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Hitsu-chans POV

"Ok taicho. You just need to remain calm. Calm. See? Like this. Deep breaths, in – out – in – out"


"Don't get hysterical taicho! Why aren't you following my steps!? Can't you see how vital this meeting is!?"


"Keep it together man!" She shrieked, grabbing me by the front of my newly recovered haori (although…I had to admit…seeing Karin wear it was rather…ahem.) and shaking me violently.

I raised one eyebrow at her behaviour and with an awkward cough, she lowered me gently back into my seat and resumed her pacing. It was rather unnerving at the sudden role reversal. Normally I'd be the paranoid one, tearing my hair out at the prospect of my perfect record being tarnished but for some unfathomable reason I was perfectly calm and Matsumoto was currently having hysterics.

"Are you ok Matsumoto?" I enquired gently, so as not to alarm the poor woman.

"No! Taicho if this goes badly then you'll be fired…and I'll have to take over the division…meaning I'd have to do the paper work!" she howled, attracting the attention of several bypassing Shinigami.

I sighed in irritation; of course, it would be about…"Wait. How long have I been gone…?" I asked, dread colouring my tone.

"About a month taicho. Why?" I felt all the colour drain from my face, turning me, if possible, even paler than before. Without another word I dashed off, not able to move fast enough as I practically flew past divisions, nearly missing my mark at the speed I was travelling at.

Several members of my division stared in awe as I span round the corner, coming to a halt outside my office door, barely loosing any momentum as I grabbed the side of the frame, not even bothering to check if anyone was in there.

"No taicho!" one screamed but too late as I nearly ripped the door of its frame in my haste.

"AVALANCHE!" another bellowed, spinning on her heal and dashing faster than the laws of physics should allow in the other direction as a mountain of paper work suddenly exploded from the long since used room.

"Fucking trees…" I managed to spit out before being engulfed by the tsunami of paper.

I knew their was another reason I hated this place.





Because of Hormones
Chapter 15:





"Keep digging!"

"Don't give up! Our taicho has to be in here somewhere!"


"Did you find him?!"

"Nope! But I did just find the bills for the 10th division Christmas party…ho boy are we in trouble"

"Hey I think I can see an arm!"

"My arm idiot"

I'd never realised this before…but my division was in a rather worrying state…maybe getting fired wouldn't be so bad…

"I found Hyorinamaru!"

"Hey…if we don't find Hitsugaya-taicho…wanna flog it?"

"I'm right here you know" I growled, unable to voice my opinion at the correct volume as a large pile of Matsumoto's credit expenses were currently sat on top of my chest, crushing my ribs.

"Taicho!" a familiar voice sang, light suddenly exploding in my vision before I was suddenly being smothered by an all too recognisable set of cleavage.

"Matsumoto…can't…breathe…" that and my legs were still stuck under what appeared to be a very long, very heavy hit list that may or may not belong to me so I couldn't escape.

"Oh…hey Hitsugaya-taicho" a 4th seat muttered, shoving my zanpakuto rather awkwardly into my free hand, another trying to locate a crow bar so as to pry my lieutenant off me. I wasn't sure but I might have been turning blue by this point.

"Eh? Hitsugaya-kun? You're back!" and with that another woman leaped across the paper work, clamping herself to any available space that Matsumoto wasn't clinging to.

"Hinamori!" I managed to gasp in surprise, was I meant to be seeing spots at this point?

"Hitsugaya-kun! We've all missed you…well I did."


"Rangiku-san! If you suffocate him then he won't be able to deal with this…mess" I was instantly released, sucking in a rather large lungful of air, glaring at my rather bashful lieutenant before glancing with my watch. Nearly having a heart attack when seeing what the time is.

"I was supposed to be in that meeting…10 minutes ago!" I glowered at Matsumoto who had stealthily began to clamber down from the pile, so that's why she'd been so reluctant to let me go…Mt. Toushiro was about to explode.

"So how have you-"

"TakecareofthisformeHinamori! Kthxbi!"

And with that I sprinted back off in the other direction.

"He looks a bit…flustered" the confused girl muttered, staring in worry as I made a wild dash for the first division "and is reitsu different?" she went on, tapping her chin in thought.

"Oh Hinamori. Have I got a story to tell you" Matsumoto replied, smirking with vindictive pleasure at the bewildered 5th fukataicho.

I would have normally forbidden either of them from so much as contemplating talking about my recent experience on earth but I was late. Ukitake had warned me as soon as I'd arrived to not try anything stupid, since I was a captain I got some benefit of the doubt and was allowed to wander round the divisions.

Preferably not starting paper avalanches.

But I had to be on time.


There goes my small advantage.

As I passed the 4th division an extreme sense of déjà vu hit me, only one month ago I'd been full scale sprinting to the first division (albeit I was soaking wet that particular morning and hadn't slept in at least 2 days) and that fateful day was when I had blindly accepted that mission.

So doesn't that make is Yamamoto's fault? He sent me to earth in the first place.

So my ability to get a girlfriend is entirely down to the whims of an old man…marvellous…

And he's trying to blame me? Tch. Scapegoat much. It's not my fault I can't become infatuated with women who aren't walking nuclear bombs…

"Hitsugaya-taicho, you're late" Ukitake mumbled, rolling his eyes as I dashed round the corner "there is also paper stuck to your back. Do I want to know?" he went on, stepping forward as the huge double doors that lead to the 1st creaked open.

"If I told you that all vegetation was plotting to destroy me would that answer your question?"

"…I was right. I didn't want to know" he sighed, rubbing the back of his head and rolling his eyes as I took far to much enjoyment in shredding the document with my bare hands.

"So…how bad does it look?"

"Yamamoto-soutaicho is willing to let you speak isn't he? That's always a good sign" I nodded in agreement. If he was actually going to let me talk to him then he must be feeling rather lenient. Maybe the lack of captains was making him re-think his usual strategy of 'KILL ZE TRAITOR!!' "Also, the majority of captains on your side" he went on, surprising me.

"Why?" he shrugged, very blasé.

"They like the sound of Karin…"

"…and they fear Ichigo" I finished off for him. For once the Kurosaki's reputation was giving us some bonus points. "Who is against us?"

"Apart from Yamamoto its really only Soi Fon and Mayrui you have to convince" I blanched. Soi Fon! What on earth? How did he expect me to convince her to see any point of view but her own?! I wasn't Yoruichi over here!

"I think in Soi Fon's case it's just a matter of jealousy though" he cleared up for me, smiling as I nodded in thanks. "You're reitsu's changed…" he mused out loud, I gave him a dry stare. That was the second time today I'd heard someone randomly announce that.

"No it hasn't."

"It's stronger. More…concentrated…oh well. Maybe I'm just getting senile" Or maybe you should have steered clear of the bottle marked 'Yoru's special cocktail' at that little party you had in the basement. "Well. Good luck Hitsugaya-taicho." He announced, giving me a supportive pat on the back before making his way to his place in the ranks.

I took a deep breath before staring into the eyes of an extremely unhappy soutaicho…

And this time, there was no screen to separate us.





"It could have been worse Hitsugaya-kun…" Ukitake soothed as I very nearly clawed his eyeballs out with my bare hands.

"I don't think that's possible." I groaned into my hands.

"No really…we've had worse…" he went on.

"I punched Mayuri in the face."

"Well…yes. Yes you did." He winced slightly. Who knew the man had so a low tolerance for pain…Mayuri sure could scream when his 'precious face' was endangered.

"He started it"

"Oh yes. I agree with you there but was the comment about his mother really necessary?" I didn't respond and despite himself Ukitake snorted, laughing at the disgruntled pout I had currently donned as my expression.

"It's not funny!"

"Oh it is!" I growled, resisting the urge to strangle him.

Mayuri was asking for it. Really he was. Not only did he immediately start firing off all the rules about human-Shinigami relationships, he then went on to talk about Karin like she was some sort of…thing, and how if we weren't careful 'it' would destroy us all.

I kept my cool for the most of his little rant.

It was when he suggested having her handed over to him for 'experimentation' that I finally lost it.

"You've changed Hitsugaya-kun. You don't even notice it when I leave off Taicho, you're reitsu is dancing on even terms with Kenpachi's and you don't even hesitate to inflict grievous bodily harm to other captains…" I had to admit…no one exactly rushed to help the guy off the floor…even Unohana seemed to pretend she'd seen nothing for a little while.

"I don't get it…" it was painful to even force that small phrase out.

"Kisuke was extremely serious when I first met him. Before he'd even considered becoming a Shinigami…and as for Yoruichi…she'd squeal if you even put a speck of dirt in front of her and not even dare to look at trousers as the appropriate choice of clothing. People change Hitsugaya-kun. Ichigo used to only care about people closest to him, now he's willing to through himself into frays for total strangers." He griped my shoulder reassuringly, smiling slightly at my bewildered expression. "And-"

"we're ready for you Ukitake-taicho" Unohana breathed, smiling a little warmer than usual as she spotted me.

"Thank you Retsu" he got up, giving me a supportive wave before disappearing into the room that would decide my fate.

I was pretty sure Mayuri wouldn't want to keep me around…

Yamamoto hadn't said anything. At all. Which was rather surprising, the enquiry had just turned into Mayuri and I having an argument. (That I won...rather spectacularly…by breaking the other mans nose…)

I hadn't realised it at the time but I'd mirrored the move that I'd seen Karin use a billion times before hand…mostly on me…

"Hitsugaya-taicho" it was Ukitake, he gestured for me to follow him, with one last sigh I heaved myself to my feet, entering the room and not missing the way Mayuri hissed slightly as I walked past.

At least I wasn't the one with a huge bandage on my nose.

"Do you know why you are here Hitsugaya-taicho?" Yamamoto announced loudly, he was staring intently into my eyes, making the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. His gaze intensified when I didn't immediately answer, with an internal slap I shook myself back to my senses.

"Disobeying your orders sir"

"And?" I repressed the urge to sigh, instead clenching my fists at my side, making sure to keep myself as stoic as possible.

"…punching Mayuri in the face?" I replied, taking a wild stab in the dark. I wasn't really sure what else he wanted me to fess up to. He knew everything anyway.

"No. Though that is going on the list." It seemed I wasn't the only one who really couldn't care less about Mayuri, judging from everyone else's immediate dismissal of the subject. "You are here because you openly insulted me, willingly put other Shinigami in danger, deliberately disobeyed me, implied nonchalance if it came to fighting fellow taicho's all for the sake of one of Aizen's" he saw my eyes narrow and my jaw clench, he took a brief look at the still furious scientist then decided he liked his face how it was "of…Kurosaki Karin"


"I am trying to understand…why?" several other captains turned to look at me as well, expectation on all their faces.

"I believe I already explained this to you Yamamoto-soutaicho." I retorted, failing to keep irritation out my tone.

"Yes. Ukitake also informed me of his views as well." I cast the man a suspicious glance, Ukitake shrugged sheepishly. "I am still not convinced that this is a valid reason…yes, the evidence is here. What with your drastic increase in power and the shocking attitude change but it is not entirely up to me. I would hate to loose you as a captain Hitsugaya but I have a feeling that you will stop at nothing if I even attempted to involving Kurosaki-chan." He nodded to the other captains, giving them permission to voice their views; I felt my stomach tie itself into a knot then smack itself off my other organs.

Crunch time.

"She sounds like fun!" Kenpachi piped up "Any Kurosaki is a welcome change from all these weaklings!" If that physco ever needed a sparing partner I would be willing from now on. He was a life saver…ironic really…

"The child has done nothing to soul society and has even aided in the process of weakening Aizen's forces. I vote on sparing Kurosaki Karin" that was Unohana, she subtly winked in my direction when the soutaicho wasn't looking. I was going to have to buy her chocolate or something afterwards…

"You know my vote" Ukitake stated next. Yamamoto nodded, casting his glare to the next in line.

"Kill her! Kill them both!" Mayrui hissed, no one really paid attention…

"I've heard from Jūshirō the girl can drink! The more the merrier I always say!" even though it wasn't exactly a valid reason to spare her, I was thankful anyway…Shunsui certainly had a way of putting things.

"If Yoruichi-sama likes her then so do I" Soi Fon replied stiffly, giving me a rather scathing look that quite clearly said 'Thank me and you die' before going back to looking at the soutaicho.

"As for Byakuya, he is the only captain that has had direct contact with-"

"What?!" it had spluttered out before I could stop it. Kuchiki had been to see Karin! Behind my back?! The other captains gave me a look that quite clearly told me to keep quiet, anger simmering, I muttered an apology, my fists shaking with suppressed rage.

"As I was saying. Kuchiki-taicho filed a report today stating that although the girl was cockier than her brother she posed no threat to soul society. She feels great remorse and pain for what happened to her. The brand on her back won't fade and she treats it as a curse, not a blessing"

"That thing didn't go?" I mumbled in surprise, she hadn't told me…did she think I'd be angry? What a stubborn woman she was and yet she showed Kuchiki? Why on earth…then again, they were the sort of people who enjoyed lording it over others. Maybe they were having a 'my angst is better than your angst' competition…

"With all this doubled with the very prominent fact that she is still alive I cannot condemn Kurosaki Karin. She will be cleared of any suspicions but will be surveyed." I let out a sigh of relief I didn't know I was holding "However you will be suspended Hitsugaya-taicho…for at least 2 years."

"But Yamamoto-soutaicho that means I can't-"

"Cannot visit earth" he finished off for me. "I believe that is a suitable punishment" I felt the relief from a few seconds ago drain from my body. I couldn't visit Karin?! "You are all excused." He finished, glaring at my unmoving form as the others filed out.

"Don't make things worse for yourself Hitsugaya-kun" Ukitake suddenly mumbled, grabbing me by the arm and dragging me out the building, when we were finally well out of earshot I demonstrated exactly what happened to ones vocabulary when you spent to much time on earth, cussing up a wild storm.

"I can't believe it!"

"Oh Hitsugaya-kun, you're so focused on the negative you are missing the giant loop hole" I cocked an eyebrow in confusion "you can't visit her, the old man said nothing about her coming to see you" I would have hugged the man right then and there but something told me that leaping at him might paint a completely wrong image to the others.

"Sorry Ukitake-taicho…I'm just-" what I was I never managed to spit out, at that precise second it felt as though my whole chest was on fire, I could feel the searing agony of a non-existent wound suddenly puncture right through me, I stumbled forward, tripping over my feet and clutching the space just over my heart. For a second nothing else happened, like it was a fluke, then without warning blood exploded from my mouth, I toppled to the floor, confusion and pain writhing through my system.

"Hitsugaya-kun?! Hitsugaya! Toushiro! Someone get a medic!"

"No…" I managed to breathe out, grabbing Ukitake's haori, grimacing slightly as another wave of pain hit me, "Karin…Karin's been hurt…" I didn't know if he heard me, I didn't know how this was happening but all I knew was that somewhere Karin was dying and I'd rather endure another body swapping escapade than be saved whilst she lay in a wood somewhere…bleeding to death.

My vision tunnelled and I felt my grip loosen, blacking out entirely before my arm even hit the floor.





"What happened?"

"I don't know. One minute he was fine, the next he'd collapsed in a heap rambling about Karin!"

"I sent Hanatourou-kun to earth to alert the Kurosaki family. Apparently something has indeed happened."

My head was killing me…it felt as though I'd just been through a sparring match with Kenpachi…wait! What!

"Karin…" I croaked, forcing myself upright and trying not to heave, everything was spinning and my head was pounding. I hadn't gotten drunk again without realising had I?

"Good morning Hitsugaya-taicho" Unohana breezed, slapping my hand away from my forehead so she could examine me properly, I sucked in a lung full of air…no problems…I guess it was just a bizarre fluke.

"Morning? How long have I…Never mind. What's happened to Karin?" I couldn't leave the girl alone for two seconds…could I?

"Erm…do you want to tell him?" Ukitake mumbled sheepishly, Unohana chewed her bottom lip and gave me a weak smile, I was pretty sure they could feel the sudden temperature drop as the amused glint in my eye faded away to be replaced with apprehension.

"What happened" I repeated, more forcefully this time round.

"Aizen engaged Kurosaki-Karin in battle roughly around the same time as your attack, she was stabbed straight through the chest and is in critical condition…"

"Aizen that bastard…but I don't get it. Dying isn't so bad…right?" Ukitake cast me an apologetic look before launching into an explanation, going through everything that he'd been told a little over an hour ago by the others.

"So…if she dies…that's it?" I mumbled, they both nodded solemnly, neither of them meeting my gaze.

I was up and out of there faster than Unohana could say 'sit'.





"Yamamoto-soutaicho!" I panted; the old man glanced up from his desk, giving me a slightly bored look before apologising to his guest and dismissing her. "I need to go to earth." I managed to blurt out, he raised an eyebrow. "Please!" I added as an after thought.

"Surprising. You're actually asking me? I was sure you'd just dash off without a word to anyone." Ok. He develops a sense of humour NOW?! Really not the greatest time old man…

"Please…" he gave me another thoughtful glance, I tried to keep the almost pleading tone out my voice, I wasn't going to beg for anything but I was seriously emotionally worn down at the moment.

"24 hours Hitsugaya-taicho…" he finally stated after what seemed like an age of deciding "and next time…open the door before entering my office. Someone's going to have to fix that now…" I gave him a weak smile of appreciation before summoning a gate with a flurry of hand signs.

Yamamoto sighed as the portal ripped a rather prominent hole in his wall…

Damn Taichos.





"What do you mean you don't know?!"

"I told you Yoruichi! I don't know! I can't do anything!"

"Bull. That's a load of bull! You've always got an answer! You're clearly just not thinking hard enough!"

"I've thought it over! There's nothing we can do! Not without risking Kurosaki-chans-" I stepped out through the portal grimacing slightly at the sight before me, an exhausted Kisuke was going toe-to-toe with an even less pleased looking Yoruichi, screaming at each other outside the hospital.

I winced slightly at the volume they were managing to achieve, humans might not be able to spot them, let alone hear them but I sure as hell could. They were so wrapped up with their first fight in about 200 years that I didn't even get a single greeting as I marched past, shunpo-ing up the side of the building, focusing on the huge out pouring of reitsu that could only be Ichigo.

With a flourish I pulled the correct window back, stepping into the room without making a sound. Of course they noticed me anyway.

Ichigo turned to glare at me, then, realising who it was, allowed his mask of rage to fall away to be replaced with one of sadness, Rukia was stood next to him, rubbing soothing circles across his back in a vain attempt to calm him down, Yuzu was sat in a chair near by Karin, one hand was holding her twins, the other was in who I could only assume was Hanatourou's, he was patting the limb gently, entirely unsure of what he was doing.

Nel was the next person I saw, she was still in her faux body, glaring at the ceiling and mumbling cuss words under her breath.

Surprisingly enough Byakuya was there as well. He was sat in one of the plastic chairs looking completely out of place, especially with the normally chipper Matsumoto sobbing onto one of his shoulders whilst Renji stared into space on his other side.

He looked a bit like a soccer mum…

I finally cast my gaze to the main bed in the room, Karin…she looked like hell. Her skin was sallow and pale, her chest was rising and falling so subtly it was hardly moving at all, she had so many tubes and IV's sticking out of her it was a wonder you could see any of her flesh at all.

"Baka…" I muttered under my breath, suppressing the urge to tear apart the room in a blind fit of rage. With one swift step I was by her side, clasping one of her gauze covered hands, instantly everyone focused their attention on me. "Is…can we do anything?"

"I healed her with my zanpakuto" Hanatourou piped up nervously, probably feeling very out of place "all her physical injuries are fine…she just needs more blood and her body will be in tip top shape" I noticed the distinct lack of Orihime, just I was about to point that out Rukia interrupted.

"Orihime couldn't do anything. She tried but that stupid brand…it was like it was….blocking her or something…without Hanatourou she'd have bled to death in the woods somewhere" I cast the boy a look; he smiled weakly under my gaze.

"Thank you" he chuckled nervously.

"No need to thank me Hitsugaya-taicho! It's my job!"

"Has anyone got an idea?" I muttered under my breath, in the heavy silence the sentence was unnaturally loud.

"You saw the results downstairs of brainstorming right?" as if in response to that statement there was a heavy flux of reitsu and a distinct slapping sound…I felt the need to swallow but feared my stomach might implode if I did.

"Why isn't she waking up…?" I knew how pathetic I sounded but to be frank I couldn't care less.

"We aren't sure…it's quite possible Aizen did something to her before we arrived." It was Byakuya this time who spoke up, apparently he, his sister and Hanatourou were the only ones capable of speaking without having a breakdown. "He did stab her with a zanpakuto-"

"WAIT!" a voice suddenly piped up from downstairs and before I knew it Urahara was in the window frame, clutching a rather red cheek with one hand, a mad scientist gleam in his eye as he dramatically dived into the room. "Kuchiki-taicho you are a genius!"

Byakuya glared at him, trying to work out whether or not he was serious.

"Explain yourself" I spat, not really in the mood for his mind games.

"Karin is only in this state because her power is eating her away from the inside, she has no 'soul' so to speak…how do you active Shinigami powers in a human?" he prompted, I felt my eyes widen, a ghost of a smile forming on my lips.

"A zanpakuto through the heart…" Ichigo answered, having first hand experience of this himself, suddenly, everyone with a zanpakuto was on their feet around the bed, all ready to draw them without a second's hesitation.

"AH! Wait! I wasn't finished!" Urahara went on, gesturing for the swords to go back in their sheaths, if Karin woke up right now she would probably pass out all over again…"There would be a slight, miniscule, tiny, little, microscopic-"

"What!?" I spat, ready to stab him if he didn't shut up soon.

"The person stabbing would be supplementing for the reitsu/soul lost…as in…they'd loose their soul reaper abilities…" the statement hung heavily in the air, for a second no one breathed then Ichigo swung his ridiculously over-sized sword onto his shoulder, a determined look on his face.

"I'll do it" he announced evenly. I scoffed and his glare shifted to me "something funny Hitsugaya?"

"You are needed for the success of our side in this war. If you loose you're abilities then we're doomed, I'll do it" I retorted, swinging the protesting Hyorinmaru up into his line of sight. Ichigo glowered but seemed to get the reasoning; I bet he just wanted me out the way in reality…

"But Hitsugaya-taicho we've lost enough taicho's as it is plus Yamamoto-soutaicho will eat you alive if you go through with this!" Matsumoto protested, grabbing my arm right out of the blue, she cared about Karin a lot but she also cared for me as well, I could see her subtly reaching for Haineko and glowered at her. She wouldn't dare.

"Matsumoto if I don't-" there was a sudden sound of a sword unsheathing and before anyone could so much a blink Nel was on her feet, Gamuza stuck rather suddenly in the poor girls chest, Byakuya blinked in shock noticing rather lately that El was actually a Vasto lord.

"Oh its you" he mumbled offhandedly, as though he'd seen it coming the entire time.

With a sudden gasp Karin's eyes snapped open, she took one look at the weapon currently digging into her vital organs, then at Nel and let out a half strangled scream of protest before the whole room was engulfed in a blinding flash of light.

I felt myself get thrown backwards, slamming off the back wall, shockingly not knocking down the building with the force.

After what seemed like an age the light finally faded, a suddenly zanpakuto-less Nel collapsed to the floor, panting and steaming, Karin was sat bolt upright, hand over her heart a tiny streak of her jet black hair now a violent green.

For a second no one moved then Ichigo let out a chocked laugh of relief and guilt. Nel's arms shook rather violently, Yuzu moved to comfort her when she suddenly let out her own bark of a laugh.

"Gamuza's still here…not as a weapon…but he's still here" she spluttered between her laughs. She was probably the best choice really…half the time Vasto Lords barely needed their weapons to fight. She'd barely be crippled unlike us Shinigami. I made a mental note to buy her 2 lifetimes worth of chocolate…

"Karin…?" I muttered weakly, she gave me a bewildered glance, still stunned into silence by the bizarre turn of events.

"…we just never get a break do we?" she mumbled weakly. I shook my head, running a quivering hand through my hair and managing to utter a weak and pathetic laugh.

For now. For now we would…

I'd make sure of it.





"So…" Karin began once we'd arrived back at her house, after the ultimate fireworks display it was unanimously agreed that we should probably vamoose back to our respectable homes, for me, that would be Karin's newly repaired apartment, she stopped outside the door, her hands resting on the door handle, a contemplative look on her face "how long do you have left before your punishment kicks in?" she mused.

Not really getting why she was asking but not caring, just glad to have her here.

"About 15 hours…why on ea-mmfph" my lips were suddenly extremely busy as Karin somehow managed to unlock the door with one hand. Walking us backwards into her room.

"You have 3 years of James time to make me forget about in that period" she mumbled around my lips, I caught on rather quickly, kicking the door shut behind me.

"Well we wouldn't want to waste that now would we…?"





And so they all lived in happily ever after…

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