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Harry always wondered why Draco never liked him. It wasn't like he did anything to him. Their parent didn't get along, but that's not cause enough to hate him before they even met! Right? How could anyone be so closed minded? To hold so much disgust for someone you didn't even know! It made no sense!

But he had always hated him, so it was a type of comfortable normal. So, when the insults stopped, Harry actually felt as if he lost something. Then, he stopped insulting his friends?! But he had always hated them! The insults had never stopped. This could not end well.

And the strange behavior only got worse. He would be casually looking around, and catch Draco staring at him. He would get up and leave, but the eyes would follow him. He watched him in class. When he and Harry passed in the hall, Harry caught him looking behind, just to catch another glimpse of the teen. If this didn't end soon, something would have to be done.

Then, just as suddenly as it had begun, the whole ordeal stopped. They never crossed paths in the hallway. He never looked up from his books during class. He even started sitting with his back to Harry during meals. 'And I thought he was acting strange before! If that was strange, this was completely mental!' Harry thought. 'I wonder if I did something wrong? Wait. Why should care? He doesn't like me, so why should I worry about his feelings? Great, now I'm going mad!'

Later that same day, while Harry was on his way to class, he almost literally ran into Draco. The blonde one however didn't even notice Harry. 'He didn't even say anything! Well…that doesn't matter anyway! HE IS NOT MY FRIEND!' As he continued his inner confusion, he noticed that he was alone in. 'Great! Now he's made me late to class!'

The next day, Harry saw Draco walking up to him. 'Wonderful! This is just the way I need to start my day!'

"Hi." Draco tried to sound nice.

"I don't feel like it today Malfoy. Just leave me alone." Harry shot him a look that said he meant business. Then he turned away and didn't look back. But did he stop there, No, of course not, that would be too easy! He caught Harry's eye in class and smiled at him. 'When will it end? None of this makes any sense! He won't stop paying attention to me, and then he forgets I exist. He hates me, and then he wants to talk to me like we were old friends! I don't think I can take much more of this! Make up your damn mind Draco! I mean Malfoy! Wait, why did I call him by his first name? I really am losing it.'

For two solid weeks, Draco's attitude didn't change. He actually seemed like he was trying to be nice to Harry. Not that Harry really understood it. It actually just confused him more. He was about to do something about it, till Draco approached him first.

"Harry, I need to talk to you." 'Wow. He looks nervous. I wonder what trick he's planning.'

"What do you want Malfoy?" he spit the words back at him.

"Could we possibly go somewhere more…private?" Harry was surprised to hear that he actually sounded sincere.

"Fine. But this better be good" Harry gave a quick glance around, 'Well hell. Nobody's here to see me go with him. That's probably not good.' He followed him down a deserted hallway until he stopped in a darkened niche in the wall. The darkness of it made Harry uncomfortable, so he decided to end the entire episode "Okay. Here we are. What do you want?"

"Well. You see I recently…realized that…well…I am…oh what the hell!" it sounded like he couldn't make the words come out. Harry was kind of surprised by this. Draco was normally so sure of himself, but now it seemed as though he was completely unsure of what would happen next.

Just then, Draco started to lean closer to him. He made sure to keep eye contact. 'Wait! Wha—what is he doing? He wouldn't! Oh no!' Harry felt his eyes widen as the other got closer, and closer to his face. Then Draco brought his hand up and placed it Harry's head. He couldn't force himself to move. 'I don't know if I want to move! No! Yes, of course I want to move!' That, however was the exact moment that the last inch of space between the two disappeared. It was soft, and short, over in seconds, but so many feeling were conveyed in it, that Harry found himself speechless. So, he just stared at the floor.

"Harry, I like you. A lot. I just, couldn't find the words to say it. So…I decided that actions speak louder than words. Are you okay?" as he spoke, Draco placed his hand under the darker haired boys chin, lifting it in an attempt to meet his eyes. Harry simply looked away, and stepped back, causing the others grip to be released.

Inside, Harry was having a battle with himself. 'That was nice. Wait? But we're both guys? I'm not…well I didn't think that…well maybe? Oh wow. I'm…gay. And, I think I…like…Draco. But, how? Shouldn't I already know something like that? Well, I guess I should tell him.' As he was about to speak, he saw a pained look cross the older teen's face as he raised his hands to his face, shaking his head slowly. 'Why is he doing that? He thinks I don't like him.' The problem donned on him quickly. 'I have to fix this!'

Harry gently put his hand under his partners chin. He lifted his head and smiled at him. The look on his face was priceless! He looked so adorable when he was confused! 'Wow! I just called another guy adorable.' He laughed at him before explaining.

"I'm sorry I reacted so badly." Draco moved, as if to speak, so Harry placed a finger to his lips, forcing the other boy to keep his mouth shut. "But, I guess…I never really…thought of something like that. But now that I have gotten to process it, it might not be so bad." He smiled again, happy his explanation had gone better than Draco's had. A look crossed Draco's that scared Harry slightly.

Draco pounced on the unsuspecting man in front of him. Harry felt himself being pushed backward, and into the wall. Draco placed his hand on either side of his head. He came toward him quickly, kissing him passionately, deepening it quickly. Then footsteps were heard coming toward them. Someone called out Harry's name, so he pulled away, moving as if to look out and see who it was.

Draco, however, obviously had other ideas. He grabbed his lovers arm and pulled him deeper into the shadows, leaving Ron and Hermione to look for a boy that they would not find. Not for a while anyway.

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