Code Name Angel




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"Colonel, we have new orders from London." Sergeant James Kinchloe said coming up through the tunnel entrance below his bunk bed. "They want us to get an operative out of Düsseldorf and back to London. Her code name is Angel."

"Ok…wait, back to London?" Colonel Robert Hogan queried with a puzzled look on his face, as he turned around to look at his radioman.

"Yes, sir, she's a British undercover agent, who was dropped in several months ago for a special assignment. Apparently her cover is in danger. They want her back in England as quickly as possible, and it's coded as a double red." Kinch handed the details to the Colonel.

Carter whistled, "That means we are already late on it."

"Do we know what her assignment was mon Colonel?" LeBeau asked stirring the pot he was cooking dinner in.

"No, it doesn't say. Just that she's a valuable operative, and we're ordered to retrieve her at all cost." Hogan's face showed he was trying to work out the details of retrieving the operative. Klink had doubled the guards, outside the fence, two days ago after Olsen's attempted escape. He went out the wire to act as a diversion, while they got four men into the veterinarian's truck.

"How are we going to get out of camp to get her, Colonel? Klink has us sewed up tight right now." Newkirk questioned blowing smoke out of his nose.

"Yeah Colonel, Schnitzer was just here, so he can't come back this soon." Kinch threw out as he poured himself a cup of warm coffee. He was chilled from being in the tunnel for a couple of hours.

"Can someone in the underground pick her up in Düsseldorf, and then bring her to us?" Carter inquired.

"Carter, that's a real possibility. Kinch, contact the underground and see if they can help, and maybe hide her for a day or so, until I can get the heat loosen up around here. If I have too, I'll go to our friendly travelers association, Colonel Klink. London says it's imperative she's picked up tomorrow. Newkirk and Carter, I want you to break Klink's car we may need it. I'll be in my office figuring out the rest of the plan, let me know what you come up with." Hogan heard 'yes sirs' from his men, as he walked into his office and shut the door.


Lisal rose up on her elbows looking at the man lying beside her; he in turn was smiling back at her. The only time she ever saw him smile was when they were alone. "This was a nice surprise Wolfgang; how did you ever manage to have the afternoon off?"

"I have to work this evening. We have some information that a sabotage unit will be striking tonight, and I want to catch them red-handed." Wolfgang was curling a strand of her long blonde hair in his fingers. He'd known her for only a few months, but somehow, this woman had broken through his defenses. He found that he was spell bound by her charm and beauty. "When we catch them, I'm sure I'll be at work all night interrogating them."

"Oh Wolfgang, I was hoping to have tonight with you. You know I have to leave for Düsseldorf in the morning," Lisal pouted. "But I know duty comes first, and you will find those pigs who dare to defy the Fuehrer. You will because you're the best." She placed her head on his chest still looking into his eyes.

"That is why I wanted us to spend this afternoon together. I wish you would let me send a guard with you for the trip. I would feel so much better, if I knew you were protected."

"You said yourself there has been no underground activity between Hammelburg and Düsseldorf, and the last bombing raid was two days ago. They won't be bombing again so soon. You, Wolfgang, have taught me well how to take care of myself. I do appreciate the way you worry about me though it is so sweet. But you are the one who is going to be in danger, and I can't stand the thought of you being hurt. Please promise me that you'll be careful," Lisal kissed him to emphasize the point.

"There is no need to worry mein liebchen; the swine will not have a chance. I will have an entire contingent with me tonight, so I will be fine. When do you plan to leave for Düsseldorf?"

"I had planned to leave before sunrise, because my appointment with the art gallery is at nine in the morning. But since you won't be finished with your work until the wee hours, and I won't get to see you, then I may leave tonight. That way I can get a room at the hotel, and be fresh for my appointment."

"I think that would be wise. Will you call and leave me a message that you have arrived safely? You can tell my aide and he will relay it to me. Now I must return to work." Wolfgang really didn't want to leave her, but forced himself to get up anyway.

"Ja, I will let you know when I arrive." Lisal promised as she put on her long blue robe, securing it with the belt, and then proceeded to brush out her hair.

Wolfgang looked around the tiny apartment, it was warm and inviting, even though it was sparsely furnished. Her art work was neatly piled by her favorite window. Two pictures sat on the mantel; one was of Lisal and Wolfgang. The other one was of the Berger family consisting of her father, mother, two brothers, and Lisal. It was one of the few things Lisal had left of her family; due to a bombing raid of the Allies her childhood home was destroyed. She was the sole survivor, and could find only two or three items that weren't ruined. When she spoke of her family, sadness crept into her eyes, which Wolfgang wished he could take away from her. Instead, all he could do was hold her close and gently wipe away the tears from her checks. He promised her that Germany would win the war, and her family's deaths would be avenged.

He was sworn to uphold the principals of the Third Reich, and never thought he was the marrying type. That is, until he met Lisal. She chipped away at the cold exterior that he showed to the world. He was always confident and in control, but the question he was going to ask after her return from Düsseldorf made his palms sweat. He had reservations at the nicest restaurant in town, and arranged for flowers to be delivered to her apartment upon her homecoming. The ring he had chosen was being fitted to her finger size, and would be ready in two days, and that's when he planned to ask her to become Mrs. Wolfgang Hochstetter.

A knock brought him out of his thoughts. "Who is it?" He called without opening the door.

"Major Hochstetter, I wanted to let you know your ride is here," Corporal Hans Schneider responded from the hallway.

"Very well, Corporal, I will be down momentarily."

"Jawohl, Herr Major," the Corporal hurriedly left to return to the car. He didn't want to upset the Major by hanging around the hallway.

"Lisal, I will be going now," Wolfgang kissed her goodbye. "If you have any trouble with that gallery buying your art, let me know and I'll talk to them."

"I've told you, my art will sell on its own or not at all." She reminded him and made him promise not to interfere. "Now go to work, and I'll see you in two days."