Disclamer: I own Twilight

Disclaimer: I own Twilight
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The Wedding

Every thing is going wrong. The wedding is in two days. The cake fell. My dress doesn't fit. The flowers are dead. Edwards's tux isn't here.
Argghh! I just can't take it! I mean why does this always happen to me? I'm cursed, cursed I tell you. The gods are out to get me.

"Bella can you come here for a minute?" Someone called from downstairs.

"Coming" I mumbled.

I ran down the stairs to were Alice, Rose, Esme and Renee were standing.
"What now?" I asked with a sigh since they all had smiles on there faces.

"Well honey we were out at the mall and saw a lovely little flower shop. And see I know the lady who owns the place and she said she could do your flowers cheep as long as you let her go to the wedding." Renee said with a big smile. She was tip-toeing around it, but I already knew it wasn't a question.

"That's great mom,. Really. But that's only one thing on the list of stuff going wrong." I told her. "Oh and I don't care, she can come if she wants."

"Bella honey, what's the matter?" She asked taking a step forward.

"What's the matter? You want to know what the matter is? The whole wedding. All of it! It's a bad idea and nothing has gone right. The flowers, the dress, the tux and my best friend hasn't talked to me since he got back. That's what's the matter. You know what? You were right mom. I am too young. The wedding is off."

I turned and ran up the stairs. I stopped at the top for a second and looked down at their surprised faces, and then kept going to mine and Edward's room. I threw my self down on the bed and stared at the ceiling. A million and one things going through my head. I knew Edward wouldn't be happy. He was more into this then I was. But I just couldn't take it any more!

Everything would be different soon, insane things have already started to happen because of this. Jacob's disappearance, Edward has a bed in his room, Renee is hanging out with vampires, it was too much.

I got up and went over to the closet were I grabbed my suitcase and started to fill it with the few things I possessed.

I was about half way done when I heard Edward, Emmett, Jasper, and Carlisle come home. I knew that Renée, Esme, Alice and possibly Rose were crying.
After a minute I heard Emmett's booming voice.

"She did what?"




The last one I knew was Edward's. My hands started to shake as I heard him come up the stairs. Normally he would have snuck up on me using his in-human speed, but with Renee around they were careful not to freak her out.

He came into the room. My back was turned but I knew that he had stopped when he saw that I had taken most of my stuff out and they were on the bed and the floor and the bag.

He slowly walked over to me. He reached tentatively and pulled the shirt that was clasped in my fingers and dropped it on the floor. He turned me around and looked my in the face. His beautiful eyes were sad and I'm sure that if he could cry tears would be there. Looking into his sad eyes made me start to cry. I leaned my head against his chest.

"I'm sorry Edward, I really am."

"Why Bella?"

"I don't know. I just. It's too much."

"Don't you love me Bella?"

"Edward how could you even ask that?"

"I don't know. Come on Bella it's not that bad. We found another tux. The new cake is due tomorrow and Alice is almost done fixing your dress."

"And what about the food? Esme has 2 days to get food for 50 people."

"Don't worry Bella. You forget, unlike you we don't have to sleep. She has lots of time." He tried to warm my heart with a smile, it was hard to resist.

"Unlike me. Oh ya that really helps." I said, pouting.

"It should, since I told you that I wouldn't change you until we were married."

"Oh ya... there still no other option?"

"None at all. Well don't turn into a vampire. But we all know you don't want that."

"Ya, Ya." I said and gave him a passionate kiss.

"Hey do you to mind? You keep that up and I'm going to attack Alice." The voice of Jasper said from right out-side the door.

"So what do you think? Keep it up as a punishment? Or stop as a punishment?" I asked him.

"Definitely stop because you know I think it is worse if he doesn't. For both of them."

"True." We both heard a smack as Alice hit Jasper. And then Emmett laughing.

"That's what you get for opening your mouth man."

I opened the door and they all stumbled in. With the exception of Esme, and Carlisle.

"Where's Renee?" I asked when I saw she wasn't there.

"She had to go home and tell your father the change in plans."

"What change in plans?" I asked playing dumb. Walking back to Edward so he could put an arm around my waist.

Alice smiled and jumped up and down. "Yay Bella. So the wedding is back on?"

"You already know so why ask?"

She ran over to me and hugged me. Lifting me up in the air and spinning me around, it would be surprising for someone so small, you know, if I didn't know she was a vampire with super strength and all that.

"Ok you keep doing that and it's off again." A said dizzily.

She dropped me and walked over to the others. "Come on we have some last minute stuff to take care of." And with that she pulled them from the room, skipping all the while.

The next day was busy and I don't mean normal busy, I mean really busy. Alice spent almost all day decorating the house. While making me do nothing but watch it all happen.

I really wanted to cry the whole time. And guess what!? I tripped over the train of my dress while trying it on AND ripped it, poor Alice, she spent for ever working on it and I had ruined it! I felt awful.

Edward was trying to make me feel better, he really was! It just wasn't helping. If there is a place on my face were there is not a tear mark I'd be surprised. Charlie wasn't helping either. He just keeps going on about his little girl becoming all grown up. All about leaving the nest and sappy parent junk like that, I swear if he tells one more story about me in a bathtub to Emmett I might actually die. (And then be resurrected as some bloodsucking un-dead monster.)

I really am getting tired of the whole wedding. And if it wasn't for the fact that I love Edward so much and want to make him happy I would have called it off ages ago. He's always trying to make me smile and keep me happy, I needed to do something for him just this once.

"Bella please come out." Alice called to me from the other side of the bathroom door. I had barricaded myself in, trying to hide.

"No I will not come out. I don't want you to put ten pounds of makeup on me. I don't want to wear that stupid white dress, I don't want you to do my hair, and I don't want to get married." Ok ok, so the whole doing this for Edward thing wasn't working out well, but hey, I HAD made it to the bathroom, that was something.

"Cold feet, happens to the best of us." I knew that was my mother.

"Just go away please." I whined through the door.

"Bella love please look at me." I looked up to see that Edward had, despite me locking the door, opened it and let himself in. He closed the door again before all of the others could enter. "I know your scared Bella but please listen to me. You want this, I know you do. And you know what my side of the deal is. So you get what you want and I get what I want." He bent down and gave me a kiss.

"Fine. But if one more thing goes wrong..."

"I know you will find another room to hide in."

"No... We're going to Las Vegas." I whispered in his ear. He smiled again and kissed my head helping me to my feet at the same time.

"Come on, I believe you have some torture to take care of. And I have my own."

"Right." I put on a brave face and walked out of the room.

About ten minutes later they had my make-up done but no more then that. I sighed as Alice pulled me over to the mirror.

"Time for hair!" She sang. I groaned but let her have her fun.

Two hours later I was ready. I had about a pound of make up and hair spray glued to my head, was wearing a ridiculously long white dress and whoever invented high-heels you had better hope your already dead and gone. Alice was smiling along with Esme and my mother.

"I should not be doing this." I said to myself over and over.

"Bella honey, please stop saying that. You know that it's not true." I looked down at my mother. Since I was on a stool she was lower then me.

"Are you so sure about that?" I asked a little sceptically. "What if I just call it off?"

"NO!!" They all said in union.

"What do you think Edward would say to that? You know I love you Bella, you're like another daughter to me but I won't have you break his heart." I had never seen Esme so stern before, she must really care about Edward's happiness.

"Ok Esme, but..."

"No. We have all worked really hard for this Bella and you are not going to ruin it for us." Alice cut in using a very frustrated voice.

"Fine I will go through with it. But not for you, any of you, I'll do it for Edward." I told them and hopped down off the stool. "Shouldn't we get going; the wedding is in like 10 minutes." I looked back at them, Rose and Alice were in there purple brides made dresses. Renee and Esme were both in light blue dresses. "Were is Courtney?"


"The flower girl Rose the flower girl."

"Oh, oh ya she was down stairs with her mother."

"Okay thanks." I was about to run down the stairs to see how she looked but Alice stopped me.

"Oh no you don't, Edward is down there and he is not aloud to see you until you are walking down the isle. And you better not try and be a run away bride. I keep seeing flashes of you and Edward in Vegas, you-are-giving-me-a-serious-headache."

"I won't, I promise. Now will you go get every thing ready so that I don't have to wait anymore?" I tried to sound tough, but tiny Alice could be very scary when she wanted to be.

"Alright." She left the room at a normal speed so she didn't scare anyone. After a few minutes she returned with Courtney and my aunt.

"Hello Aunt Meg. Hey Courtney are you excited?" I asked her, bending down so I could meet her eye to eye. She nodded and then hid behind her mother.

"I don't know what's gotten into her lately she was fine before we came here." Meg told me.

"Don't worry their family always has that effect on people." I told her. Alice rolled her eyes like I was crazy. "Anyway you look very lovely and I'm glad that you will be in my wedding." I told her and gave her a hug. "Now shouldn't we be going? Alice you have to start down the isle in a few minutes."

"Trust you to worry about me getting down the isle on time but not yourself."

"Well you have to go before me. I'm the last one so I can be a little late; As long as I'm down there before Courtney goes then I'm good."

"Sure you are." She took Rose by the hand and Courtney by the other and lead them down to where the wedding was being held.

I walked slowly down the steps with Renee. We met Charlie at the bottom. Renee had tears in her eyes already and I could tell Charlie was holding them back.
"My little..." I cut him off.

"Ok dad enough of that please." He laughed and gave me a hug.

"Let's go my little sunshine."

I watched at Alice, then Rose, then Courtney walked down the isle. When Courtney got about a quarter of the way up me and Charlie started. I looked down the isle at the man I loved. My other half, my angel.

We got about half way there when it happened. Courtney who was not to far away from us doubled in pain just as the glass flower pots that were all along the isle exploded.

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