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Chapter 9

They shopped for a little while more before heading to the school. The sun was setting behind them as they looked at the school. Light grey stone shone like diamonds in the late afternoon light and the tall windows reflected the beautiful sight. The two grown-ups left with heartfelt hugs and promises to visit soon. After that both boys were left looking at each other.

"Seems that were alone from here…" said Harry turning to look at the gleaming school. Neville turned too and sighed. "I just hope we made the right decision", Neville understood what was being implied in that short sentence. A hope for a new beginning, a fresh start after everything they have been through. The baby blue eyed boy hugged his dark haired brother-in-all-but-blood and squeezed him gently. "Come on, brother o' mine! We have many things to do tomorrow and we don't even know where the dorms are!" he said as he dragged a chuckling Harry. The main doors opened before they reached the handle and knock on it.

"Good morning, gentlemen!" an old extravagant and twinkling old man waved them in. He wore well worn brown leather sandals, khaki trousers and a short sleeved Hawaiian shirt. His long white beard made a big contrast with the colorful shirt. Tied to his left wrist he had a small pouch with what appeared to be lemon drops which he took every now and then.

"Morning? Sir, it's almost six in the afternoon! Are you all right?" Harry asked worried that the man seemed so… out of it, like drugged or somewhere near the moon.

"My bad, my dear boys! My bad. I seem a bit out of it and somewhat unfocused sometimes. You know, time does make us forget, especially after living so long…" he trailed of and his eyes got unfocused and dreamy. The boys exchanged a look trying to decide what to do. With a shrug, Harry left the rest of the talking to Neville while he looked around to find a way to get to the dorms before seven o'clock.

"Sir?" No answer, "Sir?" a little bit louder, still no answer, "Sir!" Neville almost shouted and the old wrinkled man gave a little jump as he was shaken out of his thoughts.

"I'm sorry boys," he said sheepishly. "Oh my! Where are my manners! I'm Albus Dumbledore, I'm the keeper of the school and in charge of everything outside the academics, that's the headmaster's job and his crew," he said as he led them through numerous hallways and stairs. "There are 4 houses in this school: Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor and Hufflepuff. Each house represents the specialization each student is here for: Slytherin for performing arts, Ravenclaw for literary arts, Gryffindor for applied arts and Hufflepuff for visual arts. I've been told you now belong to Slytherin or as the students call it The Snake's Pit," they stopped at a big painting of a very old olive tree. The old man pressed his wrinkled hands in the middle of the painting and pushed a bit before it slid to the side. "Welcome, young men, to The Snake's Pit. I'll leave you here since I'm not allowed to interact with the students once they're in their House. Tatá, boys!" he turned and bounced down the hallway whistling a merry song. The boy shared a glance before shrugging and walking through the hole to their common room.

The room was circular with a high stone ceiling, not unlike a dome, that faded into moss green walls. The floor was made of polished and varnished light cherry tree wood. Right in front of the entrance door, on the other side of the room, were two stairs: one leading up and the other down. The one leading up had soft cream colored walls with golden designs of flowers and leaves. The steps were done in dark brown wood. The one leading down had forest green walls with silver designs of different animals. The steps were done in white raw marble, giving a tough look to the creamy stone.

On the right side of the room, there was an enormous fireplace done in the same raw marble of the stairs. Near the fireplace there were scattered arm chairs, loveseats and sofas. Right in front of it, in a comfy looking carpet there was a tea table. It was done in light and dark woods that were intertwined with each other (much like the red and white candy the stores sell for Christmas).

On each side of the fireplace were tall bookshelves filled to the brim with old and new books. Opposite to the fireplace were two floor-to-ceiling windows that showed the backyard of the school and the forest beyond it. There were window seats furnished with comfy looking multi-colored pillows. The enormous beige velvet curtains were tied by a thick silk cordon on each side of the windows.

There were soft mushy carpets placed all over the floor of the common room. Students were scattered all over: near the fireplace, on the carpets, on the window sills… everyone looked up from what they were doing to stare at boys standing over the entrance with wide eyes in amazement at their surroundings.

The blonde young man sitting on one of the armchairs by the fireplace coughed to gain their attention. With a feline grace he rose from the armchair and walked over to the recently arrived.

"Hello, my name is Draco Malfoy. Welcome to Hogwarts most noble House: House of Slytherin," the fair haired young man said with a slight inclination of the head before extending his left arm sweeping it over the common room. He turned around without letting Harry o Neville talk, he addressed the other students. "My fellow students please welcome Harry Potter and Neville Longbottom," he said before nodding to a student in a corner. He turned to Harry and Neville, "I hope you like this little show we have prepared for you. And we would like you to join us. It's tradition."

Suddenly the room went dark. Grave notes of string instruments resounded softly on the room and a lone light set on a shadowed form on a stool. There a young man sat, the white light made his platinum blonde hair shine like a halo. A soft baritone voice filled the room…

There is a place for us

Somewhere a place for us

The notes of a piano joined the voice as the light went out and another on. The dark haired young man that guided them on their audition smiled at them and started singing in a soft slightly accented alluring voice.

Peace and quiet and open air

Wait for us


The light went out and another lightened up on an empty stool. A junior student gave Neville a microphone and motioned him to sing and sat on the stool. They knew the song all too well 'cause it was one of Neville Grandmother's favorites. He sat on the stool, closed his eyes and started singing. His voice was soft and sweet, enthralling and breathtaking.

There is a time for us

Someday a time for us

Time together and time to spare

As Neville sang another light went on and the same kid gave another microphone to Harry and signaled him to sit on the last stool. As Neville finished, Blaise's voice rose in the almost silent common room. The lights stayed on this time and Blaise and Neville were looking at each other. Blaise was smiling softly as Neville blushed and responded with a shy smile.

Time to lose

Time to care

After a brief silence, Harry's voice filled the room. It sounded like the rays of sun in a warm summer day: warm and caressing as the tempo of the song went up like a gust of wind.



We'll find a new way of living

The song dwindled to a soft melody as Neville sang filled with violins, cellos and the soft notes of a piano.

We'll find a way of forgiving


There was a pause before the notes of a piano filled the room. Draco looked at Harry and smiled. The black haired young man blushed and smiled shyly. The grey eyed young man sung as he looked at Harry with a soft look in his eyes.

There's a place for us

They sang looking at each other. Their voices complementing each other, like the night complement the day and the light complement the dark.


A place for us

Blaise and Neville took over next in perfect synchronization. Blaise looked at Neville, who had closed his eyes a while ago, as they sang.

Time together

With to spare

Draco looked at Blaise with understanding and veiled pain. They shared a soft smile as they stood. Harry went over to Neville and hugged his friend in a one armed hug. Black and sand haired heads rested against each other as Draco and Harry took over the next part of the song. Their potent opposite voices filled the room loaded with deep raw feelings; many had to look elsewhere to give the singers a little privacy. Memories passed flying through their minds filled with laughter long forgotten.

Time to lose

Time to care

As memories assaulted them, they all sang looking at each other. A new understanding passing through each set of eyes, they turned to look at the others assembled in the common room and smiled softly.



We'll find new way of living

Harry smiled at his fellow performers and set his green eyes on his brother in all but blood baby blue eyes as he sang the next part of the song.

We'll find a way of forgiving

Neville looked at Harry. Their eyes filled with so much hope it made the others smile sadly. They have all, in some way or another, felt as the two new students felt… hoping to find a place to belong, at last. Neville sang looking into his brothers eyes. A silent conversation passed through them.


The notes of a guitar and a piano filled the room. Then a harp joined in followed by violins, violas and cellos as the song reached its peak. Then their voices joined the melody as one.

Hold my hand and I'll take you there

Percussion instruments joined here. All the sounds blended together perfectly. A sense of peace and hope filled the room as the four singers make a round looking at each other smiling.




As the song and their voices winded down, a poignant silence came over the room. The only sound was the labored breathing of the four people in the middle of the room. The silence was suddenly broken by loud clapping and cheering. All the other students clapped Harry's and Neville's back and shook hands with them welcoming them to the house.

As the noise turned in to a hum of voices, Blaise and Draco looked at their new additions. Harry was wearing black jeans, black leather military style boots and dark green, long sleeved, tight, cotton t-shirt with a black snake printed on the left arm. While Neville was wearing stone washed light blue denims, a long sleeved deep blue shirt and dark brown leather loafers. They watched Harry and Neville chat with the rest of the students, mingling in the crowd quite easily. The atmosphere was relaxed and welcoming, filled with animated chatter and school stories. Blaise and Draco approached the small group and led the two teens outside the common room.

They walked through the darkening corridors. The tall windows showing the path of a rapidly retreating sun and the ever changing color of the sky. They reached the great hall just as a bunch of students with blue and silver stripped ties walked through the enormous oak doors chatting happily.

"So, how do you like the school so far?" Blaise asked as they sat on the benches of one of the long tables.

Harry and Neville looked at each other and shrugged simultaneously, before saying "Ask that question in a week" at the same time, in a dry tone.

Blaise raised both eyebrows while Draco raised one in vague surprise. Both newbies grinned but said nothing and turned to the head table at the very back of the Great Hall.

The headmaster, which uncannily resembled an older Draco, rose from his high backed chair as the last of the students sat on their respective tables.

"I know it's strange to receive new students at this time in the school year. However, this year we have with us two new students. Could Harry Potter and Neville Longbottom please stand up?" he asked while looking down the Slytherin table.

Both boys stood up reluctantly and nodded to the rest of the school. A wave of whispers filled the hall as they all recognized the last names.

The headmaster raised his hands to silence the buzzing noise, "They have been accepted in the House of Slytherin, but I expect all of you to make them feel welcome" at this point he looked pointedly at some of the students who blushed and smiled sheepishly, specially a pair of red heads who grinned from the Gryffindor table. "Please, sit down boys. Now onto other matters: The Yule Ball and the end of School Year Fair. The staff and I have decided on a theme for this Yule Ball: The Phantom of the Opera," loud cheers interrupted the headmaster; who, with an irritated pinch to the bridge of his nose, waited for the noise to end. When the students realized he wasn't speaking, they looked at him with apprehension and more than one paled when they saw him pinch the bridge of his aristocratic nose. "Are you quite done?" the noise ceased abruptly. "Thank you. As I was saying, the Yule Ball would be based on the famous novel written by the french author Gaston Leroux. Gryffindor will be in charge of the lightning and sound effects required and will coordinate with Slytherin for the music. You will also be in charge of the costumes, jewelry and masks. Hufflepuff will be in charge of the decorations and the food. Slytherin will be in charge of the music and will perform an opening dance and, if you all agree, we can ask The Silver Serpents to perform the songs for us. Ravenclaw will be working with all the other houses and will make sure it is all developing as it should because they know much more about the actual facts that happen in the novel than the rest of you.

Now, for the fair, it will be like the one we do each year, but you all have to come up with new ideas and new projects. For the play, the Head of Ravenclaw, Professor Flitwick, will choose among his students a group that will take The Phantom of the Opera and rewrite it with a twist. How you rewrite it, is your issue. And you will have the talent material from Slytherin at your disposition. Hufflepuff will be in charge of the background and utility as well as your respective works for the fair. Slytherin will, of course, be doing the play and provide for musical entertainment for the fair. Last, but not least, Gryffindor will be in charge of the costumes for the play and have to organize a fashion show as well as a presentation of interior and garden designs. Now, tuck in" he said before sitting down and ignoring the excited chatter that rose from the student's tables.

"Wow, you really do all that every year?" Neville asked turning wide glazed eyes to Blaise and Draco.

Blaise nodded as Draco waved a hand in front of Harry's face. "Hey, is he ok?" the blonde asked when Harry failed to react.

"Yeah. He's in shock right now. We've always thought it will be tough in here, we just didn't know how much. In fact, I'm sure once he's out of his shock induced state that he'll be quite excited. We've never had much to do before," he said before shrugging and loading his plate nudged the black haired teen back to present and put his plate in front of him. He watched for a little while as he saw Harry eat mechanically and sighed.

Blaise frowned at the sigh, "And you? Aren't you excited too?" he asked softly. He was rewarded with a soft smile and a reassuring hand squeeze.

"Yes, I am. I'm just not as vocal as Harry is going to be once he process all the headmaster has said," he said as he began to calmly eat his dinner.

All the while, Draco had been looking at the raven haired boy, lost in his own thoughts and eating absentmindedly from his plate.

After a while, Harry woke from his absorption and glanced at the young man seated next of him. Draco was looking at him but his eyes were unfocused as he pushed his cold food from one side of his plate to the other. Harry touched his shoulder gently as not to startle the blonde. "Hey, Draco, can I ask you a question?" Harry asked softly as he turned eyes to the dark wooded table.

Harry hadn't removed his hand from Draco's shoulder, so Draco took it into his own hands, caressing the back of the hand with his thumb. "Yeah, sure, ask away," he said.

Harry was blushing softly because of the unconscious but intimate touch to his hand. He cleared his throat but was still looking at the table so he didn't see the soft smile in Draco's face. "Well, eh, I know I probably shouldn't be asking, as it's not my business, but…" he rambled and blushed even more. Draco's smile grew to a grin but didn't said anything. Harry sighed and looked at the head table. "Is the headmaster a relative of yours?"

Draco looked at where Harry was looking. His father was talking to his godfather, the music teacher: Severus Snape. He sighed.

At his sigh Harry looked at him concerned. "Are you ok?"

"Yeah, I'm fine," the blonde said. "And to answer your question… Yes, he's my father," he closed his eyes. He didn't want to see or hear what was coming next: the mockery, the enviousness, the thought that he had it easier than the rest of them. But he wasn't expecting the answer he got.

"Hmmm, must be tough to have your father as the Headmaster. He sure looks like a man that… dislikes failure or something that seems less than perfect. It must wear on you sometimes, to have to be so perfect every time. Oh! That's what you were doing at the club the other night! You were escaping!" He finished in a whisper and looked at the older teen with understanding eyes. At the panicked flash in those silver eyes he smiled softly, "don't worry. I won't tell a soul. And you can count me in on your next escapade-"

"What is this talk about an escapade? Sure you were no planning on escaping… without us? Weren't you?" Blaise asked lifting one sculpted eyebrow.

Harry and Draco smiled. "'course not, me dear ol' Blaise!" Draco said as Harry snickered behind his hand.


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