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I know you suffered
But I don't want you to hide
It's cold and loveless
I won't let you be denied

Soothe me
I'll make you feel pure
Trust me
You can be sure

I want to reconcile the violence in your heart,

I want to recognise your beauty is not just a mask,

I want to exorcise the demons from your past,

I want to satisfy the undisclosed desires in your heart

You trick your lovers that you're wicked and divine
You may be a sinner
But your innocence is mine

Please me
Show me how it's done
Tease me
You are the one

I want to reconcile the violence in your heart,

I want to recognise your beauty is not just a mask,

I want to exorcise the demons from your past,

I want to satisfy the undisclosed desires in your heart

Please me
Show me how it's done

Trust me
You are the one

I want to reconcile the violence in your heart,

I want to recognise your beauty is not just a mask,

I want to exorcise the demons from your past,

I want to satisfy the undisclosed desires in your heart

Undisclosed Desires~ Muse

Chapter 9:

Tsunade was currently asleep at her desk in the Hokage tower as Shizune frowned at the open door frame. Tsunade's face was lying in her paperwork, her brush brittle with dried ink, and her ink pot spewed over one side of the desk, black ink everywhere, and a bottle of sake in the opposite hand. Paper littered the office, more so than usual, making Shizune shake her head and purse her lips. Ton Ton snorted in her 'mothers' arms as the medic-nin loudly slammed the door shut, giving the Hokage a rather rude awakening.

"Wha-huh-huh?" Tsunade snorted rather un-lady like out of her slumber, springing alert and upright in her huge armchair. Finally coming to terms with her surroundings, the Fifth Hokage stood down and rubbed her forehead, wishing away the sudden migraine hangover that so frequently dominated most of her mornings.

"You fell asleep in the office again, Tsunade-sama." Shizune sighed and pushed a glass of water and a painkiller towards her boss. The Hokage took it without a word as her head felt like it was a thousand times too big for her body. "What were you thinking?" Her secretary continued, sighing again as she knew she wasn't going to get an answer. "The Council will be arriving shortly, Tsunade-sama. Da Ji won't be back, I'm afraid. The guards at the gates haven't seen or felt anything or anyone being dropped off."

That's because the guards never see anything... Tsunade growled in her head.

It was usual for the big-boobed woman to pass out on her desk from alcohol, but since the added stress of Da Ji's abduction- in return for a crammed 365 days to prepare for a full out war in the worst case scenario- by Sasuke Uchiha, without knowing the profile of the seventeen year old girl at all, Tsunade was having a crisis. No doubt, Tsunade knew Sasuke wanted a mate and an heir, and the fact did little to comfort the Hokage that a vampire's instincts and sense of smell should never be second guessed, so Konoha's little Da Ji was his mate.

Da Ji's uncle, however, was taking it even worse than the Hokage. He had been consumed in guilt, only being seen in the occasional meeting now, his visits getting less and less frequent. The aged and already fragile man could now be called a hermit. In fact, Da Ji's absence left everyone a little disturbed internally from the sudden disconnection of her frequent visits, and bright persona that they were used to.

The big-boobed woman sighed, and brought her shaking cup of sake to her lips. It was getting harder and harder to cover up her sudden absence to Naruto and her other friends. At first, it was simple; they used Da Ji's ambassador responsibilities (yeah guys, she's an ambassador of Konoha) to their advantage, and covered up her abduction with being accompanied to Suna. Now a month and a half down the line, people were starting to question where she was, especially Naruto. The brat could tell something was off. And there was something off with today.

"Drinking already...?" Shizune sighed next to her with newly appeared Ton-Ton in her arms, looking at the time, early in the morning, well before noon. "There goes that new year's resolution..." As if agreeing, the pink pig against her torso sighed in sync with the medic.

Tsunade's honey eyes stayed forward, barely aware of the Council Members filing in for the morning meeting, some carrying scrolls with briefs and plans. The Hokage's eyes hardened with thought. They had no idea what Da Ji's profile was, if she was even still alive. It was such a reckless gamble with the un-dead, she berated herself as a mantra.

How did she let him take her? This was no gamble with money, this was life and death against the most dangerous and beautiful creature's ever known to man. She sucked at gambling with just money on its' own; let alone with a formidable, powerful Vampire.

"She's really gone, Shizune." She murmured to her assistant, and took another gulp from her white tea cup. The big boobed woman didn't know what she was thinking, but it took a month and a half for everything to really sink in. She'd gone through the denial, the acceptance, the hysteria that followed, and reverted back to denial for a short while. Now she'd really gotten to the acceptance stage.

Shizune's lips lowered in a sad frown, she had been trying to cheer up the busty woman but to no use.

Tsunade had gambled away one of her own- a life- one of the people she swore to protect when she became Hokage, and it was killing her. Honey eyes slowly focused on Ray as he walked in slightly hunched over, and took his seat in silence. In fact, his seat was a little dusty after lack of use for a good few weeks at a time. It's a surprise he turned up today. Then again, today was off. The big-boobed woman thought for a little bit longer about her gamble.

Da Ji wasn't even Tsunade's own kid.

For now, it was the toll of Da Ji's absence that was affecting them all.

Tsunade fought hard not to meet Ray's eyes as they began discussing weaponry and current shinobi stats.

Da Ji laughed out loud merrily, clutching her stomach and everything in the force of her hysteria. Laying next to her on the picnic blanket, Sasuke let an amused chuckle, with a twinkling fondness in his eyes. Da Ji was sitting up, nearly crying her eyes out.

"Are you kidding me?" She cried through her sounds of laughter.

"Shikamaru ate every last chip, and Choji had never looked so horrified."

Frankly, the story had such little importance to him, but to see her laughing and smiling in such a way made it worth it. It'd been a few months since the beginning of Da Ji's stay, and their bond had since then stabilized into a fond love that grew day by day to be further and further encompassing than before, whether they saw each other or not. Sometimes the Uchiha had to train with Kakashi-sensei, and other times they simply did whatever they wanted at the time.

Da Ji had come to know everyone around the castle much more, and had grown much more comfortable. Da Ji had taken to the castle's ancient library with a vast amount of literature, history, science, and magic. Of course Da Ji would have taken inventory there, it was like heaven for her. She devoured information readily and proved to be a quick learner if Sasuke ever quizzed her. Interesting, Sasuke found, and pleasantly surprised. The right kind of learner with a quick mind that a Queen by his side would need. And Da Ji was every bit his, they just had to consummate their mating. He anticipated that day eagerly.

The day where they would mate drew closer and closer as Da Ji was becoming more and more a Queen every day. She has seen, and accepted his ferociousness in battle, his worst temper (where she had to calm him down) and also his most tender moments and his fierce commitment to protect her. She didn't want just that, but the Vampire King had come to realise that she had his heart as well. Immune to fear against vampires after the first month, Da Ji grew more confident around the castle, and made friends.

The castle was their home- home. Sasuke stopped in his thoughts as a new abrupt sentence declared itself on the forefront of his mind.

"Kitten," He approached the subject delicately, shifting in his spot on the blanket. "Do you want to go home?" His tone was curious, open, yet had an underlining hint of slight apprehension and anxiety for the answer.

Da Ji was the type of person who could see what others didn't. She somehow saw straight through Sasuke, which puzzled him constantly. He didn't like hearing it when his beloved told him he was more sensitive than Da Ji had first thought initially. She wasn't one to judge people on sight, but Sasuke had never struck her for one to care much about many things; until he let her see the light and open-ness in her eyes like a child. Innocence was still there. It made her smile every time she thought of it. The Uchiha had no idea what the hell she was smiling at, but seeing her sweet, broad smile had him smiling back every time.

Considering the question, she simply answered that she had thought of it more than once. She was torn, to be frank. She so enjoyed her time with Sasuke, yet she was so homesick. Sometimes nostalgia just hit her, even in a beautiful place such as this wonderful world she was in. Although every day she was ecstatic to learn something new, either through her own observation, being in the right place at the right time, or being shown something incredible by Sasuke, she was content with where she was, but the pain of missing her previous home; when it was torn away so quickly, was still healing. One of Da Ji's friends she had managed to make in the castle, be it a maid, a cook, or a guest, had simply delighted her further and further about the World of Vampires.

People just seemed to flock to Da Ji, and seemed to follow her as if she already ruled by Sasuke's side as his mate and Queen. It was a well known fact; she loved being with Sasuke. The moments she was alone, however, homesickness sometimes hit her full force. And at those times it was unbearable. So yes, of course she missed her home.

Sasuke Uchiha watched. Da Ji occupied everything in the mighty Sharingan. Slowly, red faded to black. These onyx eyes that could grip the hardness of a marble in their stare, were soft, rich chocolate as they observed the emotions play across his intended mate. She was such an interesting, intriguing creature. She, who was so full of emotion, so sensitive, yet held such an iron-will of fire, that whenever he has the blessing to even glimpse simply took his breath away. It was beautiful, her sensitivity, stubbornness, and that fire. He could sit and watch all day the delicate emotions play across her face, her eyes, like tides of emotion.

Yet he had also seen her fire. He held a yearning deep within his chest to be consumed by that fire til he was nothing but ashes, he wanted to hold her through those tides, brace the ocean with her. And so Sasuke watched. Protective, caring. When the possibility entered his head that he may have caused his mate pain by his own selfish act of attaining her within his castle caused regret to surge in his gut. It made him wince suddenly.

Sasuke's torso found himself sitting up instantly and gathered his intended in a strong, firm embrace. She sighed wantonly at how safe she felt, and the close proximity. She wasn't affected by Sasuke's good looks in the beginning like she suspected many of the female population were -she was much more of a personality and character person- however she was attracted to him. His sensitive hearing picked up her sigh like she was breathing in his ear like a vixen; and he couldn't suppress his shiver.

He continued to hold her close. In his head, he was whispering that he was sorry. Da Ji felt sudden confusion well up in her, and she asked what was wrong. He replied by lifting her chin and taking her lips with a gentle, passionate and deep kiss that lasted a full ten seconds.

If there were an onlooker, they would see a girl in the centre of a garden, leaning into her protection and guardian, a dark haired and pale skinned guardian angel. They would see both the fierceness and tenderness of the bond between them, and that kiss. Oh, that kiss. If they were gifted with sensitive sight, they would see this bond enveloping them and swallowing them up. They may note the katana by his side, the relaxed posture of a confident and skilled fighter tense and urgent over its lover, (from the way they were behaving and touching, it would leave no doubt in their minds that they had mated) and the protective nature in the man's stance; with white cloth covered arms wrapped firmly around this one girl. His girl. She seemed so much smaller in such an embrace, covered, almost smothered by intensity with her hands against the plains of his chest. Yet enjoying it like a hunger finally being satiated.

But what an onlooker would not see, probably due to the misty tears that would cloud their vision at a sight, would be the breaking of the kiss like there were strings keeping their faces millimetres apart. From a distance, the slight tilting of the guardian's head would go undetected as he'd skim her lips over and over with his, only to devour her once more. In his lap, hands on his chest and the full receiver of steamy heat and being held there by tight, strong muscles and arms to his torso in an iron hold, would tilt him over the edge unintentionally as she'd innocently moan. Like the previous moan, it was picked up by delicate, attuned hearing that could hear for miles, and large, warm hands braced her closer into his lap until her legs were around his waist.

Fortunately, there was no onlooker. Or the nosebleed they would have exploded with would arouse the wrath of a growling lion, The Vampire King, to fiercely guard and protect what's his. Nobody looked at Da Ji the wrong way as to steer clear of this wrath from the Uchiha. For now, the very same lion was purring over his lioness, now under him, his body covering hers rather protectively with his large hands running over her trembling body. The more he caressed her with firm hands, grasped, groped and gripped, the stronger her scent of arousal grew. It was enough to send his male ego through the roof, and his senses go over wire. In the back of his mind, he remembered that Kakashi told him that's why humans were dangerous, their natural pheromones and scents can easily overwhelm a Vampire.

Da Ji... So soft under him. Her blood beginning to pulse faster, yet he felt no bloodlust. Her need becoming wet against his own hard, stiff need. Her fingers in his hair, legs tightening around his waist-

It was enough to bring out a long-drawn out growl.

Her breath hitched suddenly.

He inhaled while hovering over her, breaking the kiss and began giving her neck hickey's, chuckling. She grew more turned on at his growls.

"Did you like that, Princess?" He chuckled, licking and tasting her neck.

Her lean thighs suddenly squeezed around his waist, tugging him to buck against her. During the grind, he twitched in his pants. His eyes widened, then he breathed out a chuckle.

"Didja like that?" She replied in an impatient tone.

"Little vixen." He groaned. Then he leaned down to her ear, letting out a string of growls in a deep tone purposefully. She gasped at the comeback, her nails raking down his back, grasping handfuls of the material, squirming beneath him and brushing against his hips again. Purring and growling into her left ear intimately, his opposite hand cupped the back of her head and its twin first took hold of the dip of her waist, then running down to her hip, then wound around her lower back and tailbone. With no resistance, he lifted her to grind.

He enjoyed the arching of her back and her gasp more than anything he had heard in his entire life. He could only control himself to kiss those sweet, red lips, and grind harder. Her breathless hitch and moan this time had her clawing at him, which he eagerly purred encouragingly and repeated himself.

Indeed, with the hisses and sounds that followed, any sort of onlooker would simply be reduced to a random puddle of blood on the floor.

They never got to finish what they started. Kakashi-sensei had actually broke them up. Da Ji was frustrated, yet slightly thankful for the intrusion. Even through the haze of desire, she did feel indecision about giving away her virginity. Sasuke was also frustrated, but knew the man would need a very good reason to interrupt them.

And the Hatake did.

Da Ji awaited in the library as she awaited the two of them to finish. First standing by the doors, when after five minutes there was no sign of them coming back, she sneaked away deeper into the library. She liked pretending to be a ninja, or mimic a vampire. She sought out her favourite part of the library- deep within the centre of all the rows of books, of knowledge, was a glass-covered rose.

She had never tried to touch the glass, she wouldn't dare. Nor did she have any intention to do it now. She wasn't stupid. She knew it was there for a reason, but she had no idea what it was. It was also the most beautiful rose she had ever seen. She often just stared at it, marvelling at its beauty. A black rose. The petals looked soft, velvety. The stem a deep, dark green with two or three leaves. The rose itself seemed to be ethereal, everlasting, and so eternal. Da Ji's imagination could never fully capture the beauty of the rose, and every time she saw it she was marvelled by the beauty.

The glass around it seemed to shift form and shape independently. The rose seemed frozen within the bubble thin protection. It looked nothing of being as weak as a bubble, more like the thickest lead walls that were so penetrable, yet so fiercely and stubbornly hard. Just watching the shield, tough, beautiful, powerful, brought her to a mindless state. No thoughts entered her head the second her eyes became riveted upon the stunning pearl of the glass, and the soft, beckoning petals of the rose. Her eyes often became watery every now and then for staring too long, which she'd have to wipe. When stumbling upon the rose the first time, she swore she heard the faintest of musical voices calling her. She shook it off and left. She was creeped out.

Yet, it had stayed in her mind. She had searched for information on the rose, but something had always coincidentally interrupted her from ever finding out the purpose and the nature of the flower. She'd never asked Sasuke, for she had never felt the need. She went to visit a second time, but it was eerily quiet. But the glow of the rose invited her closer. She complied with a cautious conscience. It seemed, the flower in the iron strong glass, in the central depths of a library containing ancient knowledge was such a secret, or maybe a story of a legend; but nonetheless, Da Ji wanted to leave it alone. She'd prefer staring afar, but she held faith that something would happen so she could see it without a wall.

The silence in the room was deafening. Deep brown eyes kept themselves trained intently upon the rose, tracing mentally the outlines of the black rose's petals as a habit she had for many things. She traced letters in her books, the corners and curves of surfaces, and other objects. It was like a mental shaping structure she liked completing out of habit. It ingrained many things into her memory, and she liked it that way.

So deep in the maze of bookshelves, she didn't hear the lone vampire infiltrating into the library. Crimson irises trained instantly upon the unsuspecting beauty, looking so vulnerable wrapped up in her own thoughts. His vision blurred as he flash-stepped further into the room. It was amazing that she hadn't sensed him at all. Yet she looked so peaceful, he didn't want to disturb her. Wrapped in the shadows the shelves brought, he watched. Da Ji gazed at the very rose that he was previously discussing with Kakashi. A special destiny lay in that rose, and Sasuke had a purpose for it, unique to it's previous functions. The rose had been held within the same glass for over four hundred years since it had last been released.

Many have come to see the rose, to gaze upon it themselves, some because of being bored silly of numerous rumours, others scholars of adventure. However the pleasure of being granted presence with the rose was only reserved for those extremely trusted to the royal family. Most would awe at the flower until they became consumed by its beauty. Some claimed to hear voices from it, beckoning them closer. So many gave into the temptation. Da Ji, however, seemed very very resistive naturally. Da Ji intrigued Sasuke more than she thought day after day. Crimson eyes darkened in pleasure and anticipation for what has yet to come. This wasn't the first time that she had come to visit the rose. Sasuke didn't watch her every time, but he did keep an eye on her. It relieved the Uchiha that every time she proved she was not of weak-mind, which is consumed easily by the more powerful being in an encounter, or is weak-willed against vanity. Yet, the rose seemed to call his intended mate back repetitively. It brought great satisfaction to the Uchiha that the rose deemed her worthy.

The guards he had in the shadows that watched over Da Ji when he wasn't around were secretly fascinated with her, just as the rest of his Kingdom. Anticipation was thick.

Soon, soon, was the time the rose would be removed from the glass.

The light from the glowing rose reflected off of Da Ji's doe eyes, which didn't hold a clue for what was about to come.

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