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The kids shivered as they saw the changes in Tom, gone was the smiling teasing man from earlier. In the dark with smoke tendrils curling around his head, and with glowing green eyes he looked every inch the dangerous man they had been warned about. Tom stubbed out his cigarette on the wall and closed his eyes as he said. "Oleander, phone."

Neville tossed Tom his cell phone as he asked, "You gonna call him?" Tom nodded his head as he dialed, "But,why? He gave you a dispensation to do as you wanted to with her should she ever cross your path again."

"I'm well aware of that fact Oleander, but I'd rather he tell her that himself." Tom stated as he waited on an answer and called up a monitor for the video phone feature.

A pretty blond woman with blue eyes appeared on the screen and after looking at everyone in the vicinity she said, "Hello?"

"Megan, hows the most beautiful soul I know doing?" Tom said as he drew her attention to himself.

"Tom, Tom Harrison is that you?" The girl said with a smile as she remembered who had told her she had a beautiful soul back when she looked beastly, thus enabling her outer appearance change to match her inside and catch Brian's eye.

"The one and only." Tom said as he turned up the lights around himself.

"It is you, and whats that?" Megan asked as she spotted Tom's wedding ring. "You're married now, which ones the lucky guy?"

"I am of course," Tom said as he brought Remy to his side and gave him a kiss.

Megan laughed as the kiss continued, "So I see. Oh here comes Brian, I'll let you two catch up, my shows are coming on."

"Thanks Megan." Tom said as he forced himself to behave and focus on what he was supposed to be doing.

Megan disappeared from the screen and they could hear a conversation in the background, "Brian, Tom's on the phone."

"Tom who?"

"You know Tom, Oh come on. King Thomas of Camelot."

Tom buried his head in Remy's neck as he heard Megan give out one of his titles. 'Damn.' Remy whispered in his ear, "King? Don't remember you telling me 'bout being a king."

"I said I could give you a wedding fit for royalty." Tom whispered back as he felt the teens eyes on him again.

Brian approached the screen at that point and said, "King Thomas, how are you? To what do I owe this pleasure?"

"Brian, you know I hate when you use my title. Unfortunately this is not a social call, your sister Elizabeth has caused me and mine some more trouble recently and has claimed you would protect her against me."

Brian looked at Tom in shock for a moment, before saying, "But, why would I need to protect her. I mean, whats she done this time?"

"Abandoned a teammate to his death, conspired to assassinate my mate, and attacked an unborn child's mind. All of those were within the last month and a half, the last two just a few hours ago." Tom said as he paused, "She also managed to bring up my lack of 'proper' family as it were."

Brian paled as Tom listed her crimes, "What does she expect me to do, every one of those crimes would have been enough for a death sentence."

"I know, but apparently she thinks because you are a King and she a princess, the laws don't apply to her." Tom said as he lifted the silencing spell from Psylocke, "Isn't that what you said just a few moments ago, Betsy."

"Brian, please. You can't listen to him its all lies, you know me better than that." Betsy pleaded to her brother.

"Shut up Betsy, your just making this worse. Don't you know anything, King Thomas can't lie."

"But, Brian..." Betsy whined.

"No, how could you even conceive of attacking an unborn child's mind. And to attempt to assassinate someone's mate," Brian said as he gestured towards Gambit.

"Its not like he wouldn't be able to find someone else later on."

Brian made a choking motion with his hands, "Elizabeth Braddock, you .. aargh, Didn't you pay any attention to what Merlyn told us about mates." Betsy shrugged, "You only get one, there is no other, not anyone before you find them, and no one after they are gone."

"That just proves hes lying, he was with that Potter boy a few years ago."

"I told you that was a load of garbage." Tom said as Remy gave a choked off laugh into his neck. "Brian you mind wrapping this up, I have other things that require my attention." Tom said as Remy started nibbling on his neck.

Brian swallowed as he looked from Tom back to his sister and pronounced his judgment, "I stand by what I said before, you may do with her as you wish."

Betsy's eyes grew wide and fearful as she heard what Brian said, "Brian you can't mean that,..." Brian just turned away from Betsy and nodded to Tom to go ahead.

Tom considered his options and shot a stunner at Betsy to shut her up, he summoned a vial from his potion's lab and handed it to Oleander. "I trust this will satisfy you as well."

Neville read the vial, and nodded his head. "This will do. May I?" Tom nodded, and allowed Neville to enter the cell. He poured the potion into Betsy's mouth and stroked her neck to make her swallow. The others watched in stunned silence as they saw her breathing become more and more shallow with every breath.

"You killed her?" Kitty exclaimed in shock.

Luna gave a laugh as she said, "Of course not, we wouldn't put Brian through the pain of forever losing his twin. Its like your fairytale of snow white, she will lay forever entombed in sleep until we deem it having been a sufficient amount of time to pay for her crimes."

Brian breathed a sigh of relief, as he said, "Draught of living death, should have known you would have chosen that route Tom."

"Should have," Tom replied, "she'll be sent to you so you can make sure she is being properly taken care of. Next time you hear from me, it'll be for a celebration invite."

"I look forward to it, Blessings on your union." Brian replied with a smile as he clicked off the phone.

Tom handed the phone back to Neville, and place his hands on Remy's hips as he said, "Do you have any idea how hard it was to for me to behave while you did that."

Remy gave a sly smile as he ghosted his hand over Tom's crotch, "That hard?"

Luna interrupted them as she said, "Oleander said you had a job for me?"

"Mm, its the marked file on my desk. If you find anything that concerns you do what you feel is right." Tom replied as he bit back a moan at Remy's teasing touches.

"You two are so cute." She said over her shoulder, passing by Bobby she paused for a moment and said, "Oh, thats pretty mind if I borrow it, thanks bye." As she took the communicator off his uniform and left the dungeons.

Oleander covered a laugh with a cough, effectively breaking the kids out of their stupor as they watched Luna walk away. Bobby stared after her for a minute before coming to his senses and saying, "What, ..did she just..?"

Kurt gave a chuckle as he said, "That is why I keep my communicator in my pocket." Kurt reached into his pocket to emphasize his point only to come up empty, he checked his other pockets to be sure before saying, "I know I had it a moment ago."

The girls checked for their communicators as well, sure that they were safe as Jubilee's was disguised as an earring and Kitty's a necklace only to find both gone. "How, when?"

Remy gave a small smile as he whispered in Tom's ear, "Now that took talent. Never would have figured her for a pickpocket."

Tom smirked for a moment as he replied, "No one ever does. But I believe we came down here for another reason before we were detained."

"The bitch can wait a few more minutes." Remy said as he closed the distance between their bodies and gently kissed Tom's lips. That was all the teasing Tom could handle, he took control of the kiss by deepening it as he pressed Remy into the wall. Remy moaned into the kiss as he fisted his hand in Tom's hair as Tom slipped a hand down the back of his pants. Tom deepened the kiss as he heard Remy moan and hold onto him tighter.

Oleander rubbed his face as he turned away from the duo infront of him and faced the kids that were staring at the scene infront of them. "So, where you kids go to school?"

"Huh?" Bobby asked intelligently as he and the others forced themselves to look away and focus on Oleander.

"School, you do attend one don't you?" Neville asked again.

"Yeah, its the Xavier institute for the gifted in New York." Kurt answered, the others nodding with him in agreement.

Neville nodded his head, before asking, "You're a long way from home. So what are you doing out here?"

"We were told Gambit was in trouble and needed help getting away from well ... him." Bobby answered as he gestured towards the couple.

"Yeah, hes in real trouble." Neville said with a smirk as they heard another moan from the couple. "We're still here Parsel."

"We're still clothed." Tom called over his shoulder as he broke the kiss.

"Mossstly anyway." Remy breathed as he leaned against the wall with his shirt undone and half down his arms.

"Parsel, I thought acromantula silk was indestructible." Neville stated as he remembered that the shirts didn't have buttons on them.

"It is." Tom replied as he gave Remy a last kiss before looking at their shirts and smirking. "Well, was."

"You just ripped through an indestructible shirt, Tom." Remy asked as he brought his shirt back onto his shoulders.

Tom nodded as he restrained himself from stopping Remy from covering up his luscious skin once more. "It was in the way."

"Mm, want." Remy moaned as he saw Tom lick his lips and touch his chest where the shirt didn't cover. "Want now."

"Done." Tom hissed as he brought them up to his bedroom, and banished their clothes.

"Whoa, did he just teleport them somewhere?" Kurt asked, as he looked at the place where Tom and Remy had just been.

Oleander chuckled as he made his out of the dungeons with the teens, "We don't call it that, but essentially yes. Won't be seeing them again for a few hours at least."

"But why?" Kitty asked, making Oleander give her a raised eyebrow.

"You can't be that naive," he said, "think about it." Joining Luna in the study he asked, "Were we ever that innocent?"

"You maybe." Luna smirked as she went back to her job of tracing Remy's emails. She also had a program running that tracked the communicators frequency, and the school's security cams through that. "Thats odd, theres someone piggy backing on this system."

"Can you track it?" Neville asked as he looked at the monitor.

"Already am." Luna stated as she brought up a new monitor, as she focused on the person on camera a warning light pinged on Tom's security system identifying the person as an enemy. "Nathanial Essex, geneticist, aka Mr. Sinister." She followed the man as he walked through his complex and entered another room with crude medical instruments and metal cots. Luna gasped as he stopped at a bed holding a body and correctly identified it as a double of Remy. "He is so dead." She said as she copied all the data from his system and made backups before loading a virus, that would not only destroy his system and all the 'research' he had acquired, it would also overload the circuits causing the building to explode.

"Shouldn't we wait for Tom to do that?" Neville asked as the launch button flashed waiting for confirmation.

Luna nodded her head, "We should, need to make sure he's not holding any prisoners either." Luna minimized the button and looked through past security tapes from both the school, complex, and tapes she had found labeled evidence of betrayal, dated just over a month ago. The students watched as well, as they continued being ignored by the adults. "Ah, look sweety he was courting him, instead just claiming him as his mate."

"Talk about control." Neville agreed as they could see the attraction between the men in the video. "Don't think I could have done that. Was hard enough keeping my hands to myself while courting you, and we don't have a mate bond pulling at us."

"Um.. 'cuse me but.. what do you mean by mate bond?" Jubilee asked, raising her hand.

Luna looked to the kids and smiled, "Lets see how to explain this. Oh, I know.. you've heard of soulmates haven't you?"

"But thats just sentimental junk." Bobby interjected. "Everyone can't have a soulmate or no one would get divorced."

Neville smiled, "You didn't let her finish, she didn't say they were soulmates its just the closest thing to start with. But you are right not everyone has a mate."

"Lets start again, have you heard the myths about dragons and how they can live for centuries and only mate for life."

Kitty nodded, "I vaguely remember something about that from mythology class."

"Mythology." Luna giggled, "Oh you are precious. I know for a fact you saw Tom transform from a dragon. And Remy, his husband is his mate."

"But Gambit's not a dragon." Kurt blurted.

"How would you know?" Neville asked, "Dragons have long intermingled amongst simple humans, the blood might be diluted to mere nothingness, and his ability to change form might be nonexistant now, but as the marks on his shoulder indicate he is very much a dragon mate." He turned to Luna, "ten to one odds the bonding brought that side out."

"Well duh." she stated, "It already gave him a language, and extra strength judging by their reactions to him earlier."

Neville chuckled as he gave Luna a kiss, "the baby better have your brains."

"Think you could handle having another Ravenclaw in the family?" she asked.

"I'll manage." Neville replied, "Just don't gang up on me during debates." Luna laughed and swatted his shoulder and turned back to the others, "Did we answer your question yet?"

The kids nodded vaguely as a monitor showed the footage from the war room right before they had left with the other x-men. "They wanted ..."

"How could they.. they said it was only sedatives in the cartridges."

"We should go back down there and.."

"You'll do nothin'." Remy stated as he walked into the room looking sated and well rested as Tom walked in behind him.

"Told you they would have everything under control when we got back love." Tom said as he nuzzled Remy's neck. "Its not like we were gone that long in real time."

"It was three days." Remy replied, before letting out a moan as Tom moved his hands down his chest, and pressed against him.

Tom a hand lower and whispered, "Yes it was, but now that we're back I keep picturing you bent over my desk as I pound into you."

Remy's eyes glowed for a moment as he eyed the desk, "You're insatiable, Tom."

"What can I say, you're irresistible to me." Tom whispered in his ear, "And I've yet to hear you say stop. Unless it was preceded by don't, of course."

Remy blushed as Tom said that. "We shouldn't be saying these things infront of them."

"Thats why I whispered it love." he replied chuckling, "should I ask them to be sure they didn't hear us?"

Remy pulled Tom into a kiss leaving them both breathless, "Don't you dare. Now behave for a few hours and then we can go to the island."

"I'll try." Tom replied, "You can't ask for more than that."

"Deal." Remy said with a last kiss, and turning back to the others, "You four can go back to the school, you shouldn't have been here in the first place."

"But.." The kids started to argue.

"No buts, The school is practically defenseless right now with only Jean left behind with the younger kids. This is the prime time for someone to attack, especially since Sinister watched y'all leave as indicated by those tapes." Remy explained. "We'll work things out with the others, Hank will be sent back as well once we talk with him. As for Storm and Wolverine they had warning not to come back here."

"How are we getting back then? None of us can fly the jet." Kurt asked curiously.

Tom looked to Oleander and received a nod, "Luna lets go to the other room and see if anymore brownies are left."

"Yum," Luna chuckled as she left the room with Neville.

Remy shook his head as Tom chuckled, once the door to the study closed Tom took out a length of rope and started making a portkey to New York. Jubilee looked from the door to Tom, to Remy and back again. "Alright we're missing something here. Why'd they leave?"

"So they would have plausible deniability about how I'm going to send you home, seeing as its not exactly legal to make a transcontinental portkey by oneself." Tom stated as he started knotting the portkey around the students wrists so they wouldn't let go on accident, "Don't take that off until you've arrived at your destination."

"Listen to him guys, you really don't want to be dropped off somewhere in the middle of the ocean." Remy stated as he swatted Bobby's hand away from the knots. "I'll be in touch. Au revoir." With that hissed command the kids were sent on their way. Remy walked over to Tom, while undressing Tom grinned and used his magic to lock the door, silence the room and clear off the desk, as he too undid his clothes. Remy pulled Tom into a deep kiss, and commanded, "Do me and do me now."

"My pleasure." Tom replied as he turned Remy around and slammed home inside of him