She Said No

By Andie O'Neill

Genre: Romance/Alternate Universe

Pairing: Nathan/Jack

Rating: M/R

Summary: Allison turns down Stark's proposal after overhearing a conversation about Carter and Nathan.

A/N: Last chap! Yay! Hope you guys enjoyed this little fic! It was really fun to write! Thanks for all the reviews! :D

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Part Four

Weeks ago he would never believe he'd be on a date with Jack Carter. He'd spent so much time focused on Allison he hadn't even realized who he was really falling for. Allison was a distraction, something to focus on to avoid his growing feelings for Carter. It'd been hard for him to accept, but with his ex-wife's help he'd finally accepted what his heart had always known from the beginning. He wanted Jack. Nathan smiled as they sat in the grass enjoying their burgers. They'd found a spot out of the way once they'd gotten their food from Vince, receiving one of his most brilliant smiles as he questioned them on how the date was going. Nathan had a feeling Jack would have shot him right then and there if not for the fact that he'd left his gun at home. While most of the town had grouped together in the middle of the clearing to see the light show, Nathan and Jack had decided to sit in the grass not far from the tents on a hill close to the woods. It gave them all the privacy they needed in a town of nosy scientists.

Nathan snorted in amusement when Jack dripped ketchup on his shirt, groaning in annoyance. Why the hell he wanted the man, he'd never know, but he did. Stark handed him a napkin.

"Thanks," Jack said, blushing.

Nathan took a sip of his drink, watching the couples slow dancing. Spencer wasn't available to DJ, but they'd managed to find a good replacement, Dylan Demarcus. "Come on, Sheriff… how about a dance?" Stark stood, offering his hand.

Jack smiled, taking his hand. "Why not?"

Nathan led him through the crowd, pulling Jack close. He could hear Carter's breath hitch for a moment at being pulled so roughly, but the Sheriff didn't seem to mind. In fact, he looked quite pleased with their positions.

Jack shook his head. "I don't think I'll ever get used to this."

Stark couldn't help but agree. They were in unexplored territory and they both knew it. Nathan looked around them to see Lupo dancing with Zane. She was smiling at them. Nearby Zoe and Lucas were also dancing. Zoe was also smiling. It seemed no matter where they went, they'd always have a few spectators. "I think we're the only ones."

Carter snorted. "Just ignore them."

Nathan looked down at Jack. "That may be difficult, unless of course you know some way of distracting me."

Jack smiled. "Oh very smooth."

"I thought so," he spoke with his usual confidence. "Care to give them a show?"

Jack's smile immediately faded. "You can't be serious. I am not making out with you in front of my daughter and half the town."

"She'll have to get used to it sometime…."

Carter raised an eyebrow at his words. "Oh really? So you think this might actually go somewhere?"

Nathan paused, suddenly realizing how his earlier statement sounded. They hadn't even gotten through their first date! Thankfully, he was good at playing it cool when the need arose. Stark shrugged, swaying to the music. "I may just keep you around for a little while."

"I feel so honored."

"You should be… you are, after all, dating one of the smartest men in the town."

"That ego of yours come with a reality check?" Carter replied, rolling his eyes.

Nathan almost kissed him right then and there. "Now who's insulting who?"

"Hey, you said I had the maturity of a five year old!" Jack fought.

"I did bump you up to ten… that should count for something."

Jack glared at him, huffing in frustration. "I so don't like you…."

Nathan grinned, pulling the other man just a little bit closer. "Yes you do, Sheriff. You like me very much."

"Do I?" Carter questioned, pretending to be surprised. "However did you get that idea?"

"When you asked me out on this date," Nathan pointed out.

"Hmmm," Carter said with a nod. "I could see how you might be confused."

Stark snorted. "You do realize we're probably going to kill each other before the week is over?"

"Yeah, I think Allison might be trying to get rid of us. Think she's ditching us for another guy?" Jack teased.

"Or perhaps another girl," Nathan added, playing along.

Jack raised an eyebrow at that. "Now that would be interesting…."

He could take it anymore. He'd resisted long enough. As the first few fireworks exploded in the sky Nathan pulled Jack into a brief kiss, hoping the crowd would be sufficiantly distracted. Jack didn't resist, melting into the kiss. Time stood still as the kiss deepened, and neither realized that they'd stopped dancing.

"Way to go, Dad!" shouted Zoe, from somewhere nearby.

Jack immediately broke the kiss, blushing. "You just couldn't help yourself, could you?"

Nathan stared down into his eyes, suddenly serious. "Not really, no."

The Sheriff stared back at him, seeming to understand what Nathan was trying to convey. It'd been so long since he was on a first date, but he still remembered the dates he'd been on before… this one seemed quite different. He could feel it. Realizing they still weren't dancing, the two resumed their dance as Dylan's new wave sound surrounded them. It wasn't all that bad. Finally Jack broke their gaze, looking away for a second. "I know we had a bit of a rough start, but now I don't want this to end."

Nathan's smile returned. "Who says it has to?" he questioned.

"It's gotta end some time, Nathan."

"Unless we stop time," he whispered, only half serious.

"Yeah, because we all know that would end well! Don't give these scientists ideas! I can't clean your messes 24/7. I do need to sleep sometime."

Stark raised an eyebrow at that. "Who said anything about sleep?"

Jack shook his head, shooting him a glare. "I hate to break this to your ego, but you aren't that charming, Stark."

"Oh please, I could probably charm the pants right off of you, right now if I wanted to," he assured the Sheriff.

"You wish." Jack rolled his eyes. "I'm sure my daughter would just LOVE that!"

"Is that a challenge?"

"You're welcomed to try."

Nathan leaned in close, his lips just barely brushing Jack's. "Careful Sheriff, you play with fire and you might get burned," he warned.

Jack licked his lips. "I like to live dangerously."

Nathan almost groaned at the comment. "Why am I not surprised… after all, you are working here now aren't you?"

"Yeah… I am. So Nathan… I suggest you bring it," Jack challenged, far too pleased with himself.

One thing the Sheriff didn't know was just how good Nathan was at 'bringing it.' He would learn soon enough. With a mischevious smile he leaned in close, whispering words into Jack's ear that he knew would make Jack weak in the knees…. Jack Carter didn't stand a chance.

"Thanks for having Zoe over, Allison, I really appreciate it," Jack spoke, his words rushed as he glanced over at Nathan who was currently saying good night to a few friends.

"Leave the party already, Carter?" Allison questioned in surprise.

Jack blushed. "Uh… yeah."

Allison raised an eyebrow at his words, folding her arms. "Whatever happened to those many cocktails?" she questioned, refering to a statement he'd made to her once over a year ago.

Carter glanced at Nathan once more. "He's hotter than you," he joked.

Allison smacked his arm, making him wince as he laughed. "Have fun."

"Thanks Allison," he spoke before walking over to Zoe who was talking with Lucas, Zane, and Jo. "See ya tomorrow, Zoe. Don't stay up too late," he said, giving her a hug goodbye.

Zoe smiled knowingly at him. "I would say the same to you, but somehow I doubt that'll be a possibility," she teased.

Jack frowned, trying not to be disturbed by the look his teenage daughter was giving him. "Uh… I'll pretend you didn't just say that to me."

"Good idea," remarked Jo, patting his shoulder. "Night Carter… have a good night."

"Uh… yeah… right," he said, his eyes narrowing as he looked at his daughter before he walked over, joining Nathan.

"You ready to go?" Stark asked, his green eyes suddenly turning a darker shade, and Jack immediately swallowed down the lump in his throat.

"Yeah… sure."

"Good," the scientist spoke, taking his hand as he waved goodbye to his friend and pulled Jack toward the parking lot nearby. "I'm driving."

Carter was too far gone to argue. He was instead too busy trying not to think about how long it'd been since he'd last gotten laid. It'd been far too long….

Nathan pushed him back till he landed onto the bed, crawling over him as they immediately kissed. Jack's hand stroked Stark's face gently, deepening the kiss as he moaned in the other man's mouth, wanting more. Nathan's tongue slipped into Jack's mouth, exploring, his crotch brushing Jack's. The kiss was becoming more and more desperate. Nathan's head was spinning. He could feel Jack flush against him. It felt so damn good. When his lungs strained for air he finally broke the kiss. Nathan opened his eyes slowly, staring into Jack's baby blues. "So exactly how did you get Allison to take Zoe for the night?" he questioned.

Jack kissed his lips. "It was kinda her wish…" he explained.

"Yeah, heard about your little bet."

Jack paused, looking rather surprised. "I never actually thought you'd be interested in me," he admitted. Nathan rocked his hips against Jack, making him groan. "But apparently I was wrong."

Stark leaned down, capturing Carter's lips. "I didn't think you were interested either."

Jack thrusted up against Nathan, grinding his erection against Nathan's. "Ooohh, it's safe to say I'm interested."

Nathan was panting now, could barely breathe. "Yeah… rather hard not to notice."

Jack chuckled. "Pun intended?"

Nathan rolled his eyes, kissing him once more. "Just shut up, Carter."

Stark was lying next to Jack in bed… gasping for air as he recovered from their little tryst. Jack moved to lay his head on Nathan's shoulder. "Wow," muttered Carter.

Nathan couldn't have agreed more. With a sigh he pulled Jack closer to him and kissed Jack's forehead. "If all our dates end like this, I think I could learn to get used to this."

Jack smiled. "Guess it was a good thing Allison said no to your proposal, huh?"

Nathan smiled back. "Yeah… guess so. I think I may just have to buy her a car for Christmas, for letting me off the hook."

Jack nodded, closing his eyes. "Make it a diamond necklace…" he advised before drifting off to sleep. Nathan followed him moments later, both content in each other's arms… all because Doctor Allison Blake said no.

The End