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Melancholy in Threes

A Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu fanfic by Fatherz


Nothing felt out of the ordinary for me when I first stepped into senior high school. To be honest though, my belief in the extraordinary was long since dispelled. Perhaps it started when I never believed in Santa Claus? In any case, my belief in the existence aliens, time-travelers, espers, and other such paranormal beings also withered away with age. Reality and the laws of physics were so hard to go against. I've consigned myself to the impossibility of their existence and surrendered to the life of normality.

It was not so surprising then to expect an uneventful school term in North High. North High, by the way, is the local high school I got myself in. It was quite unfortunate that said school is situated on top of a steep hill, which I would probably traverse for the next three years of my life. Depressing indeed but quite a normal, if a bit inconvenient, situation in the grand scheme of things.

School started with the mandatory entrance ceremony with the mandatory school official making the mandatory long winded speech that put the entire auditorium to a mandatory involuntary slumber. I promise this would be the last time I made judicious use of the word "mandatory". By the way, some of those students with half-lidded eyes and full blown yawns on their faces either came from my former junior high, or are friends of mine. Again, no surprise in the normality there.

Soon the ceremony ended and the entire student body proceeded to their respective classrooms with my room being class 1-5. Upon entering the room, I recognized a couple of faces from my middle school days. One such person waved me over to sit in the adjacent chair, to which I complied. It was surprising to find such person of high academic caliber attending this school, but I guess I was also relieved to have a familiar face around. Before I can open my mouth to catch up on old times, the homeroom teacher entered the room.

Like any usual first homeroom meeting of the school term, the homeroom teacher, Okabe-sensei, began his self-introduction with a smile plastered to his face. He went on some drivel about handball, which I didn't bother listening to. Then came the obligatory "introduce-yourself-to-the-class" routine. In a break from tradition, which hardly registered in my mind, Okabe-sensei asked the person in my right hand side at the front row to begin first. The introduction then proceeded to the person beside the first one, and when it reached the end of the row, it would then be the turn of the next row. The procedure basically zig-zagged across the room until it reach the last person in the back row.

Introductions were pretty much mundane, with my new classmates announcing names, their old schools, and other trivial stuff. A few injected a bit of spice in their introduction, while others that tried and failed to lift the atmosphere. In any case, I decided for a short, concise greeting, preferably without having myself embarrassed in front of class. It doesn't really matter if said introduction would probably have the entire classroom not remember my name for the next couple of months. Having finished the necessary procedure, I sat myself down and glanced at the person beside me, who decided to slightly mirror my introduction.

"Same thing... I came from the same middle school."

Having known this person in my last year of middle school, I sat in silence throughout all this, since there wasn't a point to the redundancy of learning these tidbits. Still, I kept an eye on my seatmate as SHE continued with HER introduction. You heard me, this person sitting beside me, whom I've known for the better part of last year, is a girl.

"My name is Sasaki. I hope we'll all get along very well this year."

She ended her short introduction with a slight bow. The introduction itself was perhaps a bit rude for not having her family name mentioned. Then again, the teacher probably has a student list with complete names of class 1-5 stashed on top of the desk. What was the point of these introductions if all the teacher would bother learning about us is a student's name anyway? In any case, it seems Okabe-sensei didn't care much for that and called for the next person. I took this time to chat with Sasaki for a bit.

I tilted my head towards her with a casual smile that she was perhaps already familiar with.

"We're in the same class again."

She propped her chin atop of her hand with a haughty expression etched on her face. Nothing has changed of her demeanor since I last saw her.

"So this is how it is. I'm very relieved."

As introductions proceeded to the rest of the class, Sasaki and I engaged in conversation on topics ranging from what we both did after graduating middle school to why we ended up in North High. I had some high expectations that she would've chosen a private high school. I guess I assumed wrong.

Everything up to this point more or less held a sense of regularity. Though it was surprising to see Sasaki in this school, the initial shock value subsided rather quickly when reason was applied to her presence here. Apparently, her parents allowed Sasaki the freedom to choose which high school she wanted to enter, which is more than I can say about my parent's faith in my academic pursuits. They've hinted to me quite a bit about attending cram school, but I digress. With Sasaki's studious approach on her studies and her intellect, I'm sure it wouldn't matter which high school she would come from; she'd be able to get in those universities with high academic standards.

As our conversation moved on to more esoteric subjects, I happened to catch a glimpse of Okabe-sensei giving the two of us a reproachful look. It seems that introductions haven't finished yet and the teacher expected us to at least have the courtesy of listening to the other students. My face flushed in embarrassment at that, and quite a few male students were glancing in my direction as well. What? Is there something on my face?

Anyway, I made eye contact with Sasaki and, although I possessed no latent telepathic abilities, she understood my intention. It seemed our conversation would have to be postponed for a while, to resume perhaps either after everyone was done with introductions or at lunch time, whichever time was more convenient.

By this time, the routine introduction eventually ended up at the person behind me. Now, I cannot stress enough how things, so far, were very ordinary. This includes the opening statement of a girl's voice behind me.

"My name is Suzumiya Haruhi. I graduated from East Junior High."

So far so good, I guess. My eyes were fixed towards the front of the room in the direction where the teacher sat. Still embarrassed by the silent reprimand Okabe-sensei gave, I decided to avoid his gaze for a while and glanced at the girl behind me in the middle of her introductions.

The girl in question, with long black hair framing a cute face, had a determined look on her. She seemed like any regular beauty, albeit more serious and self-assured than any girl her age. She's a bit like Sasaki, in some respect, though the comparison felt weak with her as my only basis. But I'm quite sure of this, while Sasaki kept her confidence in a somewhat aloof demeanor, Suzumiya Haruhi seemed like a girl who doesn't care to show her attitude to the world.

This may be the last time I'd get to say this, but it never once entered my head that Suzumiya Haruhi was anything out of the ordinary. Until she uttered those next words, that is.

"I don't have interest in ordinary people. If anyone here is an alien, time traveler, slider, or esper, please come see me! That is all."

And that's when all my preconceived notions of what is commonplace shattered.

Ladies and gentlemen, reality has left the building.

End Prologue

Author's Notes: This fic was inspired from a comic panel pic depicting Sasaki sitting behind Kyon instead of Haruhi, which I used the conversation in it as material. Kudos to 'Kyouko' for the original plot and 'Pansy Fujiwara' for making that pic. You can find said pic in the SOS-dan wiki.

Of course, I realized that Sasaki in that situation alone would be kinda boring, I guess. So I took liberties in changing the situation a bit. Haruhi and Sasaki... in the same school as Kyon. Early conflict much? Oh well, let the games begin.