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A sweet fragrance wafted through the open window. A gentle breeze ruffled ebony locks and fluttered against closed eyes, the color of the purest amethyst. The cat-like ears perched upon the head of the teenaged boy were relaxed, even slumped a bit and the tail swished a bit, not in unpleasantness, but in laziness.

"Soubi, where are you?" a gentle voice asked the air surrounding him. Of course, Ritsuka knew where the blonde Fighter was. He was with his Sacrifice, off somewhere, fighting some pointless battle. Seimei, Ritsuka's brother, had returned and Ritsuka couldn't have been more happier and, at the same time, more confused. His thoughts had raced around the notion of his brother not being dead for almost a month. Of course, having Seimei back meant no more beatings for him and his mother had become more stable. But it also meant that Soubi had to return to the side of his Beloved Sacrifice. As was expected of him.

"Ritsuka, you'll catch a cold and we don't want that, do we?!" a voice from the bed roused him from his reverie. The voice belonged to Nisei, Ritsuka's Loveless fighter. It was another thing that he wasn't sure that he needed to thank his brother, or hate him for it. Sure, Ritsuka and Nisei had taken to a connection almost immediately, a connection that steamed from sharing the same name and being accepted by your own mate, not a borrowed or ordered one.

Ritsuka turned from the window and opened his eyes. "Nisei, do you think they're all right? I don't feel anything from any of them. Do you?"

Nisei, sprawled on the bed, looked at his Sacrifice and stood up. He embraced the boy and told him in a sweet voice: "Don't worry Ritsuka. They'll be all right. They are the strongest team there is"

The boy just nodded and leaned into the embrace. It was warm and comforting. Almost like the hugs that Ritsuka used to share with Soubi.

At first, when Seimei had appeared again, accompanied by Nisei, neither Ritsuka, nor Soubi trusted the black-haired Fighter. But after a few talks and, on Ritsuk's part, many sleepless nights, they had agreed to try and be partners. And, unlike Soubi, who was demanding in a battle, Nisei listened to Ritsuka's words. And, above all, did not make promises he couldn't keep.

For many nights. Ritsuka had cried for his shattered heart, only to wake up to gentle arms embracing him and dark hair obscuring his vision, instead of blond.

That did not mean that either of them had forgotten about their first loves. They were anxious when the Beloved pair had to battle but, deep inside, they knew it was more a form of concern for a best friend than a would-be lover.

Nisei dropped a kiss on Ritsuka's forehead and, taking him in his arms, he put him to bed. That night, Ritsuka needed to know that Loveless did not mean different from Beloved, that Loveless could find love.