Note from the author!

My god. I can't believe I abandoned Inheritance for as long as I did! Merlin.

Yet, I'm sure that many of you understand why I did. There are just so many things wrong that I can't help but flush in shame whenever I think of it. It's poorly planned and poorly written; it is not something I would like to be caught dead with, but, there you go. I'm keeping it up as a reminder to myself as how I am not supposed to write. But I've gotten over my writer's block (for now) and am up and ready to write some more!

However, the new version of Inheritance, called 'The Perfect Beast', has some distinct details varying from it's predecessor. And it is those that many of you may not appreciate; such as, in the new version, Harry does not show signs of becoming ultra-super Evil. At least, I hope he doesn't seem that way, for I do not plan for him to walk such a road. As well, he does not go out and start hating Dumbledore. Or thinking that he is manipulative. Too often lately have I noticed that many, many, many people rely on a Manipulative!Dumbledore to push their Harry into darkness. I decided that I wanted my Harry to fall not from his distrust for a certain Headmaster, but from his own qualities and experiences. He also does not get some mysterious, weird inheritance from some random family names in his Ancestry test. I can't recall why, exactly, I threw those in there, and I have no desire for them to continue their role in my story. I'm sorry if that disappoints some of you.

In general, however, I'm pretty confident that The Perfect Beast has a much better quality to it than Inheritance. Hopefully those who decide to go on to The Perfect Beast agree!~

My apologies to everyone that reviewed, added this to their favorites and/or to their Alert list. If you are, indeed, in the forgiving mood, I will send you a thousand and one galleons to your Gringotts Vault via Muggle check. (No, it's not bribery, it's only... showing gratitude.)

And a humongous Thank You to all those who reviewed! Woohoo! I know you've all probably forgotten about this story, but still, I haven't forgotten you!