andie says at the beginning of the movie…!

…'I remember the first time I saw someone move like they were from another planet. I couldn't keep my eyes away. When I was little my mom took me to watch gym session in the neighborhood. It started small, but word spread. Soon some of the best dancers around would show up to compete something they eventually call the streets. It became a hobby and I got a front row seat to history. I wanted to glide, spin and fly like they did. But it didn't come easy. My mama told me don't give up just be you 'cause life is too short to be anybody else. She was right. When I was 16 my mama got sick. In a couple of months she was gone. Everything changed… including the streets.' Andie West. Step up 2: The streets, Directed by Jon Chu, Written by: Toni Ann Johnson and Karen Barna.

I'm terribly sorry… well, not really. But if something is wrong please let me know… English is not my native language. ¬¬'

I hope you liked it!!

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