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Chapter 67: Second Chance

"Wow," Steve whispered, as Julie walked out of the house. "Where did you even get that?"

"Jaime," She shrugged, "She buys me things that I don't particularly need. Like formal gowns." He laughed. "Ready?"

"Yeah," He nodded. "Here," He offered her a corsage. She smiled as he slid it on. He stopped. "I guess um, we'll go then."

"Wait!" Elyse and Cal came running outside. "We have to take pictures." Julie rolled her eyes, but her insides were bubbling, this is what prom was supposed to be like.

"Hey, we're here," Taylor jogged across the street followed by Brett. Taylor looked beautiful and subtle in a plain pink cocktail dress and Brett was wearing a normal black tux.

"Sorry," Steve mouthed to her. Julie giggled happily posing for the pictures.

"It's OK," She said softly, "My prom was way low on the pomp and circumstance." He pulled her close and kissed her.

"Ew!" Mikey pointed from Cal's arms and covered his face.

"Sorry, Mike," Steve said. Cal scowled, "You too coach."

"Have fun," Elyse smiled.

"Brett's driving," Taylor said, "You look so pretty Julie." She winked at her, "You're in for a fun night." Julie blushed. It was one thing to think about the fact that she was probably going to sleep with Steve tonight, it was another thing to discuss it with his ex girlfriend.

Jimmy crouched down looking at the bookshelf in his room. His hands ran over the various books and he finally stopped at one his copy of The Tempest. He pulled it out, looking at the inc

Yea, all which it inherit, shall dissolve,
And, like this insubstantial pageant faded,
Leave not a rack behind. We are such stuff
As dreams are made on; and our little life
Is rounded with a sleep.

I love you! Dream big baby. Happy 17th Birthday

Love Julie.

He smiled. It was so characteristic that Julie gave him a book for his seventeenth birthday.

"Hi," Ellie walked in.

"Hey," He said. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm heading out with Tommy and Angie," She said, "I just thought I stop in and say hey, and invite you along."

"Mm," He nodded, "Tempting." She smiled and he kissed her. "But I'll pass today, I told Rick and Cassie I'd take care of Eva tonight while they go grocery shopping." She nodded.

"OK," She whispered. "I'll see you later then. I mean, I can come over right?"

"Of course," He nodded, "I mean you're my girlfriend." She nodded. He felt distant and strange.

"Bye," She whispered walking away.

"Bye," He waved. He landed on his bed and started reading, and then closed it. He walked over to his computer and logged online. He opened his email

I'm sorry. For everything. Things are going to be different when you get back. I promise.

I love you


Later that night euphoric from an evening of full fledged lip lock, Julie whimpered, pressed against a door at the motel where half of Park Street had decided to go post prom. She sighed happily as Steve kissed her neck and ran his hands up her side making the cool satin of her dress cling.

"This dress is so sexy," He whispered and kissed her again. She laughed. "We don't have to go in if you don't want."

"If you think the dress is sexy," She bit her lower lip, "Wait until you see what's under it." He laughed and unlocked the door and kissed her walking over to the bed. He peeled off his tux jacket and then undid the zipper on the back of her dress and it fell down revealing the black lace corset she'd bought over Easter.

"Whoa," He said stunned. She blushed. "Get over here." She crawled over to him and kissed him deeply. They made out for a few more minutes making there way under the covers. "I can't believe this is going to happen." They kissed again and Julie worked Steve's boxers off. They both started to tremble and looked at each other.

"Steve," She said in a meek voice she didn't even know she had, she brushed his hair off his forehead, "Steve-o," He kissed her.

"Cat," He mumbled, "My kitty Cat."

"Make love to me," She whispered. He rolled on top of her softly. "Oh," She whimpered feeling him come inside of her. "Mm," She sighed happily as he moved gently over her. "Do that," She groaned as he kissed her breasts. "Steve."

"Do you like it baby?" He murmured into her neck. She groaned happily. "Tell me you love me," He kissed her.

"I love you," She whimpered. She felt so helpless, but it didn't even matter, Steve would take care of her.

After they lay quietly resting in each others arms and she ran her hand up and down his chest. He lifted her face gently and kissed her, she wrapped her legs around his. They kissed for a bit and then started to giggle.

"What's so funny?" She tried.

"I'm not sure," He said, "I mean besides that you're naked." She smiled and kissed him.

"Get used to it," She said, "We are going to be like this a lot this summer, my friend." He laughed and kissed her. "I love you Steve." She whispered.

"I love you too," He said, "I told you it would be fun." She laughed. "Never leave me again Cat." She kissed him.

"I promise," She whispered, rolling over on top of him.

Brad smiled walking out to the dock at the Rhode Island House. His new boat, the racer that he'd gotten for being oh so good this year was sitting at the end. The Musketeer was painted in perfect red lettering along it.

"Hi," A girl bounced over. He looked at her. "I'm Gabrielle, I live next door. My dad met your brother and he said I should come over. We're in the same grade."

"I'm Brad," He said and shook her hand. She smiled.

"You gonna offer to take me out on that little dingy or what?" She shrugged.

"Excuse me," He raised his eyebrows, "The Musketeer is an instrument of speed a precision."

"Cool name," She smiled, "Where'd it come from?" He laughed. "Are you just a big fan of Dumas?"

"No," He shook his head, "It's a long story, but a good one." She nodded.

"Is there a girl?" She asked.

"There's always a girl." Brad laughed.

"What's she like?" Gabrielle asked sitting on the dock. He smiled, it happens that way when you connect with someone, they just clicked. He sat down next to her. "Gorgeous I'm sure."

"Very," He nodded. "She's confusing and smart and mean, and sweet too."

"Where is she?" She asked.

"She's with someone else," He shrugged. "And I have to live with that."

"So what's going on with you?" Tanya asked lying on Dean's bed him going through his closet. He looked at her. "I'm curious. Do you still love her?"

"Yeah," He nodded. "I do." He sat down next to her. He leaned across and kissed her.

"No," She shook her head and pulled away. "We can't keep doing this. I mean, every summer? Doesn't it seem a little stupid to you?"

"I guess," He sighed. "I'm sorry T."

"It's OK," She shrugged. "Come on, we're on David duty." She popped up.

"My sister has got to get a nanny," He shook his head and stood up. Tanya laughed and they walked down the street and into the other house.

"Uncle Dean!" David came charging downstairs. "Tanya!" He ran over and hugged her.

"Hey buddy!" Tanya said, "I'm sorry, I haven't been around."

"Are you two friends again?" David said.

"Yeah," Dean nodded, "We are friends, best friends. Only without the kissing if that's OK with you." Tanya laughed.

"Better without the kissing," David said.

"That's what we think too," Tanya nodded. "So," She picked him up, "What do you say, we show Uncle Dean what we worked on all winter?" David nodded and ran out into the backyard.

"Whoa," Dean said, "This is seriously cool! Why didn't you show this to me before?" Tanya smiled, as they looked at the net that they'd set up. "Davey, show me you shot little man." He tossed the little boy a toy hockey stick. David smiled.

Scooter sat impatiently in the editors office's waiting room, ready for his first real discussion of Tell Me About The Girl.

"What the hell are you doing here?" He looked up and saw Liam rolling a mail cart.

"I um, am getting my book published," Scooter said. "You?"

"My father owns the company," Liam shrugged, "I'm an intern." Scooter nodded. "How is she?"

"She's good," He said, "In spite of you." Liam laughed. "You really hurt her."

"So did you," Liam said. "It just took you longer."

"Tell me something," Scooter looked at him, "Did you think that she ever really wanted to be with you?" Liam looked back at him, "She was lost and upset and you were there. I'm glad you were there, because it kept her from getting more lost."

"Scott Vanderbilt?" The woman popped her head out. He nodded. "Come on in. Liam, do you know him? He's only a year ahead of you at Yale."

"Yeah, we've met," Liam nodded, "See you around." Scooter nodded.

"Come in," She said. Scooter walked in. "Your manuscript is very good. A little rough, but we can fix that."

"Yeah," He said. "Thanks, look, I know you're only meeting with me as a favor to Logan, um,"

"Claire," She said, "How is Logan?" Scooter looked at her.

"He's good." He nodded. "He's great, actually. How do you know him?"

"Let's just go with I know him," She laughed. "But I read it to do him a favor, I'm meeting with you because you're talented. First of all," She looked at him, "And this is going to be the question most people will ask you," She smiled. "Who is she?"

"In real life?" Scooter asked. Claire nodded. "My girlfriend. Her name is Kelly Riley." Claire nodded.

"Tell me more," She said, he laughed and started telling the story.

To Be Continued...

Coming Soon: Little Rileys Part IV: Little Changes. What will the summer leading up to senior year and senior year itself bring? Will a summer apart bring Julie and Jimmy back together, or will their relationships with Ellie and Steve work out? How will Scooter and Liam working together for the summer work out? What about Brad and Gabrielle? Will the Duncan kids adjust to being Rileys? Will Cassie and Rick adjust to being parents? All that and more! Stay tuned!