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The Wildfire

By Alicestar

Zelda hastily ran into her room and slammed the door shut. Her heart accelerated and pounded against her torso like crazy as she messily wiped away the accumulating sweat on her brow. Only moments ago, she had been staring into those intense cobalt eyes of his.

One moment he's a breath way from her, smelling uncomfortably attractive, eyes alive and bright and then the next he's gone; tattered cape trailing after him and fluttering about his heels. Like most encounters she had with Ike, this one left her confused and a bit agitated.

She could recall the way he looked nervous before he spoke. His normally arrogant features demure and passive as he gazed at her, no longer looking like the fierce mercenary she had become semi-familiar with. Zelda also swore that he had been trembling a bit as well.

"…Tell me princess, what man would like to look like a peasant standing before a goddess."

Everything came back to her in a torrent of color and emotion: She remembered his eyes, wide and child-like, his cobalt hair appearing both wild and soft. Then she recalled his lips, they looked so petal-soft and then there was his scent...

A strong earthy aroma of pine and clean sweat; whatever he smelled like, it was musky and one hundred percent male. The princess of Hyrule also noticed the way those corded muscles in his tan arms clenched before he tore out of the training room. Goddesses, she should have touched those muscles of his before he left.

Zelda's eyes widened in alarm.

'O-Oh Godesses, d-did I really just think that!'

With a sigh, Zelda quickly locked the door then started pacing. This was all Ike's fault! Ever since he said that damnable statement! What did that statement mean anyways? Why did he say that to her?

And before she could even respond to him, why he did turn and leave? Ike confused her terribly. The constant insults and smug smirks she could handle, but what he said to her moments ago…why did it sounds like…

A compliment?

And for that rare moment when they stood a breath away from each other, weapons forgotten as their breaths commingled and their chests rose in anxious compressions. Again Zelda thought of the way his eyes shone, and she wondered how soft his hair was, she even had the gander to wonder if he was ticklish…she wanted to see his smile or…

"Oh bother," Zelda hissed to herself, running her hands over her face in frustration, "It wasn't even a big deal…Its not like he kissed me or anything!"

The princess jumped as she heard the lock to the room starting to turn. She glanced down at her attire, and nearly squealed, "W-Who goes there!"

"Um…its me…Samus?" the bounty hunter sounded somewhere between puzzled and amused, "You know your roommate? She's 23, 5'9, 160 lbs, blonde hair, green eyes…?"

"Oh Samus," Zelda sighed quickly and seemed to regain a little wit about her, "P-Please could you wait for a bit…I'm afraid, I'm…um…not decent at all."

"Princess," Samus sounded exasperated, "We're both girls and you have nothing I haven't seen before and secondly, I'm coming in because I need a shower. I smell bad. You ever brawl Falco Lombardi before one-on-one? He's a cocky little bastard but he's got reason to be."

The doorknob twisted and in a matter of moments, Samus entered. What she didn't expect to see was Zelda lying under her bed with her covers hiked up nearly to her nose. The princess smiled and waved to Samus, who glanced at her skeptically yet returned the gesture.

"Good evening, Samus," Zelda smiled at her, hoping her voice was well regulated.

"Hey there, Zelda," Samus walked over to her armoire and ripped it open. She halted and spun to look at the princess, "Umm…what are you doing?"

"What do you mean?"

"You know…?"

"I'm sorry, but I don't know…"

"With the blankets?"

"…I'm indecent."

"So, you're hiding under your blankets naked?" Although Samus barely smirked, with the way her eyes sparkled, Zelda knew she wanted to burst out into laughter.

"…Uh…I also have a cold, too," Zelda bit her lip, hoping Samus wouldn't grow any more curious.

Which she did, "Really? Well come over here and I'll give you some medicine to help with the sickness."

"Oh, no thank you."

"Come on Zel, come here."

"…No, please."

"Zel, come here," this time, something akin to a crocodile grin spread on Samus' face.


"Well then, if you won't come over here, then I'll go to you."

With a dangerous grin, Samus started across the room and in five quick strides, she was at Zelda's bedside. Zelda emitted a tiny whimper when she glanced up and saw Samus towering over her, glaring down at her icily. Zelda had the idea that Samus knew something was up.

"Uh…S-Samus…I…well…you see…I'm horribly sick…and I…I…Umm…"

"Yuh huh," with a smirk Samus bent over and ripped the blankets right off of Zelda.

The princess squeaked, covering herself as if she was underdressed, "Naked huh?"

Zelda felt her face go steadily red as Samus studied her. For a moment the bounty hunter took in the wine-colored tunic, dark leggings, and Zelda's makeup-free face before she nodded approvingly, "This look fits you even better."

"I…I…." even the Triforce holder of Wisdom couldn't come up with anything to say.

"Indecent my ass!" The bounty hunter grinned amusedly, "You just didn't want me to see you in this getup, huh?"

"Oh Samus," Zelda sat up, alarm sparkling in her eyes, "Y-You mustn't tell a soul about this! Please! Think about how much trouble this could be! I mean, if everyone found out that…"

"Found out what?" Samus raised an amused eyebrow.

"I-If word got out that I was…a bit unladylike."

"Dressing like this is unladylike?" Although Samus was questioning, something in her tone was biting, "Well I must be man central then."

"For the princess of Hyrule it is," Zelda glanced away, "Please Samus, you musn't tell a soul about this…"

Samus threw her head back and laughed before she took a seat on the edge of Zelda's bed. The huntress smirked, comfortably resting her arms over her incredible chest, "Zelda, I thought as roommates we were cool."

Zelda blinked, "We are…weren't we?"

"Yes we are," again Samus smirked, "So then why didn't you tell me about this…?"

She gestured toward her un-princessly attire with a flick of her hand. Zelda suddenly looked uneasy, "Well…I thought it would be best to have the fewest amount of people aware of…this. To my knowledge I have only told my closest cohorts, Link and Peach."

"So no one else knows…?" Samus arched an eyebrow.

"Oh," Zelda sighed, "Well as you know, Prince Marth is quite the intellectual, he's very keen and reads people quite well. I've become very close friends with him, however during several of our most recent conversations; various times I believe he's been discreetly 'hinting' to me that he's caught on."

"Ah, I see," Samus nodded her head, "Prince Marthy is a quick one, huh? Its always the men with the pretty faces that you have to watch out for. But you know what I think? I think he's become close friends with you to get after that little devil, Peach."

Both girls burst out in laughter, but Zelda quickly stopped as she gawked at Samus, "Wait, you know about Peach!"

Samus chuckled, "Of course I did! She may fool everyone else around here, but several times I've seen her sneaking around with Sonic and using her umbrella to hide herself! Also whenever Diddy trips someone with a peel, have you seen the way she smiles? My goodness its like she's possessed! Well, if it makes you feel any better I knew about you too, Zelda. And personally, I have to say that I like this side of you better than the stuffy, haughty 'you' that you pretend to be."

"H-How!" she gulped.

"Oh, I just sensed it," Samus smirked, "Every battle your face was too trained, too focused to belong to a princess. Somewhere I knew you had some type of formal combat training…You may use the prettiest, sparkliest magic I've ever seen, but during battle you have the gait and face of a warrior."

Zelda's face grew dark, "It was Link wasn't it! He snitched me out, didn't he! All because of his stupid crush! Wait until I get my hands on that slimy, dirty—"

"Yeah that too," Samus laughed, "Although he never outright told me about your tomboyish little secret, I honestly couldn't see him spending so much time with a haughty, stuffy woman. Also every time he went into one of the training chambers, he always brought an extra sword with him. Seeing as how all the other swordsmen around here always keep their weapons with them, I figured that sword was for….?"

"Me…" Zelda whispered.

"Yes you," Samus smirked.

Zelda groaned as she buried her hands into her face, "I thought I was doing a wondrous job of 'hiding' this. But apparently I am not. Samus, too many people cannot know about this! I could get into serious trouble! Thrown out of the tournament! I could be—"

"Zelda, cool your heels, no one else knows about this. So far its: Me, Link, Peach and Marth; these are all good, tight-lipped friends of yours. Oh wait, that reminds me, Fox is starting to get suspicious as well. He came up to me a couple of days ago and said he swore he overheard you talking about choking out Link…Wait, did you choke out Link, princess!"

"Fox too! Ugh!" Zelda buried her face again, shaking her head.

"Whoa, calm down. You gotta remember Fox may be a techno-dweeb," Samus smirked, "but the guy's pretty smart. He wouldn't spill this kind of information to anyone. Whether you decide to let McCloud in or not, its your decision but the guy's sharp enough to figure it out on his own, one way or another…"

Zelda didn't move as Samus heaved a sigh, "Okay, so its: Me, Link, Peach, Marth, and Fox. Five people knowing isn't bad. Okay, four and a half, because Fox doesn't know for a fact yet, but it will be five though. Five is a well-rounded number…"

"Oh, Farore!" Zelda groaned, slapping her faces to her face, "Ike, the bane of my existence knows…"

Samus froze, actually looking genuinely worried for a change, "Oh damn. That's not a good thing. Blue-hair hates you. He hates you the way I hate Falcon…and that's some serious hate…"

Zelda didn't even have to bother asking Samus to clarify. Everyone in Super Smash Brothers Brawl knew how Falcon pursued after Samus relentlessly and things only become worse the first day Samus showed up in her Zero-suit. But regardless of the form-fitting suit, Samus was beautiful and would receive attention.

The princess of Hyrule was keen enough to pick up the way how even the more polite brawlers like Marth and Fox studied her with a fond interest. Link would try to be subtle with his admiration but he too was a fan of the beauteous Samus and she turned his head.

With a little bit of envy Zelda wondered if she had that affect on anyone…

"Damn Blue-hair," Samus laughed, "Don't get me wrong, he's as fine as hell, but he seems like such a jerk…"

"Blue-hair?" Zelda halfway coughed and laughed, "Oh he despises me, I think. Well, he's blackmailing me anyways. As long as I do as he says, he won't tell anybody."

Samus suddenly sat up straight, her demeanor completely changing as her eyes narrowed, "…Is this something you want me to take care of? He isn't hurting you is he? I can kick his ass and then throw in a free swirlie too. You know, where you dunk a person's head into a toilet and—"

"Samus!" Zelda burst out laughing, "Thank you, but its fine. No, he isn't hurting me at all. Although I might take you up on the swirile offer…"

"Well then, you know where to find me," the blond huntress winked, "And from now on, no more keeping secret stuff between us, huh? It makes me sad and when I become sad, I become mad, and then I have to kill things."

Zelda grinned, "I promise, as long as you don't keep any secrets either."

"Scout's honor," Samus smirked as she even raised two fingers to concrete her truce.

"Well, if you don't mind Zelda, I need to take a shower."

"Sure, please do enjoy!"

"Oh and Zel? While you stay in here, I know you like to be comfortable, so feel free to borrow any of my clothes: shorts, sweats, shirts…oh…"

"Oh? Oh what?" Zelda blinked.

Samus smirked dangerously, "Well you can still borrow my shirts, but they may not fit you so snuggly…We're not exactly the same size and all."

By the time Zelda figured out the meaning behind Samus's words, the huntress trounced into their shared bathroom. Zelda could feel the blush burn all the way to the tips of her ears as she heard Samus' laughter echoing.

Once upon a time Zelda couldn't believe that this was the same woman she had been bitterly jealous over. Sure Samus was strong, beautiful, free, and embodied everything Zelda wished she herself could be, but Samus was kind and made her think of an older sister.

Zelda smiled; she would be okay with accepting Samus as a big sister. It would be nice to have another person to share secrets with. Link was wonderful, but he just wasn't female and Peach was practically her soul sister, but having a pragmatic friend like Samus would be welcoming.

Peach had been sitting outside near the water fountain made in Master Hand's image. She tapped her fire-engine red acrylic nails against her hip impatiently as she waited. Passerbyers glanced at her, then did a double take when they realized just what she was wearing.

A couple of touring brawlers wolf-whistled, many threw appreciate glances came her way and Captain Falcon even went as far as throwing a corny pick-up line her direction. That was because the innocent, cutesy ruler of the Mushroom kingdom was a bombshell.

The monarch of the mushroom kingdom was swathed in a shimmering, blood red dress that came up to her mid-thigh, burgundy stilettos and red lipstick. Her hair was relatively untouched but only it was bigger, more Farrah Faucet-like. (Think of her hair in melee. She was hot in that game! Haha!) She even dabbed on a smoky-gray eye shadow for that stunning, devious look.

If a woman as attractive and as bright as Peach didn't pull the attention of onlookers, then something was deathly wrong. Again Peach glared at the nearby, cutesy little clocktower. He was late. From over her shoulder she glanced up at the rooftop of the café she was waiting at and saw a blue hedgehog appear.

Peach impatiently jerked a finger at the clock tower. Its interpretative meaning being: 'Where in the HELL is he!'

Sonic shrugged his shoulders: 'I dunno know.'

With a growl, Peach plopped into her seat. She glared at nothing as her eyes bored into still space, 'If this jerk, this bastard stiffed me…then I promise that next time I'll hit him with my frying pan SO hard, that I'll-'

"Princess Peach?"

The tall, willowy figure of Prince Marth fell into view. He approached with that annoying grace Peach was starting to hate. She hated how perfect his hair was, how bright his eyes were, and she especially hated his broad shoulders; wearing a debonair cape didn't help matters either. Then there it was; the damn lady-killer smile.

Ah, pranking Mr. perfect would feel SO good.

Peach instantly grinned as she rose to her feet, "Ah, Prince Marth! Please, do sit down."

"Pardon my tardiness," Marth quickly dusted himself off, fixing his appearance up hurriedly, "I'm afraid a dire matter came up."

The flaxen princess tried not to stare at the way his mouth curled into a charming little smirk. She tried and failed miserably as Marth continued his tale.

"You see milady, Ike and I had to help a friend catch the eye of a fair lady."

"Really?" this time Peach was genuinely interested, "Who was this friend of yours?"

"Link. I had to help him write some poetry as Ike allowed him to borrow one of his better tunics and capes. Who knew Link looked good in blue, eh? Ike surprised us all well he said something about 'Blue would bring out Link's eyes.' And who knew our roughneck mercenary knew a little something about style?" Marth chuckled, "Well I shall not steal away anymore of our time. Please then, take a seat, milady."

Peach glared, "After you."

"No, I insist."

"No, I insist, Marth."

"Princess, please, I—" he halted mid-sentence when he really studied what she was wearing, his eyes grew wide, "…M-milady…"

Peach grinned, leaning forward as she watched the various expressions flicker across Marth's face. She wondered how a trained gentleman would react to such a hot little number. Peach enclosed the distance until she was sure that Marth could smell her spicy perfume, "Yeees?"

However, Marth's reaction was something she had not expected. He had begun hurriedly unclasping the fasteners of his cape, wildly glancing around the café. Peach blinked when she felt the soft velvet of the prince's cape enclose her shoulders. As she wore his plush cape, she tried not to think about how nice he smelt.

"Princess," Marth's voice lowered, "Your state of dress is…dare I say rather…suggestive for such a woman of your status and there are plenty of interested male eyes. Please wear my cape, there's a rather annoying amount of men out here and only one gorgeous woman. They all do not like the park this much."

Peach's eyes widened, as she blushed. Gorgeous? Her fingers toyed with his cape, "They are annoying aren't they?"

"Of course," Marth smirked, "Now are you going to take a seat? Where I come from, the lady must take her seat first."

She glared for a moment before she took her seat with Marth following after her. She glanced at him disbelievingly as he flipped through the café's menu, humming a catchy tune to himself. Peach glanced behind Marth—a good number of Smashers were hanging around-and then she focused back at him.

What was going on here? This dress, nobody resisted her in this dress! Men were supposed to follow after her in mindless droves, tongues lolling and eyes dull. Was it possible that Marth, this awful man was immune to her charm!

She glared up at him and just as Marth turned a page in the menu, he glanced up at her, "Is there something you want, milady. Personally I think the fondue would be a delightful appetizer?"

With a roar, Peach slammed her fist into the table. Marth blinked, surprised at such an action as a few nearby smashers glanced at her questioningly. Marth frowned a bit, "…Does something displease you, milady? Was it the fondue? I mean we don't have to have it then if-"

"Stop! Stop!" she roared, "Stop calling me that damnable name! 'milady'. My name is Peach Toadstool!"

"Ah, but Princess—"

"Peach! Call me Peach, damn you!"

"…Okay then, Peach…"

"What in the world is wrong with you! Does this…" she suddenly ripped his cape off and missed the way he almost dropped his complimentary glass of water, "not turn you ON!"

"It does me in baby!" a random brawler shouted from afar.

Marth blinked, trying not to rudely ogle at the full chest before him, "…"



"So," Peach narrowed her eyes dangerously, a smile stuck on her cherry lips, "What's the point of this Princess Martha? You come to this café because I told you I wanted to meet you, you treat me nice, and valiantly give me your cape to protect me from those horndogs over there?"

The prince of Altea either just choked or he stifled a laugh. His eyes glowed attractively as a small smile lit up his handsome face. Peach couldn't decipher her feelings at the moment, but it made her want to curse and scream.

And she did just that.

" Well Martha, I just wanna tell you I see through your nice-guy act!"

Marth blinked, lowering his menu, "…I only wanted to know the reason why you've been avoiding me and Peach I am not acting, I truly am concerned about your welfare."

"Welfare? Welfare! Ha! Why would you be concerned about my welfare! I'm Princess Peach!"

Then he brought forth that ladykiller smile again as he spoke softly, "Because I'm very interested in you, milady."

Peach froze, eyes wide and mouth agape as Marth smiled back at her softly. He was interested in her? Wait, but she-Princess Peach-always made the first move. She wasn't the helpless, docile princess she had to portray herself as, she was bold, spoke her mind and loved to pull pranks!

However this time the proud princess was at a loss and left speechless. Marth, the man of every woman's dream, the ideal knight in shinning armor (literally) was interested in little ole Peach Toadstool? Truthfully, she never saw this one coming.

"W…why?" she barely squeaked out.

Marth chuckled, a boyish grin lighting his face, "Why you ask? Well, why do the stars glow brightly at light? Why do we admire the beauty of the moon? Why is a sunset beautiful? These aren't questions we can answer, we just merely accept them because they just are."

He slowly leaned over the table and resealed his cape over Peach modestly. Peach honestly didn't understand why Marth was smiling in the kind manner he was or why he was so unbelievably handsome? She also didn't understand why he took the moment to softly brush the hair from her face.

His long fingers lingered over her cheek for just a moment before he placed on upon her shoulders. Again Peach was left gaping at him stupidly.

"But…" for a moment Peach's voice was soft and then her fiery temper kicked back in, "But you don't like me! You like her! The sweet, giggly, innocent princess of the Mushroom kingdom! You like the mask I put on in public! You don't like me! Peach, who curses and throws tantrums, the Peach who likes pulling pranks on people!"

With each declaration she grew more furious; she had finally figured out Marth's angle. Of course he liked her, the pretty, soft monarch of the Mushroom kingdom who he saw interacting with the other smashers. She was kind and mild-mannered never speaking out of turn or afraid to offer anyone a motherly affection.

Just like the eloquent, graceful ruler of Hyrule wasn't the real Zelda, she wasn't Peach.

Marth chuckled and slowly his laughter grew louder. Peach froze as Marth continued to laugh, his eyes shinning with amusement and mirth. Peach cursed, spurting another wave of laughter from the prince, "Don't you dare laugh at me you insignificant pansy!"

The prince of Altea grinned, little chuckles coming out every now and then, "True. I do like your 'mask'. The sweet, kind Princess who bakes and makes delicious tea. But I'm enchanted by Peach, the princess who does swear, the woman who's playful and mischievous and smiles as if she breathes fire. You wouldn't happen to know her, now would you?"

"But how…did you know-?"

"What you're truly like?" Peach was downright shocked when something akin to a bad boy smirk appeared on Marth's holy face, "Princess, maybe most of the smashers could be fooled around here, but I most certainly was not. You find your company with Zelda, who's one of the most lively souls I know."

Peach blinked; ah, so he knew about the tomboy.

Then Marth leaned forward until he was a breath away from her ear. Peach almost jumped when his sweet breath tickled her ear, "…And yes, milady your dress does 'turn me on'."

The color of Peach's face soon matched her dress as Marth pulled away from her with an audacious grin. Holy cow, who was this prince! Wasn't Marth supposed to be thoughtful and polite? Where was this bad-boy flare coming from! He had the face of an angel but the grin of a devil.

In all her life, Peach never wanted someone as badly as she did now.

"And I also had…a double agent working for me," with a grin Marth glanced up at the roof and waved.

Peach gasped, seeing that Sonic had waved to Marth. Then he glanced sheepishly at Peach, "Uh…hey Peachy…"

"…You miserable rodent!" she screeched, making Sonic nearly fall over, "You've been...two-timing me! I thought our friendship was special! Only you thought my pranks weren't over the top! Only you appreciated the intricacies of my devious plots! How could you betray me you infidel!"

"Oh you're absolutely right," Sonic grinned, "We'll still be pranking like there's no tomorrow, but my boy Marth here is suffering from Cupid's arrow. Peachy, if he can't tell you with all his dignified, stuffy words, he thinks you're HOT! Smokin'! And he wants to get with ya!"

While scratching his head, Marth blushed charmingly. Peach glanced at Sonic then settled on Marth, "…This it true?"

"Well…I…of course..I mean…its only natural…I…yes…"

"Then quit being a little girl about it and kiss me!"

With that, the Princess of the Mushroom kingdom grabbed the scuff of Marth's collar and dragged him into a kiss. But Marth didn't fight it one bit. Sonic dropped confetti over their heads as he grinned.

"Hehe…mission complete."

"Sonic, kindly get the hell outta here."

He closed one eye in irritation, "…Yes Peachy…"

"What the hell was that, Wildfire! You suddenly pick up a sword and put on a boy's tunic and then you think you're a sword master!"

Zelda growled as sweat glistened at the crown of her head, right above her chocolate eyebrows. She wiped at her forehead irritably as they were going to start all over again. After yesterday's confession and heart to heart with Ike, Zelda thought he would be a bit more pleasant, but clearly she was wrong.

It was as if their sparring session had never happened, if anything Ike was more callous, his dark eyes narrowed and he even forgot his smirks today. Every little mistake Zelda made warranted an insult or a curse and Ike would glare at her and speak to her as if she were simple.

Their sparring had started at noon as usual, but by now the sun was already down, and the princess of Hyrule was slicked slippery with sweat. She was sure she must have both looked and smelt terrible as she continued the grueling training session.

By now both of their tunics where tattered and drenched with sweat as they continued to duel. Their heavy pants filled the air as they continued to move, their feet lightly sweeping the floor as their blades kissed. Again, Ike used the same move, the same technique he had been trying to teach Zelda to avoid.

This time she slipped, stumbling over her own two feet in fatigue as she plowed straight into him. With the unexpected blow, Ike grunted and fell backwards, taking Zelda along for the ride. In a clatter their swords scraped against the floor as Zelda slammed into Ike.

Zelda gasped, her face flushed from more than sweat as she hurriedly scrambled off of Ike. In her haste her slender fingers brushed against the strong muscles in his abdomen, "Oh Goddesses, I-I'm so sorry…"

Ike slowly sat up and glowered at her. He released a growl before he rose to his feet, "What in the hell is wrong with you! Can you not learn how to counter! You wait until I swing—that way it'll leave me open-and then you attack."

"I-I've been working at this all day!" Zelda shouted back, throwing her hands into the air in exasperation.

"And we've gotten nowhere fast."

"That's because you're an insufferable man!"

"No, its because you're insufferably slow."

"I can't stand you!"

"That doesn't matter. If you wanted to do yourself a favor, get it right and then I can be out of your hair."

"You're impossibly rude!"

"All you have to do," Ike marched up to her, and grabbed her arm, "Is take this arm…put it here on the blade…angle it like this…and the swing! Its not that hard!"

"Don't touch me!" Zelda cried sharply, as she began to struggle in his grasp.

"Stop, what in the hell are you doing! I'm barely even holding you!"

Ike moved his grip to her hand, and she immediately cried out. The mercenary dropped his hold and glanced at her askance as she cradled her hand. Ike fell quiet as the hostility in his voice drained, "What was that about?"

"Its nothing," Zelda whispered roughly.

"No, its not nothing. Now let me see you hand."

"I think not."

"Here, lemme see it."

Zelda shot him one last glare, but she uncurled her hand. In a matter of seconds Ike's larger hands engulfed hers. His inky blue eyes narrowed in concentration as he examined her wounded hand. His calloused hands were surprisingly gentle and warm as they softly caressed and tended. The princess bit her lip, trying not to think about how good and alien his touch felt.

"Does this hurt?" Ike turned her hand.


"Okay then, how about his?" He twisted her wrist slightly as he studied her face.

A surge of hot pain came alive and it was enough to make Zelda try and snatch her hand away, but Ike held on steadfast. She glared at him, manners forgotten, "Ow! Damn it that hurt!"

Ike chuckled softly stroking her hand, "Sorry, I'm not very good at playing doctor, huh? Looks like you might have sprained your twist. Come on, we're done for the day. Let's get this taken care of."

Ike started to move but he felt resistance from Zelda's end. She glare at him from the same spot she hadn't moved an inch from. He stopped and turned to face her, "…Excuse me, but where are we going, if I might ask!"

"My room, I have a first aid kit and—"

"You uncouth cretin!" Zelda hissed, "I'm going nowhere with you! Now unhand me."

Ike sighed, not looking troubled at all, "Quit sounding like a princess. Now try that insult again, please…"

"You bastard! I'm not going anywhere with you!"

"That's better, now let's go."

As they began to walk, Zelda made a noise in the back of her throat, "Simpleton, did you not hear me!"

"…You called me a bastard, I got that loud and clear, Wildfire."

"Let me go this instant! How dare you drag me against my will! I will kick, and scream and yell and curse and—"

Ike suddenly stopped and turned to face Zelda. However, she didn't expect for him to stop so suddenly. With a grunt Zelda bumped into Ike and bounced off of him like she was repelled. She glared up at him scathingly knowing that she had been deflectd by a pure wall of muscle. Ike was unfazed as he looked down at her, "I…won't force you against your will, Wildfire, but please let me help you."

Zelda froze and turned to glance up at him. No longer was the cocky, arrogant swordsman before her but the shy Ike she had met their last sparring session. As he spoke, the tall swordsman averted his gaze as a hint of red settled upon his face, "…Just let me help you, okay Wildfire? Please…I…want to do this."

"Umm…" for some reason, Zelda felt her face growing warm, "Sure. Let's just go, and you may release my hand…"

"Oh yeah, of course," if she didn't know any better, it sounded like Ike laughed uneasily as he instantly releasing her hand, "Well, come on. I hope you're good at sneaking out. We've gotta get down the hall and into the boy's dormitory before we reach my room."

Zelda smirked devilishly, "Hello? Did you forget that I've been sparring with Link for thirteen years? I basically have assassin sneaking skills."

Ike laughed, a true smile coming to his face, "Okay then. So what do you suggest to get by noticed, Miss Super-assassin?"

Zelda smirked, glancing away slyly, "Oh, I have an idea…"

Sitting near the fireplace in the library, Marth was curled near the dancing flames. With a content sigh he flipped another page in his book. Then one moment the smell of roses filled his nostrils and then the next, a pair of warm arms wrapped around his neck.

Soft lips danced across his cheek and finally found his mouth. Marth smirked as he returned the slow kiss; his book could wait, this was an eager matter that needed the prince's attention immediately. His book hit the floor unnoticed as he relaxed.

'Marth,' he thought to himself in a rather smug voice, 'Sometimes a man has to ask himself, "How did you do it?" How in the world did I manage to bag a hottie like Miss Princess Peach?'

"Mmm," Peach mewled happily, "Oh Marth, I think I'm going weak in the knees."

"Milady," Marth looked rather smug, "My lap is free for your pleasure."

Peach blushed prettily before she sat down and her blush only increased at the smug pleasure across Prince Marth's face. She slapped his shoulder playfully as he laughed, "Oh you fiend! Don't you give me that look."

"But Milady," Marth purred, "I know you like that look."

"Well…um…I…" Peach gulped as she saw Marth slowly drawing closer to her.

The lights suddenly cut out. Disgruntled cries from the Smashers in the library who had been reading and Peach glanced around curiously, "Oh, what happened to the lights?"

Just as Peach rose from her seat, Marth fell over with a loud thump. Blinking, Peach turned toward the sound and against the glow of the fire light, she saw the crumpled form of Marth, "…Marth hun, are you okay? What were you doing anyways?"

"Oh NOTHING!" he growled.

In a whirl of giggles and laughter, both Ike and Zelda burst into Ike's shared room. Zelda fell to the ground in a torrent of giggles as Ike dropped on his bed. For a moment he glanced over at Zelda, "Nice move, creating a blackout so we could sneak by…who in the world are you Wildfire? Princesses shouldn't know about stuff like that…"

"Haha, well you don't have Peach as a friend," Zelda smirked, "She showed me that trick, how to cut the circuit breaker and all…"

"Wait, who showed you how to do that?" Ike glanced at her skeptically.


"Well then, let's see that wrist of yours, eh?"

In the pitch blackness, Zelda could barely see anything, although she was aware that she was sitting on the floor. Her head snapped toward the sound of Ike's footsteps. She could hear his hands searching around, feeling around surfaces.

Ike jumped as a blare of light broke through the darkness. He turned and found Zelda holding her palms out as ginger flames danced within her fingers. The woman stood out against the blackness as the light illuminated her figure, "What are you looking for? Perhaps this will help you see."

"The lantern. Ah, found it."

He took one last look at her, it was long enough to make her feel self-conscious. Zelda shrank away, wondering she might have had something on her face, "W-Why are you gazing at me like that."

"Ah no reason," his eyes darted away before they focused back on her, "The fire light just…makes you look…"

He let his statement trail off, but before Zelda could say anything else, Ike turned and picked up the lantern. In a few long strides and the accompaniment of his heavy footsteps, Ike stood before her; only with him a hand length a way, Zelda realized how tall he was; she barely came to his shoulder.

"Can you…light this?"

"Of course I can!" she giggled, seemingly forgetting the tense atmosphere and she extended a hand over the lantern and with the quick chanting of a few words under her breath, a dancing ginger light was born.

Ike seemed amazed as he studied the lantern's little fire. Zelda smiled at him, glancing at the wall behind him as his shadow grew and wilted with the fire's temperate rhythm, "That's some magic you have, Wildfire," he breathed, "To be able to make fire and such…"

"Ah yes, well learning the Din's fire spell was rather difficult. Trying to control any element, especially pyrokinesis, is rather tough because it takes so much concentration and strength. Its rather draining too, you know."

Ike placed the lantern near his bedside and took a knee to search under his bed. He motioned for her to take a seat on his bed as he searched. Zelda plopped down, giggling as she bounced on his comforter, which she noticed was red. His favorite color.

"There we go," Ike said to himself.

He pulled out a small white box and joined Zelda on the bed. Once again he gently took her hand within his and massaged her wrist. Zelda turned her face away from him as she blushed; oh my, this scene reminded her so much of one of those novels of Peach's.

It had been a rather sappy romance which Zelda was hard pressed to admit that in the end, she had liked the book. A scene happened where the hero and the heroine were together in a dark room, lit with candle light and filled with romantic music…

Then the hero and the heroine…

Zelda blushed an even darker shade of red.


"Yes? What is it?" her voice came out a few octaves higher than normal.

"Nothing, you just looked a bit flushed, that's all. Well your wrist is definitely swollen, so you won't be using it for awhile."

The white medkit was popped open and Ike quickly scavenged through its contents. He pulled out gauge and medical tape, looked at it for a second then focused his attention elsewhere. He glanced at Zelda and in the soft fire light she could see how gentle his eyes were, it made her blush softly, "Hold out your hand please."

With such a sincere request, Zelda complied. Tan, calloused hands glided over her skin as gauze and medical tape were wrapped around her wrist and palm. After he had finished wrapping her arm, Zelda glanced up and met his dark eyes. She smiled softly, "I…thank you, yes, thank you Ike."

"No problem." Ike paused before he continued, "I'd wrap your pretty little wrist anytime." Again he seemed to still, as if deliberating his next action and he then raised her bandaged hand and lightly kissed it.

Zelda rouged as her stomach did flips and her heart thumped against her chest wildly. When Ike looked back up at her, he looked completely serious; however red smudges were present on his cheeks. The intensity of his stare made her flush even darker.


"Yes, Wildfire?"

"Why…" she lowered her eyes, her lashes nearly touching her cheeks, "Why did you say those things to me yesterday. You confuse me so…About me being a goddess…and you a peasant. Please, I'm afraid even the Triforce keeper or Wisdom needs your explanation."

Ike laughed, " Well you confuse me. For instance, why are your eyes so bright and clear? When you smile, why do you only have a dimple in your left cheek? And how are you so beautiful and strong at the same time?"

Zelda opened her mouth wordlessly before she closed it. She was sure she looked foolish now, gaping stupidly like some sort of fish; mouth snapping open and shut and eyes bulging in alarm. She stared at Ike, studying his dark eyes, trying to search for any search of deceit or trickery. And yet she found none.

"Ike…why…" Zelda breathed softly, "Why are you behaving this way? I do not comprehend it. One moment you're so callous, then the next your kind then cold again. It drives me insane."

"It's because…"


Ike tried working his mouth, searching for the right words to catalog his correct feelings but he couldn't find any. Instead he moved close to Zelda, where his smoothly muslced thigh grazed hers and his hand lightly stroked hers. Zelda emitted a soft gasp, her eyes studying his calloused hand until she traced her vision all the way up his strong arms until she met his eyes.

In the dim candle light, Ike's eyes were an inky black. Zelda raised a palm, attracting Ike's attention. She smiled at his enraptured silence and quietly chanted a spell to herself. A small, flickering flame sprang to fire and began to slowly dance within her finger tips.

Ike glanced at the fire then back at her, "…May I?"

"Yes." She smiled.

Ike slowly raised his palm and quickly moved his hand to the flame. For a second he hesitated before he touched the dancing flame. The moment of understanding grew upon Ike's face as he completely submerged his hand within the tiny dancing glow.

"Its…warm," he breathed, sounding truly amazed, "No pain or anything."

"Yes, this one is an Amiable Pyro spell," Zelda smiled, "a fire that was not intended to harm, thus the name amiable! Din's Fire is a stronger spell, and it much harder to complete. But this Amiable Pyro is a nifty little spell, no? I suppose it only proves that it takes more effort to hurt one another…"

She glanced up at Ike, "And with this fire, I see that your eyes are blue, not black…And you always smell like rain sodden pine, and when you smile…you look young…and-"

Zelda suddenly blushed, turning her face away from him, fearing she had said too much. She was naturally quiet and thoughtful by nature, but the moment she starts talking, of course she would say too much.



He burst out laughing, "You're pretty shy huh?"


His laughter died down to soft chuckles as nothing but warmth flooded his eyes, "That's extremely cute."

"Ah well…" Again Zelda felt her face flame from embarrassment, "Are you…shy?"

"Hmm," a thoughtful purr rumbled from his chest, "Truthfully, only around you."

Zelda didn't know what to say or even what to think at that moment. She just sat there silently, her mind trying to drink everything that had just happened in the last minute or so in. Ike smiled softly, "I've heard a saying that if you really want something you've got to go for it. Well then here goes nothing…"

Ike sighed, his eyelashes fluttered as they slowly slipped closed. He leaned over and in a moment's notice, their lips touched. It wasn't one of those movies where the hero and heroine bombed right into the kiss, slurping and eating each other's faces. For a second neither of them moved, their lips still locked, then Zelda demurely returned his kiss feeling the petal softness of his lips.

That seemed to be the ignition that Ike was waiting for as he came to life. Each series of kisses the share were soft and tender, slow and unwinding with a hidden layer of passion burning beneath its core. Zelda could feel her face flame as she felt Ike softly kissing her.

His hand massaged and caressed her fingers as his other playfully traveled up her spine. The gentle gesture felt good as Zelda released a sigh against his moist lips, their shared kisses continuing. As her courage grew, she ran a hand through his spiky blue locks, awed at how soft it was.

"Zelda," he breathed against her lips.

Once again Zelda knew her face flamed as she felt Ike's hand travel under her red tunic and stop to rest upon her back. She felt his rough hands stroking her softly and she couldn't help but release the pleased sigh she had been holding back.

Hey eyes suddenly snapped open. Ike came to a little later when he realized she had ceased. The warm, hazy trance he was in seemed to lift a bit at her alarmed expression, "…Zelda?"

"Did you hear that?"

"…Hear what?"

The lock to the door jingled and with a click it popped open to reveal both Peach and Marth smiling like they breathed fire. The sight must have been a good one to see with Zelda sitting nearly in Ike's lap as the merchant had his hand up the back of her top.

Zelda wanted to die at that moment.

Ike wanted to kill something, particularly his smug, blue-haired roommate.

"You mean hear us coming in?" Peach grinned wickedly.

"…Shit." Ike uttered under his breath.

Little did he know, Zelda had muttered the same thing too.

To be continued!

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