OK peeps this is a really silly idea of mine that flitted though my head hile i was laying carpet with me dad at my new house, Strange time for a story idea but here tell me what ya think. Remember if you cant say anything nice DONT SAY IT.

Summery: Abby is poorly but came to work anyway. Gibbs notices and decided to try and make her all better.

Disclaimer: Sadly i dont own abby or gibbs (cries).

Comfort and fluff.

Gibbs pressed the botton on the elevator controler to take him down to Abby's lab. She was working on an important set of result and he had decided to go down and see what was taking so long. As he stepped into the lab he noticed it was rather quieter then normal, as Abby's normal music was not booming around the room. The room was also rather dark and the pc screen was flashing with its screen saver. The only sign that Abby was even in the room was the dark shadow leaning across her desk, its back rising a falling steadily.

"Abby?" he muttered as he stepped beside the sadow.

Flipping on a near by lamp he saw it was indeed Abby, a fast asleep Abby, asleep ontop pf the finished reports he was after. Smiling softly (a sight he never would let most of his team see) he place a hand on her back rubbing it softly, before frowning at the unatureal heat coming from her.

"Abby?" he says it a little louder this time, startling her slightly into wakfullnesss.

She sat up startled, and started typing madly at her computer, trying to act as if nothing had happened.

"Are you ok abs?" It was softly asked.

"Sure. Just closing my eyes for a couple of seconds. I didnt no you were there thats all." She knew she was lieing and he knew it.

"abs, you always know when i come in. You really should go home."

"Im fine gibbs. Need to finish these reports..." She was cut off by a nasty cough that lasted a few minuets with Gibbs rubbing her back.

"Abby your sick." Gibbs stated as she leaned back in her chair.

"nu uh im not."

"look at me Abby." Abby tried to ignore the command, but gibbs simply spun round her chair forcing her to look at him. Placing his hand on her head, he swore.

"Abs ypu have a tempreture, get your coat im taking you home."

"Gibbs, IM FINE. Hounestly."

"Abby," Gibbs looked at her sternly "i am taking you home and putting you to bed AND.. "he spoke louder to cut off her protests "im taking care of you."

It was a sign of how ill she was that she didint protest as he helped her with her coat or as he drove her home with his strange, very un abby, music playing softly.

She was alsleep by the time they got to her place. So removing her belt, collar, cuffs and shoes he eased her into the bed, making sure to tuck her in before sitting on the adge, kissing her head softly and stroking her hair. He was secretly delighted as she snuggled against his hand and pulled her hippo closer.

"Gibbs.." she murmered in her sleep.

Smiling he leaned against the headboard and drifted off himself, his hand tight around hers.

A/N: im sorry if the carectors are a little oc, but u have to admit this is so cute and i want abbs hippo

Abby: You cant have it. My Hippo.

ME: yikes wered you come from.

Abby: I just needed a caffine boast. NOw im off to lock Gibbs in a cuboard. Cya

Me Shakes head: wiered.