Yay, my second Torchwood fic!

This is an idea that wouldn't leave me alone so I had to write it.

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The Death Note Discovery

The huge circular entrance opened and in stepped Owen as he strode into work late, again. He didn't care, what was the worse his boss could do? Kill him? He was already dead. Fire him? He was needed too much. Retcon him? Ha, that would just be doing him a favour, but of course that wouldn't work either.

"Good morning." Toshiko greeted him as she glanced up from the book that she and Gwen were studying as they stood at her workstation.

"Remind me what's so good about it." Owen's rhetorical demand oozed sarcasm as he approached the two women.

"Okay Tosh, this is the last page with names on." Gwen handed over the book and the technical expert was quick to type the names displayed onto her keyboard.

"What's going on?" Owen asked curiously as he watched them both at work.

"Ianto found this note book on his way to work this morning." Gwen began to explain as she watched the names being prepared on the computer ready for the search to begin. "We're investigating its claims before we inform Jack of the discovery."

"What claims?" The book was snatched from Toshiko's hands as she pressed enter to start her search, and Owen began to flick through the pages before he returned back to the front of the book to start reading the list of rules out loud. "The human whose name is written in this note shall die." He murmured the rest quietly under his breath, - not that he had any, - before he glance back up. "Congratulations, you've found a book that belongs to an Emo."

"Better safe than sorry."

Owen turned and glared at Ianto stood behind him holding a tray of four coffees. "It's a notebook; it can't seriously kill anyone, so stop thinking that you've found some excitement in that boring life of yours."

"I wouldn't be so sure about that." Toshiko announced as the first wave of names on her search began to appear on screen with the information she'd been seeking.

"Oh my god!" Gwen gasped as she covered her mouth with her hand from seeing the confirmation of the deaths of the people whose names had been written in the book.

The tray of drinks was placed beside the fruit bowl on the workstation and Ianto left swiftly. "I'll go and get Jack."

"That proves nothing." Owen snorted cynically. "You've clearly just got a notebook belonging to some geek, - a rather sick geek I'll give you that, - who likes to keep note of people's deaths."

"So you don't think that it came through the rift?" Gwen asked, it was usually herself who was the sceptical one.

"No I don't."

"Then it's a good thing we listen to Jack and not you." Toshiko shot back as she typed away to find out if they were any links or similarities between the deaths. "But it would be a good idea to carry out more tests."

"So are you agreeing with me about this nonsense?"

"No." Toshiko replied feebly to Owen's question.

There was silence as Owen just stared at his colleague typing away as fast as she could manage; her cheeks flushed slightly giving away the fact that she too was a little bit sceptical. It wasn't very often that someone showed even the tiniest bit of interest or agreed with him since he'd died, though that didn't seem to deter Toshiko's feelings for him that he'd been ignoring all these years.

"What's this I hear about a killer notebook?" Jack laughed as he came down from his office, Ianto following in his wake.

"A killer's notebook more like." Owen sighed as he reached across for one of his colleague's pens. "I'll prove it." He clicked the pen and began to write in the book.

"What are you doing?!" Gwen asked horrified as she watched Owen click the pen once he'd finished and then snapped the book closed.

"Carrying out further tests." Owen stated smugly as the rest of the team stared at him demanding answers. "Since we know that our 'beloved' captain can't 'pass away', I've entered his name into the notebook. Once the forty seconds the book claims that it needs are over for the death to occur, then we should see him die and come back to life, proving the book can kill. If nothing happens then we know that I'm right after all, and this is just some sicko's joke."

"That won't work Owen." An amused smile was present on Jack's face.

"Why not?"

"Its not his real name." Toshiko confirmed the fact that she knew would be the flaw in her colleague's test.

"Of course." Owen gave a heavy and frustrated sigh, why hadn't he thought of that? "Time for test B." He opened the book and scribbled another name before snapping it shut again.

"Now what have you done?" Jack demanded in an irritated tone.

"To prove my point that this thing doesn't work, I've written another name down." A sly smile crept on Owen's face. "And since I'm already dead, I had only three choices to choose from. It could be anyone of you lot." He glanced from the man behind Jack to the two women next to him.

"You sick, twisted, evil, spiteful little fuck!" Gwen screamed in distraught.

"Why Owen?" There were tears in Toshiko's eyes. "What if you're wrong?"

"Don't worry Tosh, you and Gwen will be fine, we all know that I'm the one whose name he wrote." Ianto spoke calmly as he consulted his stopwatch.

Owen's face bore a disgusted look. "You could die any second now, and you're timing it?"

"Collecting data, that's what I do." Still Ianto looked at the hands of his stopwatch as they ticked each second away.

Jack glanced at each of his team in turn fearful of the outcome of losing one of them. His eyes angrily narrowed on Owen. "If any of them die, I'll …"

"You'll what? Kill me?" He laughed in response as he broke across the captain's words. "I'm already dead Jack; I have nothing left to fear!"

"There's always something left to fear." Jack assured him in a heated, hateful manner.

"Its okay Jack, time's up and we're all still here." The stopwatch was held up to confirm that the forty seconds required by the book had past. A frown appeared on the young Welshman's face. "Looks like Owen was right, the book is merely nothing more than someone's notes."

"Oh thank god for that!" Jack sighed heavily as he reached out and pulled Ianto closer to him.

"Don't you do anything like that ever again!" Gwen lashed out and shoved Owen so hard that he staggered several paces backwards.

"Calm down Gwen, he's proved his point now let's forget about it." Toshiko came to his defence.

Owen nodded his head in agreement with what the technical expert had said, as he gulped back the lump in his throat. What could Jack have meant by 'there's always something left to fear'? His stomach also began to twist with the thought of the reactions he'd seen his team mates show just a few moments ago. Did they really deserve to have been played with like that?

The phone in Jack's office began to ring. He let go of Ianto in order to go and answer the call, leaving the other four in huge silence space. Ianto watched him leave before he returned back to the tray of coffees that had been placed down.

"Just for the record, I didn't write your name in the book." Owen spoke out as he watched the other man return to his chore. "In fact, I didn't write any of your names in the book, only Jack's the first time and … it doesn't matter, but the point is that I wouldn't be so stupid and careless to have forfeited any of you like that."

"Are you saying that you care about us and that you did have doubts about the book all along?" Toshiko asked smugly as she folded her arms.

"Maybe." Owen nodded and avoided the gazes from all three of them.

"Then whose name did you write?" Gwen voiced what they all wanted to know.

There was the sound of flapping wings inside the hub. Ianto looked up expecting to see Myfanwy returning from her flight but there was no sign of the pteranodon. What he did see though caused him to drop the tray of drinks from being easily startled.

"Doesn't matter; let's just lock the book away …" Owen stopped at hearing the sound of the mugs crashing to the ground and his view joined his colleague's.

A hand was raised as Toshiko managed to muffle the noise that tried to escape her.

"Shit!" Gwen gasped as her view joined the others'.

"Okay kiddies, I have some news to share." Jack cheerily shouted out as he rejoined the group. "I've just got off the phone with Martha and ….." He stopped at seeing his four team members all staring into the same empty spot in the middle of them.

Slowly Toshiko moved to grab a shiny red apple from her fruit bowl and threw it towards the spot they were all staring at. The apple appeared to float in midair before it was devoured completely in three bites by an invisible being.

"What's going on here?" Jack gave a nervous laugh as he asked the question.

"Here, you might want to hold this." Owen threw the notebook towards his captain.

Jack caught the book and almost instantly he was now able to see the Shinigami that had entered the hub. It hovered just inches above the ground and towered over them at eight feet tall, humanoid in form with black leather wings, face pale that was almost white in colour and bore a huge toothy grin with its eyes staring at him. "Oh fuck!"


Should it stay as a one-shot or is it worth continuing into something more?

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