Authors note: for the simulator think virtual reality.

Summer after 5th year

Private meeting with Chief Ragnok of Gringotts

"Chief Ragnok, I have requested this meeting so that I might make some drastic changes to my accounts. Normally I would entrust this task to Griphook but recent events have shown me that while your goblin workers are secure as always the others gossip and should word of my dealings to become known it would defeat my purpose."

"And, just what kind of dealings are you talking about?"

"I wish to make a new identity for after the war. As most people know I am the only one who can kill Voldmort Literally. Which also means he is the only one who can kill me. Once I've done my job I will either be a hero forever in the public eye or the next dark lord locked up for all eternity in Azkaban. You see the problem."

"Yes, I see. So have you figured out any of the particulars?"

"I want my new identity to be under the name Thomas Parsel Harrison, my owl and newt scores should be applied to this name so I can have the option of returning. As for my accounts all investments are to be transferred to the new vault as well as the contents of every vault excluding my trust. I will leave an 'official' will dividing up my trust to the surviving Weasley's and Hermione. I also need some trust funds opened for the individuals listed here." Passes over a short list of names including Snape and Malfoy. "For obvious reasons they cannot be listed in the will. There are certain requirements to be met for the full inheritance but they will receive stipends to help with after the war that the ministry won't be able to touch."

"Thats all very good and easily done, but how are you going to disappear, so that you can become Thomas Harrison?"

"Thats the last thing I need your help with. I need a house built and warded somewhere in Antarctica."

"Why Antarctica?"

"For the simple fact that no one lives there and most research teams don't go there very often."

"Do you have any specifics for this house?"

"Here's the minimum requirements I would like." Hands Ragnok a blueprint. "If the war is still going on when thats done feel free to add on and bill my account. I will need it to run muggle electronics off of magic and a drop box for any packages I may order from the muggle world. Also a way to get fresh food when I need it. Can I count on the goblins of Gringotts to grant my requests with the utmost secrecy?"

"We will get started on these requests right away. Take this portkey. When the war ends just say 'freedom and it will take you here so we can give you an update before sending you to your new life."

"Thank you Chief Ragnock, May the gods grant you and yours gold."

5 years later

final battle at Hogwarts

"Its over Potter. Today you die."

"Avada Kedavada. You always did talk to much Riddle." Harry knelt down and grabbed his head as if in pain, pockets Voltmeter's wand and points his own at the ground whispers "Reducto Maximus" and portkeys away as an explosion creates a crater 20yards wide right where his body would have been.

Gringotts Secure private room

"I take it the war is finally over Mr. Potter."

"Its Mr. Harrison now. As far as the world know Mr. Potter died in a massive explosion after killing Voldmort."

"So I see. Very well here are your new documents, and account updates. We have your house setup with the latest advancements such as satellite, Internet, simulator, we also have purchased a muggle drop box for all of you packages. At the end of the business day it delivers them straight to your study. We also took the liberty of purchasing several snowmobiles converted to run on magic. As for your supplies all you need do is write down what you want, place the list in a cabinet and it will show up minutes later in the room they belong in. The cost is automatically deducted from your account."

"This is great. Thank you and everyone else who worked on this for me."

"Our private line is on your speed dial should you need us before you wish to return" Thomas took the portkey from Griphook. "May the gods grant you and yours gold." states, 'new life' and is whisked away to his new home.

Serpent House, Antarctica

Thomas lands in the living room of his new house. Looking at the the rooms Thomas thinks, "Man Gringotts went all out." Heading to the kitchen Thomas makes a list of all the supplies he will need over the next few weeks and puts it in the cabinet like he was told. 'Nice' thought Thomas as he watched the food appear in the cabinets and refrigerator. The living room had a large couch, two recliners, coffee table, and big screen TV. The kitchen had stare of the art equipment, tasteful bowls, plates, glasses, silverware and plenty of counter space. The rest of the house consisted of 5 bedrooms with connected bathrooms, dining room, library, simulator, study, rec room, and a fully stocked potions lab.

The bedrooms all had king sized beds topped with silk sheets, huge pillows and goose down quilts. Dressers with attached mirrors full of clothes appropriate for the climate as well as indoor clothes. The bathrooms had huge tubs, jacuzzi, medicine cabinet stocked with a supply of potions as well as muggle first aid needs. The dinning room had an oak table that could seat twelve. The library held all the books from his vaults, a few tables with chairs and a fireplace. The door to the simulator had a note attached to it. It read 'state what you require and it will provide similar to the room of requirements.' Thomas grinned, "Lets test this. Karate" the room changed into a dojo with automated dummies and virtual sensei. "Cool, Physics." It changed into a lab with textbooks and professor. "Nice, this room is gonna see a lot of use."He stated as he left the room to continue his examination of the house. The study had a huge desk and chair with a state of the art computer system, fax, printer, scanner and the mail drop box was in the corner marked off in red to avoid accidents. The rec room had the latest video game systems with all the games available, a pool table, and dart board as well as a few comfy couches and chairs. The potions lab was fully stocked with ingredients, equipment and recipes. 'Alright, I'm going to have a shower, make dinner and go to bed.' thought Thomas as he set out to do just that.

2 Months Later

Serpent House, Antarctica, study

"Congratulations, Mr. Harrison. You have successfully achieved your high school diploma with an A average. Also you scored a 1580 on your SAT." He read. "Well I guess I should register for on line college courses." Tom chuckled, "No idea, what I should major in, maybe business to start with after all I got the time and money. Might as well make my new self successful on my own merits." Tom finished filling out his college registration. "1-2 weeks for course book delivery. You are now registered for next months classes. Now that thats done time to see what the simulator has in store for me today."

16 Months Later

Serpent House, Antarctica, Simulator

Thomas ran through a martial arts regime as he listed all the subjects he had successfully mastered since his self imposed exile. 'karate, sword fighting, warding, potions, mechanics, mediwizardry/ muggle medical school, aeronautics, French, German, Russian, gobbledygook, mermish, elven, hieroglyphics. 'Hmm theres gotta be something I haven't learned yet that would interest me, I just need to think of it. Ah well it'll come to me later.' Thomas finished his workout and went to check his drop box. "Lets see, Book order from Amazon, new games for the systems, my associates degree in business from the on line college, Letter from Gringotts." He set everything else aside on his desk and opened the Gringotts letter.

Mr. Harrison,

As it has been 18 months since you last had contact with the wizarding world we have sent you and update on current events. The wizarding population are rebuilding their world for the better. Kingsley Shaklebot is the new minister. Restrictions on nonhuman s have been overthrown. Hogwarts was reopened in September with Minerva McGonnecal as Headmistress. Mr. Snape was rewarded an order of Merlin first class post humanely for his services in the war. Death eaters were sentenced to Azkaban after trial with versmistan. A memorial was built in Hogsmead to honor as those who died in the war from both sides. As for the name Harry Potter it is as you feared. The public is happy that the war ended and while a few grieved that he was taken the majority are only too happy that he can't go dark. At least you can live your life in peace now. Your will reading went off successfully and each person left with 10mil gallons to their name. As for your other dealings the Malfoys have agreed to the stipulations to their inheritance and look forward to proving they can achieve the full requirements to obtain the House of Black lordship.

Chief Ragnok of Gringotts

"And Trewlany said I didn't have the gift." He sat down and wrote out a reply.

Chief Ragnok of Gringotts

I thank you for the update. I am pleased to hear that the Malfoys have accepted my offering be sure to keep me updated. I am most interested to know what job Draco acquires. Its a pity that Snape was only rewarded after his death but at least his name was cleared. If the wizarding world continues in this direction perhaps I can visit in a few years. I've just obtained my Associates degree in Business and mastered several languages and fighting techniques. Of course that shouldn't be a surprise to you and yours after all the training I received from the Clan these last few years. Here's a list of properties I want to have looked at and possibly built on, after all my new identity needs to live somewhere when he becomes known to the world.

Take Care,

Tom 'Parsel' Harrison

Tom sent off the fax and got dressed to take a ride on one of his snowmobiles. "Lets see how close to the pole we can get today, girl."

3 Hours Later

Tom sees some ruins in the distance. "What the hell? Theres not supposed to be ruins out here let alone on Antarctica period.' The doors on the ruins suddenly open and voices are heard. "Shit," Tom quickly cast disillusionment and silencing charms over himself and his ride. "When did people get here?" Thought Tom.