After the Feast the first-year Slytherin where taken down to their common room. The prefect told them that all they had to say was 'Pureblood' and the entrance to the common room would appear. The common room was cold, had a green tinge to it. There were no widows but there was black leather furniture, and although it had a fire, burning in the hearth the room seemed cold and unwelcoming.

There was only one door leading off the room and the prefect who had escorted them from the Great Hall explained.

"This is the door to the dorms; you can choose your own room and who you share it with. If somebody already called it then you have either have to hash it out between yourselves or share it understood?" When everybody nodded he continued, "Good, one last thing before I send you to choose your new room, as you may know the rest of the school is biased against us therefore it is natural that the students sorted into Slytherin stick together, okay?"

He then dismissed them and the first years rushed to find the best room that they could. Sam however moved at an idler pace as she thought out the situation with Em.

Hmm do you think that the founders anticipated the lack of thoughtfulness shown by first-year students when picking a room? Asked Em.

What do you mean?

Well if you think about it no first-year would think about their future when picking a room, they would choose the most comfortable but not the most convenient room answered Em.

So how do we pick the most convenient and still be comfortable at the same time? How do you define a convenient room?

I don't know maybe one that is near the exit? And don't castles usually have secret passages?

How do we find a room that has secret passages? How can we detect heat I don't have the right equipment or know a heat detecting spell.

But I can see the different levels of heat coming off an object when I concentrate.

So Sam walked through the door to the dorms and looked up the corridor, it was empty and it appeared as if the first-years had already found rooms further into the maze of corridors.

Sam opened the first door on her left, it was a plain room not unlike hers back at the orphanage. It had a bare minimum of furnishings yet Sam thought that unlike the common room, it felt bright and homey; it had a small fireplace that had a fire burning merrily within it that gave the room a soft glow. Sam thought that it was a beautiful room even though it probably didn't have the upholstery that the other rooms did. Sam tugged at Em's mind and she felt her vision shift and then turned it to detect heat. The room appeared to have only one hidden entrance that was hidden in the wall next to the fireplace. Sam walked over to the hidden door and pushed, nothing happened.

I wonder how we get it to open.

Maybe it's like the entrance to Diagon alley?

Try it.

She took her wand out of her pocket and tapped a random brick on the wall again nothing happened.

I don't know maybe we should just ask it. Said Sam sarcastically


I was kidding

It is a magic school!

Fine but I'll just have you know that I feel stupid.

"Please may you open for me?"

To her astonishment, the stone wall swung inwards at her request, revealing a corridor that led both to the left and the right.

Do you think we can explore tonight?

No Sam we can leave it for another night, you're tiered and I think that you should sleep.

When Sam gave a huge yawn, she had to sheepishly agree. Before she was able to get ready for bed there was a knock at her door and it opened to reveal a man in long black robes that she had seen sitting at the head-table at the feast.

"You are Miss Samantha Evans are you not?"

"Yes, I am"

"I am professor Snape, the Potions Master at this school. More importantly, I am your head of house; as such, you will address me, as accordingly. While you live at Hogwarts, my word is law. Understand?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Good. Here is your timetable you are expected to attend every lesson, Tardiness is frowned upon by this house. As a Slytherin you are expected to uphold the honor of your house and conduct yourself with decorum."

"Yes, Sir."

"In that case I hope that you enjoy your room as it will be yours for the next seven years while you study here." Snape said as he glanced around the room. "As a matter of interest why did you choose this particular room?"

"I don't know Sir I think it has a certain charm."

"Yes is suppose it does." He said indifferently.

Em snorted How nice of him.

What was I suppose to tell him? 'I liked this room because it has a secret passage that I can use to sneak around without getting caught'?

That is the truth Sam.

I know Em but you have to know that we humans don't appreciate the blunt truth that you dragons do Said Sam sarcastically.

I know that Sam I just think that he seems like one of the most secretive of your race.

There is nothing wrong with having secrets Em. Said Sam. We have you I doubt that I will tell anyone about you lightly if at all.

"I will see you in Potions tomorrow Miss Evans."

"Yes sir."


With that the Potions Master left Sam's little bedroom to welcome the rest of the Slytherin first years to Hogwarts.


Sam! SAM!

Sam was out of her bed and on her feet before she knew what was happening.


Sam come out here quickly! Run!

What wrong?

She hastily threw on a robe she had worn to the feat last night and ran out of her new bedroom.

Just get here please Sam I need to show you something!

So Sam immediately raced through the common room and up the corridor after taking one wrong turn Sam became agitated She wanted to get to Em not spend all day finding a way out of this damn castle. So she retraced her steps and took the route back to the Great Hall. Sam stopped when she reached the Entrance Hall. Sam looked around, spotted two large doors, and quickly stepped out into the fresh morning air.

Where are you?

In the forest.

The one that Dumbledore said was forbidden?

I assume so; it's the only forest around.

Oh. Its only my first day and I'm already running towards trouble. Sam commented.

Well how many days did you know me for and I'm absolutely sure that I'm the scariest thing you will find here.

That could be a matter of opinion. You don't seem very scary to me.

Well I could if I wanted to but I choose not to.

How nice of you. Teased Sam.

Sam jogged towards the general direction of Emerald and the forest. She made sure to keep out of line of sight of Hagrid's hut. When she arrived in the fringe of the forest, she stopped and mentally asked Em where she was. Em replied with a series of pictures of paths that Em had seen from flying above.

When Sam locked onto Em's position, she ran full out racing through the underbrush and weaving in and out of the trees that grew there.

It took Sam almost ten minutes of continues running to get to the clearing where Em had said she would wait for her. Sam skidded into the clearing to see Em lounging in the morning sun like a big cat.

Nice of you to join me.

Sam glared at her, panting she pushed her sweaty hair out of her eyes and off of her neck.

"Well it would have been easier if you would have chosen a closer clearing!" Sam retorted aloud once she had regained her breath.

It was then that she noticed something different about Em, along her back at regular intervals where shorts sharp spikes that looked lethal.

Emerald hummed when she saw that Sam had noticed and said.

They will grow longer and sharper. Do you think I'm scary now?


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