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Night fell over Konoha, gracing the villagers with sight of a thousand stars. Slowly, one by one the lights of the houses turned off, the villagers peacefully sleeping for the night. That was when everything went silent. Too silent.

Black silhouettes leapt onto the boarder of Konoha, each at a set distance from the others, completely surrounding the Hidden Village of the Leaf. Like shadows, they entered Konoha, filing along and securing the villagers in their homes and disarming all weapons and seals within minutes. More of them sat perched on the wall surrounding the city, their identities hidden in the night.

From the window, Tsunade sighed, closing the blind she turned to the council behind her, each seated neatly at a round table.

"He's here." She whispered.

Sasuke Uchiha smirked at the council before him, all of them eyeing him with fear. A chair was presented in front of him, and he confidently sat down. It could've been bound with seals or explosives, but he had his vampire army in the shadows, and they had already seized control over Konoha. They'd all be dead before you could say 'Snap'.

"Well, as you know. I'm back. And I'm taking control of Konohagakure. My vampires will be on watch day and night. Anyone who resists will be killed. Any objections, you may say now." He said formally.

A woman with VERY big boobs, whom he recognised as Tsunade, stood up suddenly, causing his vampires to seize forward, but when the vampire king raised his hand, they shrank back into the shadows.

"How about a deal?" She held her head up with pride, but he only found it amusing.

He chuckled, a melody that blew ice down her spine. "I admire your courage, Tsunade, but what can your pathetic village offer me, the Vampire King!"

He's too smug for his own good. She smirked, startling the Uchiha, even though he kept a cool exterior. The blonde woman motioned towards the door, and the two vampires, receiving Sasuke's nod, opened the door. Five shinobi entered the room, two male, and three, obviously, female. Sasuke raised a fine eyebrow, vaguely aware of the door closing behind them.

"These, Sasuke Uchiha, are the top five fine ANBU shinobi of the Hidden Leaf. All of them come from a dying clan, all very experienced in the ninja business. Very strong blood." She looked proud.

And strong blood they have, Sasuke congratulated in his mind. But nothing special.

Yes, he needed to have strong blood, the perfect blood to mate with and have the perfect heir. But none of the girls in front of him were attractive, they're blood was plain and metallic. Salty. He would quickly lose interest. The men he could just use as a snack, merely a single meal.

"We want an exchange." Tsunade said. "We will give you any one of these shinobi in front of you to do whatever you please with," The girls giggled and battered their eyelashes at him, and the two men couldn't mask their fear.

And they call them the top five?

"And in return we want you and your army to leave Konohagakure alone for one year." He raised a delicate eyebrow, thinking, before smirking at the big boobed woman.

"And what's plan B, Tsunade? What would you do if I refuse? If I just took Konoha in my power?"

That was when he could smell her scent. He could smell her sweet scent before he saw her. She slowly slipped through the doors, the two vampires securing the door thinking that she was another shinobi to be presented in front of their master. She caught the eye of one of the men of the council and they motioned her to wait and she just stepped to the side, double glancing at him before leaning against the wall.

The Hokage glared at the young vampire. "Then Konoha will go down fighting." But Sasuke ignored her comment; he was too busy staring at the beautiful girl on the other side of the room.

She had jet black hair that came to the middle of her back, hazel eyes that drew him in along with her long midnight lashes. Ivory skin glistened in the moonlight; she had a haunting beauty that captivated him. She wore simple tight black clothing of a simple civilian. She didn't wear a Hitai-ate, so she wasn't a ninja, yet her blood was so sweet, the utmost rare. His black eyes became deeper with lust.

Forget the shinobi in front of him.

He gracefully slid out of his chair, and with inhuman speed (no duh, he's a vampire!) he was in front of the girl, standing with his body pressed against hers. She gasped, feeling him nuzzle into her neck hungrily and breathing the sweet scent. He took her pleasured tremble as a green light and brought her closer. It took all his might to stop himself from tasting her rare nectar.

She shivered, catching the glare over his shoulder from Tsunade telling her not push him away. She also received jealous glares from three female shinobi. Why were they here? And who was this?

The vampire in front of you is the Vampire KING.

How do YOU know this and I don't?

I am you dumbass.

Then how do WEEEEE know?

Don't you remember all those stories father always used to tell us about the vampire king?

She was awakend from her thoughts when she heard a voice that was smooth as silk.

"I like her. I want this one."


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