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Zexion froze upon hearing his brother's voice. Which was a cold as ice. "Your late by fifteen minuets. So mind telling me what happened?"

Zexion shyly rubbed his hand against his opposite arm as he said, "Well, I guess I just lost track of time. Sorry."

"And tell me, who was that who drove you home? I thought you were going to call me and let me know when to pick you up?"

Zexion's mind when into a frenzy. He couldn't let his brother find out about Marluxia at any costs. "Oh, just a co-worker, on the same shift as me. He offered me a ride, so I accepted."

"Do you even know this person?"

"Yes, he goes to the same school as I do." Zexion mental sighed in relief as he saw Lexeaus's expression soften. "Oh, alright, as long as he didn't hurt you."

Zexion shook his head.

"All the same I would like for you to come straight home after school."


"That isn't a problem is it?"

"I guess I could call in sick for work."

"That's my little bro." Lexeaus patted him on the head, as Zexion quickly made his way to his room.

Next Day

Zexion awoke the next morning feeling soreness in his joints. Perhaps if he wasn't knocked to the ground a number of times by a certain someone. (whom couldn't lift a preschooler even if said person tried.)

As if he wasn't depressed enough, but knowing that he would have to go through a whole day of school with no dancing practice to look forward to made Zexion think of ditching, but if he did Lexeaus was sure to find out. He could not risk that again.

The small boy dressed quickly with fluid dancer-like movements. Soon enough he was heading out the door, when his brother's voice stopped him in his tracks. "Oh Zexion, be sure to call me on your cell phone after you get out of classes, so I'll be able to pick you up."

"Okay." He replied as he walked briskly outside, met by ridiculously bright light. The school was only three blocks away, so Zexion had no trouble getting there. Clearly his brother was not trusting Zexion at all.

Zexion sighed as he headed into the boy's locker room. Where Marluxia was waiting for him. This is where the teens agreed to met every day before school.

"Morning darling. Sleep well?" Marluxia said as he motioned for Zexion to sit next to him on a bench.

"No, last night was awful, looks like there's going to be no practice for me today."

"But why?"

"My brother saw you drop me off."

"Ouch, were you able to keep, you know, us a secret?" Zexion nodded.

"Then I guess I'll just have to make up for that." Marluxia purred as he pouched on top of the small dancer. Suddenly Axel sauntered in like he was the best thing the world has seen since a microwave oven. "Ugh, that's disgusting. Get a room and spare everyone's upchuck reflexes."

"Your just jealous cuz I dumped you ages ago." Marluxia said as he held onto to Zexion protectively.

Then the bell rang in an annoying clamor. The rest of the day dragged on and on, until Zexion thought he would strangle someone if the clock hand didn't start moving. Finally after what seemed like an eternity he was free. He met up with Marluxia at the school entrance.

"At least if I am doomed to a day of no dance practice you can walk me to the parking lot." Zexion pouted in a juvenile way.

"Alright, but I have leave before brother of the year sees me." He laughed.

So the pair talked while holding hands. Suddenly a whirring sound grew louder and louder in Zexion's ear. "Do you hear something?" The youth turned around just in time to Marluxia, face stricken with horror, pulled backwards by a fellow student. But Zexion was not so fortunate. He caught a glimpse of a large truck barreling right into him. As Zexion collided with the pavement he blanked out, hearing Marluxia scream his name.

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