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Draco hated Harry. Draco had always hated Harry. All of Draco's family hated Harry. It was Draco's duty to hate Harry. So why didn't he feel that anymore? The raging fires of pure detestation had slowly been fading, and completely without their owners knowledge.

At first he hadn't noticed, but then again, who would? Harry would walk by, and Draco wouldn't take the chance to insult him. He didn't boast about his dominance behind his back. He didn't even insult his friends anymore! In all actuality, he had become jealous of them. No! Why would he be jealous of them? He didn't even like Harry, why would he want to be near them?

Something strange was going on! He often found himself looking longingly where the black-haired boy had sat when he was gone. There was an ache in his chest when he saw Harry laughing with his friends, wishing that once, just once he could be the reason that Harry laughed. NO! No he did not! He hated Potter, and that would never change!

So he decided to stay away. He went the long way to class. He never looked around during meals. He even went so far as to go the complete opposite way of where he needed to be, just because he heard Harry's laugh. Wait? Since when could he distinguish Harry's laugh? And when had he stopped calling him Potter? No! This was not good at all!

It was one such side trip down an unfamiliar hallway that he saw the one thing that would change his life forever. While he was rushing past a darkened alcove, he saw another student pressing himself to what could only be his girlfriend. But as he walked past, they heard him and separated to look after him to see if he saw them. It was his unfortunate coincidence to realize he couldn't make it to class the way he was going. So at that exact moment he turned around.

What he saw was a shock. It was not a boy with his girlfriend, but with his boyfriend! They however didn't notice he turned around, so they went back at it. As he walked back by, he pondered. He had never really thought of something like that! But, it could be possible, right?

He decided to forgo class in an attempt to collect his thoughts. As he sat in the common room, he began a list of all the girls he had dated. Most of them, he soon realized, he never even liked. He had only gone with them because of their family name. Actually, come to think of it, there was not a single girl he had ever liked as more than a friend.

Though he was generally a very bright man, it took him the better part of the hour to even entertain the idea. But surely not! He's not—! But even if he was, not with—! Why did this all have to be so confusing! But why else would he have changed? There really was not other answer. Draco was…gay. And, he was in love with Harry. So, if he really wanted Harry, he would have him!

So that's where it started. At first he actually tried just walking up and talking to him. But that didn't turn out well. Almost got turned into a ferret again, truthfully. Okay, so more slowly. He smiled at him from across the classroom, but that just seemed to confuse him. Okay, try again. So he stood up for him to Crabbe and Goyle, but he still just served to confuse him. Well, dang.

After two weeks, Draco was about to have a fit. Nothing he did seemed to make Harry think anymore of him. This was going to end! So he would tell him how he felt. He walked up to Harry in the hallway.

"Harry, I need to talk to you." He looked almost nervous.

"What do you want Malfoy?" he spit the words back at him.

"Could we possibly go somewhere more…private?" he tried to sound sincere.

"Fine. But this better be good." He looked around hoping someone else saw him leave with platinum haired teen. He followed him down the hallway until he stopped in a shaded little alcove. He still seemed unsure what was happening, and he didn't look like he trusted him. "Okay. Here we are. What do you want?"

"Well. You see I recently…realized that…well…I am…oh what the hell!" he couldn't make the words come out in front of the object of his affection. Well, actions spoke louder than words anyway so, here goes nothing.

He leaned in slowly, making sure to keep eye contact the entire time. The closer he got, the larger Harry's eyes grew larger, but he never pulled away. Draco brought his hand up and placed it on the back of the dark haired boys head. He paused a moment, to watch the reaction in his partners eyes. Seeing no change, he slowly closed the remaining space between them. It was a sweet, soft kiss and took only seconds to end, but said everything. Harry looked at Draco, still seeming confused. So he explained.

"Harry, I like you. A lot. I just, couldn't find the words to say it. So…I decided that actions speak louder than words. Are you okay?" the other boy still hadn't met his eyes. He put his hand under the boys chin, lifting it up to lock his gaze. But he averted his eyes, taking a step back to release the grip of the other in the alcove. Draco's eyes closed, a pained expression clouding his features. 'What have I done?' he fought with himself 'I should have told him before I did something so rash! Now he'll never speak to me again. I have no one to blame but myself, I suppose.' Just then, Harry looked up. A gasp was heard as he looked at Draco. 'No doubt appalled at the sight of me. I practically molested him. Then again, he really didn't try to stop it, so…No! That was not right! I should have asked first! I can't believe I ruined the best thing I ever had before it was even a reality.' He raised his hands to his face, shaking his head slowly, as with a realization.

This time, it was Harry who acted. Draco felt a hand under his chin. He looked up to see Harry looking at him. There was no hate, no disgust. No, he seemed almost…happy? That wasn't right? He just laughed and explained.

"I'm sorry I reacted so badly." Draco moved, as if to speak, so Harry placed a finger on his lips, causing him to keep his mouth shut. "But, I guess…I never really…thought of something like that. But now that I have gotten to process it, it might not be so bad." He smiled at Draco again.

'Wait. It worked? How did that happen? Not that that isn't a good thing, but still. Oh well. Should probably just enjoy it.' With that, he pounced.

He pressed Harry up to the wall, his hands on either side of his head. He came in closer, hungry look filling his eyes. He came in swiftly, kissing him again, but this time more passionately. Just then, a pair could be heard walking down the hallway, calling out Harry's name. As they passed, Harry made to look around the protruding wall to see who they were. Draco, however, was not ready to give up his moment yet. Knowing what would happen if Harry's two best friends saw him like this, he quickly grabbed his lovers arm and pulled him deeper into the shadows.

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