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For those of you that read my recent author's note on "Welcome to Drama Academy", you would probably know. For those of you who didn't, here's what's been happening.

I'm re-writing "Welcome to Drama Academy" because I'm trying to turn it into a real novel. It's not certain yet since I still don't have a publisher, but I'm re-writing the story with the changes of the characters and their physical appearances, and I'm removing all "Twilight related" lines and themes from my story to make it more original. The plot pretty much stays the same... but it will be more detailed, longer, and better, I hope.

Some of you have pointed you that Twilight is "NOT MINE", and of course, I knew that. It belongs to the almighty, wonderful Stephenie Meyer. The reason I thought the idea of my story becoming a real novel would be possible was because "Welcome to Drama Academy" didn't really have anything to do with the Twilight plotline. First, there are no vampires in my story, and the Bella and Edward in my story are different from the Bella and Edward in the Twilight series (Edward being a playboy and Bella being athletic and outgoing). You can say that in this Alternative Universe, they're almost a different character.

Thank you to those of you who wished me luck on publishing! I haven't gotten myself a publisher yet, and I am still busy with the chapter re-writes. I have no idea how things work in the writing industry, and I am not sure whether or not my story is good enough to be published into a real novel. But I will do my best with it; for my family, and for myself.

Anyway, like I said, I hope you understand and know how grateful I am of your support. I know "Welcome to Drama Academy" could have never made it this far without all of you! My main goal for publishing isn't to make big money; it is for self-fulfilling purposes. I've always dreamed of being an real writer, and fulfilling my dream would mean the world to me.



Okay. On with the story...

Here is the sequel!

Huge thanks to my Beta, Bronzehairedgirl620 for editing the chapter for me.

Now without further ado, here's the first chapter of "Welcome to the Real World!"

Remember, this takes place a year after college, six years after ECA.


Chapter One

Bella Swan

"Bella? Well? You think Dalton will like it?"

"No, I think he'll love it! This stuff is awesome, Vanessa. He'd be crazy not to like it!" I said, smiling as I patted my colleague's shoulder.

"Thanks." She took a deep breath. "Here I go. Wish me luck."

"Sure, V. I'll pray for you!" I joked.

I sighed contently as I started fixing the drafts and files that I had on my desk. I looked anxiously to the clock; it was 5:15- forty three more minutes until his flight landed.

I never thought that my dream as a journalist would be fulfilled, but here I was, working as one of the journalists of Media Today. After majoring in Communication at Stanford University, I weighed my options for about three months. Sure, I knew I loved writing, but what did I love to write about? I knew I would never go for politics- and I knew nothing about sports, aside from basketball.

Luckily, Media Today had an opening for the Literature section. I remembered how happy I was when they said they liked the stuff that I'd sent them. This magazine company is pretty well known; it covers every area, from entertainment to politics, and they recently decided to add a column for book lovers. It provided a list of the newest and the most popular books on the market, and of course, exclusive interviews with the authors. That's what I do; I set up interviews with the authors and I write an article after meeting them. I absolutely adore my job; there is nothing else that I'd rather do. I get novels to read, and I get paid for it because it is a part of my job description.

I closed the door of the drawer after putting in the drafts that I had written today. I half-ran for the exit, completely joyous and excited.

"In a hurry, Bella?" Michelle chuckled as I almost knocked into her on my way out.

I laughed. "You could say that. See you tomorrow."

She winked at me and I sprinted out of the doors.

It wasn't hard to find my car, despite the fact that there were many other vehicles in the parking lot. There, sitting glossily in the middle of lot was my Mercedes S600 Guardian, one of the things that Edward had given me against my will. I should have known by now that it was no use arguing with a Cullen when they were determined to give you something, like Alice with clothes and now Edward with cars. He had insisted that he wanted me to have a "safe" car. Okay... I'll admit he had a point.

Even though I was a pretty good athlete, I'm a horrible driver. It took me three times to pass my driver's test. Sure, I aced the written exam… but the road test…let's just say it didn't work out that easily. Edward laughed after my second attempt on passing the exam when he saw me cursing at myself for failing, again. I was so sure that one day I would get the hang of driving myself, but after the second test, I knew it was time to ask Edward for help. Of course, he was more than willing to assist me. But I sometimes wonder if he regretted it after he realized what he had gotten himself into. I wasn't only "not good" at driving; I was completely horrible.

So, after my third test, I finally got my license. We went car-shopping next day, and none of the cars really caught my interest since they were unbelievably pricey and way too fancy looking for someone like me. We did pass by a red, used-truck on our way home. I caught the price and it was something that I could afford right now.

Edward grimaced when I showed him the truck. He seemed outraged that I would want something as old and slow-looking.

A week later, an over-the-top, luxurious looking car appeared in front of our driveway. At first, I thought it was for him. But when he had sprung me the news that I was going to be the owner, I freaked. Edward placed his hand over my mouth to keep me from screaming at him. He explained that he was worried that I might get myself into traffic accidents and he wanted an indestructible car for me. It turned out, he had sent his request to Rosalie, who recommended this car. I would have literally murdered Rosalie if she weren't one of my best friends.

"Just to keep me sane, please? So I wouldn't be worried sick every time you're behind the wheel?" I remember him pleading with me, unleashing the power of his emerald eyes.

How could I reject when he put it that way? I still didn't understand why it was necessary to get this car. I may not be professional when it came down to automobiles, but I could tell that this thing was expensive. Very expensive. I tried telling him that I would be perfectly happy, that I would prefer to have a cheaper car, but he rolled his eyes and told me that I would be satisfied with the speed that this car was capable of. See what I mean about it being useless to argue with a Cullen?

My cell phone rang and I dug it out of my purse. It said "Alice" on caller ID.

"Hey Al," I greeted her cheerfully; there was nothing that could bring down my mood today.

"Hi Bella… Edward's coming home today, right?" she asked, and I heard her shouting "No! No reds!" to someone from the other side of the line.

I giggled, "Yes! He's coming home!"

She laughed at my enthusiasm, "Are you guys still dropping by at my place tonight?"

"Seven o'clock and we won't be a minute late." I promised.

"Great. I have to go, see you two later." And just before she hung up, I heard her shrieking, "No! Not purple either!"

After college, every one went on their own path to pursuit their dreams. Emmett opened a club in downtown, "Element", which is currently under construction for expanding, and it is no doubt the hottest club in the area.

Alice has her own clothing line, "Quirky As Me", which is one of the most famous brands throughout America. She designed all sorts of clothing; sport wears, dresses, wedding gowns, regular tees... movie stars order their clothes from her, too. Really, it'd be no surprise to see her designs in an MTV Award on T.V. I remember Jessica Simpson asking her to design her Teen's Choice Award dress, but Alice turned her down because "she was too busy".

Rosalie models for Alice part-time, but she spends most of her time designing cars. Her designs were especially popular with the female population since she added some luxurious, feminine features to most of them. Jasper became a computer engineer and he specializes in video game softwares. Emmett and Edward really got a kick out of that; they loved the free, new video games that they received almost monthly. Of course, they claimed that they were "testing it out" before it hit the market. But we knew better.

As for Edward? He's in his second year of medical school and he was just offered an internship at one of the hospitals in L.A. It's a new program, from what I've been told. The hospital has never offered anyone, who was not in their final year, an internship before, but they couldn't help but be impressed by Edward's flying, glorious grades and the high-praising recommendations from his professors. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if Edward manages to graduate from medical school in three years instead of four. He works so hard…

I slid in and shuddered at the coldness of the leather seat. I turned on the heater and pulled- very carefully- out of the parking space. I actually started humming as I got on the highway, completely exultant that I was going to see Edward in a matter of minutes. The past two weeks without him was unbearable. Even though we had talked and texted each other every night before bed, I needed to see him. I needed to feel him next to me.

And today, he was coming home. A huge smile spread across my face when the airport came into view.

Again, I ran for the door as soon as the car was parked. Did they land early? Was I early? I didn't really care. I'd wait all night for his arrival if I had to. I went to the right terminal for his flight and looked over the shoulders of the people that had just gotten off the plane. Where was he? Where was he?

Then I caught something that abruptly made my breathing stop.

A pair of beautiful emerald eyes…gazing back at me with joy.

Edward Cullen

"Ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seatbelts. We will be landing in a few minutes, so please turn off all electronic devices…"

I let the voice drown as I stared anxiously at the window.

My body seemed to be fully aware of the fact that I was going to see Bella in just a couple of minutes. A smile tucked around the corner of my lips when I planted a picture of her delicate, beautiful face in my head. In just a couple of minutes, I would be able to press my lips against hers…

I sighed. Could the pilot fly any faster?

I still remember very clearly what I thought of Bella on her very first day in ECA. She was having dinner with my siblings and the Hales- which was a surprise to me since they rarely ate with anyone else. It was her eyes- her brown, soft, inviting eyes- that immediately drew me to her. Of course, it was horrible of me to be thinking about how beautiful she was considering I had my arms around two girls- whose names I still can't remember- at that time. I was a jerk; I'm not proud of who I was before I met her.

It wasn't love at first sight, no. When I bumped into her in the hallway the next morning, I was physically attracted to her. Her blush, her slender figure… like I said, physical attraction. But when she spoke, instantly, I knew there was something different about her. She wasn't panting after me like all of the other girls that I've dealt with. And after hearing about her incredible performance in P.E. from my friends later on, I only grew more curious about her.

I chuckled when more memories flooded back in my mind.

I saw her jogging through my bedroom window and decided that it was the perfect chance for me to talk to her alone that afternoon. Okay… I admit, I was trying to impress her. After all, the old me couldn't stand her not falling for me. It took a big strike on my ego. So I put on a shirt and some shorts, and let myself bump into her coincidentally again.

It was on the same day that she yelled at me for my treatment to the girls on campus. At first, I was furious. Who did this girl think she was, telling me off on her first day of school? But the more I thought of it, the more amused I became. Bella Swan was not like any other girls that I've met before. She was different. Not just more attractive, but also fiercer, smarter, more athletic, more unique… she was better.

That night after the dance, I was a different man. Shock would be an understatement compared to how I felt when she confessed that she had feelings for me too, just like I did for her. I knew instantly that there was nothing I wouldn't give to be with Bella. It was a miracle that she was willing to leave my past behind me and I know it was her faith and trust that got me this far today.

Five and a half years. Five and a half amazing, blissful years that Bella and I have been together.

I never thought my dream would be fulfilled. But here I was, on my way back from a medical conference in Canada. After four years of hard studying, I graduated from Stanford University, only to have several more years of medical school ahead of me. I was fine with that part since I never expected medical school to be easy. When I chose my path on becoming a doctor, I knew it would be hard work.

It took Bella and I months to figure out where we wanted to go to college. We got accepted to many schools in the northeast: Princeton, Dartmouth, Duke… we considered them, but neither of us really felt comfortable with moving half way across the country without our friends and family. Bella said California was home to her; she said even New York meant less in comparison.

"Stanford?" She came up to me one day on our way to our gym class. (In our senior year, we managed to get most of our classes together since the female administrators were very easily persuaded.) "I looked over the brochures more carefully last night and did some research. It has the right departments for both of us."

She was right; Stanford was perfect for us. It had the classes that I needed, and it had hers, too. It was the best choice; my parents and her father were thrilled with our decision.

College wasn't much different from high school. True, the classes were harder and you had to study more, but most of the exciting and new college experiences, like living in a dorm, we had already experienced it in ECA. It was almost like another four years of high school for us, just with more exams and crazier parties.

"Girlfriend waiting at the airport?" Kellan, one of my classmates who had gone to the conference with me, asked from behind.

"Yes." I answered, grinning.

"Lucky man," he muttered. I couldn't hear anything else because the air was suddenly filled with the loud roar of the engine. We were finally landing.

"Thank you for flying American Airlines. I hope you have a nice day." The flight attendance smiled as we passed by. The pace of the passengers didn't seem to be fast enough for me; I wanted to bolt so badly. Of course, that would include knocking a few people down in the progress… that would definitely be a bad idea. Doctors are supposed to treat people, not injure them.

I looked for Bella as soon as I exited the portal. The crowd of people getting in the way of my view was utterly frustrating. It was helpful that I was taller than most of them. Then I froze.

Standing a few yards away was my beautiful girlfriend, standing on her toes, looking anxiously over the shoulders of the crowd. She was breathtaking with her beige coat over her white turtleneck, a pair of tight-fitting jeans and black boots that emphasized her perfect legs. Her scarf was hanging loosely around her neck and the knitted hat on her head matched perfectly with her pink, rosy cheeks.

Beautiful, was all I could think.

As soon as our eyes met, she smiled the warmest smile that made my heart skip. I was drifting to heaven; it was hard to think about anything else but her. I caught my breath and smiled back at the girl that I love. She waved and ran over to where I was standing…

I was home.

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