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What Love Is

Jesse opened a sleepy eye to observe the ceiling with little to no interest. He did observe the shadows on it, though, easily reaching the conclusion it was morning by the fact they even existed.

The night had passed quite fast and dreamless – the way he liked it. Well, there had been that little… incident with Jaden.

His lips formed a smile at the thought. He still couldn't believe how idiotic his friend could sound from time to time. Seriously, what kind of excuse had that been!?

Soft snoring sounds were coming from the bed beneath him and he didn't even have to look down to know the brunette was still asleep. It wasn't so surprising, anyway – the main reason the other skipped so many classes was because he was too lazy to get up in the morning. Oh, how he wanted to just spent all day in the bed just like that, too. But…

'If I started slacking they'd sent me back to North…'

It took that little to ruin his mood and he pushed himself up on his elbows with a dark look in his eyes.

'No way am I letting that happen!'

He rolled softly to the edge of the bed and peered down.

"Hay Jay, time to get up," His sleepy voice didn't seam to have any effect, though… The other only snored louder spread across his bed with a hand on his stomach. How could he be such a sound sleeper, anyway?

Suddenly a light bulb shone above Jesse's head and his pout was replaced by a wicked grin. He slowly made his way own, careful not to wake him… though that was hardly possible. Bending over next to the bed he whispered right into the other's ear:

"Rise and shine, Jay."

The warm breath hitting his ear made the Slifer stir and the soft chuckle that followed made him open his sleepy eyes. It took him a second to realize he was awake and then…


He had pushed himself back to the other side of the bed and was desperately trying to find a way to pass the wall that got in his way. Seriously, could the bluenette get any closer!? It wasn't even night, if he blushed it's be easily spotted!

"What's up, pal, I was just waking you up," That small trademark smile braced his lips as he straightened himself up and looked at Jaden in all his morning glory.

And it wasn't that he looked bad. No, not t all. His hair was just a little bit more messy and the baggy rainbow covered nightwear looked better on him that it would on anyone else – and he meant anyone! Only Jesse could be in something so cute and make it look handsome!

"Oh…" The Slifer blinked a couple of times, trying not to stare but that proved a little difficult. Scratch that it was TOO difficult.

"Well, you better get up and ready, remember what Crawler said? It's almost noon, anyway."

"Ah, right, what Crawler said…" He felt both relieved and disappointed when the other moved away. Wait… "What did Crawler say, again?"

"You slept trough that, too?" The bluenette chuckled lightly. "There's some kind of event today, I didn't get what exactly it's going to be, but it's good to be there, you know?"

"Oh, sure." Jaden was finally tarting to calm down, allowing himself to roll down on the bed and to stare at Jesse's back with a dreamy look on his face now that the other one didn't see him.

"I'm going to wash up," He said, before collecting the last particle of clothing from the pile on the ground and moving to the door. "Be back in a minute."

The only thing Jaden was able to say back was a soft "Mmm…" before the door closed, leaving him alone in the room. Well that wasn't that bad now, was it? At least Jesse wouldn't realize him staring or spacing out.

And, seriously, there were times when Jaden just felt like banging his head in the wall for how stupidly he reacted. What was he doing, anyway? He wasn't supposed to be so jumpy around Jesse, they were best friends! It would get suspicious, disturbing and the bluenette would start asking questions that he had no idea how to answer! Why had he given the idea about this sleepover, anyway!? …

Oh, who was he kidding? He missed Jesse already. The other hadn't been away for even a minute and Jaden already wanted to see him again, that was why. This was so strange, so unlike anything that he had felt before. It was like he could spent his life just staring at the Obelisk and he would be happy – SO happy – with it. But how was he supposed to put it into words? He couldn't even explain it himself.

Sure, he had had crushes on different people before, but it had never been anything like this. It felt like so much more.

He would be miserable if he didn't see Jesse at least once a day, yet he always ended up doing something stupid around the other. His friends didn't seem to notice, but he was more afraid weather the bluenette would notice.

He didn't want him to notice. He couldn't have him noticing. How was he supposed to explain it? He couldn't put his own mind in order, not to mention his words and-


Brown eyes snapped open to see Jesse standing next to his bed fully dressed in his usual clothes, putting his duel disk on his left hand.

"I didn't leave you to go to sleep again. Come on, Jay, you don't want them to send me back to North, do you?" He pouted lightly, but seamed caught off guard from what happened next.

"W-WHAT!? NO! They wouldn't!"

Jaden all but shrieked, almost jumping out of his bed suddenly fully awake and wide eyes with panic written all over his face.

"They can't send you all the way back there just for missing an event!"

It was almost like his heart shrunk at the very thought of Jesse being so far. He wouldn't allow that to happen, he never would.

"Well I don't really know, actually… But they might just as well do."

With that said the Slifer dashed to collect his clothes and started throwing anything off the pile when something struck him.

"Oh! Hassleberry's doing my laundry and he still hadn't gotten my clothes back!" He slapped his forehead. "I don't have anything to put on under my jacket!"

Although the thought of the other shirtless kind of drove Jesse's attention, he decided not to let those images control him and give a hand.

"Hay, I can give you something if you want."

"Huh? You sure that's alright?" Jaden looked back at him in an uncertain manner.

"Sure, partner, it's no sweat! Just wait 'till I go and fetch it!" Oh, and did he have something to give Jaden…


"J-Jesse…" Came the hesitant voice of the smaller boy. "Did you really use to wear this!?"

He had to suppress a chuckle at the question. Oh, was he gong to enjoy seeing the brunette in the shirt he gave him…

"Yeah, a little while back I did. It was one of my favorite shirts, too!"

Though shirt was just not the right word…

Jaden finally turned around looking uncertainly at the other in his usual jeans and red Slifer jacket and the most unusual particle of clothing he had ever put on himself – a colorful top that hardly reached down enough to cover half of his stomach, murging from red trough every color and variation of the rainbow hues, to blue at the bottom. And as if that wasn't mortifying enough it was a little tight and followed every curve of his body.

And as if it wasn't bad enough by itself, Jesse seamed to be staring at him… strangely…

"Uh, Jess, why are you looking at me like that…?"

"Hmm? How am I looking? Oh, nevermind, let's just go!"

Before he could do anything the other had just grabbed his hand and dragged him out of the room. It was then that the brunette realized that probably everyone in the entire Duel Academy was going to see him like that and started regretting the day before it even really started…