Disclaimer: InuYasha and its characters belong to Rumiko Takahashi.

Written for Nobody's prompt "Public Transportation," 800 words or fewer.

361 words.

Pack Animal

"Oh, and I'll need to take along a few packs of college-ruled paper. Oh! And graph paper. Can't forget the graph paper. And I should bring an extra set of lead for my mechanical pencil... maybe a second pencil, too. Those things have an annoying habit of getting lost. Oh, I'll just bring the whole package!" Kagome decided, frantically scribbling down necessities on a notepad.

Sesshoumaru's eyebrow twitched.

"I should probably take some food along with me, too... I have no idea what sort of food is at your keep, and I'd rather not find out that it's inedible after I'm already there. Yeah, I'll have mom pack me a bag of ninja food and some healthy snacks. And maybe a case of bottled water. Yeah, a case ought to do for now."

His claws pierced his hand. The pain reminded him that he did not wish to maim the miko. That would be a Very Bad Idea, Sesshoumaru told himself, though he was fast forgetting why.

"Ooh, ooh! I wonder if I can bring Buyo through the well! I've never tried before, but it would be nice to have my pet cat with me for when you're away patrolling or battling or something."

A cat? Oh hell no.

"Miko," Sesshoumaru ground out between tightly clenched teeth, "How do you expect to bring these myriad things with you to my keep?"

Kagome's eyes were wide and innocent. "Oh, you can carry them on your youki cloud, of course!"

"Absolutely not."


"This Sesshoumaru's youki cloud is not a suitable substitute for a caravan."



"...Will you at least take me on your youki cloud?"

Sesshoumaru relented.

"You only," he said sternly, "None of the items listed on this sheet, nor any other items." Sesshoumaru promptly cut off Kagome's next question, "And certainly not a cat."

"Okay then," Kagome chirped, ripping the sheet out of the notebook and crumpling it up before throwing it into the well. "But you will let me ride your cloud. Ooh, how exciting! You've never taken me on it before!" she squealed, dancing in place.

Sesshoumaru had the distinct impression that he had just been had.