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Chapter 4 – Party

A couple of hours later, I was sitting on my bed, thinking about Alexandra. I couldn't stop myself. She was in my every thought. It would have been annoying if I hadn't been enjoying myself so much. I had been through all the possibilities of how she could have broke my gaze and I was coming pretty empty handed. The only plausible thing was that she had a gift for blocking me. So, if she was human, that was probably impossible. If she was a vampire, the theory was acceptable. But there was option number three: maybe she wasn't any of that, she was something alien. It sounds so off base, I know. But hey, vampires exist, so why couldn't any other creatures be walking around?

I looked at the clock. Ten past eleven, time to hit the showers. Just as I was walking in the bathroom, I could hear some girls two floors up arguing about not making it to the party in time. I was wondering if it could be Alexandra, she was at that floor. Ugh, I mentally slapped myself. I had to stop thinking about her. If I got too close, I could do something really stupid and I would have to move again or even worst, I would have to get suspicions out of the way.

When I came back into the room, Chris was on the phone with a friend, trying to remember the key word for some stupid question, so that we could get into the party. I got dresses and sat on the bed, waiting for him to get it over with. At last, he shut his phone and went to take a shower. I went to the mirror trying to do something to my hair so that it wouldn't stick out in every place like it did, with little success. It just grew everywhere and no gel, wax or fixing spray could do anything about it. I just had to live with it. I sounded so much like a girl about my hair. I shouldn't care, but somehow I just couldn't let it be.

I had the same messy hair like my father. Black and running wild. That and the shape of my face, were the only things that I took from him. My eyes had been my mother's, pale blue. My nose, my mouth, the same. Even my tattoo was behind the same finger as hers. Ah well, being all mom had softened me up, I didn't look that scary, so I could blend in more easily. Cheers to that.

Just as I was putting on shoes, Chris came into the room, with a smug smile on his face. I took it to mean that he had remembered the answer to the question. He dresses and we went to meet with some of his friends.

I smiled as he introduced me, even though most of them were idiots. Well, that was something to smile about. Six of them were football players, three were nothing special, just frat brothers with the host and one was Chris' cousin, Tony. He had the same hair, eyes and humor. He and I would get along.

We headed for the house. I could hear the music from the dorms, but it got loud enough for human ears at about 100 yards. There were a lot of people outside. We got to the door, told the guy his stupid word and got in.

The party was in full swing inside. People were dancing all over the place, alone or in groups and the scents were tangled with each other, with smoke, sweat and alcohol. It made my head spin. As I tried to breath normally, I was looking around for none other that Alexandra. She was nowhere in sight. The guys were moving forward now and I followed them, trying not to push someone out of my way with too much strength.

Just as we got into the living room, the DJ turned the music down. I was about to ask what was going on when he said:

"Hey, ladies and gentlemen, we have a special thing going on tonight. Can anyone guess what that it?"

More that half the people shouted "Dance night!"

"That's right, how did you guess? Anyway, for those of you who don't know what's going to happen now, please clear the front of the room so that we can give our ladies here space to do their thing. For those of you who do know what's going on, please take these clueless people out of here, thank you very much."

As people cleared the front of the room, others were coming from the other rooms to watch the show. They were squeezing together and I found myself in the middle of a bunch of girls who were half paying attention to the DJ, half to me. I started to feel weird.

"So, now, please give it up for our three performers tonight: Beck, Sarah and Max!" The crowd started to whistle. Just as three girls, two dressed up in mini-skirts and one in jeans, came in the middle of the floor, each dragging a chair, Chris leaned into me and said "Well, here is your front seat to see Maxwell." As I heard that, I realized that the girl in the middle, the one dressed almost casual, was Alexandra, getting ready to start dancing. I hadn't remembered that a lot of people called her Max, so I hadn't payed attention to the announcement.

She sat down, crossing her legs. Head down, hands on her hips, she waited for the music to start. It did. And when that happen, I couldn't help but stare. All the three minutes the song lasted, I was gawking.

It was hypnotic. Her body was slashing through the air, hands doing sharp movements that matched the rhythm, arching on the chair, making me lose my mind. She moved with such precision and agility, flexing around the chair on the sharp edge if the music. Though all three were doing the same moves, she was the one who clearly made up the choreography. She was moving freely, along the song, totally lost in the beat.

I couldn't make my eyes leave her figure, but my ears picked up on the lyrics of the song. It was hilarious how they matched my inner thoughts.

Your not the type of man to shake my hand, like 'nice to meat ya',

You pull me in and then begin to let your body say:

All is possible, now I know... wowohooh...

At the chorus I had a strange filling going though me. It was lust. I wanted her words to be directed to me. But I was sure more than half of the guys in here were thinking the same thing. I wanted to punch each and every single one of them, just because they were watching the dance and imagining her in their arms.

When we touch, I can feel we've got a chemistry,

Can't get enough, watch ya when you stand so close to me,

I got you, under my skin...

How much I yearned to touch her, she did not know. I wanted to stop the dance, get my hand on her and get the hell out of there. But I had to behave, otherwise half of campus, the male side, was going to be hot on my heels.

As the second chorus was starting, she motioned with her hand a calling for someone in the audience. Her colleagues did the same and three guys appeared in view. The girls went on with their dance, the boys still standing. Then, as it was clearly part of the dance, the girls pushed them in the chairs and hovered over them as the bridge was about to start. Over the music, I could hear them giving instructions so that the routine would be done in two.

You set me off
I can't wait to feel your hands on me
And when we rock
Feels just like the devil's riding me
I've got you, under my skin...

When the bridge started, the boys were sitting straight in the chairs, the girls behind them, their hands on the guy's chests, going down to the waist. They half-stripped them and then walked around the furniture, the guys sitting up, coming to the the girls who were now in front of them, face to the audience, standing still. The males put their hands on their hips and the girls responded by swaying right and left on the rhythm. Then the girls took over, turning to face them, putting one foot around the guys waist and their hands on their shoulders and leaned their heads back in quick a movement to look in the audience.

That was when she looked exactly at me. It clearly wasn't planed, that was just where her gaze went. At first her eyes registered me and then widened an infinitesimal amount. Then she was right back up, back to the routine, her back to me. I wasn't even surprised that she didn't forget to get back up as I told her mind. I decided that was a mystery I would deal with later.

Just as the song was drifting to an end, the guys were back on the chairs, the girls hovering again over them, but from the back. As the singer said the last lyrics, the girls did something that was clearly not in the boys choreography, because of the shock and pleasure on their faces. They had pushed the guys heads to the left, first tracing the line of their neck with their fingers and then with their lips. Then they stood up and turned their backs on the audience and held their hand up and stomped their foot to the beat, just as the song drifted to an end.

The crowd started jeering and clapping, screaming and whistling. Everyone, both genders included, was ecstatic. I was too, my jaw was still dropped. Chris noticed that and began to chuckle.

"I told you you had to see her in real life. God, your face is priceless." He was holding his stomach at that point. "Though, I have to admit, just think about how that dude feels right now. I think that every man in this room, me and you definitely included, would give up a couple of fingers for being in that guy's place. That was a really sexy dance."

"So you mean there were others? This wasn't out of the ordinary?"

"Of course, didn't you see half of the people here knew what was going on? This is kind of a tradition. If it's a cool party, someone does a dance. Max, Beck and Sarah are the best dancers in campus. Their routine is always fresh, songs always cool or new and best of all, they know now to catch an audience. I was once lucky enough to be on the stage last year, and even though I was with Sarah, I was still hypnotized. I can only imagine how the guys who dance with Max feel. Of course, we asked them, but they were lost for words. The only things that ever came up to describe the feeling were 'awesome' , 'cool' , 'amazing' and 'wow'. They couldn't take it any further." He was still smiling as he led me at the bar. "So, what was your impression?"

I thought about it for a sec. "Wow." We both started to laugh. Just then, with my peripheral vision, I saw her. She had come to the bar as well and was looking at the bar attender, smiling. When he asked her what she wanted, her response made me smile too.

"Get me a Coke, my throat is burning!"

Maybe I wasn't so wrong in my guessing. I couldn't help myself, so I went to sit next to her, Chris giving me a raised eyebrow.

"Interesting choice of words."

She turned, surprised, her eyes widening again when she realized who she was looking at.


As soon as the song ended, I needed to get the hell out of there. I was in after shock. I had almost forgot the routine. And all it took was eye contact with that guy from the park, the weird one. He was standing in the middle of the room, surrounded by a lot of my friends, Puff included. Maybe he was his new roommate or something. I heard Jesse had left. I noticed his eyes were steel blue.

I went to the bar, in the kitchen. It was only called a bar because it had a bar attender. Tonight, it was Matt. He was already heated up, his t-shirt nowhere in site, jangling with juice and alcohol bottles. He was trying to impress some bottle blonde bobble-heads so I left him alone to do his thing. A minute latter, he saw me and came to meet me.

"Hey Max, cool dance, sexy and shit. What do you want?"

"Get me a Coke, my throat is burning!"

"Interesting choice of words." I turned only to find myself staring again in those blue eyes. Then it happened. I saw it in my head, just like a movie scene. I was seeing introducing myself to him. But then it stopped and I was back to reality. I blinked 2 times and then turned to look for Matt.

"Yea, whatever." I felt again that beam of heat in my back, like he was staring. Just then, bless him, Matt came with my juice.


"What do you think?" I raised an eyebrow at him.

"Ok. No need to get that tone. Here you go. Have a great night!" he said smiling as he handed me the drink.

"Oh, it will be." I was certain of that.

I took the glass and headed back to my friends. They were everywhere now, dancing, drinking or just chatting with friends. Filling a little too exhausted to dance, I just made my way towards people I knew, talking and joking 'till my glass was empty and needed a refill. I was a little reluctant to back to the bar, not wanting to meet with that guy again, but when I did a quick scan of the room he was nowhere to be seen.

It was hilarious now that I though about it. He had been staring during the dance, his jaw dropped. Well, so were another thirty other guys, but I didn't care about them. But to realize that I was staring at him in the kitchen, that was over the top. Up close, I had to admit he looked a million dollar bucks. I wasn't right about his hair earlier, it was black and messy, glimmering in the dim light of the room. He could make a model jealous. But then why did I feel a shiver down my spine when he spoke to me? Odd. Yea, well that was going to be his description word.

Armed with another glass of Coke, I made it to the middle of the dance floor and started moving to the beat. In the speakers, one of my favorite songs was loud enough to make me unable to hear my own thoughts and all around me, bodies were dancing along with the hypnotizing music. Just as I closed my eyes, I felt two hands grip my hips, picking up on the pace I had settled, and soon I could feel the rest of the owner's body next to mine. I leaned into his chest, letting my head fall back, not opening my eyes. Not caring right then who I was dancing with, as long as I kept moving. His hands wondered on my stomach and I placed my left hand on top of his. That sent a shiver down my spine, but I ignored it. I wasn't judging, instinct had taken over by then.

It happened again. The movie thing. Only now I was seeing myself giving my glass to the stranger. I couldn't see his face. The glass was really getting on my nerves so I actually did gave it to him. He took it and then, in less then 2 seconds, his hand gripped my right, making me do a turn, then settling me back in front of him, my back on his chest.

We kept dancing like that for another 2 songs. I kind of liked it really. He knew how to dance and we didn't get in each other's way. But I had to stop it really soon. The proximity could give him ideas. And plus, I didn't even knew who he was.

I slowly opened my eyes, my eyelids filling heavy, and looked around. I could see Thomas in a corner of the room, staring at us. And then it hit me. The look in his eyes told me he had hoped something was going to happen tonight between me and him and me dancing with who and how I did practically made that hopeless. So the dance did look more private from the outside than it felt from the inside. Just as the song was ending, I turned to meet my partner.

I could say I was surprised, but that wasn't entirely true. Part of me did happen to know that it was him. The blue-eyed model. But the other half of me, the one that didn't know, suddenly felt angry because he was following me everywhere. That part took over as I frowned at him, questioning him with my eyes. I think that it was practically written on my forehead 'What the hell are you doing here?' because he chuckled. He fucking chuckled. I had enough. I turned to go, but he caught my wrist.

"Wait!" I shook him off.

I saw Sarah and went to tell her that I was leaving. She was on the living room couch, next to Jason, of course. She speared me a 2 second glance before returning to him. World gone wild. Was I on the wrong planet or something? Did aliens took over?

I was out the door in less than thirty seconds, hoping he wouldn't follow me again. Yes, that 'he'. I started jogging, not wanting to be alone in the night for too long. As soon as I got in my room, I undressed and got in bed. As I was creeping near unconsciousness, a picture of his eyes came into my mind and I shivered yet again, for what felt like the tenth time that night. Right before sleep took me, I realized that I didn't even know his name. That was my last conscious thought.


I almost did a back flip right there when she didn't immediately turn away from me. The happiness was short lived however, because she did turn seconds later, after staring at me and then blinking as if to clear her head.

"Yea, whatever." she muttered. The guy came with her drink and wished her a good night. "Oh, it will be." She sounded sure of what she was saying.

I was selfish enough to think that maybe she was referring to me. But back to reality, I went back to Chris, who was laughing, as always. "Oh, yea! You impressed her."

"You're funny. Really." I hoped he noted the sarcasm, but since he was laughing louder now, I took it as a yes. "Ok, stop it, it's getting on my nerves!"

"Sorry, mister sensitive." And with that he tried to stop laughing. 'Tried' was the key word.

I took off, leaving him with his own business, wondering where she had gone. I saw her two friends talking with the guys they had danced with. Maybe she was doing the same? I think just then I found out what jealousy meant. It was a wonderful world, you paying your ticket for the best feeling ever. A headache, completed with a nearly irresistible urge to commit murder and an inferiority complex. Just great.

I did start to wonder why I cared so much. Was it because she was a challenge, or was it something else? Could I have feelings for someone with whom I haven't had a serious conversation or haven't been even introduced? I didn't know the answer, as much as I would of liked to.

As I moved around the house, the scents were getting heavier. People were getting on to business, kissing and doing things that should be done in private, instead of the main hallway. The dance floor was packed, the music was loud and people were drunk.

I headed for the dance floor, the most probable place she would be. I was right, she was dancing in the middle of the crowd, staring into space while drinking her soda. I saw my chance.

I walked over to her and placed my hands on her hips. She didn't turn, nor shook me off, so I got closer, pressing my body next to hers. I could feel her body heat, her blood rushing in her veins, her soft skin when she put her hand on top of mine. My other hand got greedy and I was annoyed at her glass. I tried to tell her mentally to give it to me, unsure if it was going to work. My surprise was monumental after she hesitated 2 seconds and then gave it to me. So maybe it just took me a little time to get into her head. I took her soda, put it on the floor and then kicked it with my foot at super speed. I took her now empty hand and turned her once around.

We kept dancing like that for I don't know how much time. I inhaled deeply a couple of times to catch her scent. It was an unusual combination of lemon, sand and lilac. There was something else there, but I couldn't place a name on it. I noticed her eyes were closed, and she kept smiling from time to time, making me wonder about the reason. Trying my hand with my gift a couple of times, I found out that she wasn't immune to it. When I told her mind to turn her head to the right, it did, her foot in front and back, it did. So, simple things worked. Just as I was preparing to make her turn around, she opened her eyes and then turned herself.

The look on her face was full of curiosity, so I figured out she hadn't known with who she was dancing. Then it turned to a frown, when she did realize that it was me bugging her again. The question in her eyes was obvious 'what do you want?'. I couldn't help myself, I laughed at her expression. Her frown deepened and she turned to leave. I caught her wrist but she shook me off. I didn't want to push my luck, so I let her go. I watched as she went to her friend and then, in less then 3o seconds, she was out the front door.

Well, that was that. I had got what I wanted. I met her, she knew I existed, even though I annoyed her. It was a start anyway. I could tell the rest of the night was going to be dull, so I just retreated in a corner, trying to make myself invisible and thinking about the night's events, again my mind full of her.