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A/N: This little story is set directly after the end of Rising.

First Flirting Approach

By kuroima

John stepped out to the balcony and passed the remains of their little party with the Athosians and joined Elizabeth who stood at the railing. "Couldn't sleep either, huh?" she turned her head to him.

"I guess so," she said and smiled at him.

He leaned his back at the railing and rested his arms on it while he watched her. "What's bothering you?" he asked hesitantly.

She looked away for a moment and then let a little sigh escape her lips. "I am awaiting that the devils are crossing the doorstep every moment and send us and this city to hell," she told him revealing her fears to him.

"Don't worry, if they dare to come here I'll kick their firm asses out again," he said jokingly and Elizabeth raised an eyebrow but couldn't stop herself from grinning a bit. "Hey, I was being serious!" John pouted.

"I know," she said still grinning a bit and laid her hand on his arm. "Thank you," he nodded.

"I won't let them ruin this…," he gestured his hand to the city trying to find a suitable word.

"Cool city?" she suggested as she now mirrored his position her hands crossed in front of her and looking at him.

John tilted his head. "Hm, I would either have said fancy but I think that works as well," Elizabeth laughed and John had to smile. "You know, I think I'm really starting to like it here and can live with the fact that this is our new home for god knows how long."

"Why?" she asked curiously.

"This advanced gene thing is promising to be a great advantage. I can make the city do what I want to," she narrowed her eyes suspiciously at him. "I can control the lights, the doors, even this ancient kind of a shower starts when I'm just thinking of it and the jumpers…!" Elizabeth watched with amusement how he lost himself in listing all the things he could do with the ATA gene and seemed like an excited kid waiting to get to the fair. "And for some reason this is bothering McKay and it's fun annoying him with it. I was able to open the locked doors without overriding the code or else to a lab he claimed as his, he tried to shut me out."

"Oh dear, I think you two will give me a constant headache," she sighed overly dramatic.

"But I'm a good looking headache, am I not?" he grinned but then bit his lower lip as he thought that he possibly crossed a line.

"Maybe," she just said and grinned wickedly. Contrary to her action she slapped herself mentally for flirting with him and blamed it on her tiredness.

"Oh come on, you just need to say yes, I know exactly what's on your mind," he kept flirting with her.

"Goodnight, Major," she said with a smile gracing her lips and headed to the doors.

"Goodnight, Dr Weir," he watched her flashing a smile at him before she vanished through the doors. John grinned and decided that he not only liked his new home.