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Warning: Major OOC I think

Note: All of the stories in this fic are and/or will be an AU

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Summary: Basically a collection of short stories/memories.

This actually happened a month ago, probably a few days after my birthday.

One night, when I planned on staying up until 3 in the morning, I snuck out of my room after making sure that my mom was fast asleep, tiptoeing in a way that won't squeak or creak or leak the floor. I turned on the light and entered the kitchen, unaware of what was to happen. Then, I walked up to the lifeline of my life. . . or was it the love of my life? Oh well. It was the big, beautiful, black refrigerator. It held my most precious milk chocolate Hershey's bar with almonds. The taste of the sweet, oh-so-yummy cocoa-nutty delight, all packed into a king size bar twice the size of my hand. And speaking of my hands, they couldn't take it anymore. They flew to the handle of the freezer, flung it open (don't worry, I made sure it the door didn't hit the wall), and frantically searched for the chocolate bar. Finally, I touch something big and rectangular. I grab it and see the word "Hershey's" all over the rectangle. I manically cackle like an evil scientist would and closed the freezer.

My feet pivoted 180 degrees, turning the rest of my body along. What I saw scared the flipping flapjacks out of me. It was my older brother, Itachi, whose face was at least 6 inches away from me. My vocal chords vibrated violently, causing a small yelp to escape from my mouth. Automatically, I threw the bar at his head (what a waste of orgasmic tasting sweets), then landed in his hands. I then jump on him and reach for the chocolate, which he teases me with. We both collapse onto the kitchen floor, playfully wrestling until I sit on top of him. Itachi tries forcing me off of him, but fails. I tell him that I'll get off of him if he gives me the chocolate. He accepts the so-called bribe, so I reach to grab the chocolate out of his hands. All of a sudden, poooooooooooooooot!! The air is filled with a displeasing scent as my ass vibrates Itachi, who then vibrates the floor, which vibrates, the house, which vibrates the street, and basically I'm just turning the world into a vibrator. Itachi yells in disgust while I grab the chocolate from his hand, get up off of him and walk to my room, laughing my head off.

A couple of hours later, I'm on my cell phone with my friend in Minnesota, that place in America. Itachi comes home from somewhere, probably his friend's house, and sees me on the phone. I don't notice this, so I'm still talking to my friend and telling fluffy stories. Then, out of the blue, the home phone rings. After two rings, it stops. My father probably answered it, since he's usually up at 2 in the morning. I pick up the phone anyway, curious about who might be calling. I hear my brother say something about me being on the phone, so I hang up the home phone, and then hung up my cell phone without saying goodbye. I looked out the window and saw the devious Itachi, his cell in his left hand. I shout something vulgar out the window to him and quickly pull the covers over my body, falling fast asleep.

Hehe, wasn't that a lovely memory? Sorry this was so short, but I'll be sure to make long, juicier, and thicker stories than this!

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