(A\N: Hey everybody…yeah, this is a little different than what I usually write. But here's a nice little tribute to Itachi and Shisui (the two Uchihas who never get enough credit for what they've done for those they love, in my opinion). Now, you can take this any way you want. It could be ItaShisui love or just friendship-love. It's up to your interpretation. :) The first one is Shisui's death and his thoughts. The second will be Itachi's death and his thoughts. This will only be a two-shot. Anyway, enjoy!)

Through Glass

It was late when Shisui finally sat down at the edge of the dock. The water lapped at the wooden beams, and he looked down at his shadowed reflection. The only light came from the moon, and it was faint, hidden behind the clouds.

He had taken off his shoes, his toes skimming the cold water. He watched ripples expand and disappear into the dark water, his gaze half-lidded and calm. His arm was still sore from his last mission. He'd been stabbed with a kunai in the upper arm, in the center of his Anbu tattoo.

But the wound had been worth it, even if it had become infected and he'd gone delirious because of the poison for two days. He'd gotten his team out alive, and that was all that mattered.

He'd gotten Itachi out alive.

He laughed softly at the thought, a dry chuckle that erupted from his throat and was swallowed up by the pervading darkness around him. Itachi never seemed to need help. He was always the best, always perfect. And Shisui loved that about him. He was cool, calm, confident…

Itachi had been stabbed through the stomach earlier in the fight and so his reflexes were slowed. He hadn't seen the kunai coming before it was too late to move. But Shisui had. He'd shoved Itachi out of the way and the kunai had sunk into his arm, coated with stinging poison that had made him hiss in pain. But before he'd collapsed he'd seen Itachi kill the man.

"You'll be the death of me one day, Itachi." He'd said it as a joke, his voice weak as his consciousness began fading. And Itachi had gathered him in his arms, looking down with a half-lidded gaze that asked only one question: why?

He'd said the only thing that had come to mind.

"Because you're beautiful."

Shisui's smile widened a bit as he remembered the shocked look on Itachi's face before he'd fallen unconscious. He learned later that Itachi had carried him back the entire way in his arms. And after that…Itachi had avoided him.

It hurt, even if just a little. The wound on his arm…that ache was nothing compared to the throbbing in his chest as he thought of his brother-like friend who he had not seen in a month. He had been ordered by the Uchiha Clan to watch Itachi…but if Itachi did not want to be seen than he could not be seen. Shisui knew that better than anyone. And at the moment, Itachi seemed to want nothing to do with him.

But Shisui knew that he would come for him soon. He'd been at the Clan meeting when Fugaku had shown Itachi the scroll. It was simple, they'd both realized what it had entailed. Only an idiot couldn't see it.

And it hurt…because Shisui knew that Itachi would go through with it without remorse. He would not think twice to gain that kind of power.

And Shisui couldn't do it…because he loved Itachi too much to even think of it.

He heard a soft rustling in the trees behind him and sighed, his heart feeling lighter at the sound of soft footsteps. The footsteps echoed against the wood, and he merely closed his eyes as they drew closer.

You came…Itachi…Shisui thought silently, before looking back down at the water. Behind him was Itachi, his blood red eyes glinting in the darkness, reflected in the inky-black water.

He didn't move; his gaze was understanding and a bit sad, but nothing more. He merely gave a tired, soft smile and knew that Itachi saw it.

"I told you that you'd be the death of me." Shisui said cheerfully, but his voice lacked conviction.


"Do you think that with the Mangekyou Sharingan you can finally kill our clan?" Shisui finally asked after a moment of tense silence. Itachi's eyes widened a bit in shock, and then he lunged forward, sending them both into the water.

Shisui let out a gasp as the frigidity of the water hit him. He gave no resistance however, didn't fight as his back hit the muddy bed of the lake. The cold mud slipped into his clothing, coating him in thick sludge. They'd been at a relatively shallow area, however. Itachi was above the water, holding him down, his hands on Shisui's shoulders.

Shisui could just see Itachi through the murky water. His face was distorted, as if Shisui was looking through glass. It was smeared and soft around the edges, and his ruby eyes glinted with the same intensity only they seemed softer now…gentler…

But he saw the question in his eyes—you could always tell what Itachi was thinking through his eyes, no matter what anyone else thought: Why? Why, if Shisui had known about Itachi's plans to kill the Uchiha Clan, did he not stop him or warn them? Why, if he knew that Itachi had come to kill him, did he not fight him? Why did he lie there, motionless and unresponsive? Or maybe the question was more broad than that, filled with more pain…maybe he was asking why he had to do this in the first place. Why was fate so cruel that he had to choose between his family and his village? Why did he have to kill his best friend? Why would he have to kill the mother who loved him, and the brother that he loved more than anything?

Shisui smiled softly, as the mud around him cleared and he could see Itachi's face clearly through the water. His face was so close…Shisui guessed he could lift his head and brush his lips against Itachi's if he tried.

But he merely mouthed his answer, bubbles erupting from his mouth, the last of his air.

"Because you were beautiful."

Because I love you.

And then there was nothing, just like on the mission. Only Itachi's eyes hadn't widened before Shisui had fallen into darkness. They had burned brighter than before, swirling and changing and becoming the power that Itachi wanted and craved so badly.

He wondered if anyone would think it strange that he'd taken off his shoes before 'drowning himself'. He wondered if anyone would care at all. And then he wondered why he cared, because the only person he had ever loved had just killed him, and he was strangely happy. Itachi had what he wanted, and he had been the one to give it to him.

That was enough for him.

It had always been enough.